Point of order, seven players have not left Rangers


Point of order. Steven Davis has not decided to leave Rangers. Kyle Lafferty did not leave Rangers. Jamie Ness, Steven Whittaker, Steven Naismith, Shauny Aluko and Rhys McCabe did not leave Rangers in some insurrection of Stevens-and-friends-with-odd-names.

All have chosen to remain employees of Rangers Football Club PLC and (reportedly) objected to transfer to Sevco 5088. Loyal to the end, heroes to the jersey, despite how this is being reported elsewhere. The administrators currently managing Rangers Football Club PLC may soon issue all of the above with redundancy notices, but until then, the players will sit tight.

Sevco don’t need these guys anyway, they’ve 19 targets, several of whom have been busy at the Euros, ready to sign-on.

And how could I forget about Gattuso? We’re in trouble when that lot arrive, guys!

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  1. So yet again, simple facts get lost in translation. Thank God you’re on the money, Paul.



    Right, away to bed to dream sweet dreams…




  2. Paul67, (from last thread)



    How far off the mark do think I am with this idea……….



    Oldco players not transferring over to newco.



    SFA are saying get application in for licence come Friday.



    All the time a newnewco are forming.



    Green can’t get a licence from the SFA.



    Green hasn’t got any players.



    Up comes ‘Sir Walter’ with a newnewco.



    Newnewco apply for SFA licence.



    Players say they will go to newnewco. (all free)



    SFA grant ‘Sir Walter‘ the licence.



    Green left with ground and training ground.



    Green sells/has to sell ground etc to newnewco.



    Daft idea?????

  3. Paul67:



    Loyal to the end, God Bless their cotton socks.



    19 targets, indeed but where are they currently playing, in junior football?



    They cannot be still playing in Euro 2012, if they are they must be playing for Spain, Germany, Portugal or Italy…Mmmm, should we be worried?



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  4. Since these and other players have declined to be relegated to Sevco Wanderers, will D&P still be liable for their salaries?


    Or are they free agents today?

  5. bigdanistheman away home to Sweden but says no to newco on

    I’ve not posted on here for a while ( mostly because i dont have the intellect) but I’ve been lurking every day & must admit there isn’t a better place to gather info regarding our deid neighbours. I started another new job recently & have now been paired with a fan of them who has decided to tell me everyday how much Scottish football needs & will miss them all the while I’ve just sat & kidded on that I cared but today he exceeded himself when while reading whatever it is he gets his info(fascist fascist) he let out a scream so I asked him why he was so happy, to which he replied “Wallace is staying ya beauty” I then asked as if I didnt know the answer, do oldco not owe hearts money for him? His reply, ah f**k them they’re getting f**k all aff us. They wonder why all these teams are going to vote no , this is just 1 example of their arrogance towards Scottish football. I look forward to tomorrow so I can lurk & smirk while he try’s to feed me jabba or keechs latest nonsense! Keep up the good work

  6. most of the 19 targets are involved in the final stages of the Euros and this will disrupt preparations for the new season…see I could work for the DR

  7. Having been part of a Scottish workforce that was reduced from 800 to 200 due to administration, I can definitely state that redundancy does not need to include any financial recompense. Indeed, not only were wages not withheld, but expenses incurred on company business were not paid either.

  8. Bookies Pen for a Button on a Blazer on






    And a spoil sport.







  9. Let’s hear from the protesting ‘objectors”.



    “Thus is no tha ranjurs ah wiz brawt up wi’……………ahm waitin’ in the wings till walter an’ bomber git the gither…..”

  10. Paul67



    sure hope those grief stricken fans on FF get to hear about this – they will be so pleased to hear their heros havn’t walked away after all




  11. this is getting close to the best day of my life ,if only my granda was here to enjoy it with me



  12. GretnaBhoy:



    It was all in jest…but you could imagine some demented nut on FF posting that sort of gibbering jackanory…their lack of insight is bewitching in its benighted horror…I only hope none of them are our neighbours or work colleagues.

  13. Bookies Pen for a Button on a Blazer on

    SuperSutton on 26 June, 2012 at 21:14 said:



    Use to be the case if your company withheld redundancy you could recover some of the money through the government. Can’t remember the process.but no doubt the condems have binned it.




  14. WeefratheTim on

    Paul67 Great article, but, I tell you now, They’re Doooooomed I. Tell you Dooooooomed. You are still the beat Paul. Great to be back.

  15. The Comfortable Collective on

    Picture the scene, it is the lair of a certain goalkeeper, who used to be with rangers,



    The telephone rings,



    “Hello” says the goalkeeper, “Who’s this”



    “Its Wattie, your old boss, fancy coming to play for new rangers 2012 in division 3 for a lot less money than you were on before?”



    “Well, than sounds good, oh hold on there is someone on the other line, …. Hello, who’s that?”



    “it’s me, a middle of the table Premiership manager, would you like to play for my middle of the road team in the greatest league in the world for a barrel load more money than you ever got at rangers?”



    “Well that sounds good, can you hold on a minute, I’ve got a timewaster on the other line I have to get rid of first. . . ”



    And so the dream of Watties new team bites the dust. Mind you, he might get Lee Wallace, he’ll just dae wit he’s told, obviously.

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