Players will return like walking petri dishes


News that our Scottish football’s star player tested positive for Covid a day after travelling to meet the France Under-23 squad, is an indication of what we are in for.  Odsonne Edouard and pretty much all other professional footballers are from a demographic that is immune to the worst excesses of the disease, but it will continue to infect players for the remainder of the season.  Celtic, and all clubs, will be required to utilise their squads like never before.

Beyond our worry for Odsonne’s health, the next concern is for the rest of the squad.  Odsonne played for Celtic on Sunday and tested positive in France on Tuesday.  The club will have a nervous few days ahead while the incubation period of a possible transmission on Sunday expires.

It is more likely the player contracted the disease while travelling.  If so, the short-term consequences for Celtic are less, but this indicates the risks we can expect when players mix with the public on commercial flights.  When Celtic or any national team travels, they do so on private charters, within their own ‘bubble’.  But players who live abroad need to use public transport to get back home.

From Azerbaijan to Iceland, ‘European’ players will cross-fertilise with fellow travellers and each other.  When they return to their clubs at the end of next week, most having attended three fixtures, they will be walking petri dishes.  Some will have picked up colds and flus, then isolate, due to these symptoms, but Odsonne will not be the last positive test.

These international fixtures are like a big mumps party, seeding populations with a deadly cargo through largely asymptomatic agents.  Not your best work, Uefa.

A reminder to us all, wash your hands, don’t touch your face, keep your distance, wear a mask.  It does not matter what age you are, you don’t want this disease.

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  1. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Had a pint with Mick Conroy in Donnachie’s bar kindly arranged by Mick Donnachie( RIP) It was a quick blether as Mick C was heading to Glasgow to join up with his team mates for a social gathering.One thing he said and I would concur was the noise of the crowd from start to finish.I was at the 1980 Cup final and I had my 16 year old brother in law with me for his first Derby game.Sadly he passed away in March due to cancer.RIP Eddie.

  2. The Mike Conroy final, my first! Magic. I was 11 that day, amazing i was allowed to go tbh. Amd amazing i was ever allowed to go again!

  3. Friesdorfer @ 6:44 pm



    FFS, a Sun story re J McGinn on CQN.





    It was actually lifted from the Hail Hail 67 site on News Now.



    But, I accept that they must have lifted it from the Sun.



    My interest was the source being quoted- a McGinn family member.



    And the confirmation that John McGinn has had several chances to join the club he supposedly loves.



    I respect his (or his father’s reasoning) behind the decision when he was a young boy.



    I remain deeply unconvinced that a promise of regular selection, from a manager who left the club shortly afterwards, was the reason that he chose Villa over Celtic.



    If important news about Celtic, amd missing out on John McGinn does seem important, appears in an unpopular media setting, I think it is worth having knowledge of that. If it’s just the witterings of an uninformed Charlie Nicholas- I don’t think they add any light. You’ld get as much sense asking Clare Balding for her views on Celtic.



    And , just for clarity…..



    Don’t Buy The Sun! Tory Scum rag.

  4. In British Columbia most schools are open but post secondary are a mix with limited in-session and mostly online.



    No major issues to date, but BC, which had very low COVID numbers is showing an increase in numbers, The health officials who have done a great job feel it is manageable.

  5. BILLYBHOY1967 on 7TH OCTOBER 2020 8:22 PM


    Can any of our US or Canadian posters advise if the schools and Universities are open over their currently?




    I’m in Michigan and most schools and universities are open. Some schools allow online or hybrid – if there is a small outbreak then school closes. Universities are a mess – they need money from students and were also being threatened to be sued for not providing in-person education (possibly from Republicans?) and pressure to provide college sports on TV (Trump).

  6. weebobbycollins on

    SFTB….watched Joe Biden’s Gettysburg speech last night…whoever penned the speech certainly earned his corn…shame ole Joe wasn’t ten years younger.

  7. lets all do the huddle on

    so schools arent an issue with spreading covid even though there are hundreds of kids in them who then go home to their families to spread it around, so they stay open



    cafes are also safe so you can go get a scone and a coffee in them. however if you wanted a beer instead of a coffee then that will spread the virus so is barred



    we have reached the stage of political idiocy – clueless f**kwits who are leading us blindly into oblivion



    i never thought i would say this but i wish there was an election imminent so the anti-people pish from the politicians stops, even if it was cos they were only looking for votes

  8. Thanks guys.


    The reason I’m asking is that my son is due to sit his third and final FCA exam in Edinburgh on 4/12. He’s just learned that it has been cancelled all over the Americas. Its a nightmare as he’s been studying for three hours a night for months to peak in December.



    If it gets cancelled now it probably won’t happen until next summer.

  9. I don’t mind seeing media stuff about Celtic reproduced on CQN.



    Saves most of us buying the rags or clicking their sites…know your enema.



    Hail Hail.

  10. Celtic Football Club@CelticFC



    . #CelticFC response to calls for our players to be withdrawn from international duty:



    “The Club will always do everything possible to protect the health and wellbeing of our players, but the release of players for international matches is governed by the FIFA regulations.”

  11. Celtic’s statement- like being savaged by a dead sheep


    The fix is in, we could be half a team down come the Glasgow Derby

  12. I’m surprised at the number of players that high five/shake hands with team mates and competitors.



    I know everyone is in “bubbles” but I hope this gives them a boot up the … and shows them how easy it is to be infected or put yourself at risk of someone who is.

  13. Majestic


    They’re not really in a bubble – they go home and mix with family – their kids go to school, they go shopping etc.

  14. Gene,



    That was what I was getting at –



    I think as they and their opponents get tested regularly some players seem to be/have become complacent.



    At the end of the game on Sunday I think it was Calmac who shook a few hands of the opposition, then when was offered an elbow bumped elbows.

  15. Could Ryan Christie have been contacted by track and trace, due to the track and trace apps communicating with Armstrongs, whilst both players training


    And phones locked up in changing rooms in next lockers ?


    Would indicate longer contact than actual personal contact due to the set up of the Track & Trace Apps and how this works


    We have raised this with Public Health and the Goverment as a major fault


    Employees have to leave their phones in personal lockers in locker room


    Phones linked for several hours ????



    Is the Phone App a big issue ??


    I have not downloaded the App due to issues such this point raised

  16. BILLYBHOY1967 on 7TH OCTOBER 2020 8:22 PM



    Can any of our US or Canadian posters advise if the schools and Universities are open over their currently?



    *I’m in the Greater Toronto Area but the rules are Province wide but every Province is different.



    I have family that teach both Elementary and High School, I also have grandweans in Uni, High School and Elementary and its a bit of a mixed bag, some classes on line and some classroom.



    I believe the choices made are valid until November and then can be revised but that will be it until next June when school ends.



    The feeling though is it won’t last long before they close again






    It was a good speech. Not convinced Joe is young or fit enough for the demands of the office but he’s ten times the worth of the charlatan that currently occupies it



    *although I live up the road the feeling is that Joe will be a 1 term POTUS, and possibly Kamala will take over. Wonder how that will go down with the rednecks, a woman of Indian and Jamaican parentage. Oh and went tae school in French Canada for 7 years.



    SFTB….watched Joe Biden’s Gettysburg speech last night…whoever penned the speech certainly earned his corn…shame ole Joe wasn’t ten years younger.





    Me and WeeBGFC actually shed a few tears listening to Joe’s speech last night. Same with one a couple of weeks ago – that one was very big on unions / the working man.









  19. Auld auntie gave WeeBGFC her iPhone as a pressie. Seems still locked to her AppleID, which – as a result of being >80yo with slightly dodgy memory – she can’t remember.



    Seems – from apple’s own website – that there no legal way to use it now – any ideas? Spent all night on t’internet trying various “1000000%-works-every-time” solutions.






  20. FRIESDORFER on 7TH OCTOBER 2020 6:44 PM



    FFS, a Sun story re J McGinn on CQN.



    scum.Thatcher and the Liars assault on the working class.puke spit! spit!



    hun psy ops at full malky.tickle timmy with soft spot for the meeja addicted celtic fan before sticking the boot in over covid.vermin in ink.



    better oot than in A.i happen to agree.:-)




  21. SFTB


    I respect your opinion, although I don’t share it in this instance. The McGinn saga has been done to death on here and elsewhere in Celticland. The article is simply another crude attempt to undermine in the lead up to a forthcoming fixture, imo of course.



  22. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    So can we all now understand why Christie did not join in the celebrations of Griff’s wonderful goal, instead of the half~baked speculations expounded on this hallowed blog?


    I guess that there are too many posters with too much time on their hands.

  23. Good morning to the far flung corners of the globe or cqn as we know it from a dry and mild Garngad.



    This whole international football is a real feckin farce.



    So we have our best transfer window in years, a big squad full of internationals, not playing great football but still up there and could be top of the league if not for Bolingoli, when we click we will fly into the distance, the only way they can get at us is using covid guidelines whilst away on


    SFA international breaks. 😂






    How many more players will fall to this before next Saturday’s game.



    I would not trust our Football Association with any of our players.



    I know the club wont bring players back but surely we have a duty of care to employees under H & S guidelines.






    D :)

  24. Neil Lennon & Mccartney – No why?



    I did not notice Christie not joining in anyway but why?



    D :)

  25. The hand of God on

    I see Arsenal are also querying why KT has to self isolate for 2 weeks whilst being in a sporting “bubble” and being constantly tested backing what Ryan has been saying.Eddy being quoted (not by me) saying he should be available for the “rangers” game using someone at Bayern as a precedent apparently. If true it would be a bit weird that someone who has the virus could be back playing quicker than someone with potentially several negative tests.The whole thing is bizarre like many government decisions of late what Iniquitousiv said earlier makes more sense.

  26. Now reporting that RC and KT were playing ps4 games with SA.



    They are saying they were social distancing, I can only presume they had their own controllers and that’s why they are pissed off at decision.


    Now I am not to clued up on this but you can play people on the other side of the world so I can see how RC and KT are angry by decision to self isolate.



    Actually if they had their own controllers and were a safe distance apart then they have a point to a degree although there is a 15 minute rule as well.



    D :)

  27. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    DAVID66 on 8TH OCTOBER 2020 6:45 AM



    he was following protocols seriously, hence his dismay at being forced to isolate

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