Players have “no loyalty to the new club”


The notion that Newco is the same as Oldco took a bit of a battering yesterday from two employees of Rangers Football Club PLC, Steven Naismith and Steven Whittaker.

Naismith said, “I am extremely proud of the actions we took but I am disappointed and angry that Rangers Football Club no longer exists in its original form.”

“My loyalty is with Rangers, not with Sevco, who I don’t know anything about.

Whittaker got straight to the point, “We owe no loyalty to the new club. There is no history there for us.”

“No longer exists”, “no loyalty to the new club”, “no history there for us”.  Ouch.

Sevco chief, Charles Green responded by confirming he had received guidance from the Scottish FA on the transfer of player-employees from one club to a successor club/company.  Curiously he didn’t suggest the SFA backed his position that he was entitled to force players to become employees of Sevco, instead confirming only that there was an appeal route open to him:

“The Scottish FA has been considering the issue and has issued a preliminary guidance note on registration issues. That note has made it clear that it is open to the club to challenge the actions of the players.”

Perhaps emboldened by his precedent-making Court of Session challenge to the SFA which passed without censure from the Association, Green threatened to do so again:

“We have no wish to go to court on these matters but the players involved, their agents and clubs who may be pursuing these players should be in no doubt that we will do whatever it takes to protect the club’s interests.”

This is what happens when the SFA declines to pursue a club for raising actions in the civil courts.

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  1. Paul67 – a couple of questions for you :



    How do you pay circa £2m in wages on a Thursday if you do not have a bank account on the Monday?






    When are the new rules coming into force regarding paying wages and tax on time?



    I bet Chico will happily point out his new property company is not a member of the SFA in those circumstances….

  2. johann murdoch on



    The fact that EUFA also have failed [so far] to carry out sanctions against the SFA for allowing a member club [oldco] to take them to court with no sanction or punishment meted out to that litigous club ,has this created a precedent that emboldened Sion might challenge as they were severley punished by their own FA after direction from EUFA?….HH

  3. time for change on

    I posted this yesterday just before the new article, Paul you seem a bit happier today!!!!!!!



    time for change on 24 June, 2012 at 18:03 said:


    There is no longer a ‘Old Firm’



    I read Paul’s article last night and since I had already enjoyed a couple glasses of red wine wisely didn’t comment!



    Now I have read a bit more I think the more the Scottish football authorities try to fix this mess the bigger the mess becomes.



    Before anyone moves on maybe clarity should be made on the status of RFC(in administration) with the shareholders instructions to liquidate.



    The liquidation action has not yet been placed before the Court of Session.



    Duff and Phelps are due to report to Lord Hodge on their possible conflict of interest.



    First Rangers are no longer able to field a team next season.



    Green’s consortium have tried to slip into the available spot with the support from MSM propaganda, SPL/SFL/SFA interference and total disregard for the games regulations.



    Can Green field a team at all?



    Does he own the assets?



    Is he a member of the associations?



    Does he have accounts to publish?



    Truth is we don’t know and I suspect the football authorities don’t either. So until the new team can satisfy basic questions there should be no consideration of Green’s team being admitted to the league.



    Then there should be an invite to open competition e.g. Spartens, Cove Rangers and others may be ready for the step up.



    The reconstruction can then be undertaken with consideration to the games sponsors and it’s lifeblood the fans.



    That includes leaving the independent panel in place (I feel they have been strong enough till now)



    Hail Hail

  4. •-:¦:-•** -:¦:- sparkleghirl :¦:-.•**• -:¦:-• on

    Even with the mess CW left behind, there MUST have been a chance to salvage more than this..



    Shakes head sadly. Then splutters and laughs. :-D

  5. Green certainly talks a good game…unfortunately when it comes to put up or shut up – he is invariably quiet.



    In all honesty he must pray the top earners leave as he can’t afford them, gives him an excuse to bring in his own cheap / low budget plodders. However I feel the not so loyal fans will soon see the light and turn their backs leaving him facing another administration if he even gets this Company up & running far less playing.

  6. FC Basel 1893 were among the teams to learn their opening UEFA Champions League opponents after the first and second qualifying round draws were made in Nyon today.



    Having reached the knockout stage last season, FC Basel 1893 were among the teams to learn their opening UEFA Champions League opponents after the first and second qualifying round draws were made in Nyon today.



    The Swiss club fell to FC Bayern München in the round of 16 in February, and will begin this season’s campaign against Estonia’s FC Flora Tallinn in the second qualifying round. Before that, six teams will contest first qualifying round ties on 03/04 and 10/11 July, including a tie between Valletta FC and FC Lusitans with the winners due to meet FK Partizan.



    The likes of FC Dynamo Kyiv, Panathinaikos FC and RSC Anderlecht lie in wait in the third qualifying round.



    First qualifying round draw (03/04 and 10/11 July)


    F91 Dudelange (LUX) v SP Tre Penne (SMR)


    Valletta FC (MLT) v FC Lusitans (AND)


    Linfield FC (NIR) v B36 Tórshavn (FRO)



    Second qualifying round draw (17/18 and 24/25 July)


    KS Skënderbeu (ALB) v Debreceni VSC (HUN)


    NK Maribor (SVN) v FK Željezničar (BIH)


    MŠK Žilina (SVK) v Hapoel Kiryat Shmona FC (ISR)


    FC BATE Borisov (BLR) v FK Vardar (MKD)


    AEL Limassol FC (CYP) v Linfield FC (NIR)/B36 Tórshavn (FRO)


    Shamrock Rovers FC (IRL) v FK Ekranas (LTU)


    FC Flora Tallinn (EST) v FC Basel 1893 (SUI)


    The New Saints FC (WAL) v Helsingborgs IF (SWE)


    HJK Helsinki (FIN) v KR Reykjavík (ISL)


    Molde FK (NOR) v FK Ventspils (LVA)


    F91 Dudelange (LUX)/SP Tre Penne (SMR) v FC Salzburg (AUT)


    FC Slovan Liberec (CZE) v FC Shakhter Karagandy (KAZ)


    PFC Ludogorets Razgrad (BUL) v GNK Dinamo Zagreb (CRO)


    Neftçi PFK (AZE) v FC Zestafoni (GEO)


    Ulisses FC (ARM) v FC Sheriff (MDA)


    Valletta FC (MLT)/FC Lusitans (AND) v FK Partizan (SRB)


    FK Budućnost Podgorica (MNE) v WKS Śląsk Wroclaw (POL)

  7. Big Swee walks on with Neil Lennon on

    “This is what happens when the SFA declines to pursue a club for raising actions in the civil courts”



    This is what happens when the organisation is headed by seriously conflicted individuals and others who have no guts to apply their own rules and regulations.

  8. philvisreturns on

    Charles Green’s pitch to the SFA & SPL:



    “Well, sir, there’s nothing on earth like a genuine, bona fide, electrified, six-car monorail! … What’d I say?”




  9. Gene's a Bhoys name on

    Of course Sevco have a history – it may be short but it already demonstrates a few key traits of the oldco.


    – threaten court action at the drop of a hat


    – funny handshakes with the SFA/SPL


    – not being entirely truthful about anything to anyone



    and if that doesn’t work they will go into a corner and scream and scream.

  10. sixtaeseven: No NewClub in SPL and it's Non-Negotiable! on

    StevenDum and StevenDee


    I’ll walk with you


    If you walk with me.




  11. South Of Tunis on

    No shortage of suggestions in PTFC cyberspace re where a hun Newco should go .



    No shortage of demands that the Board of PTFC say no to being in the same league as them..

  12. Snake Plissken on

    From previous thread.



    I think a rule change requires 75% approval but the entry once that is done if 66% or vice versa. They were talking about this on Off the ball and that show has offered more analysis on this then any other mainstream radio show.



    As to the chances of newco Sevco being around in time:






    That is my thinking exactly.



    IF and it is a huge IF they sort all the barriers in 6 weeks (as they’ll need to take part in the Challenge cup games at the end of July as a lower league side regardless of Div 1 or 3 status), it seems HIGHLY unlikely that



    Partick Thistle




    Raith Rovers







    And other promotion hopefuls will say Yes



    Ayr United, Airdrie and a couple of others can move back up a league (whoever it was that went down in play-offs with a re-jig but I’m not sure who exactly as I don’t follow the lower leagues closely).



    This bombs out so many clubs whose own supporters will say no way or we will walk.



    Cowdenbeath and Airdrie will vote for them because of “Culturally supportive” Chairmen but like Michael Johnston, they are in the minority.



    There is no way that 66% of the clubs will say yes because the lower league will get money from 4000 – 5000 extra people going to their ground for 10 quid or 20 or whatever it costs to go to a Division 3 game and as we are all told, clubs need the money of the artists formerly known as Rangers.



    They can pay at the gate at places like Hampden and they can boost the coffers of the smaller clubs.



    They ain’t gonna vote them into Div 1 and lose that money.



    In my view these are the likely outcomes:



    1. Newco go to division 3 and play there for a season. The SFL/SFA/SPL merge and the second and first divisions merge which means Newco will have a shot of getting promotion to the SPL after 2 years rather than 1.



    Relegation places will increase and play-offs will return bringing in more revenue some of this will impact on the SPL but only at the bottom end. We may even see a 16 team SPL with the Glasgow Cup back in the near future to get Sky their fix.



    By this time some of the anger against newco will have calmed down from a number of supporters and they will be able to gerrymander with less resistance.



    Newco will recieve the same kind of refereeing as oldco in this new Divison 1 (which may have 16 -18 teams in it with certain criteria being required for entry such as stadium size and seating) It seems very likely.



    2. Newco do not play anywhere next year. They gather investors and a playing staff is assembled in time for Season 2013-14 and all the problems and questions start again. The public are unlikely to stand for a new club jumping Divisions one year down the line as opposed to now so it must be the lowest league initially.



    BUT this is Scotland.



    They then apply to get into a newly revamped Division 1 which has more teams in it as they cannot play in Division 3 which is almost part time entirely and they get close to if not back to the SPL in a year or two.



    They could solve all these problems by simply sending the new club into Division 3 but I have serious doubts they’ll be able to make the grade in the next 6 weeks.

  13. There will be a few teams doing the same to Sevco5088 seeing as they are still ‘The rangers’



    West Ham co-owner David Gold has revealed the club is to sue Brescia for money they are owed for the sale of Alessandro Diamanti to Brescia two years ago.



    Diamanti, 29, was sold to Brescia in 2010 for £2 million, just a year after joining the Hammers for £6 million from Livorno. But the Hammers have never been paid by the Italian outfit.



    In July 2011, West Ham had asked the Italian Football Federation to suspended Diamanti’s registration as they had not received the latest installment of the fee.



    The move to take legal action followed Brescia selling 50% of the player’s ownership to Bologna for €1.5 million, without West Ham receiving their payment.



    West Ham co-owner David Gold said on Twitter: “We sold Diamanti to Brescia because he was desperate to return to Italy. He was then sold to Bologna. We are suing Brescia for the money.”

  14. ‘N if you know the history it’s enough to make your heart go OH,OH,OH!……………..IT’S GONE!



    H H

  15. philvisreturns on

    The absurdity of the Rangers/Sevco/Club 12 situation confirms what I have long suspected: we’re all trapped in a Tim Burton movie.



    That explains the overabundance of Johnny Depp and the gothic farce that is Rangers.









    Daylight come and me wanna go home… (thumbsup)

  16. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    I never read the ex hun interviews on leaving but it has to be said,the boy from the hamlet cigar advert deserves credit for saying the newclub has no history.



    The SFA has made a rod for its own back by fannying about when they should have enforced decisions made by an independent tribunal which every club agreed with.



    The SFA look as if they are being controlled from elsewhere.



    A sickening sham that has disgraced the game in Scotland.



    Ogilvie out.

  17. twists n turns on

    Oh dear…whit a cairry oan. Rangers FC has no history..AND…THE Rangers Football club has no future.

  18. Gene's a Bhoys name on

    It is obvious that Green’s financial plan for Sevco is quickly unravelling



    – no SPL


    – no Sky deal


    – no player registrations


    – no season book sales



    I don’t think they will be playing anywhere next season




  19. As far as I can tell the players contracts are still with RFCiA – How are they going to be paid on time, when they have reverted to full salaries, but there are no funds available? Are there not a fresh set of rules and sanctions laid down in the even of late payment of wages after Hearts’ troubles earlier last season?

  20. Phil MacGiollaBhain ‏@Pmacgiollabhain


    Just how many Season Tickets have FC NewCo managed to shift? I’m hearing that it is only “a three figure number”. Less than ONE THOUSAND?



    Oooops, C’mon Chuckle Green get yer finger oot..

  21. timbhoy in spain on

    timbhoy in spain on 25 June, 2012 at 12:29 said:


    I think it must be 66% to allow Newco in as they need 8 votes from 12 to get in the SPL which aint gonna happen.


    Hope there are a few more deserting the sinking ship today.


    I hear St.Johnstone have now joined the no to Newco list

  22. A Hun’s Guide to Clubs and Venues in Division 3



    ANNAN – a neat little Border town from where you can look across the River Eden to England where Mr Charles wants to take the mighty gers. Only 15 miles from Dumfries where a bigger team than the huns, Queen of the South, plays. Its most famous product is ‘Coffee Annan’ named after the former Sec. Gen. of the UN, and the country may need his expertise on peace-keeping forces when the hun meltdown finally goes ballistic.



    BERWICK RANGERS – a historic walled town on the banks of the Tweed. It was fought over for centuries. Its greatest victory was in fighting off a savage horde from the north and crushing them in 1967. Berwick is actually in England, which is as far as the huns will go in Europe for many a long day.



    CLYDE – A former Glasgow club, a short hop along the M80, once in the top division, but now languishing in Div 3 (can youname any others?). At least Clyde’s drop was slow and did not happen in one fell swoop. Known as the Bully-Wee, while the huns are known as the bullies-who-tried-to-dominate-Scottish-football-but-look-where-it-got-them.



    EAST STIRLING – Plays somewhere ‘out there,’ but nobody claims to have actually seen them play. Main achievement is winning the ‘Stirlingshire Cup’ in 2000 (the what?). Maybe the huns could apply to play in it and actually win something next season.



    ELGIN – The longest journey the huns will make next season. I hope they remember that some of their first teams players will get half fare on the bus. The team is actually called Elgin City, a bit of a boast for a town of 8,500 people, but it means the huns won’t be embarrassed* by chanting ‘we are the peepil.’ About 40 miles from Inverness, where they might have been playing if they had not been very naughty boys.


    (* Huns and embarrassed in the same sentence? You’re joking – ed)



    MONTROSE – A small town in Angus, wherever that is. Its main achievement is winning the Div2 championship in 1984/85. Maybe the huns can do that in 2019/20. But the huns needn’t despair – they play in royal blue strips, so they’ll feel at home.



    PETERHEAD – A big town near Aberdeen (OK, I won’t rub it in by saying they could have played there). Famous as the UK’s biggest fishing port, so they’ll be used to the smell. Eventually, they might go after the game to visit some of their former colleagues who will be residing in a big hoose there.



    QUEENS PARK – A short distance from Ibrox, so they can walk there and save Mr. Charles the bus fare. A team which upholds the Corinthian ethos, which is more than can be said for some. Unfortunately, the Green Brigade will not be able to sing ‘No Huns at Hampden’ after they get papped out of the Scottish Cup, hopefully in a preliminary round for the diddiest of the diddy teams. However, Campbell Ogilvie might be caught afterwards trying to Tippex out the winning team’s date in their registration form.



    STIRLING ALBION – Stirling, once the capital of Scotland, has a big castle whose walls are ideal for jumping off when they are so far behind in March that they can’t win the league. Another club which was once in the top league. See mighty – see fallen.



    STRANRAER – a bit of a dump in SW Scotland, but enhanced by the fact that the huns will be able to see the hallowed shores of Northern Ireland on a clear day. A few miles from the Cairnryan ferry terminal, so the Ulsterish hun hordes will be able to get back to their flag-bedecked houses that bit earlier than usual.


    The sharp-sighted among us will notice that ten teams are listed above. However, one of them will move up to Div2, while a team from Div2 will move up to Div1 and a team from Div1 will move up to the SPL.



    To finish with a competition for huns:



    1. Does any hun know why all that moving up is happening?



    2. You need to get to know the territory, so can you name the team moving up from Div3 that you are going to replace?



    The first correct answer opened on July12 will receive a season ticket. The next correct answer will receive 2 season tickets.

  23. How hilarious would it be after threatening players with court action, Green could not pay their wages… :0)

  24. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    sevco team motto competition



    live fast, dies young, leave a disfigured corpse



    Aye broke

  25. ABZMike



    Charles Green would say otherwise and that contracts reverted to Sevco upon completion of the sale of assets.



    Problem of funds still arises. Best case for him would be get investors to stump up payment of this week’s wages to all players and if players accept the wages it leaves them with less claim to refuse the transfer.



    In this scenario, for a relatively small outlay, he can then sell players at market value (or close to) and retain profits for Sevco.



    Question is does he or others have the required funds to pay wages on Thursday. Should be a fun day and as you say new rules were imposed due to Hearts troubles last year.




  26. traditionalist88 on

    Snake Plissken



    Good summary, I think we are all up for reconstruction but not as a means to get the newhuns into the SPL as soon as possible.



    I liked the idea of a 14 team top division though with the split proposed it would mean the top 6 playing 36 games and the bottom 8 playing 40 games. I know Celtic were temporarily in the 14 camp as well before going back to supporting the 10 idea.




  27. Gene's a Bhoys name on

    Green said “we are really looking forward to the having the Glasgow Derby against Queens Park”

  28. Stole this from Scotsman comments on Naibalance & Basil Fawlty TUPE rejection.



    25 June 2012 at 04:49 AM


    sam stone


    The term “institution” is commonly applied to customs and behaviour patterns important to a society as well as to particular formal organizations of government, and public services. As structures and mechanisms of social order among humans, institutions are one of the principal objects of study in the social sciences, such as political sciences, anthropologys, economics, and sociology (the latter being described by Durkheim as the “science of institutions, their genesis and their functioning”). Institutions are also a central concern for law, the formal mechanism for political rule-making and enforcement…………………………..How can those in the Media claim that RangersThe Rangers or Sevco 5088’are a institution as they meet none of the accepted criteria.



    this was followed by



    25 June 2012 at 04:52 AM


    sam stone


    Just wondering, is the Mafia a institution?




    Seems Sam is now on the SEVCO SEVCO banned list.







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