Pitfalls with Malmo and Vidi but AEK remain major hurdle


The incentive for Brendan Rodgers and his players is clear, beat AEK Athens and you will face either Malmo or Vidi (known as Videoton until earlier this year) in the Champions League play-off round.

Malmo, who are 16 games into their league programme, will be slight favourites to make the play-off round.  They beat Romanians Cluj in the last round and Kosovans Drita in the first qualifier.

The Swedes were eliminated from the second qualifying round last year by Vardar of Macedona – a stage which did not offer the compensation of a Europa League entry.

Vidi recorded the result of the last round by eliminating Ludogorets Razgrad 1-0 on aggregate.  They overcame Maltese and Estonian opposition a year ago, before recording a remarkable away goals victory over Girondins Bordeaux.  Eventually losing 4-0 on aggregate to Partizan Belgrade.

It all went wrong for Celtic three years ago when former player, Jo Inge Berget returned to haunt us for Malmo.  Berget scored twice in the Champions League play-off first leg at Celtic Park in a 3-2 Celtic win, but the Swedes progressed after winning the return 2-0.

Malmo changed manager in June, appointing Uwe Rosler, who was sacked by Fleetwood Town in February,  Not a conventional route to Champions League glory.

There are pitfalls if we approach the tie as ill-prepared as we were in 2015, or as Bordeaux were last month, but AEK are by far the strongest team we will face in order to reach the group stage.

It’s all about Celtic Park on Wednesday; the hugest or hugest games.

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    Al “Ally” Lamont…







    if hibs get through this is who they will play.







    if huns get through this is who they will play.







    if celtic lose this is who they will play.









    he has written that someone, has checked it and out it goes.he will turn up at celtic park and get a free pass and food n drink and get to ask questions.so celtic and the support help to keep him an a job.







    that KEV JUNGLE makes a lot of sense at times.







    Logged in as FAVOURITE UNCLE. Log out?

  2. Back to basics: AEK vs Malmo — who would win?



    Even more basic: AEK in the EuL group stage — would they get through?




    At least we have two games against AEK.



    Might need a touch of Blackburn away to get through.




    Squeaky boom time — CB roulette over the next 24 hours.



    I think we will take the money.




    No issue from me on this — just a case we have not planned for it.



    When Gerrardiola first arrived he sounded like he was going to be his own man. Didn’t go down the Caixinha route of the 145 years, going for 55 script.



    Since then there has been the non-appearance of the imminent share issue, no Martin Skrtel (or any of the other “big names”), the Easyjet flights, the training tops, the takeover panel turning up the heat, the merchandising contract mess-up and whatever else!



    I was surprised when he took the bait from the Osijek manager. As for his comments yesterday – either he actually believes it or (more likely) it has come from a higher “Level”. Either way it doesn’t look like somebody in control.



    Just who exactly did you speak to before you took the job, Stevie?






    With about 5 minutes to go yesterday there was an injury and the Sevco players came over to the touch line. Mccalister and the rest of the coaches were giving out instructions whilst Gerrard stood at the back doing nothing. It was veth odd.

  4. P67 — correct on the importance of Wednesday’s game.


    Slightly unfortunate that the CFC exec level do not share your focus.



    This summer has all the warning signs of a strategy that is too clever by half with no Plan B to help us when reality does not fit with our cunning plan.



    Pretty basic stuff has caused mayhem so far this season.


    However there will be no hiding place come Wednesday.



    If we begin to falter then hopefully lessons will be learned and the appropriate changes will be made — somebody has made a complete erse of this and hopefully measures are in place to make sure it doesn’t happen again.



    Over confidence is a terrible thing.

  5. mullet and co 2 on

    Suppose the quoted Boyata fee means the rest of the squads value also goes up. So Kieran Tierney £30m, Dembele same etc but how much for McGregor, Ntcham, Rogic etc.



    The sale of Armstrong and Boyata if that went ahead would be windfall found money – close on £16m and if we don’t qualify for the Champions league would be added to Europa income. We get closer to the £50m income we would get from the Champions League.



    As long as we sell sustainably and don’t bite at tempting offers for in contract stars there’s a manageable plan.



    Knowing the daily inflating value of our squad and its protection against champions league failure…My criticism is that we could have got a replacement centre half and had him integrated in the team well before this eventuality presented.

  6. prestonpans bhoys on

    Wednesday is the Glasgow 2018 European Championships cycling time trial events with major disruptions all over the city especially J15 of the M8.

  7. There should be no excuse regarding CL qualification.


    We have the finances and the infrastructure to qualify on a regular basis.


    It is now the challenge that defines us — get in SPL failure reduces by a factor of 5.



    Consequently to find ourselves in the first week of August with a thin squad and known weaknesses in a number of areas while we load the gun to play CB roulette would suggest somewhere in the business someone is not up to their job.



    I fear we are seeing the annual re-run of the “world’s worst negotiator” where penny pinching and ego take centre stage rather than squad enhancement.





    We bought two CHs in January.



    Nothing wrong,really,with the planning. Scouting may be questionable in hindsight.

  9. BMCW @ 12.24



    We have had 6 months to adjust our plans based on how the two candidates were shaping up in trading and on the park. No surprises here surely at the start of July.



    We have two more established CBs on the books that needs managing.


    One is down to one year left on his contract while the other has fitness and engagement issues.



    Again all known and needs to be managed.


    We should have a list of possibles available to BR on an ongoing basis.



    No surprises.


    No drama.



    Ahead of the game dealing with any issue that could pop up.


    So where are we now ?



    Unfortunately come gametime we will be hiding behind the couch.

  10. Fulham have signed Maxime Le Marchand and Alfie Mawson this summer and are about to sign Calum Chambers on loan from Arsenal. All CBs.



    They are linked with Boyata, another CB?



    Has Craig Levein been appointed their new manager?

  11. It was pretty evident that Steven Gerrard had no class before he got mixed up with Sevco if you look behind playing career, and it took his first after match interview to display a level of ignorance, in a classic rookie manager angst filled and unintelligible evaluation of 96 minutes of football.



    Gerrard fell at the first not in Aberdeen but when he was first introduced and embraced Sevconomics and the new brand of hunnish Scotland and Grievance FC. If ever there was a need for some effing decorum is surely arrives when you’ve to head a club where ‘violence’ is running on a one per match basis.



    Instead of some basic English or even much needed match day etiquette they’ve spent the summer watching videos of Bosmans to collect for the fatally flawed cause. He ‘heard’ ‘we don’t get decisions’ and forgot he’d had a dubious penalty (but wanted red), in the first few minutes of his first game.



    They’ve bypassed ‘Rangers’ history and been brought up to date with the seething Sevco mayhem. Invented in 2012 its seen McCoist, McCall, Warburton, Murty, Caixinha Murty2 Gerrard mania implode at the crumbling cursed new club.



    It’s the hope that kills them CSC





    All true,of course. Thing is,how many central defenders does any manager need?



    Obvious answer is two reliable ones as a starting point.



    As DAVIDOPOULOS has pointed out,Fulham have taken that on board. Stockpiling against a rainy day!





    Was wondering that myself,mate. Need to ask him a favour.



    How’s trix yourself?

  14. To date since promotion, Fulham have spent>£75m.



    Crazy, crazy English transfer market. No wonder our anticipation heightens when it slams shut on Thursday.



    Thank God it shuts three weeks sooner this year.




  15. Paranoia rules, OK



    Suppose the arse who injured young Dons fan with a vodka bottle will have been a Celtic fan in drag!!!!




  16. 50 shades of green on

    Oops if the Zombies fluke there way through the next 2 rounds ( I know l know), they Could face their old sparring partners Progres .

  17. Hi Bobby, I’m fine thanks. Got a bit of good news this morning, thank God. I’ll let you know.



    DD hasn’t been on today or yesterday. It’s not like him. Probably nothing.

  18. Madmitch,



    How could we possibly plan for it.We still have no idea what Boyatta is doing.You give the club no leeway at all.Everything that could work against us has.WC,same time as CLqualifiers.Boyatta playing well,interesting teams.


    English window closing early.Players not reporting back until last week after WC time off.Players waiting to see their best options.


    Brendan says they are looking to strengthen,not just add a number.Not good enough it seems.

  19. I expect Maribor to put an end to Sevco’s run.



    That Croatian team last week would have done so if they brought a forward with them.



    Their brand of football yesterday was hoofball, bypassing a midfield without any creativity.





    Good news-what’s that? Ya lucky sod…



    If DD isn’t back on by tomorrow morning,I’ll get in touch with him. As I said,I need a word anyway.

  21. I know some folk on here also go on to Scottish Football Monitor. It’s down just now because they are upgrading to a new version. BP says you should be able to log on as usual but if you are having problems you might need to log on and change your password.

  22. GlassTwoThirdsFull on



    Only saw the highlights, so didn’t see that. But on the radio they were saying he didn’t seem to be doing anything reactive after the sending off.


    I’m sure he shifted a few season tickets though!

  23. Some great crack onScum Media.


    They have had a poll (yes,another





    88% say their is a vendetta against them.Referees,SNP,SFA,SPFL.All in on it.



    “When a man like Gerrard,with all he has won in the game,tells us its been going on for years,that should tell us something”



    “Enough of the DIGNITY ”



    “I think,subconsciously,people in Scotland still believe,we should be punished for something”




    “I think its to do with the ” Yes”vote.If a referee walks on to the pitch at Ibrox,andsees all the Butchers Aprons,and hears us singing GSTQ,and he is one of those “Yes”voters,of course he will be against us”.



    “Kicking out at a player is a Yellow Card offence.”



    “Morelos was assaulted twice by Mc Kenna before he retaliated”



    Different planet from the rest of us.The planet Dumb,in the Stupidity Galaxy.





    “Planet dumb”


    A wee bit too much ?



    How would they get here ?

  25. Just read there that Craig Dawson,WBA,CH,linked with Celtic will be on the move.Celtic now bookies favorites to sign him.Right at the end,


    “The £ 20 million price tag could be a problem”.

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