Play our natural game


Three games and two defeats in and our Champions League group is already a daunting task. More so with the absence of Kieran Tierney, Kolo Toure and Jozo Simunovic, the latter of which casts a long shadow.

My hopes for tonight are limited to putting on a good performance. A result, even a draw, would be of historic proportions, but these are the games we should be facing down with increasing confidence.

Gladbach deserved their win at Celtic Park two weeks ago, but our wounds were self-inflicted on that occasion. If we’d been tighter at the back the game was within our grasp.

On these occasions I’m usually keen for Celtic to play things tight, but with chances of progression so distant, we are as well playing our natural game. Go for it, Celtic.


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  1. thomthethim for Oscar OK on





    …….ah, but, what else did the Romans do for us?



    No, it won’t be in the SMSM, unlike the tin can collection for Poppyfest.



    Other clubs make donations, They rattle a can and no doubt will deduct “expenses”, before sending a fiver to Erskine.

  2. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    I saw some of our youth team game v Barca at the start of the Eufa youth league. We didn’t start well but Barca were hanging on at the end to win 2 1.



    Our bhoys will develope better playing the likes of Barca, Man City and Gladbach youths than some of the runners and big guys in our youth league

  3. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Borgas, Hunburg seem to be the exception to the rule in Germany.



    My two trips to see us in Germany were Dortmund and then Bremen the following year. They were hassle free apart from the hangovers we had from sampling the local swallay the might before.

  4. Natknow



    You were right, nothing bad happened in the place where nothing ever happens. (Was Bothwell the inspiration for that song?)



    My kind of place. Might just move there. Saw a garden shed for sale in the estate agent’s window, a snip at £100k.

  5. Just logged-on and read back a bit,WOW,interesting blog today.Brown shirts,red poppies,pink strips,skwerr goes,YNWA in a church/chapel/place of worship (don’t want to upset anyone),nats,noo labour,Paul67 being a cash driven media whore [ ;)) ],BMG donating to the Celtic Foundation,crop rotation in the 14th century…ok sorry,stole that last one from the Young Ones.


    Anyway,why no mention of Trump,Clinton,Palestine or israel?Or Efe?


    This place can be so bland at times. ;))




  6. Philbhoy on 1st November 2016 3:33 pm



    Turkeubhoys was quality as well. I burst out laughing when I read it!




  7. Res12 Update



    i think that by now most signatories to Res12 or later mandate will have had received the Account and Conclusions from Res12 activity. The first priority was to inform those signatories we could contact and if you have not received an account then e mail auldheid046@gmail.com.



    Others with an interest in the matter can now obtain the same information providing your CQN name.



    By way of an appetiser here is something that activity uncovered:



    According to UEFA the use of private agreements by Giannina FC, a Greek club, fell foul of a “fair presentation requirement in Article 47 of UEFA FFP 2010 relating to accounts. An equivalent rule however goes back to 2005.



    A licence was denied the Greeks primarily because they had overdue tax, but the investigation into the latter revealed the former private agreements issue.



    The private agreements were with employees and kept private from football authority until uncovered by UEFA.



    Sounds similar to side letters, but the SFA apparently had no knowledge of them until 2012 although a member of their 2011 Licencing Committee (and a current TRFC Director) did from at least 2004.



    SDM really, really put our game to the sword when he started using ebts.

  8. Paul67



    Congrats on the correct digraph!



    Unsere deutschen Freunde werden sich freuen! Über den Mond, Friedrich!

  9. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Happy HOOPY birthday to Blantyre Tim. Hope the big man upstairs celebrates you birthday with a win for the ‘tic!!

  10. Bourne



    I’d be really surprised if O’Connell starts. BR has mostly chosen to put Lustig in at centre half when there’s been a shortage of fit players in that position. He’s also given Gamboa more game time recently, possibly with tonight in mind?

  11. This is TOSB reporting from behind enemy lines. Mrs TOSB and I are in a hotel outside MGB and every resident seems to be a BMG fan.



    Oh mammy, daddy if we get beat. Breakfast will be interesting.




  12. BT



    Hope you enjoyed your wee holiday and have a very Happy Birthday.


    Good luck to “The Famous Glasgow Celtic”




  13. Actually I’m only kidding!



    He can do none of those things!



    In fact he treats the ba’ like a hot tottie and offloads to the nearest Celt even if they are being marked and assuming he finds the player with the pass.



    His passing is p*sh and he canny jump, tackle and is a big Jessie!



    Way too slow and…………………….



    Och a canny be bothered!



    I would rather play the tea lady than him.



    I know an imposter when I see one.



    I just hope Brendan does too!



    C’MON THE ‘TIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Before the loss of Kolo and Jozo I was fairly optimistic about tonight’s game – but that’s football. Hopefully the team will stand up and be counted and will get a good result.


    In Brendan we trust

  15. Evening champions….hoopy birthday BT have a braw day…


    News from Borrussia camp that the squad is facing a burn out….from their trainer…probably bollox but hope its true! We will need to be on top form tonight…hope Armstrong plays along side Broony… The rest picks itself..



    Go go Celtic…..two ..one the Tic….



    Braw …

  16. Philbhoy



    You don’t like Nir?



    Nir Bitton good player not enjoying his best run of form, since he was lauded


    ( by us and others) as a mega million pound asset.



    Laconic style not always popular with Celtic fans confusing it with laziness, or just being as busy looking as a Calum MacGregor type player



    Better passer tackler more influential and infinitely better than others overall



    Stars……………. Five IMHO




  17. Our normal game right now is 2 wingers, if we do it again tonight we will get outnumbered and overun in MF, JF on the bench , 5 in MF with Sinclair and Rogic supporting The Mousse …IMO

  18. Davidopoulos…..he is out of hospital….awaiting test results …but the first hurdle over…so one step at a time ….he,s a braw lad …



    Thankyou for asking I posted early morning time when I was on the beer!!!



    May your puniriotous never heal !!!!






    Smiley thing …

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