Picking the right (Celtic) players is a big part of Gordon’s job. National Famine Memorial Day shirt


Scotland returned to their Glorious Failure nation status last night after completing their final five games of the World Cup qualifiers with three wins and two draws, a decade high-water mark. Glorious Failure being a status well ahead of the recently-discarded Pathetic Failure nation status.

We can now compete with decent sides, like Slovenia, Slovakia and England, and win comfortably away from home against Lithuania, who we were unable to beat at Hampden one year ago yesterday.

Problem is, I have a niggling feeling that this recent success has more to do with Brendan Rodgers than anyone else. In delivering an Invincible season and two Champions League group stage qualifications with overwhelmingly Scottish players, Brendan has effectively said: “Gordon, check out the really good players you have here”.

It is not all Gordon Strachan’s fault that he didn’t pick any Celtic players in the 1-1 home draw with Lithuania, whereas he selected six Celts in the recent 0-3 away win. Scott Brown was temporarily retired from international football then, and Stuart Armstrong and Callum McGregor were struggling to get into the Celtic team. But the omission of Gordon, Tierney, Griffiths and Forrest for large parts of the early campaign, in retrospect, looks unforgivable.

The reason Scotland didn’t qualify for the World Cup has less to do with our genetics, than the fact that we didn’t select our best players for the home game against Lithuania (for example). The fact that Gordon didn’t pick so many Celtic players early in the campaign, as he did later, reflects the corresponding appreciation in Celtic players’ stock over the period. But picking the right players is a big part of the job. We have a relatively small pool of talent and the manager missed a lot of value.

For you and I there is a compensation. We will not have the stress of worrying about having to play Champions League qualifiers with up to a dozen players on World Cup duty. The bulk of the squad will go through a preseason routine designed for Celtic’s needs. The Scottish players will also not have to compete in a play-off round amid Champions League games against Bayern Munich and the final stages of the League Cup.

The rest of the country will have no compensation, only disappointment that they are unable to participate in a Celtic dividend.


Fancy yourself as a collector of Celtic memorabilia? James Forrest’s match-worn National Famine Memorial Day shirt is available for raffle later today. These shirts are go for incredible sums at auction, but this one is open to the wider community.

Oh!  And if you know your history, you will know what good you will do by participating.  Laters…………



A NEW CQN Podcast is out now featuring interviews with Celtic legends Bobby Lennox, John Fallon, Tommy Callaghan and Kenny Dalglish.

This week, ‘A Celtic State of Mind’ pays tribute to The Quality Street Gang.

In the second of a two-part series, Paul John Dykes interviews:

Bobby Lennox, John Fallon, Tommy Callaghan and Kenny Dalglish!

The discussion is all about one of the finest crops of youngsters ever to emerge from Celtic Park…

And we finally reveal just where that nickname came from.

Enjoy the new podcast…

The new Invincibles treble disc DVD is now available from CQN Bookstore HERE. It is quite simply unmissable. What a season that was!


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  1. embramike says ” Yer team’s deid…Beat it!” on

    ‪No wonder we didn’t qualify for Russia when the manager is telling everyone “Wee are the peepul”.


    Might become the SFA’s new slogan as if we didn’t know that already !‬

  2. The singing of “The Celtic Song” in the tunnel before the Lisbon final lit the fuse to the explosion of attacking football that was to blow Inter away.



    Maybe a quick blast of “Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho, it’s off to work we go!” would’ve had the same effect for Scotland.

  3. DD thanks. With all the confusion I have discovered I am in York that evening. I believe, reading Celtic Pubs, that I will be able to see the game at O’Neills Bar 10 Low Ousegate York. But thanks for your kind thought about my situation.

  4. Lots of comment last night on Stuart Cosgroves radio show about Neil Lennons suitability to succeed Strachan.



    Set aside for a moment the fact that the SFA are as likely to appoint Katie Hopkins as our Neil, you have to think he would be ideal.



    As for the height, physicality stuff – I remember WGS being obsessed with how Celtic matched up at set pieces while here. It has always influenced his team selections, disproportionately I think. He was an excellent Celtic manager but it’s the end of the line for him with Scotland now I’m afraid.




  5. BIG PACKY on 8TH OCTOBER 2017 7:42 PM



    why the feck dont they bing flower of scotland. have to switch off every time. when i was a kid it was always scotland the brave a bit of passion ffs



    *Fully concur with this, it’s a dirge. The Bonnie Bonnie Banks a true Jacobite song instills more passion, well it does for me.



    As for Scotland the Brave, heard it being played on the Outlander series and was a bit bemused by this, the era in the sequence was Boston 1948, StB was written by Cliff Hanley in 1947 I believe for Robert Wilson to sing in a pantomime.



    Watching that game yesterday reminded me of afternoons at the matinee in the Alhambra around Christmas.

  6. Gooood morning CQN – ok it afternoon in Scotland, but I’m In Mexico


    Couldn’t care less about international football, particularly FtSFA team


    Wonder if it will speed up Reagan, Bryson, Dickson, Petrie etc, removal, or will that have to await the JR ??


    Another thing ( a wee grenade) CalMac is nowhere near international class


    Mind you not a lot in that FtSFA team are



    Hail Hail

  7. TURKEYBHOY on 9TH OCTOBER 2017 1:19 PM



    MON had success at Leicester in the same way he had at Celtic.Big strapping defenders,and big strapping forwards.



    *When I first heard that we were bringing MON in as opposed tae Guus Hiddink I must admit to being rather underwhelmed and thought awe FFS we’re going tae be Leicester O’Celtic.



    His first signing attempt was Matt Elliot but Peter Taylor pushed back. Big Dolph wisnae initially quoted and he only made the first team when Alan Stubb’s cancer returned. After losing 1-5 at hades and with Paul Lambert now injured MON went out and secured 6′ 3″ Ramon Vega.

  8. Delaneys Dunky on




    You are welcome. I am sure a couple of bhoys who post here watch our games in O’Neill’s York. Thankfully, I will be in Allianz Arena Munich next Wednesday. Will give Celtic a shout for you. :)

  9. TIMALOY29 on 9TH OCTOBER 2017 2:43 PM



    I’ve always been a huge fan of Gordon, he’s a very good person who has always had Celtics best interests at heart, a weaker man could easily have become angry and bitter when some of our support turned on him



    When you see him talking about celtic on tv now it’s difficult to understand why people choose to think the worst about what he says

  10. BORGO67 on 9TH OCTOBER 2017 1:30 PM


    John Beattie , former Scotland rugby internationalist and now a broadcaster has spoken on a few occasions about the size issue with Scotland players and those from a bigger pool to choose from such as England. More specifically however he has spoken about the Southern Hemisphere sides with their better weather and therefore access to outdoor sporting activities and healthier lifestyle producing healthier and larger people. This in turn produces players with a better skill set.






    Yes and no imho.



    NZ and Australia plunder the south sea islands for talent in their early teens offering high school scholarships to lure them over. Add this to the many islanders now NZ and Aus citizens for some generations and the mighty Maori people and you do start to approach rugby genetic perfection!!





    Perhaps less so. Winter in NZ is often peeing doon a la Scotland.


    Rather it’s the hours – thousands of them – with ball in hand from toddler stage onwards that creates the skills imho. Just like jinky’s generation with a tanner ba’



    HH jamesgang

  11. I posted yesterday that the spotlight would be on anything other than the SFA.


    Twenty years of failure, several different managers, yet I’ve yet to see one word of criticism directed towards the common denominator the SFA.


    Our media are conflicted and can’t go there because at this moment in time that organization is doing a mighty find job of cleaning up over a decade of institutionalized cheating. This is the priority and when the coast is clear we may see some attention in that direction.


    Ask yourself why the spotlight is not on Regan and if you can come up with an answer that is something other than corruption management, I’d love to hear it.

  12. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Most teams have to work hard to win the ball.



    Scotland and many teams’ problem is in retaining the ball after winning it.


    Brendan has brought us a long way in retaining possession.


    That’s what gives a team the edge, both, as in, when you have the ball, they don’t – and if they don’t have the ball, they won’t score.



    Also, chasing after the ball tires teams, as we have seen increasingly over the last couple of seasons.



    Incidentally, neither of Slovenia’s goals were scored from towering headers. One from a stooped header and the second through a forest of legs.

  13. BAMBOO on 9TH OCTOBER 2017 2:29 PM


    Connaire 12



    “The Eusebio Cup” I remember watching them playing a friendly against Benfica back in the 60’s. The great Eusebio was getting a torrent of abuse from the Ibrox stands. For being -the second best player in the world after Pele ? or maybe for just being black ?



    *Or the obvious blessing himself before the game.



    I recall reading an article by Pat Nevin when he was at Stamford Bridge in the Shoot or Goal magazine. He mentioned a game up at hades where their black player was getting dog’s abuse fae the natives. Eventually the Chelsea management in an effort tae spare the lad substituted him tae resounding cheers fae the home support.



    The PA announcer came on and said that the substitute was Philip Priest, a silence descended over the ground tae be followed by ‘bring back the darkie”.

  14. Bhoys an unusual one from me.


    I could post a big ream on this & might later in week but for the moment I’ll keep it short.


    I’m looking for a minute of your time and your vote for my daughter.


    My daughter is a Make Up Artist who has just chucked her 9 to 5 and started her own studio.


    She is one of 18 nominees for Make Up Artist of the Year obviously if she wins it would be a huge boost for her fledgling business.


    However to get to the final stage where her work is assessed she has to finish in top 3 or 4 of a Public Vote.


    Being a newbie against the established salons the odds are against her but when did that ever deter a Celt.


    If any of ye have the time or inclination to help, just click on link, it will ask you your name & e=mail address, all the categories are then listed in Alphabetical order, scroll down to Make Up Artists and click the names of the 18 contestants then appears. my ghirl is Make Up by Niamh.


    Click on her name & submit.


    You will get a message from the Company probably in your Junk Mail, you need to open that & click on link to verify & make your vote count.


    Any vote would be really appreciated. Can’t wait to show my daughter a few replies if I get any.


    Anyway the link is & I hope this works



  15. normanstreet49 on

    Anyway… we have a few games looming on the horizon. If I was a Scotland bench warmer… I’d bust a gut to prove a point.


    Come on you bhoys in green….


    It’s all yours… take it….



  16. WGS is correct in that he had limited options from which to select a winning team. Notwithstanding, some of his team selections being questionable, this was not the real reason for the latest failure.


    The real reason is the lack of a long term plan to develop Scottish football. How many organisations would continue on the same course after failing for each of the last twenty odd years?


    I give you the SFA……..no self awareness, no innovation, and no plan.



    Sack the manager and start a new cycle of failure.




  17. Stairheedrammy on

    WGS set his team out to counter the opposition strengths yesterday. Focusing on Scotland’s strengths might have been more productive with CL quality players on the bench while Championship plodders were sent out as spoilers.

  18. mike in toronto on




    Having a lazy day, so had a few minutes free. So just cast a vote. Good luck to Niamh

  19. glendalystonsils on




    Spot on. The SFA are so obsessed with the Sevco/Rangers farce, that they are completely ignoring the desperate state of the national game. They show no leadership, no responsibility, no vision.

  20. REBUS67


    I agree with the gist of your post but the coach was clearly at fault also.


    Scotland has always as a nation been willing to accept glorious failure rather than give Timmy a fair shake.


    If anything this view has been reinforced since the cheats died.


    The authorities give the impression that they would rather turn Scottish football into a wee parochial league if it meant protestant ascendancy.


    The mssm are of the same mindset.Their glee at our PSG defeat was in stark contrast to their gloom over our Anderlecht win.


    A serious effort at addressing the dire situation Scottish football finds itself require wholesale changes in structure and organization of our national game.


    Are there enough brave and honest people within the game to do such?


    I believe Celtic know the game is up in Scottish football and their long term strategy is to exit.

  21. Corkcelt –



    Not only did I vote for your ghirl I took the opportunity to vote in some of the other categories too, based on any tenuous Celtic connections with the choices listed ;-)

  22. CORKCELT on 9TH OCTOBER 2017 5:51 PM


    Vote submitted and verified, didn’t even go in to my spam folder, good luck to Niamh…


    Keep the Faith,


    Hail Hail,

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