Players will return like walking petri dishes


News that our Scottish football’s star player tested positive for Covid a day after travelling to meet the France Under-23 squad, is an indication of what we are in for.  Odsonne Edouard and pretty much all other professional footballers are from a demographic that is immune to the worst excesses of the disease, but it will continue to infect players for the remainder of the season.  Celtic, and all clubs, will be required to utilise their squads like never before.

Beyond our worry for Odsonne’s health, the next concern is for the rest of the squad.  Odsonne played for Celtic on Sunday and tested positive in France on Tuesday.  The club will have a nervous few days ahead while the incubation period of a possible transmission on Sunday expires.

It is more likely the player contracted the disease while travelling.  If so, the short-term consequences for Celtic are less, but this indicates the risks we can expect when players mix with the public on commercial flights.  When Celtic or any national team travels, they do so on private charters, within their own ‘bubble’.  But players who live abroad need to use public transport to get back home.

From Azerbaijan to Iceland, ‘European’ players will cross-fertilise with fellow travellers and each other.  When they return to their clubs at the end of next week, most having attended three fixtures, they will be walking petri dishes.  Some will have picked up colds and flus, then isolate, due to these symptoms, but Odsonne will not be the last positive test.

These international fixtures are like a big mumps party, seeding populations with a deadly cargo through largely asymptomatic agents.  Not your best work, Uefa.

A reminder to us all, wash your hands, don’t touch your face, keep your distance, wear a mask.  It does not matter what age you are, you don’t want this disease.

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  1. Celtic players (like all club players) are said to be in a “bubble” which is regularly tested. This allows them exemption from certain Covid rules re numbers allowed in a group.


    When club players then leave their “bubble” and congregate as an international squad, they open themselves up to exposure by travelling on commercial flights (ie outwith the clubs charter plane).


    Only a matter of time before positive tests arose. It’s only Wednesday. How many more international players are going to test positive during this international break before action is taken to postpone international football? Or is that totally out of the question?


    Will it take a big “name” like Messi, Ronaldo, Lewandowski etc to test positive whilst away from their club “bubble” for action to be taken?

  2. This was a COVID19 waiting to happen. The almighty $ rules.Shame on UEFA FIFA SFA etc.



    We will be lucky to get through domestic football never mind internationals and EURO. cup competitions.

  3. Apart from European Championship qualifiers all other international football should have been (must now) be paused. Who would even know that the Nations Cup wasn’t on? Or care?

  4. Why were the Celtic players not rooming together ,as they were in the same bubble, useless SFA as usual

  5. TBB @ 1.48



    Thanks for the link on exercise induced asthma.


    Only 28 years too late but helpful nevertheless.



    Interesting to see what has been hiding under the CoViD19 boulder.


    No matter the dross that some people publish they always come back with more.


    The profit principle is strong with these ones — no matter the pile of bodies they have to climb as long as the bottom line looks good then things are OK.



    Also Not-Jacinda is starting to lose her lustre.


    There are only so many cold hard facts that your PR groupies can deflect.



    Also KS made a very strong point about the local lockdowns in the north west of England — they have been put in place but they don’t seem to be working …



    So what do you do?


    Do you react like Victorian boiler engineers and play double or quits?


    Or do you try another tack and see what happens?



    Self isolation is just Thatcherite DIY government put into practice.


    Life and death practice.

  6. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    I’m with Ernie @ 3:15pm



    Time for Celtic to tell national associations, particularly the SFA, to go ahead without our players.



    What’s the current pre Covid-19 sanction?



    The 5-day rule?



    Last time I looked 5 was less than 14.



    I posed a question a few days ago on here ….



    How are the authorities informed of the results of tests of players by clubs?



    Genuine question.



    Some clubs have a Trumpian approach to rules and taxes.



    (and have previously populated their stadiums earlier in this pandemic)



    Not a stretch that their response to a positive test, if they can get away with it, might be “sshh”.

  7. I think i saw that physios were now isolating so it could be that Armstrong, Tierney and Christie were in a group being treated


    Alfredo Morelos in fresh Qatar link which could open up fast-track to dream PSG move


    By Mark Hendry



    FRAE the HERALD today.



    Alfredo Morelos in fresh Qatar link which could open up fast-track to dream PSG move


    By Mark Hendry


    FRAE the HERALD today.






    I don’t understand this if he’s desperate to get to Paris can he not just fly from Glasgow? Why would he go via Qatar? Waste of time and money, think of the planet please Alfredo!

  10. TIMHORTON 2.34



    No this is no 3 my son has a ghirl and bhoy almost 6 and 3 and my oldest daughter just had Saskia , and now both home safe and well. Just having to wait for a safe time to be allowed to visit.HH

  11. UEFA made the correct decision postponing the Euro Finals scheduled this summer, and related play-offs, but somehow (TV money) decided it was a good idea to restart the season with the UEFA Nations League, a tournament which itself was designed to replace extraneous (knew I would get a chance to use that eventually) friendlies that had accrued over the years. A month ago Scotland played Israel at home, a fixture which could have served as the semi-final play-off for the Euros 2021, leaving one final game, likewise Ireland et al, with no more International Football until next summer at the earliest. Freeing up recovery and indeed quarantine time for club players. Thing is, apart from the Scottish Cup, the SFA has no source of income except for the National team, likewise every other FA. Risk assessment? Eliminate the risk or minimise it. Or as in the case of International Football, ignore it!

  12. What is the rationale for compelling people to self isolate for 14 days when they’ve tested negative.

  13. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    Celtic players get lumps kicked out of them on a weekly basis with no protection from referees and little comment from our club. That’s bad enough, but now to risk their careers and lives by exposing them to Covid when on international duty is a step too far. The club has a duty of care to its employees and needs to exercise it.



    Time to grow a pair and tell the SFA (and other associations) to Vaffangul.

  14. Although angered by the reason for these new Covid cases, I am pleased to come on to CQN ans see a body (SFA) much more deserving of criticism receiving it rather than Peter lawwell, Greg Taylor, Neil Lennon, And james Forrest.

  15. Have the SFA offered any apology for what has happened to those players? Could they have made better provision for their care? Will there be any financial compensation?



    What will happen if any other players representing other national teams are also affected? Will the SPFL have consideration for us (I very much doubt it)?



    Which first team players are still at Lennoxtown?

  16. It is hard for me to believe that there will be no more cases of Covid arrising from these Internationals.Considering how many players we have involved in them, it is equally difficult to believe, remembering that the plyers don`t even have to test positive, there will be no more from our team.



    Anyone know which of our players are away on International `duty`?

  17. The one ray of hope here is that because it’s international football fixtures causing the spread the blazers might be less inclined to be seen to be using the situation for the benefit on any particular club.

  18. GENE on 7TH OCTOBER 2020 4:14 PM


    What is the rationale for compelling people to self isolate for 14 days when they’ve tested negative.







    Because they might be incubating the disease?

  19. What’s the chances of the Glasgow Derby being postponed ?


    None – until a first positive report at Ibrox and we all know that won’t happen

  20. International football should be scrapped, but that will not happen.



    The least our club should be asking for is for every player to have their own feckin room. How moronic in this pandemic is it to share a room with 2 other players from 2 other clubs from different cities in the uk.







  21. Gene – totally agree. Continue to test the players for 6 days.


    If no more positives move on. Whole thing a complete Sh*tfest.


    Funny how certain club has very few international players

  22. Ernie


    As I understand it if I’ve got symptoms and get a negative test then I don’t have to isolate even though I could be incubating the virus

  23. 14 Celtic players on international duty.



    Haven’t played a game yet. 2 players down.



    Anybody wanna run a book on what the number will be returning positive?



    Feckin step up here Celtic and make a bloody point.

  24. Arsenal have spoken to KT who assured them he has followed protocols and socially distanced from teammates, looks as if they are questioning why he has to self isolate as he was not a close contact, this needs explaining from Lothian Health Protection Team, hope Celtic ask the same question.

  25. onenightinlisbon on

    Despite the comment. Sevco have a number of players away on international duty also. Be interesting to see how many come back all clear….

  26. In rugby, Sale’s 2nd string won a trophy and the whole club celebrated.



    They now have nine players positive so they have forfeited their last game with which a win would have taken then into the SF of the playoff.



    Racing Paris had 9 staff positive last week – they play the big European final against Exeter on Saturday week and though the game will go ahead, their training plans are in complete disarray.

  27. I thought we were expected to believe that this boy was desperate to play for Celtic?? Turns out he’s been turning us down for a long time.




    “Celtic tried to sign John McGinn when he was just eight years old according to his big brother Stephen McGinn, the Scottish Sun reports.



    McGinn, whose grandfather Jack had a spell as Celtic’s chairman, is currently at Aston Villa. However, he could have been a Celtic player many years ago if the Hoops had managed to sign him as a youngster.


    “Celtic were desperate to get him”


    Of course, this isn’t the first time that Celtic have tried to sign John McGinn. Back in 2018 Hibernian reportedly rejected three bids for the player from the Hoops. He ended up moving to Aston Villa, and has since become a key player for club and country.



    McGinn is now valued at £30m according to the Newcastle Chronicle, so Celtic probably have some regrets about missing out on a player who does seem to be very talented.


    However, there is no guarantee that he would have been a first-team regular at Celtic. He might have struggled to replace the likes of Scott Brown, Callum McGregor and Olivier Ntcham in the Hoops line-up.



    Therefore, even though it was a blow at the time that Celtic never managed to sign the player, it has to be said that it hasn’t stopped both parties from going from strength to strength.



    McGinn has turned into an Aston Villa mainstay, whilst Celtic have continued the club’s domination of Scottish football.



    Still, it is a bit of a pity that a player that the Hoops have tried to sign twice now never ended up at Celtic Park. These things happen in football though. Who knows, perhaps in the future Celtic will make it third time lucky.


    “John was really talented at a young age and being a footballer was something he could picture himself doing. I know I’m his brother, but I always believed he’d get to the level he’s now at. Celtic were desperate to get him for years, from the age of eight to 12” Stephen McGinn said, as quoted by the Scottish Sun.”

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