Planning and process behind Celtic win


Celtic yet again squeeze out a late winner with the title delicately poised.  To some it looks like luck is on our side, it’s not.  When your top striker is out and your stand-in scores a hattrick to win a game 3-2, you are watching the consequence of a planned deployment of resources.  We compete against a club that are the antithesis of a planned deployment of resources.  They can lose tens of millions and win, but that does not make them right.

Football can break your heart on the bounce of a ball, but what you witnessed at Celtic Park yesterday was the result of process.  In the four games since bouncing Motherwell across the Fir Park pitch, form has been mixed.  Defeat in Europe, a laggardly performance in the Scottish Cup, and two 3-2 wins are far different from convincing, but the plans made to win the league this season look sound.

The Giorgos Giakoumakis hattrick game will be a minor detail in our memory come May, it is not even in our top two most dramatic late wins of the season.  Yesterday, it felt like the world, well done, Giorgos.

Listen to me, should have said, Giorgos Giakoumakis first hattrick game.

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  1. C40 @ 2.31



    Third goal — not quite off the training ground.



    JJ was superb at covering the break and then winning the ball.


    He then sees the spaces and moves forward — finally passes it to LA and makes a forward run.



    LA dithers and does not get the ball to the advanced JJ who then runs offside.


    AR who looks in pain / blowing oot his erse by then gives it his all and offers the overlap.


    He started slowly but times it well — gets some space and puts in the cross.



    JJ by this time is talking to the ball boys.



    Improvisation CSC.

  2. I personally thought it was highly unprofessional to score the winner so early; allowing Dundee effectively 7 mins to equalise

  3. Gio scored a fine goal at tynecastle. Near post run. Almost a replica goal v sevco.


    I suspect he is a decent player and I get the feeling he’s winning us over.


    When strikers are scoring its often a sign of a well balanced and performing team

  4. MM,



    Sorry,I did not see Tony “Blowing out his ass”.I did see JJ run dangerously close to offside,why Abaca did not give him the ball,in case.Tony came galloping past in a perfectly timed run.Great awareness by Abaca to play the correct ball.



    Perfectly timed CSC.

  5. Scottish Football is a strange beast, it’s 37 years since any team other than Celtic or The Huns won the SPL. People who don’t follow the Scottish game assume the other 10 teams are useless & Celtic have just to turn up & collect the points & League is decided by the 4 Derbies.


    The reality is somewhat different.


    Yes ourselves & the Huns have bigger resources, bigger Stadia, & bigger following & yes over the course of a Season that strength will show & despite JHB’s misgivings the 2 big Clubs will finish 1st or 2nd,


    However every single team in the League can & do represent a threat on any given day,


    13 of Celtics Domestic wins this year were by a single goal.


    The fact that the Huns will also win the vast majority of their non Derby games means everything is on the line. every week in every match,


    It is constant pressure on team & Supporters but its brilliant when at end of year you come out on top.



    I genuinely admire the Supporters of teams like Ross County, St. Mirren etc obviously when they play us, it’s like a Cup Final for them & when they do take points off us, they love it & celebrate it like a trophy win.


    Occasionally they will win Cups and & when they do. I’m delighted for them as long as it isn’t us that end up beaten Finalists.

  6. Big mistake letting Boli go ,they should have at least kept him to the end off the season,and ill say again for the umpteenth time he is the best left back in the squad,he has pace which if scales is ever played in that position hasn’t,so good luck Boli you were the scapegoat for going to Spain when COVID restrictions were put in place a certain club didn’t play the rules they just shut up and got on with stopping the 10 ,while our club and a manager who threw everyone else under a bus .

  7. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Last 20 league games



    17 wins



    3 draws



    For a team that fell apart last season and a manager who was parachuted in late?



    I think that is a phenomenal return.



    Deserving of unstinting praise, respect and admiration.



    Do we play brilliantly all the time?






    Was I this grateful, thoughtful and relaxed at 4:35pm yesterday?



    No way !



    Disappointingly familiar Monday fare on here from some.



    “Oh” (complete with wince) ….



    “This team and this player are weak at A, B, C …. X, Y, Z”



    “He is not good enough”



    “He is too good. He’s bound to be sought after by someone else !”



    “Team X would do better”






    Off the top of my head, (the team, not the club) three things give me real pleasure



    – winning a trophy (we’ve done it !)


    – improvement as a team (hope now)


    – youngster plays well (hope for the future)



    Genuine rhetorical question to some posters on here?



    What is it about watching Celtic that makes you happy?

  8. Have to say, Boli was treated rather poorly by many of the hypocrites in both Scottish parliament and media.


    Agenda driven weasels

  9. Just watched the highlights of yesterday.


    Defending at both goals was shocking.


    Hatate looked as he’d wandering out the stands into the 6 yard box and Joe Hart rooted to his line as usual.



    Need to improve defending if we’re going to win this league.


    Need big Julien back playing

  10. UNCLE JIMMY on 21ST FEBRUARY 2022 4:37 PM


    Have to say, Boli was treated rather poorly by many of the hypocrites in both Scottish parliament and media.



    Agenda driven weasels



    The 28-year-old has returned to the fold this week and there had been a suggestion that he may be given time to acclimate back into the daily grind following some tough weeks of travel.



    But Postecoglou has laughed off talk of rest and insists Rogic is back and ready to play now.



    He said: “We don’t do breaks during the year. He’ll get a break at the end of the year like everyone else.



    An issue which wouldn’t have happened under Postecoglou, going for 10 in a row and players getting a break so early in season managerial idiocy, the decision to go to Dubai was even more ludicrous, crazy management last season cost us, no control over players

  11. TIMBHOY163 on 21ST FEBRUARY 2022 4:12 PM



    Boli is nowhere near it at celtic and it’s best for him and us that he finds a new club. He had pace but is slack and positionally weak. The merits of taylor and Scales vs. Boli, no point as none are good enough an upgrade required.



    I agree that he was hard done by regards disciplinary when you look at how other players were treated. I wish him good luck should be depart.



    A quick glance at the celtic first team squad certainly highlights the scope to shift a good few on without causing a downgrade in quality.




  12. Caught the highlights of yesterday’s game and as usual Celtic created a plethora of very good goal chances and scored another 3 but the set- piece problem is rearing it’s ugly head once again in recent games despite previous solid defending, particularly in the Rangers match.



    Terrific hatrick by Georgios and no surprise here, he has always looked capable but denied by some great saves by opposition ‘keepers. Scoring the winning goal yesterday I imagine has excorcised his demons after that last minute penalty miss against Livi.

  13. Guy on Kerrydale St.saying Doak for the off looks like Liverpool that would be about six or seven in the past year or so.

  14. ST TAMS on 21ST FEBRUARY 2022 4:40 PM



    Need to improve defending if we’re going to win this league.



    Need big Julien back playing




    You’re assuming the latter will lead to the former…

  15. Frankly at the moment I’d like to see Julien replace Starfelt.


    Other than that I would love to see a thuggish stopper of the ball in midfeild



    Great time to be a Celt




  16. lets all do the huddle on

    glad the ref in the galatasary game that has just finished didnt ref the huns game yesterday



    he gave 4 penalties, including one in the 99th minute for galatasary to win it



    the spfl have invited bobby madden to a training day tomorrow to show him the video of said game to show him how he should have reffed yesterday!



    i mean he only added 8 minutes on yesterday!

  17. I could fair do with hearing the words of wisdom and experience that Laurie fae Dennistoun brings to our ears on radio Clyde tonight.



    As much as he is a big opinionated chap and annoys most Celtic fans he really annoys the follow follow brigade who are on total meltdown at the minute.



    If they lose on Thursday night I really do worry for about 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 of the favourite escapegoats in their squad.



    Ramsay. The new Man U dud, Arfield, Barisic, Roofe, Wright, the finish guy from Dundee, Goldson, Kent, basically anyone who is not Sakala who seems to not be rangers class but is a trier and likable.



    Love the ‘hun on hun’ action.

  18. That’s the thing about Celtic they have good young football players on there books ,really don’t get the chance they move hopefully they have good carriers were ever they go ,Still say this club isn’t run in a professional way players ,commercial,the look of the stadium inside and outside ,just take a look at we’re the old press box is,that should have been replaced years ago with Box Office Hospitality,with great views looking on the pitch .

  19. I see comment from time to time on here regarding Sportscene. I never watch it normally, however I made a point to watch five separate broadcasts over the past two weeks ( after being tipped off by a friend), and quite frankly I fail to see why any true football supporter would take it seriously enough to criticise..



    To me it is like a cross between ‘THE ONE SHOW’ & ‘GOGGLEBOX’.



    It has no football/sport gravitas and is produced and presented like a piece of ‘throw away’ light entertainment, the likes of the above. The studio over-dubbing of commentary on the ‘edited highlights’ is crass and boring in the extreme.



    What good does Scottish football derive from these ‘amateur-hour’ offerings?



    I know many don’t have access to Sky ,BT & Premier, and rely on BBC coverage…. surely they deserve something better? The Rev I M Jolly would fit in perfectly as the host.

  20. can anyone give an example of a player who left our academy, went to another club, and became an established first team player at that club, and indeed went onto a sterling career ?



    anyone at all ?



    bully gilmour doesnt count

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