Pity help Kilmarnock


Some of us will have revenge in mind tonight for the defeats Kilmarnock inflicted on Celtic in October and at Hampden in last season’s League Cup final.  Others may be motivated by Kenny Sheils frank views on Celtic’s performance at Hampden, but the dressing room will have more aspirational matters to address.

Players will have little regard for the Kilmarnock manager or previous season’s form, they will all be fighting for a place in forthcoming the Champions League games against Juventus.  After Sunday’s performance no one will be sure of their starting place tonight, even those considered un-droppable by some will have been on the receiving end of frank comments from the manager.

Pity help Kilmarnock.
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  1. david prowse



    12:31 on


    30 January, 2013


    MHARK 67




    cheers Bhoy I got same info just as you posted of the bbc s(h)ite

  2. 50 shades of green on

    was hearing that if sevco last that long



    they will have dry blackthorn on thier shirts next season ( another tennents product ).



    well magners for me then.








    Jee-zoh,that’s a c-o-o-l choon……..



    I suspect I’m missing the additives in my fag to really do it justice.



    So I’ve saved it to my favourites so I can do just that at the weekend!



    Saving it to favourites is not a suggestion you heard from me,should “the woman from Padova” be around……….



    Thanks once again,mate.

  4. If any of our players think humping Killie tonight makes up for Sunday they are sadly mistaken. However, having said that it’s done now so we have to move on.


    Read back on previous article and was f furious to read Paul George has been on the receiving end of another vicious tackle last night, my cynical side thinks it was probably premeditated. He is a talented lad who I had high hopes for. I hope it’s not a serious injury.

  5. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    Those who shamed us on Saturday should be making large donations to Celtic charities, including CQN’s.



    Neilly will pick his favourites…………………as usual.

  6. Dublin Noelbhoy on

    ralston row



    12:21 on


    30 January, 2013


    Decisions decisions where to watch the game tonight in del Carmen -old town or down to the plethora of Irish bars further along the strip-I will decide whilst drinking a pint -this heat is murder






    Go to the Ha’ penny Inn ( a real Celtic bar , not a part time Celtic bar ) in the old town , always good Craic there and i’am sure Fiona and Sean would appreciate your customs. HH

  7. saltires en sevilla on




    12:24 on


    30 January, 2013






    I agree we don’t switch the ball quickly enough at times / although when we do the impact can be devastating / we see flashes of brilliance



    You point to Charlie M – I have to admit I am a huge fan of big Chas and want a good Celt like him in the team if we can make it work



    I notice when on left he seems to want to swing the ball from deep left to the right wing position / long pass etc. however he seems to fail to notice the earlier runs across the front line by Ghoops and Sammie et al when a quick clipped ball along the deck into running feet or just over the top into grass would rip teams apart



    That is part of his game that can be improved – coaching is the answer to that one



    Overall our bhoys seem to wait too long to pass and move and as we move forward everything becomes congested. The massed ranks don’t have time to set up and we are not reduced to swinging hopefull crosses into players that cannot heedie a ba’ that well.



    Move quickly – both ball and men



    The Celtic way

  8. BMCUW ——



    Bobby ! Many , many thanks but you have posted the much later version —- The best version is —–



    Lord Creator —- Such is Life [ Randy’s 7 “]





    The match was on Sunday,and yes,it was a shocker.



    Waken me up when you have anything positive to say-or are willing to back your weasel words with a wee game of forfeits when you’re wrong.



    I’m making it easy for you here-bottom of the CQN naps table,just back against me and the chances are you’ll be right.



    Your call…..

  10. One thing posters such as Philbhoy, kevJungle etc certainly do NOY subscribe to is the part about ” We don`t care if we win , lose or draw.” ! And don`t give me any nonsense about the “there`s going to be a show” bit being the part you subscribe to. I cannot remember a time on here when we lost and the negative posters claimed that we ha played well. Can`t remember many positive posters making the claim eithet, mind you!




  11. BMCUW and SoT…think the woman from Padova is spot on…such is life!!



    JP’s Haircut…totally agree even a mega score tonight does not make up for Sunday’s disaster..no opportunity to get to a final tonight..ok it’s 3 points closer to the league flag…but…

  12. I’d like to see us regularly give away possession tonight by putting the ball out of play and forcing Kilmarnock to restart the game from the centre spot.

  13. Forget Killie – ‘pity any Celtic player that fails to give 100% tonight’. We all have off days but our highly paid team are having just a few too many of these in the ‘bread and butter’ games this season. Hopefully NL will drop / rest some of the players from Sundays debacle and give our youngsters a chance to shine. I’d also like to see Paddy given a chance to start the game, not sure if he is fit ?


    Any News on FF is he fit? Any rumours of our signing a proven quality playmaker? (i know wishful thinking)

  14. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    What are you going on about????

  15. To those who are saying that a good performance tonight (IF it happens) does not make up for Sunday. It does if you want it to.




  16. The signing of Mario Balotelli seems to have divided the Milan support – at least the ones I’ve spoken to, and there are plenty here.



    Some comments –



    – Fantastic signing!


    – Great! GIRFUY ya Inter bassas!


    – 20 million?! What a waste of money!


    – The guys a feckin eejit!


    – Expect a fall out with Allegri soon!




    Cant please everybody all the time!




  17. Blindlemonchitlin on

    Have I fallen asleep and it’s a Friday night already?



    Miki, 2 things.



    This is a much rawer version of Kashmir than either the Celebration Day one you posted, which is really good, I accept, or the Unledded one, with the Orchestra and Michael Lee from the Cult on drums, which has its champions too. Earls Court with a chatty Percy, trying to impress the Pythjons who were all there, Bonzo swanning about in his dressing gown dissing soccer, Jimmy Page attempting to unnaturally mount his guitar and John Paul Jones looking particularly enigmatic, is the band at their absolute apogee, imho.






    The other thing is this. As DBBIA knows to his cost, speaking about Zeppelin on CQN is my job, nobody else’s, and I’m not mad , my mother had me tested.

  18. Ha’penny inn it is then -a few mangers whilst cheering on the bhoys -if I don’t burn in this damned heat

  19. The dividing line between winning & losing is a very fine margin. While we most certainly didn’t play well on Sunday, if either of the chances that struck the woodwork had gone in or indeed Mulgrews penalty – I feel we would have won convincingly, despite all the praise that has gone St. Mirren’s way.



    They rode their luck and I congratulate them for putting in more effort / determination which is damning of Celtic players – beaten by a team that simply worked harder.



    I always judge players on the basis if they played against us would they cause us problems…we have too many that we would barely notice in another club’s jersey.



    Player’s shouldn’t need fired up, they SHOULD have their OWN high standards or know that someone will be desperate to take their place.

  20. South Of Tunis on

    BMCUW -12 49.



    That is the one Big thanks /you are a star .



    Much more sharp suited . Lee Perry version is too slow and has the whiff of crusties called Zak towing dugs called Shoom down to the boozer for a pint of Carlsberg Elephant and a read of the Fortrean Times about it..



    Off oot —— dog walking on a beach . Ms Padova driving —— the soundtrack will be her choice -usually it’s a Red Bird Records anthology or a lots of people doing Jimmy Webb thing .

  21. RR…



    mangers are for messiah’s and donkeys…wonder which players will turn up tonight

  22. Philbhoy – It’s just the beginning!



    Most on here have criticised him for chopping and changing the team too often.



    What are you on about?








    I respect your right to hold and to state your opinions



    I simply disagree with what you adjudge as considered criticism,so I suggested that if you were right about Fraser leaving,I would stay off the blog for a week.



    I asked if you wished to back your opinion by doing the same if you were wrong. Your answer-NO!



    Yet still you batter our collective sensibilities with your relentless negativity,and wonder what I’m on about?



    I don’t doubt your credentials as a Celtic fan,but winning all the time is NOT part of our history. Whether you go back 3 years,13 years or 103 years,we would lose now and again. And it always hurts,but looking for scapegoats is not how I think of Celtic fans.



    Neither is giving pelters to Neil Lennon.

  24. blindlemonchitlin :13:03 on 30 January, 2013




    A Friday night state if mind is no bad place to permanently inhabit.


    And, fair enough, if Zeppelin are your bailiwick, I will defer to your exalted position.


    I never saw them in the flesh, or maybe I did?


    The 70’s were like that…..one big blur.


    Then the wicked witch came along and dispelled it all.


    And gave us Duran Duran….and what was that hellacious crew that sang, ‘ Gold ‘?


    I nearly curled up and died.

  25. No Bobby Does It Petta



    Celtic will win by 4 or 5 tonight, just to frustrate those who were at Hampden even further.