Play our natural game


Three games and two defeats in and our Champions League group is already a daunting task. More so with the absence of Kieran Tierney, Kolo Toure and Jozo Simunovic, the latter of which casts a long shadow.

My hopes for tonight are limited to putting on a good performance. A result, even a draw, would be of historic proportions, but these are the games we should be facing down with increasing confidence.

Gladbach deserved their win at Celtic Park two weeks ago, but our wounds were self-inflicted on that occasion. If we’d been tighter at the back the game was within our grasp.

On these occasions I’m usually keen for Celtic to play things tight, but with chances of progression so distant, we are as well playing our natural game. Go for it, Celtic.


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  1. 50 shades of green on

    A seem to remember a German team coming to Glasgow with 3 players out and winning, maybe we can respond in kind tonight.




  2. Sinclair for first scorer. I’m out for dinner tonight so shall be missing the game. If we win, I apologise for jinxing previous European matches. If we lose, I apologise for not watching it – I must have jinxed it.

  3. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Be interesting to see how BMG play this time.


    They are essentially a counter-attacking team. Will they take encouragement from the last game and have a go at us?


    Will they think a draw gets them third place and sit back? Still a chance they could get second.


    I think them opening up and attacking would suit us, although only if we adopt a counter-attacking style. No more one up front, isolated, 30 yards ahead of everybody else.


    Front three playing in a line, sitting deep and breaking at pace together as a three. Please!

  4. 50 shades of green on



    Sinclair for first scorer. I’m out for dinner tonight so shall be missing the game. If we win, I apologise for jinxing previous European matches. If we lose, I apologise for not watching it – I must have jinxed it.






    What if its a draw???lol



    Enjoy your Dinner and no peeking at the phone between courses.

  5. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on

    Afternoon All.



    If Celtic Play tonight as opposed to just turning up we can cause an upset.



    Hope everyone out there enjoys a great time.



    Meanwhile here is a link to All the Strandsky tales including the latest about “Big Hugh” who saved more lives than Nicholas Winton and Oskar Schindler put together.






    Also, remember the sleep out fund as every penny counts.













  6. Paul67



    This game is almost being treated like a friendly by low aiming Celtic.



    Damage limitation to players never mind to the outcome , positive noises from BR but not much chance of a point , let alone three, for the realists.



    Sold out the three match packages, matched Man City then lost interest .



    Can’t wait for the real thing against Inverness.

  7. Happy Birthday Blantyre Tim



    KevJungle – Good to see your post re 5 yrs free of the health issue, regular check ups aside




  8. 50 shades of green on 1st November 2016 1:13 pm



    Balls was always a slow at typing.





  9. I canny see anything bar “The German Team” having a comfortable victory. History has taught us to expect this and two weeks ago at CP, despite our mistakes, “The German Team” gave a masterful display of modern pressing football.



    At the moment I would gladly take a glorious defeat…..

  10. My friends in Celtic,



    We are the underdogs again. Good.



    I prefer it that way. Anything we get is a bonus.



    Could a wee surprise be in order ?




  11. 50 shades of green on



    50 shades of green




    I think you meant “no peaking at the courses between frantically pressing refresh on Livescore.com”, no?






    Sounds more like it mate:-).



    Anyway fast food is the answer to your problem, Big Mac and fries goes down a treat, home for the second half, nae bother.




  12. The Battered Bunnet on

    Gladbach have 3 wins, 3 draws and 3 defeats in the 9 league matches they’ve played so far, and sit 11th from 18 in the table.



    Losing to Bayern is no great shame, but they’ve also drawn with bottom place Hamburg and lost heavily to Schalke lately.



    My sense of the match at Celtic Park was of a Celtic team that were anxious in themselves, lacking the confidence to play close to the edge, and particularly of Toure, Bitton and Dembele being off the pace of the match.



    This Celtic team is a work in progress, a 2 year project in the first instance for Brendan Rodgers, and we’re little more than 4 months into it. Notwithstanding that, this is a match his nascent team can win, provided the belief and the concentration of the players is unbroken.



    Whatever the score, I’m looking for evidence that the lessons of the first leg have been learned. Learn and grow.

  13. Celtic Champs Elect on

    Come on TD don’t let someone and insignifcent as lynchengladback upset you there is enough aggro on here with lynchengladback and the other clown neganon.



    These 2 clowns are only here to wind people up and it looks like you have took the bait TD



    I am amazed the amount of posters who actually interact with the 2 clowns leave them to stew in there own pish FFS

  14. 50 shades of green on

    So whats this about a wee hoot in EK.



    Sounds good as long as it’s not in the Murray, THE Westwood or the Salmon leap.

  15. vfr800a8 on 1st November 2016 12:26 pm.



    I also have 2 university degrees and a masters degree;


    But we both love The Celtic. It is a funny old world!




    Ha, that nothing, my mate has a PSV and a HGV.


    He also loves Celtic, although he states they drive him daft at times.






  16. I was astonished to read Joze out,Toure out,and Griffiths Ill,managing injuries on the eve of a Euro tie seems strange.


    I was unaware Toure was injured apart from his pride,as I would have expected him to have appeared tonight,if as reported Joze has picked up an injury,which was not evident to me on Saturday.



    Bit of a surprise.

  17. Paul67 if we click the same way we did against Man City I would expect a positive result (i.e. less than a defeat and possibly a win.)



    The reality is that a draw for Gladbach means it is likely that they would go through in 3rd on 4 points. We would have 2 points and would need to better their last 2 results against Man City (in Germany) and Barcelona (in Spain). So if they pick up a point in any of those games, even a draw tonight would leave us needing at least 4 points from the last 2 games to qualify on 6 points (assuming my arithmetic is correct). Will this see them sitting back for a draw, afraid of losing the game?



    An unlikely win by 2 or more would put us in the driving seat.



    herehoping CSC







  18. You’re a pink toothbrush, I’m a blue toothbrush



    Have we met somewhere before?



    You’re a pink toothbrush and I think toothbrush



    That we met by the bathroom door.




    ArthurMontford CSC

  19. MODERATOR on 1ST NOVEMBER 2016 1:46 PM


    ‘TD67 and Ernie Lynch









    So in what circumstances would bad language be deemed necessary, and therefore acceptable, on here?

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