Platini ready to intervene if justice, integrity and courage not shown by national associations


In his Christmas Day message last year, Uefa president, Michel Platini spoke in the firmest terms possible about many of the issues facing Scottish football right now.

He told us that 2011 was “one of those years where one feels the weight and magnitude of one’s responsibilities, but which equally serves to provide greater strength. Because, the just cause – however difficult it may be – is all the more obvious.”

This is a strong statement of intent.  Platini fully understands the position of president is not ceremonial, it has weighty responsibilities.  If he believes these specific words, “the just cause – however difficult it may be – is all the more obvious”, he must take an immediate active involvement to protect the game in Scotland.

M Platini goes on to say, “To be a president is not to have an organisation at one’s service, but to be at the service of an organisation, of a game, of football.”

Scottish FA president, Campbell Ogilvie, who has been inextricably linked to the on-going improper registration of Rangers players allegations his organisation declined to investigate, would do well to consider these words.  He is in place to serve the game yet he has offered us no information on the subject.

Michel then added, “It has been a year which has underlined the importance of our organisation [Uefa] as one of the guarantors of the values, stability and equity of this sport.”

Uefa guarantee the values, stability and equity of football.  They do not work towards equity, they ensure it is imposed, you have the president’s word.

“It has been a year in which certain of our national associations have had to take courageous decisions to preserve the justice and integrity of our sport.”

Here, Michel could be speaking about the SFA, who have to take courageous decisions to preserve justice and integrity in the face of gross charges of financial and regulatory doping on a scale not seen anywhere in Europe.

His most important comment, which reflected on 2011, was:

“A year in which we have also had to remain solid and defend our values – sometimes alone – to guarantee the respecting of the rules and the equity of the competitions, and to prevent football becoming a hostage of a few for their own profit and interests.”

“Respecting… the rules and the equity of the competitions”.  This includes player registration rules.

More importantly, “to prevent football becoming a hostage of a few for their own profit and interests”.

This is where we are today.  Football in Scotland has become a hostage of a few who will follow their own interests, not those values Michel Platini holds dear.

The president goes on to say that 2011“has been a year in which, unfortunately and at the expense of certain agonies, football has emphasised its need for transparency and governance, aspects which are so important in relation to the respect which is so dear to me.”

There may be other countries in Europe more deserving of M Platini’s intervention, but the crisis in Scotland is acute and urgent, and the SFA appear overwhelmed.  We need the oversight only Uefa can provide and its president promised in his Christmas message.

For an extended synopsis of how we got to where we are, catch up on Saturday’s blog.

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  1. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on 12 March, 2012 at 15:50 said:



    Passed Murray Park 4 times today. No media presence for the first time since Administration Day.



    It’s quiet out there …………………….. too quiet.

  2. Paul67



    I keep hearing UEFA are taking a close interest in the goings on at rangers just now, especially over the contracts.



    I hope so, as the SFA will hope to bury the whole affair if they can…

  3. Just read Michel Grant’s piece in todays Herald. Seems to be arguing that LTSB should shoulder some of the blame for the little local difficulty over in Govan. No thoughts as to the duties and responibilities the bank has for it’s customers and shareholders. Black Horse v Whyte Knight so to speak.




  4. Paul67 – a wee poser for you!



    The TBB article was very well presented (dates correlating with sums of money/ debt) – it allowed the reader get an accurate overview of the financial meltdown.



    As things stand (at present) with them in Administration – would it be possible for some of our learned; Accounting, Financial, Legal CQNers to put together a timetable that would disperse the myth of their imminent survival?



    I have cobbled together 2 headings – definite actions that they will face and a sequence of actions that will have to be addressed by the takeover group.



    Guys – I have tried to avoid putting any financial sums against the equation. Please feel free to add or amend as you see fit.



    RFCiA Timetable:


    In order to sell player assets – survival date (non-liquidation) = 1st July minimum.


    To avoid liquidation on or after 1st July means they have to address the following:


    • HMRC on 3 counts.


    • MBB (preferred creditor or not).


    • Ticketus.


    • Pension Fund.


    • Stock exchange (and other legalities).


    • Creditors (that I’ve missed).



    Newco Ltd application date to SFL/SFA = by 1st June (according to articles).


    • How long to register new company + its articles?


    • How long to make SFL/SFA application and pass ‘fit & proper’ procedure?


    • How long to put together a financial package that meets administration or liquidation criteria (assuming no court cases over floating charge etc)?


    • How long to put together a shares issue prospectus (and declare extent of underwriting) assuming all the above variables (but excluding SPL/SFL/SFA outcomes)?



    NOT included: timescales to meet UEFA requirements.




  5. tomtheleedstim on

    Huge travelling support vital in driving Celts to victory


    By: Newsroom Staff on 12 Mar, 2012 14:41



    CELTIC reached the last four of the Scottish Cup with a 4-0 victory over Dundee United at Tannadice on Sunday. And, as ever, Neil Lennon’s side were given tremendous backing from the huge travelling Celtic support, which made up around half the 12,270 crowd at the game.



    The team are continuing their quest for silverware on three fronts. Celtic are currently 21 points clear at the top of the SPL, they face Kilmarnock in the League Cup final at Hampden this Sunday, and next month they will face either St Mirren or Hearts in the Scottish Cup semi-final.



    And every step of the way, the Celtic support has been there, backing the team at every ground in Scotland.



    Celtic Chief Executive Peter Lawwell said: “It was a great victory for Neil and the team against a tough Dundee United side, and everyone’s delighted to have reached the semi-final of the Scottish Cup.



    “The atmosphere at Tannadice was tremendous, and our supporters were magnificent in backing the team from first minute to last.



    “I know that Neil and the players appreciate that support, and the efforts our fans go to in travelling to see the team in such huge numbers.



    “There are times when that large travelling support makes them feel like it’s a home game, such is the large number of our fans at any given game, and I know this has been an important factor in the team’s fantastic run of form.



    “Everyone at the club is now focused on delivering the silverware that our support deserves”



    LOL – how many times does PL mention the “huge” travelling support?


    Paul67 – that is quite a coincidence !

  6. Paul67,



    Not sure if I read that wrong but do you not mean ‘inextricably lnked’.



    UEFA may be our only hope with this crowd. Either that or the courts.



    Árd Macha

  7. Rangers Tax-Case ‏ @rangerstaxcase Reply Retweet Favorite · Open


    Rangers’ situation- still by far the most likely outcome is that the company incorporated on 27 May 1899 will be liquidated.



    Tweet tweet tweeeeeeet

  8. Voguepunter, hail, hail back to you.



    b2k, thanks, sorted.



    ASonOfDan, strong words from M Platini. There for him to live up to.



    praecepta, good idea. Dates and time required to prepare a Newco would be v interesting.



    tomtheleedstim, I think our CEO is well aware of the money Celtic fans pour into other clubs.



    Árd Macha, aye, got it.



    Googybhoy, ha! I wonder if Alex ever tunes into CQN?

  9. Yes but would Platini intervene at a micro level and target RFCiA and their cronies, or the macro level and banish Scottish teams in general until the mess is somehow resolved and the association as a whole demonstrably cleaned up? There are big risks in encouraging a UEFA intervention.

  10. Agent Craig "Green and" Whyte!! on

    My memory is not the best but was Mr Platini not a guest of Celtic’s at the league game after the huns shame game.


    It could be a good time for another invite.

  11. Sick of rangers to be honest.



    Sunday, anyone doing something different for the final? I know the Maryhill Supporters have hired a ‘boogie bus’ for the day to take them there and back.

  12. There have been many people and many companies who have had an involvement in Rangers FC PLC (in administration) reaching the position it is in right now.



    But regardless of their respective roles, there is one company that has both implemented the flawed financial policies and gained the sporting benefits from them. And that is Rangers itself.



    There may be arguments over what individual owners or directors or boards might have, could have, should have, done. But those are not relevant now. Rangers FC PLC (in administration) must either find an unlikely way to pay off its debts or suffer the full legal consequences of its inability to do so.



    And if the end result is liquidation they will have no one to blame but themselves.

  13. celticinthesun on




    That was what I saw when I read it.



    Huge numbers, huge support, etc.



    As messages go it’s subtle but it is probably as blatant as they can get.

  14. Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon on 12 March, 2012 at 16:10 said:


    There have been many people and many companies who have had an involvement in Rangers FC PLC (in administration) reaching the position it is in right now.





    And we thank everyone of them :-)

  15. BABASONICOS71 on

    Platini is a guy who seems to reach every goal he sets himself,World Cup win apart (though Tony Schumacher had a big part in that),so let’s hope he sees this through.The game will be better off for it.


    Wonderful passer in his day and scored lots of goals.He was the leader in a magnificent French midfield who should have had more to show for their talents.A true footballing great.


    More power to you Michel (distance yourself from Sepp though).

  16. I wonder if they will have a ‘summit’ with the Colombian Government…



    Nine people were stabbed and hundreds arrested during fighting between rival fans at the Medellin derby in Colombia, media reported on Monday.



    Police held more than 350 people and confiscated some 450 knives and a revolver as violence flared around the Atanasio Girardot stadium where Independiente Medellin beat Atletico Nacional 2-1 on Sunday, the local daily El Colombiano said.



    They said a young man was shot dead in a separate incident not related to the match, according to police.



    City police chief Yesid Vazquez said that, as from midnight, large numbers of the fans who had been arrested were being released.



    Medellin notched up their first win of the Apertura championship under former Colombia coach Hernan Dario Gomez and climbed off the bottom of the standings with six points from seven matches. Nacional are seventh with nine points, seven off the pace.

  17. Looks like we are not alone, organise a friendly with San Martin.



    The Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) could welcome back three-times champions San Martin into the league after they withdrew in protest at the sorry state of many indebted clubs and a strike by first division players.



    “There is goodwill and the doors are open,” FPF president Manuel Burga told Fox Sports at the weekend of San Martin’s chances of being reinstated at a meeting with league body ADFP.



    World body FIFA asked Burga to get Peru’s house in order after the first division championship kicked off in chaos two weeks ago with clubs fielding junior teams while the senior players held a strike over unpaid salaries.



    San Martin, whose books are in good order, said the problem with football in Peru was the large number of clubs, including big guns Universitario and Alianza Lima, who were behind in paying their players’ 2011 wages.



    They were unhappy with the fact that there appeared to be no solution forthcoming from ADFP beyond refinancing those debts over two years when its rules stated clubs must have a 12-month pay plan in place to qualify to play in the championship

  18. tomtheleedstim on



    Probably as blatant as he dares at the moment.


    A “huge” reminder to the ten I reckon.

  19. BABASONICOS71 on

    Michel Platini after Seville,’ The Celtic public have been amazing – they have rejuvenated the UEFA Cup by their very presence,’


    Can’t find any similar remarks about the 2008 final,wonder why?

  20. St Martin De Porres on

    the travelling support comment from PL is very relevent. And there will be more on that this week.

  21. Shieldmuir Celtic on

    Well done Paul,


    It must be a great consolation to both S.F.A. and S.P.L. that when they do stand up for integrity, fairness and honesty in Scottish football, they will have the full backing of Platini and U.E.F.A. behind them.

  22. Is Platini going to be that involved/interested? Maybe. Maybe not. But joint general secretary David Taylor is all over this and my guess would be that all and any actions currently taken by the SPL or SFA (such as the statement removing Ogilvie from any involvment in the SFA investigation) have only happened because they know that someone at UEFA has a close eye on this.

  23. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    David Taylor, George Peat, Campbell Ogilivie may all one day be implicated in smoothing over hidden contracts for Rangers.



    Hail Hail

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