Planning and process behind Celtic win


Celtic yet again squeeze out a late winner with the title delicately poised.  To some it looks like luck is on our side, it’s not.  When your top striker is out and your stand-in scores a hattrick to win a game 3-2, you are watching the consequence of a planned deployment of resources.  We compete against a club that are the antithesis of a planned deployment of resources.  They can lose tens of millions and win, but that does not make them right.

Football can break your heart on the bounce of a ball, but what you witnessed at Celtic Park yesterday was the result of process.  In the four games since bouncing Motherwell across the Fir Park pitch, form has been mixed.  Defeat in Europe, a laggardly performance in the Scottish Cup, and two 3-2 wins are far different from convincing, but the plans made to win the league this season look sound.

The Giorgos Giakoumakis hattrick game will be a minor detail in our memory come May, it is not even in our top two most dramatic late wins of the season.  Yesterday, it felt like the world, well done, Giorgos.

Listen to me, should have said, Giorgos Giakoumakis first hattrick game.

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  1. connaire12 on 21st February 2022 10:54 pm



    AnTearmann. Out all day. Just caught up with the sad news of your Aunt Annie. Of course, I will keep her in my prayers. May she rest in peace.





    Sorry, AnTearmann – I am in the same boat. Please accept my sincere condolences. May she Rest in Peace.

  2. so nobody left the celtic academy to join a bigger league club on more money and became a success at that club,

  3. If, across the board, the chances of scoring from a corner are 1 – 1000


    what is the probability that Celtic will score from the next one?

  4. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    Interesting comments about losing promising talent to other teams when they reach the age to sign their first professional contract.


    Some of the larger English clubs seem to be in the business of hoovering up talent and then farming players out through the loan system – effectively controlling players careers by deciding who plays where and ultimately controlling the game itself.


    The loan system should be drastically curtailed by UEFA and that would put an end to it.



    Interestingly, one or two of the smarter youngsters are not signing professional contracts with big 6 EPL teams after having been through their academy – instead deciding to go to Germany or even the Championship to get game time and have better control of their own future.



    I reckon the boy Doak would be taking a big risk going to Liverpool – but I can understand why it seems difficult to reject the opportunity.

  5. park the bus 442 on

    When did Celtic boys club become, the academy??


    Is that when we stopped being called…..


    “The Celtic Football And Athletic Company”


    and became known as….


    “Celtic Football Club Ltd”


    ah thought it was the huns who had awe these different names, and spoke out of both sides of their moofs at the same time??


    Shows how much ah know!


    Did ©® become an item before Fergus started calling “Parkhead” / “Celtic Park” to help in his crusade to flog, Celtic the brand??


    The brand that was so important to the Celtic “rich” that the thought of removing Rangers from the same league as Celtic, had Fergus speaking out of both sides of his mouth on behalf of the Celtic “rich” with a blue flashing light on his head when he said…..


    “This is the worst decision in the entire history of Scottish football, removing Rangers, from the same league as Celtic!”


    No trophy stripping for Celtic’s cheated supporters as far as Fergus was concerned then.


    But what about cheated Rangers supporters, who saw their club being started again in Div 3??


    Rangers fans are the victims here as well too.


    Rangers fans saw their club winning those disputed trophies, but how were they to know it was all stolen??


    None of us knew at the time.


    Rangers fans didn’t have a Phil Mac, or a blog full of “Internet Bampots” to clue them up and tell them they were being stiffed by, David Murray, and if DM had said to the Rangers fans at his share flotation that flopped, that the £50 million is to stop Rangers folding, then the Rangers supporters would’ve initially gone off their nutts, but when the penny dropped DM would’ve been replaced by a fans group, and the EBT scandal might’ve been stopped in the early stages, and the threat of civil unrest would probably have seen the laptop loyal throwing DM under the bus to cover up the lies the media had been telling the public in the news, and suppressing the truth about how dangerously close to death Rangers actually were, then laptop loyal would make up new lies till Rangers were back on their feet again. But to call Rangers ticketed fans the cheats is in a way disingenuous in itself, I mean it wasn’t Rangers ticketed fans who stuffed HMRC, and had EBT inducements on their wages, and as the Rangers fans were unaware, even less aware than, Celtic, and other fans, and when other fans started to point out that Rangers were nearly at deaths door, of course the Rangers fans weren’t going to believe it, and went on the defensive etc. But if when the stories started to leak, the media had turned on DM, then Rangers fans might’ve turned on DM, how that would’ve ended up would’ve been anybody’s guess, and it could’ve created a diplomatic open goal for Celtic PLC, who could’ve taken the line that….



    “If these stories are true, then DM should be punished for what he has done to Rangers fans, their club, HMRC, our game of football, and for our so called media to hide this story from, Rangers fans, all fans, is very ugly indeed. Rangers know our cordial door is always open, but fans must not be left to pick up the pieces for the sins of DM, and our embarrassment of a media, all of them must be sacked!”



    but of course we don’t have such a board.



    The Celtic PLC thew league titles under the bus to try to cover this scandal up, without thinking twice about throwing 3 three league titles, 2009, 2010, 2011, under the guise of “honest mistakes” under the bus to cheat Celtic season ticket holders, but to help keep the oldfirm alive, they did it last season as well, 2021, the 10 in a row season, and if needed, the PLC will find a way to throw this seasons league, 2022, under the bus as well for the oldfirm future. Maybe some of the “missing” Scottish c19 money might already have found a new home??


    Remember when we used to say “we were never paranoid enough!”




    Paranoid my ass CSC

  6. Love the chat about Academy players.



    Surely the pertinent point is :- Are we getting value for money or do we need a rethink.




  7. OLD TIM…


    IF you are well enough, I hope that you can meet me and some others from here in MY Local Pub on Friday 4th March for a wee Bevvy ?


    IF you cant make I will of course understand ?


    Its been a while since we last met up.


    HH Mate.



    It would be great if you can also make it along to MY Local Pub on Friday 4th March ?


    I havent seen you for ages.


    I hope that you and the Family are all well.



  9. PARK THE BUS 442 @ 3:29




    I entirely agree with you that the Scottish media, led by Traynor etc, did the Rangers FC fans no good whatsoever by their sycophantic drooling over David Murray. However there is a “win at all/any costs & under any/all circumstances mentality extant within the Ibrox support that bolstered Murray and which he played into, whilst conning banks, HMRC & the media.



    I cannot countenance any conspiracy/collusion between those running Celtic, their Ibrox counterparts, or indeed the football authorities, to artificially keep Rangers FC alive.



    At that time by forming Sevco from the salvage in the scrapyard of Administration, registering a new club/company and, starting over in the bottom tier of Scottish football, was only one step away from the total banishment of the Ibrox brand from the professional game in Scotland. However even if it had been pushed out of the league altogether, it would have come back eventually – their constituency is too big for it not to.



    Finally on a point of viability and relevance. Scottish football is 40% Celtic, 40% *Rangers & 20% all the other clubs. Take out one of the big two and it can’t/won’t survive financially on the 60% that is left. In this case there IS a mutual interest in survival shared between the ‘big two’. Does that mean that Celtic handed the Ibrox club the title ‘on a plate’ last season? No – I believe that claim to be absolute nonsense. Coming off a ninth straight title with a quadruple-treble almost ‘in the bag’, a successful squad was kept intact, ‘strengthened’ with c£15m permanent signings plus loans from the EPL & Serie A, in order to secure 10iar. The football department – players, coaches & management let the club down….not DD, PL and the board. There was no ‘Two-way agreement’ in which Celtic said to *Rangers “over to you Claude”.

  10. Robertson left Celtic for Queens park then Dundee United moved to Hull then from Hull to Liverpool

  11. On academy players – times have changed and the likes of Liverpool and Chelsea are able to scout round the academies and sweep up any developing talents in the hope of uncovering a gem. Something we have to live with – we ourselves have done the same.

  12. BD for the offski …


    Joining a fairly long list unfortunately.



    At one level we seem to finding some gems of talent.


    Just a case that now we seem to be losing them.



    Plus those that we have kept in the past seem to have stagnated.


    KT looking like the last real talent we have made the most off.


    And that included running him into the ground.



    Overall — something not right with the youth development set up.


    Too many at 16/17 want to move on rather than develop with us.



    The St Ninian’s Glee Club vibe might not be our only problem.

  13. “GREENPINATA on 22ND FEBRUARY 2022 6:54 AM


    Just received my match day guide and programme for the Dundee game. 😆😆😆”



    I would recommend that you go. You`ll be guaranteed excitement.

  14. People being a bit hypocritical about the academy system we got Moussa Dembele from Fulham at age 17 out of there academy and made a small fortune from him. HH








    Agreed re Gallagher and Duntocher – played against him



    DAVID66 and myself played against him regularly when we played with Possil Y.M.


    He was a good player and was signed with Dundee Utd from about 14.


    Jim McLean and his coaches turned him into a very good player.


    Pity nobody could coach that accent hes got now out of him.👍

  16. OH … @ 9.15



    Talking tripe — MD was going on 20 when he moved to us.


    He had a full season leading the line in the ECh — no steal / punt by us.


    He developed as a player at a rate of knots during his two years with us.



    BD is a youth talent with lots of potential.



    He was inline for 10 appearances for us over the rest of the season.


    On the surface — What will he get down south apart from a big wage packet?



    He would seem to have saw the cash and he took it — CFC friendly version.


    He didn’t fancy the youth set up / first team pathway and jumped — CFC unfriendly version.



    He is a loss to go with far too many.

  17. So it seems that no player ever left the academy and immediately became a global superstar.



    Fount of information this place.

  18. MM



    Thanks for your reply , not. You could have corrected me without the ignorance but its systemic of this place now.



    He was twenty when we signed him , we used the cross border system to sign him for buttons and made a massive profit.

  19. Youth development / first team pathway …


    Looking so bad that I think I must have forgotten someone.



    JF / 1991 = Debut 2010.



    CMcG / 1993 = Debut Aug 2014.



    KT / 1997 = Debut May 2015.








    Where are we now?



    MJ / 1999 = Debut 2017 / Run of games in 2018/19.


    Currently not a starter but is the squad scapegoat.



    SW / 2000 = Debut 2020


    Currently not a starter after a run of games last season.



    BD / 2005 = Debut 2022.


    Looked very promising for one so you — doing a runner.



    I think change might be required in the youth set up.


    Our most likely starter out of the current youth / ex youth prospects elects to go.

  20. OH … @ 9.50



    The MD situation is / was totally different from the situation with BD.



    We bought MD with a view to playing him that season.


    Playing at a much higher level that the ECh.



    BD is going to L/pool not to play at a higher level than he could have achieved with us.


    He will be parked in their youths with the potential to move to their Development squad in 2023/24.



    If he gets lucky he will make the Cariboo Cup in Sept 24.



    If that looks like a better first team pathway than we can offer then we need to change.



    If he has been blinded by the offer of a £12K pw wage packet then we need to review our wage scales so that we can accommodate the potential he has.



    My thoughts — we should pay a £10K win bonus in the SPL.


    £5K if you are a sub / £3K on the bench / £1K in the matchday squad.



    It would cost us £150K per SPL win and offer hope to the youths without inflating all their salaries to EPL standards.



    We are currently paying out £50mill on the squad so we can afford it.


    Especially if we stop paying over the odds for low energy dross.

  21. Klopp has been great at giving teens a chance in one of Europe’s best teams. If Doak is to go to England, Liverpool are a great choice. If he is backing himself to get game time, then fair play to him.



    If he is getting 12k then I can’t balme him. There is no way we can compete with that when Christie was on 8k in his mid 20s and a regular first teamer.



    I don’t know about most of you but I hadn’t heard of Doak until the Utd game – it has all been about Dembele and Dane Murray previously. Doak and the other lad (can’t remember his name) who got game time recently is an interesting development. Possibly Ange has seen better quality in the youths than in the dev squad and is clearing a path for them.


    I heard once that Robertson was let go due to Tierney coming up 2 years behind

  22. CB @ 10.20



    The P/head LB conveyor belt … my thoughts.



    AR was under pressure — back in the day — because CW in the year below was seen as the player to watch.



    Similar style — footballer who happened to play LB.


    He was getting a lot of games for the age group NT and was seen as the better prospect.



    Both got blindsided by the more muscular / all action style of the younger KT that was seen as a better fit for the first team when the opportunity came.



    AR regrouped and took up the challenge.


    CW has been all around the houses but has looked good playing for Killie.


    Not sure what has happened to him this season.

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