Place your bets on Supreme Court


I don’t think any of us regarded the possibility of playing a Champions League qualifier in San Marino next month as likely, but after La Fiorita left Belfast with only a single goal deficit, the prospect of playing the next round in an historically dubious territorial entity remains real.

Linfield were right to make provisions for the possibility of facing Celtic in the next round, but smiling executives and comments of making £1m on the tie is asking for it. The lesson for all of us is take care of the next game.

Football in June and July is a random lottery. We’ve learned this lesson often enough, but it’s worth reminding everyone again.

Yesterday we learned that the Supreme Court will publish its verdict on Rangers’ Big Tax Case next week. This one has had so many twists along the way it’s impossible to call. Whatever the outcome, there will be no surprise.

We may discover that Rangers tax affairs were not legal, not open to other clubs, and therefore bestowed an unfair sporting advantage. Or it may be that Income Tax was optional all those years. Place your bets.




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  1. Kundai Benyu



    Not wishing to introduce more idle gossip, but this ‘rumour’ appears to be solidifiying. Not based on anything other than various media outlets….I have no contacts in Zimbabwe that I’m aware of…… A young midfielder, because we don’t have enough of them, which makes me a little sceptical, but apparently being tracked by some of the er, big clubs down south. one of them being Tottenham, apparently.



    Anyone know of the whereabouts of Owen Coyle’s Grannie ?

  2. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Of course, the British Judiciary are scrupulous and fair:)


    And are there to serve the ‘national interest’


    What could go wrong eh:)




  3. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Bateen Bhoy



    Paper talk, content.


    Nobody knows anything, except Brendan.


    If i see that lad in a Celtic strip….then i might believe it:)




  4. I asked my Aberdeen supporting mate what kind of reception he felt Jonny Hayes would get when he plays against them. He felt the fans would be fine with Jonny but that Ryan Jack will not be afforded such a greeting when Der Hun come a-calling.





  5. …..Thu’ll git away wi’ it……………



    But I’m hoping for full blown conviction, humiliation and ultimately sircumcision………



    Ra titles? Dealt with in the manner that the ‘lympics wid……



    FingersCrossed CSC

  6. Paul67


    I have been a fool, I should have asked the NHS to pay my wages by means of sub trust from which I can use the funds, who pays for public services? Who cares that is for others, that is the way I see it going.

  7. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    All the chat from Paul over the past few years in relation to prospective signings has been that – if it is in the papers, then it is usually made up mince.



    However, everyone seemed to know about Jonny Hayes.



    Do we now have a mole?!?!?!






  8. What is the Stars on



    Moggy,Newbury 6.50


    Before this filly had her first run ( Lingfield 13th June) I was told she is a nice type who was showing up well at home and while she would come on for the run she might run into a place at a big price


    Well she finished 3rd that day at 40/1


    Worth a shilling each way at current price of 14/1

  9. CATHEDRAL VIEW on 29TH JUNE 2017 11:55 AM








    That podium doesn’t count because I was otherwise engaged.

  10. Green Man,


    yes, I agree, probably just speculation.


    as much an attempt to generate some football talk from me as anything else, and would’ve been lost as the last post on the last topic if it hadn’t been for all the Ads obscuring the page.

  11. celticforever on

    Bateen Bhoy



    if your using an iphone add the ADBLOCK PLUS app



    I did and all ads stopped instantly

  12. Not being such a technical Tim this might be a crock but when on my iPhone I go to CQN through the Adblock browser and there are no ads to drive you mad…

  13. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Bateen Bhoy



    Supposedly…Brendan sees the lad as a project, according to various sources:)


    So, cant see the lad starring in the CL.






    Thanks – does that App make the writing bigger on an iphone for blind old farts like me ? ;-)


    I usually use iPad with Javascript disabled and it’s great, but at work i use Chrome, and usually there’s no problems. Today though, huge adverts encouraging me to spend my Avios points.


    I’m off to book a flight to Dan Marino :-))

  15. South Of Tunis on

    ” Before the game the players were anxious .Heavy defeats are bad for the mind and the soul .After the game the players were disappointed . That is a good sign . 43 year old Damiano Tomassi wasn’t exhausted after the game . . That too is a good sign.. We are 1-0 down at half time . The next half will be played on our pitch . It will be hot and humid . We ‘ll see “.



    Spokesman for La Fiorita 29 6 17

  16. celticforever on

    Bateen Bhoy



    go to SETTINGS on your ipad



    then go to DISPLAY & BRIGHTNESS



    the text size can be made bigger from there



    im blind too thats why i know

  17. Green Man,


    aye, with no senior football behind him other than a loan at non-league Aldershot ? he’s not going to step straight into the first team squad, A prospect, and at a very cheap fee, another one of those ‘jam tomorrow’ signings we used to make a lot of…..



    Thank You. Is there also a setting where you can increase the comprehension of the reader ? I’m having a little difficulty with some of PETEC’s nightime proclamations.

  19. I think the boy Benyu is another Dembele type of signing.If Spurs were in for him,around 3-4 million,going by what the numpties down south regard as small change.Celtic would get him for around half a million.We dont know anything about the boy,but Ipswich were desperate to sign him up again,and if reports about Spurs are true,could be a great bit of business.IF TRUE.


    We might be flying high,but we still have to look hard for the odd Diamond.




    We would get the boy cheap because of the cross border situation, like Demebele, sounds like a good bit of business and also the market we are in for young players.




    Aye that’s what i took from it, canny really understand the negativity on here about the window, Brendan knows exactly what he’s doing, he’s a top pro and his professionalism is flowing through the whole club, top notch manager and a wonderful human being to boot:))




  22. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Starry Plough



    Spot on.


    Brendan knows what he is doing.


    Wont be any dross signed, thats for sure.




  23. JINKYREDSTAR on 29TH JUNE 2017 10:09 AM






    I have both lived on Bute and been a part timer – back to part time as I am working off island.




    Yes – great wee club based in the Galatea.




    Do you ever get across?




    Hi Jinky, sorry about the late reply-been out in 45 degree heat here in Dalyan, Turkey. Not quite Scalpsie or Ettrick Bay, or even Delaney Dunky’s favourite, Kilchattan Bay.


    Very rarely go across these days- only have one sister living on the island now. Btw, I was born above the Galatea, number 8 Castle Street. It was at the top of the Watergate that I first encountered ecstatic Celtic Supporters coming off the ferry and heading to the Galatea following the 7-1 hammering of thems. A lot of the old Celtic supporters worked in the gasworks or laboured with the cooncil, so the Gala was a handy pub to drink in. My faither – he was fae the Calton- worked in my aunt’s pub, The Criterion, until he eventually took it over in the 60’s. Even though my aunt Angela was the only Catholic licensee on the island at that time she was the archetypal matriarch who wouldn’t have football rowdies pollute her bar….nor would she allow working men to spend their wages before they’d settle their womenfolk with the weekly allowance. The 60’s was too much for her, so my faither took over and the rest, as they say is history. Glen Daly used to frequent the “Cri” in the summer with the touring shows, but when he retired there in the 80’s he, and his pal Jimmy Delaney, used to regale us with some brilliant tales.

  24. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    What’s wrong with the meedja this close season?


    Why are we no trying to sign Steven Fletcher?



  25. 43 degrees here today,according to my pool thermometer.Forecast 46 by Saturday.


    Way too hot..

  26. mike in toronto on

    Just a gut feeling… but I think Progress may hold out for a draw tonight against the Popes 11.

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