Planning and process behind Celtic win


Celtic yet again squeeze out a late winner with the title delicately poised.  To some it looks like luck is on our side, it’s not.  When your top striker is out and your stand-in scores a hattrick to win a game 3-2, you are watching the consequence of a planned deployment of resources.  We compete against a club that are the antithesis of a planned deployment of resources.  They can lose tens of millions and win, but that does not make them right.

Football can break your heart on the bounce of a ball, but what you witnessed at Celtic Park yesterday was the result of process.  In the four games since bouncing Motherwell across the Fir Park pitch, form has been mixed.  Defeat in Europe, a laggardly performance in the Scottish Cup, and two 3-2 wins are far different from convincing, but the plans made to win the league this season look sound.

The Giorgos Giakoumakis hattrick game will be a minor detail in our memory come May, it is not even in our top two most dramatic late wins of the season.  Yesterday, it felt like the world, well done, Giorgos.

Listen to me, should have said, Giorgos Giakoumakis first hattrick game.

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  1. I think we were lucky.


    I think we are much further ahead than we could ever have hoped for.



    Thanks to Big AP and The Bhoys……It’s Good To Be A Tim.




  2. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    For all the good attacking football we have played this season I’d say that bit of defending by Juranovic yesterday is as good as anything I have seen from us this season.


    Absolutely outstanding.


    So many players would have dived in to try and win the ball early. Problem is you don’t win the ball and the opponent is clean through on your goal.


    Instead he checks back, stays goal-side, slows the Dundee player down, allowing McGregor to get back into a covering position and only then goes to win the ball.


    Forget that we might have dropped two points; that decision was the difference between three points and none.

  3. The subject of supporters leaving the stadium early comes up every now and then and has done since CQN started.



    There are myriad reasons why some supporters leave before the final whistle and I for one don’t care. Every supporter is entitled to leave when they see fit.



    I rarely leave before the last blast but have done so on the odd occasion and only when the game is won.



    Why should it trouble anyone that other individuals leave early?



    On a lighter note, a number of years ago at Firhill Celtic were drawing 1-1 with Thistle when, with 10 minutes to go, my 14 year-old (then) son said – I’m going for a pee and vacated his seat. Immediately the guy behind him said to his mate – I can’t understand theze supporters leaving at 1-1.



    A couple of minutes later my son duly returned to his seat. I turned and pointed at the man behind him and said – Kevin, the next time you want to go for a pee you must remember to ask this guy’s permission.

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  5. Good afternoon from a windy North Staffs



    Was at my grandson’s delayed birthday party yesterday – it turned out a very happy birthday

  6. REMINDER …..!


    A few of us from here are planning on meeting on Friday 4th March, for a Bevvy in MY Local Pub.


    IF you ARE planning on coming out play that Day, then PLEASE LET ME KNOW on here asap, as I MAY have to give some Approx Numbers to the Pubs Owner, due to Covid ?





  7. P67 — not like you to pass up cutting comment / analysis on a 3-2 home win against the weakest team in the SPL losing two goals to set pieces and generally playing as if it was a testimonial for 80 minutes.



    The squad is still unsettled with a lack of cohesion that is all too evident.


    The MF is struggling to play the football the talent in it would suggest it should.



    If B/G had played Dundee yesterday — what would have been the score and what could we have learned from their performance?



    GK that moves?



    A defence that plays a more realistic line so that it can clear set pieces?


    Our efforts at the second goal are a gift to any team above U18 level.



    MF that actually defends when they do not have the ball — the mix is all wrong.


    We don’t have the players to work our current formation.


    CMcG is not a DM and NB needs more coaching / support.



    Very wasteful in attack although good to see GG get the break of the ball.


    Too many of his attempts recently are in too many SPL GK’s worldie videos.



    AP is currently carrying us on his own.


    Desperately needs coaching / technical support.


    People he can pick for himself.



    Performance is everything or at least it should be.


    Big game needed on Thursday — first goal will tell all.

  8. Jack is an absolute thug,and a coward as well.He tried the same thing on our 16 year old kid at the 3-0 pumping.A couple of seasons ago he was up a few times for thuggish,cowardly behaviour,got off with one on appeal I think.Not a one of off Sunday.Despicable.

  9. MADMITCH on 21ST FEBRUARY 2022 12:26 PM



    All excellent points you made MM.



    I prefer a bit of analysis post-match. If you can’t have that conversation on a place like CQN what’s the point of being here? Keep it up.

  10. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Good to see Ange giving short shrift to the clown asking him about “Rangers”:


    “We don’t get an extra incentive from what other teams do. We’ve got no interest whatsoever. What’s important is we get three points and play well today. If we do that, why would we care about anyone else?”


    Not that it will stop these clowns from asking him the same stupid questions every week.

  11. Glasstwothirdsfull,




    Ralston is rightly getting plaudits for a superb cross and of course Gio for his Henrik impersonation but the man who deserves the most praise is Juranovic, As he won the ball & surged up the field I jumped out of my armchair so was already on my feet before goal was scored, that helped me to in to my fist pumping dance without dislocating any of my still moving parts.


    At 74 watching Celtic has become something of a health hazard but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


    Having said that a couple of early goals & a nice relaxing game is appealing too.

  12. Lots of moaning about the two goals yesterday.Quite right as well,although being out jumped by a bigger guy,is not an extraordinary thing in itself.We are not alone.Watching MOTD,they gave out figures for similar” defensive errors”in the EPL who spend Gazillions on defenders.6 or 7 similar to us,but at the top of the list,Leicester City.Brendan ,who’d a thunk it.


    Man U scoring from a corner yesterday.First in around 150 corners.

  13. If we can secure big wins at Hibs and Livi, we’ll probably be top going into the split. It would also probably make our Ibrox game a must win for them. Two huge games coming up in our travels. Although I’ll take the point that yesterday demonstrates the need not to take our home games for granted. It seems to me like we’re just a few results away from having one hand on this league trophy.

  14. “to some it looks like luck” – as you say Paul, it isn’t luck, but it can be a ‘white-knuckle ride’ at times.



    The gradual emergence of GG is encouraging…and a bit surprising to me. I freely admit to being one of those who was distinctly ‘non-plussed’ with him over the past months, however I now see something in him, his value to the team and he looks fitter. My opinion has changed……”the man who hasn’t changed his mind, hasn’t got one”



    You say of Ibrox , “a club that are the antithesis of a planned deployment of resources”, of course that is correct – ‘win at all/any cost, and under any circumstances” is seemingly an anagram of ‘Aye Ready’. Having said that, unless it is breaking the law(again), it should be of little consequence to Celtic. Our job is to better them on the park and deprive them of cups & the title.



    Our task is no different than it was last Aug/Sept/Oct when we were scrambling to put a fit squad together and having our worst start for years. However now we have a settled and strengthening squad, the LC in our back-pocket and a three-point lead at the top of the table with the number of games reducing week by week. No matter what the outcome this season, that is progress from the horror show of last.



    Europe, for this year, is of no consequence, we are not going to win the Conference….but we might just take back our treble, and that’s where our focus must be.



    There is still more to be done to the squad, however that is for another day…another window.

  15. I also thought CCV and i sit up in 443


    AND saw a wee boy sneaking out ground after game with a ball under his jacket :-)









    After today’s winner and during the celebrations, Jota blootered the ball into the upper stand. It didn’t come back. Very funny



    i thought it waa CCV that kicked it, but might be wrong


    landed up around section 443

  16. Mind the big guy that played up front in the school team?



    Not greatly skilled didn’t overly glide past his markers but when the team needed a goal he had a delightful habit of squeazing in the half chance before a bigger burly defender could block him. Scored three on Saturday did the big guy, turned to the Parkhead crowd for his deeply deserved adulation. Celtic didn’t play well yesterday continual changes don’t help and new bhoys are bound to shade after the start they had. Not convinced that at least three players weren’t all played out of position in AP’s side, Maeda, Jota and especially Juranovic struggled for most of the game. Maeda pushed wide is ineffective, Jota is better on the left and Juranovic is the best right back we’ve had since PC Lustig.



    Anthony Ralston had another good game and its easy to see why AP plays him shifting Juranovic to the left, but it changes the entire dynamic on the left, causes problems in defence ( see both Dundee goals ) all because Jura can’t cross left footed or pass his markers. It’s a funny ole game indeed. and exactly the opposite is true of Jota, who should always start on the left despite being right footed. He did find time to appear on the right and run the length of the park to nip the ball, before setting off back towards the Gallowgate to find his buddy Tony who in turn found the poacher for all three points.



    John Collins on Celtic TV remarked he’d like to see a left footed CB at the club, should have tuned in to Tannadice for the last one we let go a bit early? All good fun, and ‘ no penalty to the Rainjurz ‘ must be enough for more ‘constructive talks’ with the SFA in Kings Park, anybody heard from Kevin Clancy?



    M.O.M Giorgios Giakoumakis

  17. AP 2.1 — not sure how big we will need to buy in the summer window.


    Making good progress even if we still have a couple of gaps.



    Just a case that we need to buy / prospect / loan / Bosman to take us to the next level and not just plug the gaps — CB / LB / DM.



    The Bosman route will not be fashionable after the JMcC wobble.


    Any talent in the B/G side that would help?



    Gap fillers rather than next level players.


    Where is the new VW / VVD — two birds with the one stone?

  18. Much of the game didn’t make for a truly enjoyable watch. A bit of a roller coaster.


    Feel better in the cold light of day. Big 3 points.


    Onwards and upwards

  19. We are inconsistent because the manager and team have been thrown together at short notice and the time needed to prepare has been poor. Ìn effect the players are learning their role on the job. If we can get the core group of players a full pre-season together it will lead to improvement in proformances as it can all be drilled into them before a competitive ball is kicked.



    Regardless of the training and preparation we will need to add a commanding quick centreback and 1st choice leftback to the mix to really push on afterall your only as good as your weakest link. That is subject to CCV and jota staying.



    In the meantime results are all that matters




  20. Been a lot said about yesterday’s game so not going to add to that apart from very pleased we have increased the gap in difficult conditions.



    One thing though, it appears that refs here have ruled that elbows to the face are okay in our game….shown in 2 matches. Sevco players are allowed to do it and players against us can do it too.



    Pleased that’s been cleared up…….🙄

  21. MADMITCH on 21ST FEBRUARY 2022 12:27 PM


    BJ @ 12.24







    Where is your local — might have a day off …




    NO NEED for you to take a Day off…maybe you should you stay in the hoose son.

  22. I caught the last 10 mins of the DU v. Rangers game yesterday. The closing period was very similar to our game, as both Dundee teams sat in fighting for a draw. The difference between them and us, was that our Bhoys stayed true to a plan, to get the ball wide, get to the bye-line and put quality balls into the box. The Rangers threw everything forward, but the main tactic was to pump hopeful balls in the direction of the box, which the DU defenders dealt with easily every time. There’s a big difference in the quality of our forward play that will see us grow our lead and go on to win the title.

  23. CQN vs the school playground — Discuss


    Local boozers and the need for a post CoViD19 bounce — Discuss


    Self awareness in a public environment — I give up / numpties a go go.

  24. UNCLE JIMMY @ 1:09


    Much of the game didn’t make for a truly enjoyable watch. A bit of a roller coaster.


    Feel better in the cold light of day. Big 3 points.


    Onwards and upwards




    Agree with all of that – much of the time it was like ‘chewing without swallowing’…and then nearly choking twice when they scored.



    Still ‘all’s well that ends well’……I think???

  25. Planning and process indeed



    Earlier in the season, when we were struggling with a new manager’s methods Joe Hart was talking to the media about trusting in the process. Today, with 11 games to go we find ourself 3 points ahead. It’s clearly not happened by accident. Trust in the process, stick to it (or you don’t have a process at all) and judge it on results over an extended period. Being 3 points ahead, and winning so many games late on, while the others don’t, brings the sort of confidence only winning can bring. And it’s working, that is indisputable.



    It’s not like we’re one dimensional either these days, we do drop back and defend leads when it suits, yesterday we concentrated more on getting behind them and firing crosses in. I don’t know the stats but I’ll bet we made far more crosses yesterday and they were whipped in hard from near the touch line. A slightly different approach from previously when we’ve concentrated mainly on playing through defenses using inverted full backs. All three goals came from crosses, I think the change to short corners shows they’ve been thinking about the value of changing the angle of crosses from corners. Maybe I’m giving them (the coaching staff including Ange) too much credit

  26. PARK THE BUS 442


    If Reo doesn’t lose his focus at oppositions corner kicks by taking his eye off the ball and looking down to fix his shin pads as the opposition are about to take a corner as happened at Dundee’s first goal yesterday, then REO will be plucked from us sooner rather than later.




    Never noticed the Reo thing in all honesty, but if you are inferring that if some our squad were c10% better players, they either would be playing at a higher-level elsewhere, or, would be plucked away from us sooner, rather than later….I agree!



    The whole set-up at set-pieces needs a quick re-vamp – the two goals at Aberdeen and those yesterday shows as much. I don’t know what the long ‘coaching’ answer is, however getting the ball first is the short punter one!

  27. MNCELT on 21ST FEBRUARY 2022 1:57 PM



    If you look at the eye level video of our goals yesterday, for the third goal there were three of our players wide right and Antony Ralston looked like he was busting a gut to get to the byline

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