Police being laughed at by grateful media, Jinky medal comes onto the market


Strathclyde Police seem unprepared to decommission the loose cannon that is providing the regular leaks of largely inaccurate information about Celtic fans to the press.  The country’s largest police force have become a regular source of material and hilarity for our media, perhaps best illustrated by their unattributed comment to the Scotland on Sunday, suggesting they plan to “smash the Irish Republican, Marxist, Green Brigade”.

While the police officially claim “these comments do not reflect the view of the Force” the damage is already done.  The stage is set for an inevitable confrontation by a group of supporters who now believe they are being unfairly picked upon (for being Marxist, good grief, I thought they all shaved and suited-up under Tony, including the men!), and a police force, which employs someone who has told the press they are picking on the Green Brigade and which is asked by the Government to challenge pro-IRA chanting.

All political chanting must stop, of course, but I don’t fancy being an officer on the ground who has to pick up the pieces after a very loose tongue has set a scene for confrontation.

Make no mistake, the police are being laughed at by grateful recipients of their media comments, who cannot believe the utter naivety of the Pitt St operation, I have heard this laughter first hand from more than one journo, but the consequences of such dire behaviour will be severe.

I would like to thank everyone who bid on the ebay auction for the Jimmy Johnstone medal. I’m really pleased to let you know that the medal has been withdrawn from sale. Thanks again and sorry if you had already bid.

We are not short of history at Celtic, but there are very few occasions a unique memento of the Greatest Ever Celt becomes available.  The medal is a 47-year-old slice of Celtic folklore, check it out on ebay.

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  1. johann murdoch on

    TheGreenManalishi(WithTheTwoProngedCrown) says:



    Manifesto being worked,amongst under consideration that Illicit chanting will be compulsory!..for those not paying their taxes well as I said give them each a cow.



    Hello earthlings I come in peace..HH

  2. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    Bassong, Jorgensen, Ramis………how many £52.00 have been collected?

  3. David Peter Deans on

    I take it from the comments on here that nobody rates Mo Bangura. I have only seen him play about 15 mins coming on as a sub in a cup game. On that showing he looked half decent. I think we should maybe give him a little more time before kicking him in to touch.

  4. David Peter Deans


    re Bagura



    “I think we should maybe give him a little more time before kicking him in to touch”



    Don`t be silly , David. We are Celtic fans and DEMAND instant brilliance from EVERY signing.




  5. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    Big Henry works in Linlithgow and is a really decent guy.



    He coaches most nights of the week too.

  6. Philbhoy – It’s just the beginning! says:


    7 December, 2011 at 16:43



    He still do the taxi’s? He used to do them in Currie or Balerno and the Jambo’s I worked with requested him personally to take them out on the town.



    Very decent fella I believe.




  7. BlantyreKev - Hail Hail to the Kano Foundation on

    Bada Bing



    St Johnstone game on the Sunday because we’re in Italy on the Thursday. It’s NOT scheduled for live TV. Must be the first away game for some time not covered live. Inverness in the Scottish Cup last year I think.

  8. The Pantaloon Duck on

    David Peter Deans says:


    7 December, 2011 at 16:38



    I’m one of those to whom you refer. I reckon I’ve seen every first team appearance Bangura has made (always as a sub, I think) and I hate to say it but I haven’t been impressed at all. I hope today’s performance indicates that there’s a good player in there…



    Regardless, I still think he needs to take hairstyle lessons from Sammi.

  9. Just checked St Johnstone web, SKY & ESPN schedules, the away game on Sun 18 Dec is NOT on TV.

  10. Mahe the Madman on

    Ernie Lynch,


    I just caught your quick reply to me on the last thread about the away support singing the black watch. I myself have never heard of it so therefore never sung it but it affects my position zero. Like I stated,,and its just my humble opinion,,I myself want nothing to do with anything british. Its pretty simple really,,zero,,zilch. What songs the away support sing wont affect that stance. I dont want my club joining any english league format,,others may and they’re entitled to their own opinion. IMO there should be a lot more debate taking place about our options should the spl collapse due to withdrawal of tv money due to the horribles getting dissolved/relegated. Equally we should ask ourselves should we stay in the bent league if they allow the filth to get away with a decade of cheating? I personally think these are the biggest issues facing us right now.


    Hail Hail

  11. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    I posted quite a few times following the so called 3-0 shame game last season at CP


    You know the game, well the nonsense didn’t stop at the end of the game , in fact most of it started after the end of the game.


    NL got a 8 game ban


    Super swally walked unpunished


    None of the three players who get sent off missed a game


    The polis declared bedlam after a massive 32 arrests at the stadium and told how hard pressed they were.(they also probably lost the tally that tells how many of those arrested were tims)



    The Polis response for me, was purely an effort to gather more funds for their “business” during a recession by claiming that OF games cause the so much costs etc.



    They did not come out of it shining brightly at that time and unfortunately the institutionalised bigotry rises to the surface again. Perhaps we should report them to “someone” in the hope that they get fined same as they have attempted to do to the GB for years.



    I wonder where the club stand on this matter. Will they support the infallible Polis or will they back their “rebel minded” supporters. Its often difficult for the club to tackle the Polis, and it puts them in a now win situation but it looks like the time might have arrived.

  12. BK- just seen your post mate,some pubs are getting all Celtic games live on a French channel,Orange TV or something like that.Maybe al Jazeera schedules nearer the time, will pick it up.

  13. David Peter Deans on

    Bournesouprecipe says.



    I must admit i have missed a few games, but i do look at the reports and team ratings, i do not see Banguras name in many starting line ups. I do beleive he did play in 1 of the Europa games and aparently did well.



    Jungle Jim says.



    You are dead right Jim, sorry for being slow on the up take. But as long as he is with Celtic, i wish him well and hope he gets chance to prove people wrong. Being recomended by the God who is Henrik Larson he cana be all that bad.

  14. Is the Edinburgh derby not the weekend of the St Johnstone match?


    I would assume that will be televised.




  15. Duffield sticks to his guns about simulation,,,,,- or does he ???




    Smith told the Herald: “If the player is guilty of simulation I would have no problems with him being banned for it.



    “I didn’t bring it in to protect certain people. But I did realise at the time it would have to be clear cut, that there would be scenarios where players would be mildly touched.



    “I did think it would have to be a case almost of no contact whatsoever had to be proved.”



    If found guilty, Aluko will miss SPL games against Hibernian and Inverness.



    Dunfermline chairman John Yorkston told the Daily Record: “If Aluko does get banned it does not help us in any way. What it would do is help the other teams in the bottom half of the league.

  16. David Peter Deans



    I have yet to see any evidence of Henrik having recommended Bangura. In fact we are not even certain that Neil Lennon personally watched Bangura before he was signed.



    We do need to give the guy time to settle in however his touch/ ball skills are very poor.



    From what we have seen of Bangura it looks like have blundered with this signing. Time will tell.

  17. David Peter Deans on

    The Pantaloon Duck says,



    Ha Ha I like that, needs to take lessons from Sami on hair styles.



    My friend as long as he does the business on the pitch when the chance comes, who cares what he looks like. Maybe if he scores the winner against the Huns the support will change there view on him.

  18. BlantyreKev - Hail Hail to the Kano Foundation on

    Following the efforts of a few of us hairy CQNers in the Movember fundraising, I am happy to announce I have been nominated as judge in the forthcoming female equivalent, Fanuary.

  19. I was going to buy a Blue Peter Advent Calendar,then i remembered i’d made one earlier……

  20. The Honest Mistake on

    aldersyde avenue 7 December, 2011 at 17:09:


    Don’t fall for the hunguffery:



    Evening Times


    Henrik Larsson: Mohamed Bangura is right for Celtic


    Alison McConnell



    Share 29 Aug 2011



    Henrik Larsson has told Neil Lennon that striker Mohamed Bangura would make an impact at Parkhead – but the Hoops boss faces a fight to secure the signature of the AIK Stockholm forward.



    Celtic are set to table a £2million bid for Bangura, but reports that the player is due in Glasgow this morning for a medical are wide of the mark, suggesting that there is a bit of work still to be done on the deal.



    Celtic’s chief scout John Park watched the 22-year-old play yesterday but Blackburn and a Middle East club are also thought to be watching the Sierra Leone international.



    Larsson, currently manager of Swedish side Landskrona said: “Celtic called and asked me, so I told them what I thought about him,” he said. “I spoke to Neil and Johan Mjallby.



    “I said that Mohamed is a clever, intelligent player. He is quick and strong, even if he isn’t even 180cm tall (5ft 9in). And most importantly – he knows how to score.”



    Bangura will team up with his international side this morning and is in the dark about his immediate future.



    “I know Celtic were here and watched me,” he said. “It is a good club, but I don’t think anything is done or near yet. I’m not going to Glasgow today, I am going with the national team to Sierra Leone. I know many clubs are interested, but it is up to AIK. I am not stressed.”



    The player admits he was flattered to hear about Larsson’s recommendation.



    “It is so flattering to hear Henrik likes me,” he said. “He is a legend at Celtic and a true star. I am proud that he likes the way I play.



    “I will try my best, but I can’t be Henrik, I can only be Mohamed. He is an idol, but I want to do it my way.



    “I know clubs look for 15-goal strikers, but you never know.



    “If clubs want me, it is because of my qualities, not because of some number.”



    Meanwhile, Celtic’s resolve could also be tested in the next 48 hours with moves for South Korean international Ki Sung-Yueng imminent.



    Blackburn have had a £6m bid for the player knocked back, but it is believed that a £7m bid from Russia has also been tabled.



    Celtic are reluctant to allow the midfielder to leave, but they would find it difficult to turn down such a serious offer for the player.

  21. tommytwiststommyturns on

    BK @ 17:15 – a very astute appointment. Be careful of the “growlers”…!




  22. Now that the #9 Enigma has regained his Mojo I am going to be sending biggest Love to Mo Bangura.



    OK so far he does not seem to appreciate the significance of the white rectangular frames at each end of the pitch but it’s early days.

  23. David Peter Deans says:


    7 December, 2011 at 16:38



    I take it from the comments on here that nobody rates Mo Bangura. I have only seen him play about 15 mins coming on as a sub in a cup game. On that showing he looked half decent. I think we should maybe give him a little more time before kicking him in to touch.






    eltic have taken Fulham’s Algerian international Rafik Halliche on trial.



    The 25-year-old, who plays in central defence has fallen out of favour at Craven Cottage.



    If Celtic are impressed they could sign him in January with the player having played in a bounce game at Celtic’s training ground on Wednesday.



    Halliche has previously played for NA Hussein Dey, Benfica and Nacional and has been capped on 21 occasions for his country, scoring once.



    He came close to joining Swansea on the final day of the summer transfer window but the Welsh club did not receive international clearance to complete the switch.



    The bounce match also gave Celtic manager Neil Lennon an opportunity to see players who have recently come back from injury – including Kelvin Wilson, Thomas Rogne and James Keatings – while those lacking match practice such as Paddy McCourt and Charlie Mulgrew also played.



    “It was a really worthwhile exercise with Kelvin, Scott, Thomas, Paddy and Mo all getting a good run-out,” said Lennon on the official Celtic website.



    “I was pleased with the performance and the attitude of the players was great.



    “Bangura was excellent and scored two great goals. I was delighted with his performance, and it will have done him the world of good.



    “He has looked good in training recently, so he really needed that game time because it will now stand him in good stead for the games coming up.”



    Follow Jane Lewis on Twitter.

  24. Taken from BBC. Seems like Bangura does better in training than game time. Best still to come ?



    Also Halliche never kicked a ball for Benfica, was loaned out to Nacional then sold to fulham for £2.5 mill after WC performances including England draw. Another 2nd rate player ahead of youth ?

  25. I’m sure games at Celtic Park are vastly over-policed . Whats with the helicopter buzzing around at the cost of £1000’S ?


    The mounted polis . I mean …..are they needed ? I havnt seen any great crowd disorder inside or outside of the stadium for many many years.


    Ok they need an extra bit of traffic control and a couple of dozen scattered around the stadium .


    The only time they need to be there in full-force is when the huns come to visit.


    How much do they charge Celtic these days ?


    At the moment they to be creating all the trouble by harrassing the peacful GB.