Pity help Kilmarnock


Some of us will have revenge in mind tonight for the defeats Kilmarnock inflicted on Celtic in October and at Hampden in last season’s League Cup final.  Others may be motivated by Kenny Sheils frank views on Celtic’s performance at Hampden, but the dressing room will have more aspirational matters to address.

Players will have little regard for the Kilmarnock manager or previous season’s form, they will all be fighting for a place in forthcoming the Champions League games against Juventus.  After Sunday’s performance no one will be sure of their starting place tonight, even those considered un-droppable by some will have been on the receiving end of frank comments from the manager.

Pity help Kilmarnock.
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  1. sipsini



    12:04 on


    30 January, 2013


    Any updates on which charity or charities that Charlie chuckles is donating the gate money from the dundee utd game?



    He said seems to have went a tad quiet on it;-))





    I think you will be proven right on this one-the next team or three to play us should be very afraid.


    Shameless repost from last article…….



    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~





    12:07 on


    30 January, 2013


    BTW,speaking of BOBBY EVANS,what about the pocket battleship that was BOBBY COLLINS?



    Obviously,we could trawl through the history and name hunners of players,but the stories I read about the wee man put him in illustrious company.



    In fact,watching our team in the fifties,with all the excellent players and inconsistency and downright poor results drove my Dad prematurely grey!



    Or maybe I did that……..

  4. Paul67



    To be honest, I had no enthusiasm for tonight after trudging home from Hampden on Sunday.



    The thought of giving them a good doing has perked me up considerably.




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  6. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    12:00 on 30 January, 2013






    If Fraser leaves before the window closes,I’ll give up the blog for a week.



    Will you do the same if he stays?









    My pleasures in life are not dependent on Celtic players staying or leaving.:-(



    I believe that the majority of first team players at Celtic are in it for the money first.



    If they can win a medal ot two along the way fine.



    Big Fraser will leave for money or PL will sell him for money.



    Just not sure which will come first.

  7. I see Matt Lindsay of the Evening Times is doing his bit for The Green propaganda machine. Doing a piece on Dortmund renaming their stadium.

  8. I think we will give Killie a bitchslapping tonight but it certainly shouldn’t take losing a semi final to fire these multi millionaires up to perform.



    No-one is undroppable.

  9. Paul67, huge challenge ahead, but the players need to get back to the old and cliched, one game at a time. That’s what will have them prepared for the big challenge ahead.


    Focus on the task at hand.

  10. Is the game on alba tonight??


    It would bea real bonus for me as I can then record the Classico copa and enjoy the hoops game wi the wee mhan

  11. ASonOfDan


    12:18 on


    30 January, 2013



    Aye, I’ll bet they get some proper folding stuff for it too…………unlike Sevco.

  12. Decisions decisions where to watch the game tonight in del Carmen -old town or down to the plethora of Irish bars further along the strip-I will decide whilst drinking a pint -this heat is murder

  13. saltires en sevilla on




    The squad is strong enough to make some significant changes tonite



    Arguments for playing the team from Sunday and tell them ‘go redeem yourselves and show the fans what you’ve got.’






    Make significant changes and tell the replacements to show us what they’ve got.



    Suspect we will see the former because Lennie values loyalty and everyone deserves another chance to make amends



    Having said that I suspect calls for playing Tony Watt and Dylan are being resisted, because they are not applying themselves correctly at the moment – after all Lenny is watching their every move and they have much to learn.



    It’s an unchanged team for me tonite and 4-0 Ghoops first goal!




  14. BMCUW @ 11 54 .



    I’ve been obsessed by music since the late 50s . Think the obsession has grown with age .



    Recently got an Email from a vinyl retailer telling me that the Lord Creator –Such is Life 7 ” had been repressed in a limited edition of 300 [ a bargain @ £ 9.99 ]



    I thought -oh I’ve got that –it’s been years since I’ve heard it —- cue digging in boxes -cue finding it -cue playing it over and over and over . Cue the woman from Padova screaming —– ” Stop it -Enough —- You are autistic ! ”



    It is a great choon . It’s on You Tube —- Lord Creator — Such is Life [ Randy’s 7 ]. 3rd World broadband means I can’t post it – Could you /would you ?



    Please Please Please !

  15. Didier Drogba is still under contract at Shanghai Shenhua and had no right to sign with Galatasaray this week, the Chinese club have claimed.



    The Istanbul giants confirmed the signing of the Ivorian icon on an 18-month deal on Monday, with the estimated transfer fee set at six million euros and a signing-on fee of four million euros going straight to the veteran striker.



    However, Shanghai, for whom the veteran striker signed after leaving Chelsea in the summer, have claimed that they will report the Turkish champions to FIFA over the transfer.



    In a statement issued on their official website Shenhua say they are ‘shocked’ with the deal and it has ‘violated’ Drogba’s two-and-a-half year contract.



    “The club are deeply shocked,” the statement read.



    “Drogba is still a Shanghai Shenhua member as the contract between the two parties is still within its period of validity,” it added.



    “Shanghai Shenhua are ready to gather evidence and submit the findings to FIFA in order to protect its interests.”



    Drogba is currently at the Africa Cup of Nations with his national side, who eased into the quarter-final stage of the tournament with two wins in their first two group matches.



    He has scored eight goals in 11 appearances for Shanghai.



    Galatasary are yet to respond to the Shanghai’s statement.

  16. Personally, I think our poor performances lie a lot deeper than a lack of motivation in particular games. Sometimes, we seem to have no idea how to break down defences and, as I have said before on here, players like Mulgrew often slow our play down. We too often play squarely across the field (or unnecessarily backwards) and allow teams to get their team back to defend. We need pace and movement throughout the team. We don’t, in the first place, need to fire up the players for a place against Juventus or anybody else.

  17. Bawsman



    Sevco will have ‘folding stuff’ soon enough.



    Deck chairs to sit on as they sink…

  18. prestonpans bhoys on





    12:18 on 30 January, 2013




    I see Matt Lindsay of the Evening Times is doing his bit for The Green propaganda machine. Doing a piece on Dortmund renaming their stadium



    You would have thought he knew the difference between a one off £2.5m (max) payment and…..



    “However, the benefits of a 16-year agreement with an insurance company worth in the region of €5million a year are undeniable”

  19. “Norwich City will sign striker Kei Kamara subject to a work permit from Sporting Kansas City. The 28-year-old is a Sierre Leone international.”



    Hopefully they will leave Hooper alone now.

  20. prestonpans bhoys



    One off £1.5M payment rising to £2.5M, IF certain conditions met.




  21. Parkheadcumsalford


    12:24 on


    30 January, 2013



    When Charlie was missing we lost games, his set-pieces unlock defences. Hibs, ICT & Killie at home we played Barry Ferguson stuff, crab fiba, side to side, no penetration.






    12:25 on


    30 January, 2013




    Liquidation 2 :-)

  22. Ppl I looked on the bbc site no sign of our game just a replay of the buddies v ICT at 22:00 …… Boo!!




  23. BOOM! There goes Salmondland…



    The Scottish government has agreed to change the wording of its independence referendum question, after concerns it may lead people to vote ‘Yes’.



    SNP ministers wanted to ask voters the yes/no question: “Do you agree that Scotland should be an independent country?” in autumn 2014.



    The wording of the question will now be altered to: “Should Scotland be an independent country?”



    The change was suggested by the Electoral Commission watchdog

  24. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    For me it doesnt matter if we win 8-0 tonight it will not make up for loseing to St.Mirren in the League cup Semi-final. If Lennie or the Celtic players believe it will make up for it I suggest that they have totaly the wrong frame of mind.Celtic with the players we have and the wages we pay should be winning the treble at the moment in terms of Scottish football we are a Giant amongst minnows however, the minnows are showing us a thing or two.H.H.