Pity help Kilmarnock


Some of us will have revenge in mind tonight for the defeats Kilmarnock inflicted on Celtic in October and at Hampden in last season’s League Cup final.  Others may be motivated by Kenny Sheils frank views on Celtic’s performance at Hampden, but the dressing room will have more aspirational matters to address.

Players will have little regard for the Kilmarnock manager or previous season’s form, they will all be fighting for a place in forthcoming the Champions League games against Juventus.  After Sunday’s performance no one will be sure of their starting place tonight, even those considered un-droppable by some will have been on the receiving end of frank comments from the manager.

Pity help Kilmarnock.
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  1. Steinreignedsupreme on

    excathedra44 16:38 on 30 January, 2013



    “Still furious about Sunday.”



    Try to stay away from sharp objects.

  2. playfusbal4dguilders on

    Phil’s blog predicting that the Sevco share float didn’t go to plan.


    Far East Investors have done walking away



    He’s usually accurate on this type of info b4 it becomes public knowledge




  3. I did a tiny bit of reading about the AC Milan-Ajax final, leading to learning this (don’t ask how, one thing led to another).



    Roberto Boninsegna missed the game at Celtic Park when Dixie missed the penalty. But he played in the final when Ajax next played Italian opposition, this time winning in what purists say was Total Football’s finest hour.



    And in that final, Boninsegna made history.



    Without cheating, how? The answer may surprise you. It did me.

  4. Just reading back and saw a couple of posts about Gianni Rivera. There is a lovely book by Richard Williams, called “The Perfect 10”, which is about the likes of Pele, Platini, Maradona, etc – the great number 10s. He has a joint chapter on Rivera and Mazzola, which he finishes with a description of the Man Utd – Milan semi-final in 1969, which Milan of course won. “While my companions nursed their bitterness on the silent drive home, I hugged a different thought to myself. I had seen Gianni Rivera”. I only saw him once, in the previous round at Celtic Park, where I’m afraid that he lived up to every expectation. As Napoleon said to his generals at the tomb of Frederick the Great “Hats off, gentlemen, a genius!”.

  5. ————–Zaluska——————


    Lustig Wilson Mulgrew Matthews


    —–Kayal Wanyama Ledley——




    ———-Hooper Stokes————-



    Subs Samaras Brown Watt McGeouch Rogne Lassad Thomson

  6. johann murdoch on




    white then red your dead!


    red then white..your alright!







  7. We were a better team than Milan in 69 . We outplayed them at the san siro albeit on frozen pitch- big yogi missed a couple of sitters which he reprised at the same ground a year later- still rankles after all this time

  8. Phil Macs piece is good………….worth a look……….bhoys.



    More bad news for the defhuncters……………




  9. I just wonder sometimes, what it is exactly, that motivates some posters to come on here and vent their their spleens!


    It makes me wonder if they are actually Celtic supporters?


    I am a Celtic supporter, end off!


    Many times I have been disappointed, who hasn’t?


    However, I’d cut my finger off, before I would even let my wife know that I was disappointed!


    It is a priveledge to be a Celtic supported, not a right!,


    So, just be careful before you ‘bare your soul’, on these ‘hallowed’ pages!


    I am we’ll aware that some will proffer the argument that they are just expressing their opinion!


    Rubbish! You are just ‘rubbish-dumping’!


    Some of you display all the attributes of a ‘spoilt-child!


    Go away and ‘sin no more’!


    The manage is in every sense of the word ‘ a mans-man’, an old fashioned truth merchant,


    And we are very fortunate to have him, as a player, he had to overcome severe bigotry, he


    Bore it bravely, as he has to every day of his life, he needs our support day and daily!


    The phrase ‘ they haven’t gone away you know’ is more revelant today, and as Celtic prosper


    The more the ‘nay – Sayers’ will emerge from their lairs!


    H. H.

  10. Question for the wine afficianados ( winos fur short).


    Is it Eldorado first before Lanliq? And is it rght to finish off with a 4 crown short erm half litre?


    Crisps n nuts to soak it up :>)


  11. Izzy



    It is customary to drink:



    White before red;


    Dry before sweet;


    Bad before good.

  12. Dead and Loving it on




    I have been hearing this for about a week, dont know what to make of it, heard a figure of just under eight million was the true figure



    I was told the rest was down to chuckles hype, time will tell

  13. Phil is usually very accurate when he comes out with this sort of stuff. My Financial antennas are up re this one.

  14. gerald766



    17:29 on 30 January, 2013




    It’s just human nature Gerald, some folk are happy moaning and some have legitimate points make about underperformance, we can’t win all the time so it’s pointless banging on about it, that’s my thoughts anyway.



  15. ok..bedtime for me bhoys…just pouring the nightcap (Glenmorangie original)..will be dreaming about how many and anticipating a good read in the morning.

  16. Big g



    To mention McCourt in same breath as Russell and Mackay-stevens in same breath is nonsense 2 players who have had a couple of years of first team football whereas mccourt has had 3 managers none of whom picked him


    Forrest is still unproven in my opinion and for a young guy is too injury prone so jury is still out


    Mccourt should be given a free so he can go play lower league English football and stop hindering the youngsters from gaining experience



    Re Russell and Mackay-Stevens see James McCarthy I think we will regret it if we dont get at least one of those players in

  17. Doctor Whatfor on




    White after red and ye’ll have a sore head.


    Red after white and ye’ll be all right.




  18. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Vmhan 17:32 on 30 January, 2013



    “Question for the wine afficianados ( winos fur short).



    “Is it Eldorado first before Lanliq?”



    Back in the days of The Jungle, Jennie Bons used to turn up with a bottle of both for the troops and more often than not produce a hip-flask of Old English Sherry for the walk to Duke Street.

  19. fergus slayed the blues on





    I do hope your info is correct as it could not have happened to a more deserving bunch