Police first creditor to react


Strathclyde Police were Rangers first creditor to ask for a payment guarantee from Rangers’ newly appointed administrator, saying, “Strathclyde Police is a public body and has a duty to make sure public resources are used appropriately. We are seeking an urgent meeting with the administrators to ensure that any payment for policing costs at future Rangers games is guaranteed.

“Until we have such a guarantee we would not be in a position to commit public resources to policing an event unless we had a reassurance that our costs would be met.”

Before the administrator is able to allow the scheduled game against Kilmarnock on Saturday to proceed he would need to guarantee payments for all services employed and goods used, casting considerable doubt on the game proceeding.  The administrator is liable for any expenses he incurs from now which cannot be paid by the club.

Funds will need to be found for turnstile and security staff, while footballers may be asked to play for free.

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  1. bournesouprecipe on

    Rangers fans crying outside the stadium, the last time that happened was when they signed Maurice Johnston.

  2. Since this has been a day of good news all round, here’s another wee tit-bit for you all.



    Have just been speaking to a very dear friend who happens to be a Deloitte employee.



    He’s informed me that his employers were close to being appointed Administrator of the Orcs and that the figure that the MBB has held back from HMRC since he took over is closer to £10.5 million rather than the £9 million figure that’s been reported.



    Not entirely sure how much this matters in the grand scheme of things but thought it was worth sharing anyhow……




  3. row z \o/ (O) Truth 2012 (Truth? - You Can't Handle The Truth!) on




    I understand there’s plenty of briefs for the home ends/sides/layers etc.




  4. \o/ Coming at you!! on

    bournesouprecipe says:


    14 February, 2012 at 19:38



    Tuesday keeps on giving! Thanks for that.

  5. DK ‘…remember 30 years ago when crowds were at 20 000…’ Did the parisians not inhabit the league?



    ‘…SKY contract stipulates four ranjurz v celtic games per year…’ pish!!!!



    Delahunt now doubting the Killie game will go ahead, if there’s no pies Ally’s outa there!!!!



    Why is it the largest number of callers to TALKSPORT and SNYDE, on the day that the currant buns buy the farm, are CELTIC fans???


    Is it because they don’t really care? there was 20 people outside the fanny mill last night, there’s not exactly a crowd there tonight, they don’t care, we don’t care GIRFUY!!!!!!!

  6. Jeg er Neil Lennon-Greeninbingley on

    The honest mistake



    “Trading while insolvent” is what is going to blow them out of the water.



    That’s the bullet to the head – all directors are personally liable for the company’s debt.

  7. fortunes favour



    what about all the champions league teams that have been cheated by the huns because of the EBT scheme, can they all sue




  8. Cheese and pineapple cubes on cocktail sticks stuck in half an upturned grapefruit covered in tin foil when Rangers die.

  9. Charles Patrick Tully on

    I have not purchased a newspaper since the thugs and thieves and seldom read others even if pushed in my face however I stumbled on The greenock telegraph page 9 competition win Tickets for rangers v kilmarnock. no headlines of admiration. anyway it does say there will be fantastic entertainment. usual rules apply so must be a common competition glad I don’t support this newspaper

  10. i am 66 and this multitasking has got me knackered.


    these last few days i have been listening to 3 radio stations


    watching sky/bbc on cqn all at the same time


    ma heid is spinning.


    just cant get enough




  11. Rangers are troubled


    United with grief


    To win trophy’s aplenty


    And now marked as a thief.



    When the shit happened 


    They were not fore warned


    As the Laptop Loyal


    Stayed riven and shorn



    But what of the future


    Of the loyal true blues


    It’s goodnight Vienna 


    From the national news…….



    Copyright Vmhan Fae Blackpool 


    Vinny HH

  12. Awe_Naw


    Just like P67, Phil and RTC in forward formation hunskelping you are exemplar in defence any


    notion of sneak away hiding the whole wild world of hun criminality.


    Every hour of every Day needs savoured these sloped down Sally avenues of dead end lies.


    A bonfire of history..the hun shop of shoddy 54 to zero merchandise.


    God luvs a dodgy Hun.



  13. bigngreen.....I am Neil Lennon on

    ahhh sweet my wife actually believes I opened the Champagne because it’s Valentines Night……….bless her

  14. ‘I totally agree where you’re coming from…it wouldn’t feel the same I totally agree…for 140 years to go down the swannee is a sad, sad day…’ Comedy Gold on SNYDE, ‘I’ve got no money by any stretch of the imagination..’ Is English your first language????


    GD is like someone out of ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s nest’ words that are unrelated strung together because he hates the silence!!!!

  15. Marvellous.



    Award for Post Of The Day from our pals at Follow Follow goes to this guy:




    “this jelly and Ice Cream crap, could this be true


    filth in ma work saying this was the code words the IRA used to give bomb warnings?”






    Going to go and get a bin bag to sit on – keep letting a wee bit of wee out reading this stuff.







  16. Why does Craig Whyte remind me of Toad of Toad Hall from Wind in the Willows with his bulging eyes and laissez faire attitude to everything.

  17. lubos leather jacket on

    Ive always said never trust a man who looks like a shark! Eyes where his ears should be!



    Step up Whitey, a true self styled loan shark, lend £1 receive £18 million



    Anyone know the APR on that return!