Police being laughed at by grateful media, Jinky medal comes onto the market


Strathclyde Police seem unprepared to decommission the loose cannon that is providing the regular leaks of largely inaccurate information about Celtic fans to the press.  The country’s largest police force have become a regular source of material and hilarity for our media, perhaps best illustrated by their unattributed comment to the Scotland on Sunday, suggesting they plan to “smash the Irish Republican, Marxist, Green Brigade”.

While the police officially claim “these comments do not reflect the view of the Force” the damage is already done.  The stage is set for an inevitable confrontation by a group of supporters who now believe they are being unfairly picked upon (for being Marxist, good grief, I thought they all shaved and suited-up under Tony, including the men!), and a police force, which employs someone who has told the press they are picking on the Green Brigade and which is asked by the Government to challenge pro-IRA chanting.

All political chanting must stop, of course, but I don’t fancy being an officer on the ground who has to pick up the pieces after a very loose tongue has set a scene for confrontation.

Make no mistake, the police are being laughed at by grateful recipients of their media comments, who cannot believe the utter naivety of the Pitt St operation, I have heard this laughter first hand from more than one journo, but the consequences of such dire behaviour will be severe.

I would like to thank everyone who bid on the ebay auction for the Jimmy Johnstone medal. I’m really pleased to let you know that the medal has been withdrawn from sale. Thanks again and sorry if you had already bid.

We are not short of history at Celtic, but there are very few occasions a unique memento of the Greatest Ever Celt becomes available.  The medal is a 47-year-old slice of Celtic folklore, check it out on ebay.

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  1. Apologies guys – repost from previous:



    Afternoon guys



    As a Blantyre Bhoy born and bred, I am disgusted at the sentence handed to Reamonn’s murderers. We knew the lad Smith would get a lesser sentence due to the lesser charge of culpable homicide, but Maxwell’s sentence of (a minimum of) 19 years truly beggars belief. As HeadTheBall said above, he’ll be out by the time he’s 42, when he will be allowed back into “normal” life. Utterly despicable. Blantyre, as a community, truly has become a lot closer since that tragic night – I hope we remain as close right up to the day comes in 19 years time, when Mr Maxwell attempts to restart his own life in our community. I for one, hope he never sets foot in our town again, along with his accomplice.






  2. That could be an “interesting” confrontation when it does occur Paul!






  3. Half Time Tombola on

    The GB have to box clever – Strathclyde’s finest [sic] are spoiling for a fight.



    Don’t rise to it lads – you’re better than that!




  4. GiggsyBhoy says:


    7 December, 2011 at 12:36



    A total tragedy for such a small community.


    The sentence is not just for such a henious crime but they never are.




  5. I need to repost this from the previous thread.


    It is the best post i have ever read on CQN.










    Br\o/gan R\o/gan Trevin\o/ and H\o/gan says:


    6 December, 2011 at 22:40


    Good Evening,



    all this talk of “organisation” and some form of democratic supporters club initiative has set both of my brain cells in motion.



    Alas that motion– if you pardon the expression– takes me backwards in time before forcing me forward.



    I think of the rubbish journalism shown by the Herald today, the crappy TV deal, the nonsensical phone ins to dense panelists and many another thing that generally just gets on the Celtic supporting wick!



    Then, being a sort of reasonably contented glass is half full sort of chap, I think of the positives that happened today. For example, the insurance documents for my car came through the post this morning.



    “So what?” you might say.



    Well, you see the simple truth is the Insurance Docs came from those nice people at……………..SAGA!!!



    Yip, in return for officially becoming an old duffer who has reached the half century, I now get a discount on all sorts of completely useless shit that I don’t need. Except of course for the car insurance which was roughly about £150 cheaper than my renewal quote. Right enough, it would appear that I can make a similar saving on the house insurance. Oh and I get a few bob off some all inclusive holidays, with afternoon tea and scones in some pretty decent spots around the world— oh and there is free beer and wine. Then there is the money you get off in some retail outlets,garages,motoring organisations like the AA, annual travel insurance,cinemas,restaurants,opticians and so on… and on…. and on.



    SAGA eh? Bloody marvellous. Really just a big buying club which you get access to just by becoming an oul codger.



    So,…….. what if you could become a member of a similar buying club just by being a Celtic fan– a registered supporter of some kind? Separate perhpas from the PLC, separate from your season book, separate from your shares– if you have any.



    If someone took the time to negotiate mass corporate benefits for the membership of such a club would you join it?



    What if it got you a discount on a meal at Celtic park? A discount on official club merchandise? A discount with certain airlines and hotel groups? A discount on some Gym memberships or access to some affiliated clubs? Discounts on tickets at the Nou Camp, Old Trafford, The Alliance and some other top notch grounds? A discount on St Pauli official merchandise and their ground. An extra discount on hire car rates, an extra 0.5 per cent interest in sums at credit with a certain bank, a discount on Nike products in the Nike store, a discount with all major club sponsors– and on and on and on.



    Lets say the cost of joining such a club was………………………………………………..£1 per week?



    £52 per year.



    Would that be worth it? It is certainly miles cheaper than similar schemes offered by banks, Insurance companies, travel aganccies and so on. They tend to charge £10 to £20 per month.



    Now it is often said that Celtic have 9 Million followers——- 9 Million!!!!!!



    Imagine you could persuade all 9 Million to join such a club for £1 per week.



    On an annual basis the “Club” would take in £468 Million per year……… £468 Million!!!!!



    Ok lets say there was a discount for under 16′s. Let’s say you only got a fraction of that number— how about… well let’s cut it down a bit to say 500,000— well that would mean an income of just £26 Million?



    Too high? Unrealistic? Ok 300,000 members gives you just £15,600,000.



    Lets say you give £3,600,000 each year to Mary’s meals, Oxfam, Shelter whoever.



    Let’s say you set aside £10Million for the “advancement of Celtic Football Club”– that could be transfers, club development, media whatever.



    Sure you would have the organisational costs and running costs, but you can adjust the figures to meet your needs– there should still be enough to go around!!!



    How many businesses– including subscription TV stations could afford to ignore such a buying club? What if the club “promoted” a national newspaper– just recommended it and took out the odd advert? I am damn sure that you would not get the sort of sloppy headline that you saw today.. or else……. well you know the alternative… we simply walk!!!



    Speaking of walks….. One day of international charity in the name of Celtic. All over the world—- in every city and town where you find a Celtic supporters club or a Celtic bar…. the Green mile– raise a Tenner— raise the profile of the club and the fans.



    Think this is all fanciful?



    Well as I understand it the redoubtable Auld Heid has already got them talking about it up at the park. It’s all a bit slowly slowly catchy monkey— but it is being looked at, talked about and encouraged.



    9 Million followers at £1 per week.



    The Celtic International Supporters Club Association—- CISCA—- not to be confused with Cisco.



    Or any old other name you want– except the Organisation of Registered Celtic Supporters — because that spells something else and could lead to confusion in certain circumstances!!!!



    If the scheme were organised through the fans and had that amount of money to invest in the advancement of the club each year– do you think the board would refuse your money? Do you think that the long asked for seat or seats on the board or the right to just be in attendance at the Board meetings might be forthcoming?



    As they used to say on the much missed Rowan and Martins laugh in ( something you will only have seen if you are a member of SAGA )——- You bet your Bippy—- they will.



    Maybe it is just an idea, but it is an idea that has in part been implemented by Barcelona and Benfica– so why not Celtic?



    If you can start a club from scratch from nothing but an idea on a November night in 1887 in a Parish Hall, you can sure as hell promote and and start a club like this in the 21st century with access to the entire world via the net, the new media, and an already established network of supporters clubs and Celtic bars throughout the world.



    Then again maybe my glass overflows with faith in my club and my fellow Celtic fans? Maybe I am a deranged ould duffer who dreams of a sort of Green and White Utopia? Maybe my faith in the Celtic support being a body which would embrace and adopt something that had practical benefits as well as creating a real sense of “us” is illogical— although I am absolutely certain that there is not a major business in the land who would not offer an economic discount to such a mass of members.



    Maybe, I am just plain nuts?



    Then again— I already have my £52 ready —— sure didn’t I save it on the car insurance just by being an ould duffer in the first place?

  6. BJMac



    Look forward to seeing you and your guests on Saturday.


    I am also looking forward to the Next Gen game tonight.




  7. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on




    Can you do the same to my post on the previous page or tell me how to do it.

  8. TinyTim says:


    7 December, 2011 at 12:40



    Makes sense to me. The old board tried and failed with something similar but with the internet it makes things much easier.


    I have no idea why Celtic haven’t done this already.




  9. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ says:


    7 December, 2011 at 12:42



    Copy and paste. Easiest way is to open another browser.




  10. Paul67



    I was informed CAA Corrigan at the recent meeting with the CSA and Celtic Trust was not overly protective of what the Press Officer was doing.



    Loose cannon indeed…




  11. The Honest Mistake on




    The stage is set for an inevitable confrontation by a group of supporters who now believe they are being unfairly picked upon (for being Marxist, good grief, I thought they all shaved and suited-up under Tony, including the men!), and a police force, which employs someone who has told the press they are picking on the Green Brigade and which is asked by the Government to challenge pro-IRA chanting.



    It’s almost as if a situation is being engineered to drive such a confrontation. The repeated denials by the police while taking no action against the source of the disinformation shows that there is a trap being set. Who is going to gain from such a confrontation? Not the GB or Celtic that’s for sure.

  12. Made up Story



    The guy made up the story; he much preferred to lie,


    The trouble with the truth is everyone flicks by,


    His editor he didn’t care as long as it wasn’t true,


    His only job in life was to produce the next issue.



    The guy made up the story, it was always such,


    So easy to ignore the truth, he hadn’t lost his touch,


    No need to talk to witnesses; just stay at his desk,


    Phone lay off the hook, the buzzing sound grotesque.



    The guy made up the story; he much preferred to lie,


    The trouble with the truth, it was in such short supply,


    With no one to answer to, the lies rolled off his tongue,


    In any other country, Jeremy Clarkson would have him hung!

  13. The Honest Mistake says:


    7 December, 2011 at 12:46



    This mirrors my feelings on the 7.45pm KO after years of being told early kick offs were required to prevent too much drink assisted trouble.

  14. LiviBhoy says:


    7 December, 2011 at 12:39






    It’s just awful LB, however BlantyreKev on the previous article made very sound points also. I just hope and pray Reamonn’s parents, brother & extended family can now carry on with their lives, now that those responsible have been put away. By God, their son has left such a legacy, and the whole of the town will carry his memory on with pride.






  15. 1964-65 Glasgow Cup Competition



    Round 1



    30/04/1965 Celtic 2 (Auld, Chalmers) Rangers 1 Att – 41,000



    Semi Final



    03/05/1965 Celtic 3 (McNeill, Auld, Lennox) Clyde 0 Att – 12,500



    Final (Hampden/Away)



    11/05/1965 Queens Park 0 Celtic 5 (Lennox 2, Auld, Chalmers, Murdoch) Att – 17,051

  16. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Folly Folly??



    ello ello ello??



    Is the next line W A T B B??? Or is it just me?

  17. Paul67



    Any thoughts on an article regarding Henry McLeish and his statement there has been more progress made by the SFA in the last 6 MONTHS than had been done in the previous 60 YEARS!




  18. TheGreenManalishi(WithTheTwoProngedCrown) on

    Br\o/gan R\o/gan Trevin\o/ and H\o/gan says:


    6 December, 2011 at 22:40



    Excellent idea, I would sign up today !!!!!!!!!!!!



    Hail hail


    Thanks for the tip-off,PAUL67.




  20. Paul67 – Those are truly extraordinary comments from the Strathclyde Police spokesman.



    Quite brave of him to talk – anonymously – of “smashing” the Green Brigade, especially coming from a man who ran away from Twitter so recently.



    Is this what we’re paying our taxes for?



    On the subject of Irish politics, very timely article by Phil today:






    Interestingly, it was Britain, represented by George Osborne, that was the only country to stand up for Ireland when the EU was drawing up its vicious loans-for-austerity plan to force poverty and emigration on a whole generation of Irish people so as to prop up the worthless Euro.



    The EU represents a more insidious threat to Irish nationhood and national well-being than the British Empire ever did.



    Who is looking out for Ireland? Not their government, that’s for sure. To a man, they report to their masters in Brussels and Frankfurt.



    If I were an Irish republican, I wouldn’t be wasting my time with political singing at football matches. I’d be asking anybody who would listen this question:



    When will Ireland leave the EU and become a nation once again? (thumbsup)

  21. BRTH



    We could even buy a years membership for loved ones and friends as a present ,Xmas,Fathers/Mothers day,birthdays,etc.



    If the discounts are genuine people will willingly renew.






  22. Repost for Jude, from last article:



    jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ says:


    7 December, 2011 at 12:36





    Thats disgusting and heartbreaking for Reamons family and the kids in Thia. These two sewer rats had a lot of previous and shouldnt even been on the street to murder a gem of a Bhoy that any mother and father would be proud of.



    I thought the P F wernt going to accept a reduced charge??

  23. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    If that had been a policemans son he wd have got 25yrs min!!



    These two had a load of previous and some knive assaults as well.

  24. BlantyreKev - Hail Hail to the Kano Foundation on

    TinyTim says:


    7 December, 2011 at 12:40



    Wait till you meet him, what a complete disappointment.



    Anyway, the closest Celtic get to that is Creditcard rewards. You use your Celtic creditcard for anything, Celtic get commission, you get points towards a lunch, or shop discount, or trip to Lennoxtown. And it is an emerging market that entrepreneurs spend an incredible amount of time and effort on. Groupon, itison etc. Group buying power is phenomenal. Celtic’s best chance is to piggy back on an established player in the market, an ostensibly front of shop Celtic product hosted in the background by an expert who already has the systems to do it. Otherwise you could make the same argument for Celtic furniture, Celtic online grocery shopping, Celtic Ebay etc.



    The wealth of ideas from the support is fantastic, none more so than BRTH. The practical ability to convert is a completely different thing as he and I have agreed in the past.



    I once had a very successful entrepreneur tell me two truths about ‘an idea’.



    One, you have no exclusivity over it.


    Two, it is less than 1% of a business. The work in converting the idea into a business is what counts.



    Anyone and everyone has ideas. Converting them is what it is all about.

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