Police first creditor to react


Strathclyde Police were Rangers first creditor to ask for a payment guarantee from Rangers’ newly appointed administrator, saying, “Strathclyde Police is a public body and has a duty to make sure public resources are used appropriately. We are seeking an urgent meeting with the administrators to ensure that any payment for policing costs at future Rangers games is guaranteed.

“Until we have such a guarantee we would not be in a position to commit public resources to policing an event unless we had a reassurance that our costs would be met.”

Before the administrator is able to allow the scheduled game against Kilmarnock on Saturday to proceed he would need to guarantee payments for all services employed and goods used, casting considerable doubt on the game proceeding.  The administrator is liable for any expenses he incurs from now which cannot be paid by the club.

Funds will need to be found for turnstile and security staff, while footballers may be asked to play for free.

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  1. Money……….ching…………I can’t get enough………..



    Shirley the Polis can jist arrest any money before / during / efter the honey game on Saturday………..



    Macarroons & spearmint chewing gum ( can mind when it was spam sannies)



    Paddy T

  2. RalphWaldoEllison-is Neil Lennon Season 2011-12 on

    HMRC does not trust RFC and with good reason.



    They do not trust RFC’s appointed administrator, with good reason.



    The polis don’t trust RFC, with good reason.



    HMFC don’t trust RFC, with good reason.



    Dunfermline FC don’t trust RFC, with good reason.



    Dundee Utd FC don’t trust RFC, with good reason.



    SPL don’t trust RFC.



    SFA don’t trust RFC.



    Alistair Johnston doesn’t trust Craig Whyte.



    Craig Whyte doesn’t trust Johnston, Murray, McLelland et al.,



    Actually, Craig Whyte doesn’t trust anyone.



    Oh joyful day.

  3. Awe






    try A then Amaj7 with your pinky 6



    then Bm Bm 7 – then E major (add that pinky to the high e on 2nd fret) then E7



    then A with a drop to A7



    Into F#m then a 243222 barre then Bm7 then that E thang again then to A



    Try that




  4. BlantyreKev - Parcel=> on

    Independence of the Administrator must be in question. HMRC backed off today, but for how long?



    I reckon Whyte’s days in Scotland are numbered. Any utterance whatsoever from him from now on and there will be cries of de facto adminstrator from HMRC, possibly among others, civil law cases will soon be criminal. He will not be able to help himself as Murray and others line up to lay the blame at him. How could have have said yesterday that season tickets this year and next would be honoured? He is way too close to the administrator. Somebody posted earlier and outstanding comment – HMRC will be watching like two hawks on speed.



    Hearts next installment for Wallace (300k) is due next month. This kills their cahsflow too. Contagion. First victims: The wee huns.



    Dunfermline owed £90,000 from the weekend. Yorkston, GIRUY.



    DUFC owed similar sum from cup tie last week. They are absolutely raging.



    And there’s a myriad of Celtic fans ready to analyse, scrutinise and investigate every single move.



    To quote Neil Lennon, “This is just the beginning!”





  5. I never thought an asterisk could look so good, yah sexy wee thing you,standing there all happy with yourself . How welcome you are, you’ve found your true home.


    IbleaBhoy says:


    14 February, 2012 at 16:51


    RogueLeader says:



    from rangers media



    “now we know what RC in HMRC stands for”







    And by the same token, “Duff and Phelps” is made up of the following:



    SPL, Hun, FF.





  7. The Narrowbhoat Tim on

    Another £9 million tax bill Craig Whyte gets my vote for Executive of the year. What a memorable Valentines Day it has been and to top it off I got 16 Valentines Day cards today, I was left breathless! That Clinton Card’s Security Guard gave me a hell of a chase.

  8. midfield maestro on

    Rankers make their 1st new signing, player of the tournament at Africa Cup of Nations…Amin Admin.

  9. A warning for all fans at Easter Road on Saturday. The following words: administration, liquidation and bust are now deemed to be sectarian.

  10. pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON on

    I was confident of the league b4 another ‘penalty’ for them. But now I know for sure…



    Glasgow Celtic champions!!



    Win it at ibrox!



    Then bring home the treble!!

  11. Evening bhoys



    Can someone get on talksport and sort the 2 no marks out. Giving it big licks that some one in Scotland be it the SFA or SPL save R*ngers



    Nearly crashed on the way home



    Hail hail

  12. This is dream come true; financial ruin & humiliation,criminal proceedings in the wind,demise of despised opponents,pundits & commentators eating their words with humble pie as extra,totally confused manager,ex ‘players’ reduced to incoherency,’fans’ incandescent with rage.



    All this & still the diseased bigots take time to make violent sectarian comments on their websites,blogs,fakebook & twatter. Pathetic scum,rising to the surface…as usual.

  13. RalphWaldoEllison-is Neil Lennon Season 2011-12 on

    Coneybhoy says:



    14 February, 2012 at 17:21




    Nice one…

  14. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    pabloch If we can win the league on our next visit to Ibrokes assuming the poundland mob are still in business we will have the place to ourselves and not an orc to be seen.H.H.

  15. brnobhoy says:


    14 February, 2012 at 17:08



    Take a tube to Mornington Crescent (5 mins from West End) and head for the Sheephaven Bay, it’s a crackin’ sports/Irish/Celtic bar.



    Bound to be a few tims in…



    Hail, hail

  16. Rangers’ ‘Insolvenz’ has made the German TV news. They described the club as ‘Traditionsreich’ (rich in tradition) which is something of a euphemism.

  17. A historic day indeed CQNers. Neil must stay focused, eyes on the prize. Win the league but win it well. He has achieved great things this season and turned around a huge points deficit. We do not want his successes soured by finishing less than the existing gap ahead of the second placed team, whoever that may be!

  18. I hate to throw a spanner in the works re: winning the league at Ibrokes, but if we do there’s a chance we might have to do so behind closed doors.



    The cost of policing yer average Killie game at Ibrokes is around £25k to the Foe Malign.



    I’m told that for Celtic games the cost rises to around £250,000.



    Just sayin’ …

  19. From Tom English interview with Craig Whyte:



    Q: There is also talk, on top of everything else, of £5m owed in VAT. Are you sitting on a Mount Everest of debt?



    A: There’s a lot of media hostility towards myself and Rangers. It irks me sometimes. The VAT thing is rubbish.



    From today’s Duff and Phelps statement: £9m was unpaid in tax since last May.



    You see? £4m out? You guys have no idea!



    100% behind Craig Whyte.

  20. seventyxSion Appeals on




    This is incredible. Watching SSN. Scotland looks ridiculous to the rest of the world. Why didnt the SFA or SPL do something? Why didnt the Press report the truth? Etc… etc.. Rangers are finished. The Establishment will dump them. They are all running for cover.

  21. Im on ipad but pretty sure i heard financial guy on sky there saying he has word from up here and the city that there is serious parties interested now that they are in administration? Surely not with a huge potential tax bill about to be delivered?

  22. celtic40me says:


    14 February, 2012 at 17:09


    brnobhoy says:


    14 February, 2012 at 17:08






    i am staying near Covent Garden so anywhere around that area