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Police Scotland officers visited Sports Direct’s Derbyshire offices “investigating takeovers at Rangers”.  The pluralisation is quite important.

Last year Police Scotland opened an investigation into Craig Whyte’s purchase of Rangers from the Duped One, fair enough.  No one previously reported that more than one ‘takeover’ was being investigated.

Sports Direct had no involvement with oldco Rangers, whose merchandising relationship was with JJB, so clearly this police action is not connected to Mr Whyte.  Sports Direct’s only relationship at Ibrox has been newco Rangers.  If newco, who were formed when the assets of oldco were bought in liquidation, is subject to police investigation the potential consequences are far reaching.

Sports Direct were not involved with the asset purchase and were only introduced when the club sought investment and commercial partners, so they played no part in the second takeover (of assets).  Their likely interest to police will be limited to being recipients of correspondence.

An asset purchase which was secured by criminal activity, if discovered, is legally invalid.  This is different from a purchase which breaks civil law.  A civil offence leaves the guilty party open to financial claim.  An asset disposal subject to a criminal offence would see the liquidator seize assets on behalf of the creditors.  Padlocks would be involved, so would lengthy legal processes.

The bar to securing a criminal conviction for such a matter is high and no evidence of such wrongdoing regarding the disposal of Rangers assets has been verified in three years, so don’t expect Padlock Day anytime soon.

I wouldn’t like to be trying to raise money in this climate, though.  Good job the SFA are so thoroughly opposed to letting those with a track record of criminal inclinations controlling football clubs.

Yesterday, Fans Against Criminalisation (FAC) continued their campaign against the truly dreadful law instigated by former First Minister Alex Salmond.  Despite a litany of failed convictions and representation from within football and the wider community, the Scottish Government have refused all requests to repeal the three-year-old law.

You can register your voice against this law by petitioning the Scottish Government to Repeal the Offensive Behaviour’ Act by signing this online petition.  It is a outrageous, politically motivated, law, designed to “equalise” the law-abiding (that’s you) with actual criminals.

Don’t get me started!

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  1. auldheid



    12:05 on 6 May, 2015






    Feliz cumpleanos from sunny pairts.



    We live the most interesting of times.



    Did I ever mention I saw Puskas heid in the same kind of chance at Hampden in 1960 that his successor hit the bar with v Juve last night?






    12:06 on 6 May, 2015



    new article posted.






    12:07 on 6 May, 2015






    On your very valid point of no arrests, it’s the amount of lies that need to even be recognised as such in the first place that slows down the wheels of justice.

  2. FourGreenFields on

    Seen a few posts last night regarding the query Celtic sent to the SFA regarding the officials decision at the semi final not to award Celtic a penalty and send off the ICT player , I received this as part of a response to an email I sent asking if the club has received a response yet .



    “In terms of the referee decision the response was basically that the officials didn’t see the handball and therefore couldn’t give a penalty or red card. Ultimately it gets to a point where you can’t prove otherwise so it becomes a moot point to continue with it, the fact remains that we were right to ask. ”



    Looks like the club will not be taking it further , really disappointed in this decision by the club . If as they claim none of the officials seen the incident then why was the case dropped after the ICT players lawyer claimed some of the officials had indeed seen the incident meaning no case should have been raised in the first place .


    Something stinks .





    Uttering,is it?



    I uttered a few oaths a coupla minutes ago when I got served a pinta Guinness wi a heid like heavy.



    Bliddy manageress,too. Too thick,lazy or twisted to tilt the glass first.



    Not the first time she’s done it,nor the first time I’ve told her to try again.



    Point being,I get more results from uttering than you are likely to see about the huns.




  4. embramike says "the Huns are Deid" on

    Shameless repost …



    Have a good one Paul !!



    Does this mean you are now Paul68 ???




  5. Greetings from Teesside….(it’s a work thing…not a residence)



    1 # Happy Birthday Dear Paul



    2 # Petition signed (ages ago)



    3 # ST’s bought (Ryan now in the 13 Age Group £105)



    Laters…..work calling



    Paddy T

  6. Delaneys Dunky on




    She was giving you a wee reminder of home……..Whiteinch! :)

  7. embramike says "the Huns are Deid" on

    Sports Direct statement …



    “The premises of Sports Direct at Shirebrook were visited by Police Scotland conducting an investigation relating to Glasgow Rangers FC and various persons previously employed by and or associated with Rangers.



    “The police investigation is not directed at Sports Direct or at any of its directors or employees. The police were seeking documentation which might assist the investigation.



    “Sports Direct has co-operated fully and will continue to co-operate in the provision of information that the police request.”



    Jingle had it “raided off the Radar” …..





    I was dubious at the time about the club’s resolve to push this. I hope to be proved wrong again.



    (At least,I think I was proved wrong once before. Could be wrong,though. In which case,I’m wrong again. Or right. Wow,minefield!)





    I was pleasant enough about it. I suggested she serve it to someone less discerning and take the whole five seconds required at the start in future.



    In Whiteinch,that’s foreplay…

  10. Hi Paul67,



    Happy Birthday to you… Hope you have a Champion Day.



    Thanks for the insight into the SD shakedown. Seems like a bit of a tangled web to me.



    Hail Hail

  11. Delaneys Dunky on




    Also where I was conceived. No idea about the foreplay involved?? ;)

  12. Doors of hinges,wealth of the radar



    keith Jackson alleged reporter awaiting his latest instructions level 5(4)



    These cheats phasers are on full malky,the squinted dial is at 33 degrees!!



    Protect the original cheat Murray at all cost.




  13. Four green fields


    Whilst it’s good that you got a response I am left wondering why Celtic have not issued a statement informing the supporters of the reply. After all, they did say they felt it necessary to send the letter given the number of supporters who had contacted Celtic concerned at the decisions. Or have they issued a response which I’ve missed?

  14. angelgabriel on

    Paul 67.


    Many happy returns.


    This place is an education.


    On many levels.


    Thanks and enjoy your day.HH

  15. FGF



    So that’s a naw then?!






    Well done highlighting the FAC petition.





    Not to mention a darn good drinking club in darn fine company!

  17. FourGreenFields on

    twists n turns



    Agree 100% , I think I pestered them so much I got a response .There should have been some sort of statement to the support.


    HT , bottled it again :-((

  18. Mountblow tim on

    Happy birthday Paul have a great day



    How’s my friend from down the hill DD



    Hail Hail




  19. Agreed a statement is needed, beyond that I don’t see what else they can do against the closed ranks

  20. An Tearmann


    the clumpany 12.20



    The ad at the bottom of the article was for vanish – if only they would

  21. ST renewed


    Sons ST renewed


    Petition signed


    Labour Party joined



    Hoopy Birthday Paul and many happy returns!




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