Pity help Kilmarnock


Some of us will have revenge in mind tonight for the defeats Kilmarnock inflicted on Celtic in October and at Hampden in last season’s League Cup final.  Others may be motivated by Kenny Sheils frank views on Celtic’s performance at Hampden, but the dressing room will have more aspirational matters to address.

Players will have little regard for the Kilmarnock manager or previous season’s form, they will all be fighting for a place in forthcoming the Champions League games against Juventus.  After Sunday’s performance no one will be sure of their starting place tonight, even those considered un-droppable by some will have been on the receiving end of frank comments from the manager.

Pity help Kilmarnock.
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  1. In the heat of Lisbon on

    Kilbowie Kelt


    Delighted for you, truly i am. I just wished i shared your positivity. Were we not here before under wee Gordon and indeed reached the last 16 twice?


    NFL needs a leader on the pitch, a Roy Aitken, and it most certainly isn’t S Brown



  2. i am going to stick my neck out here …..





    the two young boys from dundee utd must have been worth a punt at 2 million for he pair …. both esp russell are good enough for spl .



    btw i think young tony and russell up front for all spl games would equal goals as long as there is service .



    its not like we cant afford them i think if we dont get them the board should be asked ….



    why not .. because if the progress they will have sell on value .. no




    to me its a no brainer …..



    then again people have comented on my brain power before . if i had them id be dangerous

  3. Surely Mc.Namara’s first job at Tannadice won’t be to rubber stamp the transfer of any of his top players.

  4. Doc is Neil Lennon



    sounds painful, maybe you should seek help?



    Offski private contractors to belittle




  5. If we wanted to buy Russell & Mackay-Steven we would have done so by now. I can’t ever see them being bought unless they become better than Forrest or anyone else we have, which they are not.

  6. thomthethim



    think he will already been told that they will be sold asap as club needs money


    infact that will have been the first thing he was told

  7. Burnley78



    I know what you mean, but this is an argument that is far older than CQN. People invest a lot of their finances and emotions in the football club and want a lift from the Bhoys in return. When it doesn’t come, people feel let down.



    We cannot affect that. Only those directly responsible for results in matches can affect it. We all feel the disappointment and we all have our coping mechanisms.



    What I would like to change would be the tone of the groans. When I were a lhad, people complained vociferously in the face of disappointment, but there was usually a human feel to it and, often, a touch of humour. I once heard a ghuy at Celtic Park shout: “See you, Burns(RIP)? You’re an ambulant $+_£_$+$***.” And his pal added: “Aye, and you move about the pitch too slowly an all.” And everybody around them laughed.



    These days, you get people whose eyes and neck veins look as if they are about to pop because a player misplaces a pass. Affronted, they are at the calamity, and mortified. This says something not just about Celtic fans, nor just about football, but about modren life, which, as DBBIA has made clear on a million occasions, is rubbish.

  8. Kilmarnock manager Kenny Shiels: “We will give the kids a go, it’s a development game for us.



    “We will throw in five teenagers. We have got it planned out what we are going to do and we’ll see how it goes.



    “It’s for their education and it’s a long-term plan that I have.



    “Hopefully they give a good performance and learn from their mistakes and their experience.”

  9. big g



    both of the aforementioned in my opinion could co on to be greats .. they have what it takes to become first team regulars .. also forrest looks to be injury prone



    also whats amatter with buying the best scottish talent we can ?



    after all they are not expensive and wages wise will not be either

  10. Che,



    Great phone call!



    Everyone who is able to should get their a$$ up to Celtic Park tonight and cheer the Bhoys!!

  11. Dont you mean pity for lennon and his staff and players ,if we draw or get beat,against Kilmarnock to-night.im sure you give lenny an easy time on here.

  12. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Just took out a mortgage to buy two tickets for The Who at the SECC on the 12th of June. Ouch!



    Tickets should really be half price, as two of them are deid….!


    Maybe they’re The The Who now?!!




  13. Che, Lovely story, God Bless your Da, I just love hearing those sort of cameo tit bits about Celtic Supporters.

  14. BOB



    I’m all for buying the best young or seasoned professional Scottish talent. In the case of Russell & Mackay-Steven I just don’t think they are better than what we have at present. yes Forrest has been injury prone this season but so has Mackay-Steven, more so than Forrest.



    Yes they could go on to become first team regulars but so could players we already have who are just as good. Until it becomes inconveibale due to their talent that we must buy them I would leave them where they are to continue to progress.

  15. 3 horsey tips just received ————————————————



    purple n gold 5:20pm @ Kempton.



    otto the first 6:50pm @ Kempton.



    atlantis crossing 7:20pm @ Kempton.

  16. Paul67 et al



    If we really had a divine right to win every game we would have the all-seeing eye on our shirts, but we don’t. Celtic did not lose to Killie at Parkhead since 1955. There was a reason for that, every Celtic player, from that point on, Sean Fallon included, added to that record. Not even Kilmarnock’s league winning team of 1965 could achieve it. Recent outings against Dundee United and Hearts showed how it is done. Let us keep that level of performance and the result will sort itself out.

  17. T4


    he would need arms like big arnie Schwarzenegger to lift you over.



    Mrs T4 will leather you for spending her cash…. Again.

  18. BIG G



    James Forrest seems to have been injured for ages and when he came back injured again. We need another winger IMHO

  19. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Jinky – that is a real concern! lol



    SOAL – TTTTeed up there nicely, as usual. :-)



    Che – Her ladyship doesn’t carry cash and very rarely parts with it. We can’t all be married to saints like Mrs Che, who pays 5 holidays a year for you!


    She’s clearly in the private sector….




  20. tonight’s the time to give Paddy the full 90; if he’s fit..ot at least from the start to see what he can do.



    If not, it’s time we shipped him out…

  21. T4




    She’s currently looking for a wee deal for Xmas and New Year… I switched off at £4k when she said


    “If we go ahead and book that the summer fortnight will just need to be a wee cheap one”


    The devil has got a hold of that woman’s head

  22. pintaguinness



    I agree another winger is needed but might I suggest rather than spending money we try to develop some of our younger players first. Paul George can play on the wing or upfront as well as in midfield.



    Don’t get me wrong if we were to buy Russell or Mackay-Steven or both for that matter I would welcome them to the Celtic family happily. Domestically though I think we have enough cover to let us be able to bleed our own academy players into the first team first.



    It’s just my opinion and we all differ, none of us are right and none of us are wrong. We all want to see the best team we possibly can and have different views on how to accomplish it.




  23. The Moon Bhoys on

    We all know we don’t have the divine right to win every game, its the manner that we lose that upsets most of us, when we get beat fair and square having giving it our best shot, no complaints from the majority of us. But when we run up the white flag early doors, second to every ball, being dominated by teams we know we are better than, that’s when it hurts the most and that’s when you will see lots of OTT comments about everybody and anybody.

  24. harryhoodsdugbitme on

    Heading into town. A few pints of the black stuff to keep out the cold and then onto Paradise to shout some encouragement for the greatest football team in the world!! HAIL HAIL.

  25. CHE



    Waterproofs already for tonight, I’m in The Calton just now and its not to bad at present.

  26. tommytwiststommyturns on

    zimmerman – it’s “Quadrophenia and More”, which should hopefully include all the classics.



    Doc – thanks for the heads up on FB!



    Che – What, she hasn’t sorted your Spring and Autumn breaks yet?! Dearie me!



    Windy, but dry up in ole 408 tonight. Pity about missing El Classico, they are always cracking games! :-(




  27. South of Tunis



    Ah – the 1969 EC Final!



    Watched it – on a b&w tv – in the Circolo Italiano(Italian club) in Greenock with my dad and a room full of drunken Scots-Italian guys – no women allowed!



    I was 15, and if I remember correctly it was a couple of weeks after we had beaten – nay destroyed – the huns 4-0 in the SC Final.