Police decision, Arsenal and U2, they’re all linked


The decision to play both League Cup semi-finals on the same day lies with Police Scotland.  The SPFL’s contract to use Hampden stipulates these games must take place there, unless the police object.  The broadcasting contract with BT Sport also stipulates the games must be scheduled to take place that specific weekend, so delaying one game is not an option, as it would clash with other fixtures.

The police initially declined to authorise to Celtic’s Champions League qualification game with Arsenal, as U2 were at Hampden on the same evening.  The “What kind of outfit cannot police two events in the same city on the same day” line won the day on that occasion, as pressure was brought to bear.  I suspect the police anticipated the same reaction if they objected to the semi-final times.

No one really wants this, but it was always on the cards.

Aberdeen were pretty shocking against Hibs on Tuesday night, not that this is any consolation.  They withheld 120 minutes of pressure without conceding – perfect practice for tomorrow’s visit to Celtic Park.  If we are off our game, we will struggle.

I wish I knew what took place in the dressing room at halftime on Wednesday.  From second half kick-off Celtic were a transformed team, chances flowed and the goal eventually came.  If it was a tactical change I didn’t detect it.  Was it really as simple as a change of attitude?

Whatever it was, it needs to be replicated, not just when the tea cups are flying.  Ahead of Newco’s visit to Celtic Park we were in considerable trauma on and off the field, but there was a correct belief that this game was ideal, as it would focus minds on what they were best at.

It has been left to Aberdeen to deliver a title challenge for the last four years.  They are our most accomplished opponent, so we can hope for a performance matching the one against Newco.

At the Great Scottish Run on Sunday one group of us will do the 10k and another the Half Marathon.  We will on the streets of Glasgow with the Celtic FC Foundation logo on our chest, to support the work of the Foundation as it prepares for the winter.  It is a great thing to be a part of, but the hard work of the Foundation starts when the fundraising ends on Sunday.

If you can offer support, please do so here.

Thank you.

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  1. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Who exactly is the “contractual agreement” with? The Strong Rangers Association? The TV companies?


    I don’t get it. It’s your competition. You decide how it is run and anyone else has to fit in with what you want, no?


    These clowns couldn’t negotiate their way out of a paper bag.


    Of the four semi finalists this arrangement suits one. Well done!

  2. glendalystonsils on

    As far as I can see , all 4 semi finalists are slating Doncaster’s arrangements. The question must be , does the SPFL exist for the benefit of the clubs , or do the clubs exist for the benefit of the SPFL?



    Does the whole setup exist for the fans or for the administrators.



    I don’t recall Jock saying ‘football without Doncaster is nothing’.

  3. If the rain has been falling like it normally does then what are the chances of the pitch being like a ploughed field? 90-120 mins of agricultural football earlier in the day is not likely to leave a silky smooth surface for us.

  4. patmcgrathtakesapenalty on

    A beautiful, fresh, sunny day and I’m on the front page. Life doesn’t get bett.. Well now maybe I should qualify that statement because in summing it all up, there’s relationships to consider and work satisfaction and… and… It feels good anyway.

  5. Yesterday the whale watching was cancelled – today we start tour of New England – wait a minute – bus has broken down – holiday turning into trains planes and automobiles.



    Not a happy Boston Bhoy

  6. WHITEDOGHUNCH @ 12 17



    Sorry — I don’t know !



    67 UK 47 came from a 1966 LP. Rhodes is played by Joe Zawinul .Produced by David Axelrod . Issued in a kitsch black and red tartan picture sleeve with the image of a half empty bottle of whisky on the front .

  7. It’s been reported that the Police insisted that the Rangers game be held first. What reason was given? Celtic Hearts were drawn first and in the past then that was the first semi played.



    There is a clear advantage in playing first given the time of year and the pitch cutting up.



    Is because the Ibrox team are more likely to cause trouble? well after 3hrs in the Pubs then Hearts and Celtic fans are on the street heading for the 7.45 kick off. The trouble could be anywhere in the City



    Maybe its because the Police wanted to see their teams game themselves in daylight

  8. Paul67



    Celtic face McKinnes the high priest of Cattenacio :-) our fifth game in a row against a parked bus.



    Boycott of Hampden ( except for more historic trebles) should be ramped up increasingly unfit for purpose


    in stadia, and continuing mal administration of the Scottish game.



    CeltsForChange CSC

  9. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Ach, seeing that you asked nicely, I’ll repost from the last page of the last thread.






    For all that this is an SPFL tournament, the games are at Hampden.







    What an opportunity it is for the supporters of four of the biggest clubs, well, three anyway, to eventually make a meaningful protest against the two governing bodies.







    Every ticket sold and every click of the turnstile is an endorsement of the SFA/SPFL.







    All the sheep are not in Aberdeen.







    Come all you young rebels, eh?

  10. Gotta laugh at people expecting a statement from Celtic.



    Surely you get it by now.



    They have no respect for the support and hold us in contempt.

  11. Looking at the comings and goings in the transfer front over the past 12/15 months.


    I started looking to try and understand the financials shown in the recent accounts.



    That was bad enough but another troubling issue jumped out — just how bad are we at developing youth team players? You get the impression that something has gone badly wrong over the past 2 or 4 years.



    Youth team players leaving the club at the age of 21 plus — and all they can seem to get is a game in the Scottish championship?



    Some might have have been involved in the St Ninian’s pathway some might not — but they all should have had 4 / 5 years training with the youth team through the age groups with good coaching, proper facilities and a growing desire to make something of themselves.



    However after all hat investment and engagement by the club the best they can achieve at the age of 21 or 22 is a place in the matchday squad of a SPFL Championship team. At least it would seem to be full time football but the standard would seem to be shocking.



    Just what is the issue?



    We cannot identify talent?


    We pick based on surnames and background?


    We bring in talent but we cannot develop it?


    We bring in talent but allow it to get spoiled by off field influences?


    We pick supporters who want to wear the jersey but think they have made it at 18 / 19?


    Our youth team coaching set up is poor?



    There is something badly wrong with our youth team set up.


    We don’t seem to have a structure or desire to work consistently through the age groups.


    Surely this huge outflow of youth team players to nowhere in particular must be a worry?



    Specifically when we are constantly reminded of those that we let go early and made a career at the highest level which is beyond the vast majority of those who make it through the full youth pathway.



    To me things are bad at the moment.


    On top of that things seem to be getting worse.




    Is he Henrik’s illegitimate son? Movement, running off the ball, gambling where the ball is going to end up, all round finishing reminds me of the king. That boy will go far.

  13. Paul67,



    Good Luck to you and all the Foundation runners on Sunday.


    In fact good Luck to all runners regardless of who or why they are running.









    “Galton’s quincunx ”



    A working me once visited some Fund Advisors in a really creepy planned town in California . They had a full scale working model in their foyer.



    Regressing to Mediocrity CSC -way down south.



    Hope you are well !!!

  15. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    CG back in goal. Defence will depend on injuries.


    I’d bring in Morgan for Forrest and probably Rogic for Edouard.

  16. Paul67 et al



    As glasstwothirdsfull has already point out the SPFL not only run the competition but they run the League too, and could postpone the semi-finals, until the New Year if necessary. BT will not have a contract for two games on the same night and certainly not for a Sunday night match. As for PoliceScotland, is this the same organisation which, just over three weeks ago, closed public highways to Celtic supporters, a decision which led directly to thousands of our fans being put at risk of crushing or worse. Just over three weeks ago. PoliceScotland cannot be trusted. And as for Celtic, well we get a handsome cheque from BT, the fans can find their own way home.

  17. The Hibs v Aberdeen game showed us what we are to expect on Saturday. McKenna and Considine were both booked and continued to foul for the rest of the game. Shinnie was booked and also continued to kick everything above ground or pulled players back constantly. Appears Mc Lean never saw any of that. So I expect the same will happen at Celtic Park. Surely the ref will continue along the same lines as Beaton on Wednesday. Who is the ref any way? Ach, why am I bothering to enquire about the ref? He will be behaving like his brothers for sure.

  18. G2/3



    If I were coach (I can hear the screams already… and, yes, I guess I would have to give up my boycott!… probably not allowed to coach from the parking lot)



    right now, Mulumbu would be the first name on my teamsheet every week … I am not saying he is our best player, but he is the type of player that we are missing and need at the moment … someone who can sit in the middle of the park, and link front and back ..



    I think ON is great, but of late he seems to be drifting out wide more and more, and SB is sitting so deep, he is more like a CB… so we are missing a presence in the middle of the park …we also miss an Armstrong type of players .. .someone who makes late runs through the middle… but, one thing at a time…



    alternatively, move CmcG back to a more central role … but we need someone in the middle of the park.



    at his age, Mulumbu is not a long-term solution, but I think he is exactly what we are missing at the moment.. he would give the team a better shape and a bit more balance.

  19. GENE on 28TH SEPTEMBER 2018 12:41 PM


    Yesterday the whale watching was cancelled – today we start tour of New England – wait a minute – bus has broken down – holiday turning into trains planes and automobiles.







    Not a happy Boston Bhoy



    Hope it wisnae one of Wee Fergus’ buses…

  20. SOT


    We should be scouting players like Piatek when they are playing at clubs like Cracovia.


    Do we even scout in Polska anymore?



  21. Resolution 13 for the next Board meeting …. we appoint DD as our Polish scout, and Hrvatski Jim as our Croatian scout.



    any seconders?





    Mulumbu has surprisingly little mileage on the clock,mainly due to a couple of bad injuries. But he plays in a position which veteran players have made their own over the last couple of decades.



    He is not a long-term solution,I agree with you there,but at 31 he has a chance to be a medium-term solution. And certainly not a stop-gap.



    More to the point,Ollie needs to realise his best chance of career advancement is by performing to his best,and Broonie needs to be rotated. I suspect Mulumbu might still be wearing The Hoooops when those two have departed.