Police redacts to protect Scot Gov on Newco. Motherwell gesture


The Scotsman today report Police Scotland “released 17 pages of almost entirely redacted correspondence between it, the SPFL and the Scottish Government” around Newco’s planned league win celebrations.

The police initially decided not to release any related documents but was forced to comply after a review.  What looked like a complete cover-up, not just looks like a sloppy cover-up, but for who’s benefit?

ITV’s Peter Smith reports that after an earlier Freedom of Information request, the Scottish Government said it “has zero record of communication …. via meetings, email, text, messenger or minuted calls” regarding these plans.  Police Scotland redacted the name of the Scottish Government official(s) involved in these discussions.

Why are 17 pages “almost entirely redacted” if not to provide cover to the Scottish Government’s incredible version of events?  They tried to stop you seeing anything, then the redacted as much as possible to hide her fingerprints.  But still, flags and all that.  You are being taken for granted.  Hell will freeze over before Nicola Sturgeon turns on Newco the way she has grandstanded on Celtic.

Motherwell made an incredible gesture yesterday – a free season ticket next season for everyone who bought one this season.  Amid all the plaudits they have rightfully received, some context is useful.

During the current financial year, Motherwell received a single transaction amounting to 75% of their normal annual income.  In Celtic terms, that would amount to £55m.  Right now, the Lanarkshire club have more money in the bank than at any time in their chequered financial history.  In that respect, they are alone in Scotland; few across Europe will be in such rude health.  Indeed, that extraordinary transaction would almost cover the next two season’s ticket money.

Celtic paid for it, of course, with the purchase of David Turnbull, good business for both clubs.  Good for Motherwell, but you know we can’t do anything like this, right?  There’s a league title to be won, the sole focus.


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  1. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Mail Online



    Eddie Howe ‘has agreed a deal to become the new Celtic manager’ and will take over in the summer.



    The 43-year-old, who left Bournemouth after eight years in charge last August, is reportedly finalising his backroom staff for the Parkhead job.



    TalkSPORT say Howe has agreed to take on the challenge of wrestling the Scottish Premiership title back from Old Firm rivals Rangers.

  2. glendalystonsils on

    GREENSIDEUP on 12TH MAY 2021 3:27 PM



    I don’t think for a minute that there was any kind of compromise between the GB and the club in setting up a temporary photo opportunity given the historical relationship between the two .



    I do think the GB will be quite happy though , that the pictures our out there online . Job done .

  3. All the main media are now saying that Eddie Howe is the next manager, por cierto

  4. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Talksport Online




    Eddie Howe is to be the new Celtic manager, talkSPORT understands.



    The 43-year-old has agreed a deal to succeed Neil Lennon, who left the club in February, and will take charge of the Scottish giants ahead of the 2021/22 season.

  5. Timbhoy 2



    It’s fair to point out and have sympathy for the fact that the Jewish population of Europe had their hands forced by centuries of intermittent pogroms and the Final Solution Holocaust.



    But that does not excuse their conduct in regard to Palestinians who did not consent to having their lands invaded. This issue stated long before Arafat, and however objectionable you find Hamas and Hezbollah and, certainly, Daesh, teh right wing cmajority in the Israeli state is happy to see them driven into those arms in fighting an unequal war.



    Yes, there are cruelties on both sides but the casualty list is hugely disproportionate towards Palestinians, even using figures from Jewish organisations.



    Wikipedia shows the total betwen 1987 and 2010 as 7,978 Palestinians, 1, 620 under the age of 18 whilst Israelis suffered 1503 deaths with 142 being under 18. These proprtions have only widened as Israel has become emboldened to leverage its retaliations. Every set of rocket attacks results in an immediate retaliation with homes destroyed and businesses wrecked so that the cycle is more ikely to repeat. Impoverished lives, ruled by arbitrary and disproportionate terror is a policy designed to defeat you not to drive you to any form of equality in negotiations.



    Our supported policies have helped to increase the popularity of Hamas and Hizbollah and others, just as the terrors inflicted on the minority poulation in the Occupied 6 Counties led them to need the protection of the Provisional IRA.



    It’s easy in peaceful Glasgow, with our civic politics, to look down on those using violence to resist oppression but what wou;ld each of us do if we were subject to this treatment from a force that invads your land to enforce its law.



    George Washington and Harold Godwinson were as much a terrorist as Yasser Arafat was

  6. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Vital Celtic



    Today on Talksport, reporter Alex Crooke, revealed that his ‘reliable sources’ have told him that Eddie Howe is on his way to Celtic Park for the start of the new season, “I’ve been told from very reliable sources that Eddie Howe is now heading to Celtic for the start of next season. He’s even starting to assemble a backroom team, some of that backroom team will come from his old club Bournemouth.



    “And actually one of the reasons for the delay is of course Bournemouth apart the Championship playoffs looking to get back in the Premier League, and that could hamper Eddie house chance of taking one or two of his former coaches with him to Glasgow but anyhow, as far as I’m being told will be the new Celtic manager in time for the start of next season.”



    Crooke was confident and assured and this will no doubt be another breakthrough the Celtic fans will have been looking for as they have been in a state of suspended animation since Neil Lennon left the club almost eleven weeks ago.



    The challenge for the new manager is massive and hopefully with Howe now seemingly done and dusted, the club can start to attract quality players in time for not only the new season, but for the Champions League play offs starting in around six weeks time.

  7. glendalystonsils on

    SCOTSMAN on 12TH MAY 2021 3:29 PM


    Of course we should be prioritising on getting our house in order, but I think you will find yourself in a very small minority if you don’t think we should be reacting to the unequal application of the rules as well .



    In fact , removing ourselves from the back of the bus is very much part of getting our house in order .

  8. GLENDALYSTONSILS on 12TH MAY 2021 3:44 PM,



    You are right to point out the GB’s past relationship with the club, however, I find it hard to believe that Celtic F.C. did not know what they were doing.



    You are forgiven you predictive text mistake :)






  9. I don’t know if this post is appropriate.



    I’d heard of the “Iron Dome” before but the videos posted yesterday was the first time I’d seen it in action. Was pretty impressive, if that’s the right word.




    Very well said. I hope people will check before making comments.




  11. Go tell the Spartim on

    At the start of the season they had a fair chunk of change sitting in the bank, what happened next…… they put the price of season books up, as said previously if we received £55m for a player it’d go straight in the bank and we’d get fleeced again, so basically, shut up supporters and give us your money.



    They’re so far removed from a connection with the support, we’re more likely to life on another planet than being appreciated by the custodians.



    Check what Ajax are doing this year.

  12. Why does Howe need to wait on securing his additional coaches?



    Is his joining Celtic dependent on these other guys coming?



    Get up here mate and get started now.



    The start of the season may be too late



    Makes sense tae me!

  13. If Eddie is coming I’m sure he’ll already be working on plans for the new season. 🤞

  14. As things stand the Palestinian situation is impossible. The Israeli religious right have what amounts to a veto on any concession to the Palestinians. Netanyahu is the chief beneficiary of this impasse. He will not concede one inch – quite the reverse. Israeli intransigence has fomented Palestinian extremism. Again, the gangster, Netanyahu, is chief beneficiary. Death is his stock in trade.



    As for the GB, I have no idea what motivates them but it looks remarkably like opportunism dressed up as integrity. I hope I’m wrong.

  15. Team for tonight




















    Griff or Jamsie





    No loanees

  16. What Paul and a good number of posters have said about the SNPcult’s attitude towards us is correct – but it will never change whilst 60% of our folk vote for them and ignore their behaviour, and of course their tripe of a separate and de-facto bankrupt Scotland.



    Around 350k do all this because they have been ‘sold’ the Ulster version of the terms Nationalist & Unionist by the cult and believe they are “sticking to the huns” by voting SNP.



    A mixture of turkeys & ostriches, voting for Christmas.

  17. My team for next season –



    New player



    New player New player New player New player



    New player New player New player New player



    New player New player



    Bench: New player, New player, New player, New player, New player, New player, New player, yawn…………

  18. Rock Tree Bhoy on




    Concern is growing about a rising number of Covid cases in Glasgow as the area prepares to move down to level two.



    The latest published case rate is 58.3 per 100,000 population – well above a key threshold for easing restrictions.



    A senior health official said there were clusters of high infection rates in parts of the city.



    The so-called India variant is suspected to be involved, although this has yet to be confirmed.



    All mainland council areas with the likely exception of Moray are due to move to level two on Monday.

  19. RTB


    The delay in putting India on the red list is the reason for a rise in rates in areas such as Bolton.

  20. PeterLatchfordsBelly on




    With you 100% on Liverpool. After all we did for that club. Short memories. Been great to see their demise this season.

  21. JHB



    Who are these ‘our folk’ you talk of?


    Am I one?


    Do those who aren’t ‘your folk’ get to support a club open to all?


    And are your real initials JRM and do you look uncannily like Walter from the Beano?

  22. GENE



    I watched the India v England Tests and ODI cricket in various Indian venues, March this year I think.



    Pretty sure there was full grandstands at all of them.

  23. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    E TIMS



    So here we are………the culmination of years of appeasement to this Celtic PLC Board.



    A blind eye to the underhand tactics of those in charge was turned to keep the blue pound of Ibrox live…and look how that worked out.



    They still treat us with utter disdain.



    They claim to be Celtic supporters themselves






    Put yourself in their position at the start of this season, on the brink of a historic 10IAR.



    You’d have moved heaven and earth to put every resource towards achieving this. From the best manager, coaches, sports science, players.



    No expense spared



    What did they do?



    They sat on their hands with the usual arrogance and disdain of any criticism.



    That alone is unforgivable.



    How did we get here?



    This is where J’Accuse…



    We all sat back and allowed Peter Lawwell to act with maniacal, narcissistic, mendacious control freakery with his policy of the Lion and 2 men and 1 pair of trainers.



    Where 1 man puts on the trainers and the other man asks him



    “what god are they?”.



    He answered



    “All I need to do is just outrun you and no more”.



    Added to this is his love of the Old Firm brand, that which he sees as a saleable asset outside of Scotland, and a minor inconvenience inside.



    However more important is his complicity which resulted in us being compromised and unable to call out the cheating.



    He asked a number of influential fans to provide him the smoking gun in Res12.



    So we agreed to play their game.



    Not only did they do this, they provided the bullets, the fingerprints and the DNA.



    He then refused point blank to use it.



    At every AGM the Board kicked it into the long grass.



    They even lied to shareholders on the 5WA as well as leading shareholders away from the core issue surrounding the granting the licence which was an SFA responsibility not UEFA’s on which he had been well briefed by shareholders from May 2018.



    The bottom line is we play in a rigged game where they act with impunity because the cheats know their will be no repercussions because Celtic PLC are compromised.



    We lay down with the dogs, and woke up with fleas.



    As I have said we have played their corporate game, and still do.



    No matter how many shares we hold, they will always hold more and use them to defeat all our attempts.



    We have shown them up as charlatans and liars already, and will no doubt continue to do so.



    They simply don’t care. The only language they understand is CASH.



    Our cash.



    For as long as we willingly hand it over to them they will ignore us.



    They get away with this because of the emotional blackmail of “faithful through and through” where it will hurt the team.



    So what does it take for us to act?



    We did it before under the leadership of Fergus McCann.



    We can do a lot better than this PLC Board.



    They are too complacent and comfortable in their malaise.



    We could do a lot better commercially.



    We could have even more infrastructure investment.



    We wouldn’t bat an eyelid in handing over our cash for the right investment.



    If we don’t act now then we can all scream at the Board, however the inconvenient truth is that we have allowed them to act with impunity and disdain.



    So the next time we all look in the mirror…….J’Accuse…!

  24. I’d rather have Favre than howe



    Green brigade are good to honor the death of the Palestinian celtic fan – Not in the middle of a Scott Brown tribute!



    Celtic FC needs to seriously overhaul its media and communication management team



    Fans are fickle and entitled – Celtic has won everything in sight for the last 9 years. The did so with financial prudence unlike the tax dodgers. Be grateful!



    Celtic lost a league during a pandemic – a pandemic that affected team selection, new players settling and decision making within the club.



    Celtic lost the league due to awful recruitment and decision making on existing playing staff – Money was invested, efforts made to keep the key players together



    Celtic is weak with regards to SFA cheating. I use the word cheating wholeheartedly



    Celtic is in solid financial footing to win the league back and go on another run of dominance.



    Rangers have improved but at what cost?????



    Celtics new Era begins with a new structure , new manager and new challenge – faithful through and through!



    PS I’d rather Green brigade energy and creativity was in front of Hampden!

  25. Right bhoys as we turn our attention to the game.



    Hail Hail Scott Brown.



    Let’s get a win for Scott’s last home game.



    Thanks Scott for the service.



    D :)

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