Police Scotland’s minor incidents, Dave King, brilliant again


I know and respect Canon Tom White, who was attacked and spat upon after Mass as an Orange Walk passed St Alphonsus at the Barras.  Fr Tom is parish priest at St Marys’s, Calton, the church were Br Walfrid decided to form a football club in 1887.  He minsters to an overwhelmingly underprivileged part of the city, just as it was when Celtic were formed.  When you speak to the man, you appreciate the drive to use our great football club for the reasons it was first conceived – to help those in need.

Police Scotland initially described what happened, not as a crime, but as a “minor incident” until the Archdiocese drew attention to the matter, at which point they realised this could not be swept under the brogues.  It is now recorded as a hate crime.

Tweets of support from politicians are useless if they do not address the key question: what level of assault is required on a priest before Police Scotland are prepared, under their own measures, to consider a crime has been committed?

Today we know that level is higher than it should be, and that is the issue politicians should address.

On Friday, lawyers for Sports Direct went to court to assert their rights to match “some or all” of a third party’s offer to sell Newco merchandise.  These rights were acquired under a contract, signed by Newco under Dave King’s regime.

The court issued an interim injunction, stopping any Newco branded merchandise from being sold (including replica strips).

The initial contract Dave King agreed with Sports Direct, allowed the retailer to match whatever offer Newco could get from a third party.  Sports Direct are, therefore, entitled to the retail profits from Newco merchandise for a period which has not been confirmed yet.  These profits will be significant.

This clause should have been cash neutral for Newco.  They simply needed to get a competitive bids from other retailers, then allow Sports Direct to pass or take whatever they wanted – on the same terms.

Now we are in a different space.  Any contracts made with other retailers are legally enforceable by the retailer, but impossible for Newco to deliver without satisfying Sports Direct.  Or, I suppose, committing Contempt of Court – you know Dave!

I suspect they simply forgot about the Sports Direct contract, which speaks of a competency you and I can scarcely comprehend.  Rushing out a blabbering statement about the SPFL chairman on Saturday has to be the most transparent attempt to pull wool over their own supporters’ eye yet.

The worst (best) possible person campaigned to get control of Newco.  He chased one of Europe’s richest men away.  Each year he re-invents the same old garbage about having everything in place, while the only achievement he manages to record is the compliance of pet journalists and media organisations.

The entire club has reached an utterly brilliant level of dysfunction.  You know how this ends.

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  1. I wrote a rare serious piece about anti-Catholic sentiment yesterday. Please read and share https://theclumpany.wordpress.com/2018/07/08/whats-the-problem-with-roman-catholicism/.



    On a lighter note, I have some advice for Sevco fans on how to buy the new Orange top… https://theclumpany.wordpress.com/2018/07/08/how-to-buy-an-orange-sevco-top/



    And here are some thoughts on online bloggers breaking the news about Ashley’s injunction, rather than the mainstream media… https://theclumpany.wordpress.com/2018/07/07/his-big-mikeness-strikes-again/



    Have a great day!

  2. I thought I would repost this



    Despite what auldheid may think I have some intellectual pursuits. Sociology and Psychology being among them.




    I have long told you of Scotland’s institutional racism. That’s not very clever of me it’s bloody obvious to anyone who can step back.




    The story of this attack on the priest is incredibly revealing for a number of reasons.




    Firstly the way the story unfolds. Police Scotland did everything they could to downplay it. That instinct said everything, says everything. The gut reaction is that it’s minor, he wasn’t harmed, it wasn’t the OO. Defensive to its core. Damage limitation. It’s Scotland to its core. It screams there isn’t a problem and it’s okay to attack a catholic priest. It’s frankly disgusting. But it’s scotland. It’s interesting now that the politicians had to intervene that they are changing their story. But that takes me to point 2.




    The fact that the Catholic Church, quite rightly, angrily go after this story and ask some pretty serious questions has created the panic amongst politicians. Now this is important for loads of reasons. Suddenly, because the Catholic Church says it’s not minor it’s not minor. Now police Scotland change their story entirely and now the media start to properly cover it.




    There is a lesson here.




    At a time when the Huns are intimidating everyone, just like police Scotland were playing along with protecting the OO, now is not the time to maintain a dignified (I would say cowardly) silence. If you want to deal with bullying speak out. Be brave. And of course this takes us to Celtics horrific, cowardly silence.




    It’s not good enough to stand by and let this happen. Nelson Mandela didn’t believe that silence was the right approach.




    They need called out and boy does it work. It takes courage but not everything in life is about money.




    Scotland is a sick country. It’s never admitted it’s problem. Every single political party has failed us. The Tory’s love it because it divides us. Labour have been too cowardly, the greens are just prostitutes and the snp? The Snp are wolves in sheeps clothing. They are anti catholic but pretend they aren’t. Just as they are right wing but pretend they are left wing.




    Scotland is a disfunctional society. It is a recession away from a Serbia type meltdown. Where the legitimisation of racism is getting worse and where a civil war against its minority cannot be ruled out.




    Those who run Celtic and those who run the sfa and SPFL practice appeasement. The Scottish government passed and tried to defend a law criminalising it’s racist victims.




    I hope, as long as I don’t die before then, to write a book on this sick society.




    But my god it’s sick.

  3. weebobbycollins on

    Paul67…please tell us how it ends because I haven’t a clue. I thought it would end years ago…


    Btw…I forgot to mention in my previous post that Police Scotland, in my opinion, is Masonic and racist at the top level…but you knew that anyway…

  4. weebobbycollins on

    I hope Stevie G is aware of this attack on the priest and is now begining to realise what he has let himself in for…of course, the bus driver, jimmy bigotbell, will give him the truth about what really happened…after all, a few of his mates were there…

  5. Paul67



    The Grand Obfuscation Order of Scotland. are a much bigger problem than the Grand Orange order. Police Scotland immediate deflection, till they regroup and see the general public sentiment which clearly differs in Scotland from boy blue ole PC plod.



    The Orange order (or walk ) to give it its proper name is a source of irritant and perennial embarrassment on the streets of Glasgow where marches outnumber free Derry , Belfast, or any other city in the known world.



    What difference does it make that the incident happened on a Glasgow street as an Orange walk was in progress, it only pinpoints the likely offender, whom the Orange Order already seems to know, wasn’t Orange?



    Police Scotland are a bigger danger to the public than scum that call names, and spit at targets in Glasgow, God bless and protect Canon Tom White, St Alphonsus, St Mary’s, Sacred Heart and any other targeted diocese.

  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Police Scotland have been negligent yet again, look at the attacks on our fans in well known Celtic bars on Euro night v Ajax and Hamburg.

  7. The “establishment” is scared fartless that their could be a significant outbreak of sectarian violence — flashpoints could be many and varied — and have a strategy of no publicity to any individual issues.



    Everything’s is downplayed and the middle class golf club members have a view that it is all about the great unwashed, it is a working class issue and they are all as bad as each other.



    TFOD Liquidation?



    The establishment were scared there would be Civil insurrection if the normal rules — SDM vs Airdrie — were applied and they had to start again.



    There were others who saw the money angle but the establishment saw the potential for some street theatre.



    Consequently the TFOD2 live on as a mirage and the street walkers can cause traffic chaos over the spring and summer.



    Normal rules do not apply in Scotland.

  8. Dave King Kong is stirring up hatred – despicable human being.



    Manifesting itself in the attack on Canon Tom White.


    Merging the force into one had many worried about what is coming in the future.



    I hope this message gets out before………..the ad attack attacks again.

  9. Police Scotland like all those other so called neutrals take the view that one is as bad as the other. This means they can conveniently ignore it .


    I mean going to mass on a Saturday of the walk what are those Catholics like, they bring it on themselves.

  10. BB @ 12.40



    That is the issue that needs following up.



    The actions of the police and how they handled those crimes were a disgrace — have they ever walked away from other serious assaults in this manner?



    I think the answer would be no.


    However they do have previous for letting some victims down.

  11. Broonie is injured ? Hope he recovers quickly, still first name on the team sheet for me.

  12. BORGO67


    I beg to differ.


    Police Scotland have anti catholic prejudice at their very core.


    As a youth in Scotland i was subjected to it in Glasgow,Edinburgh,Aberdeen and Dundee for having the temerity to wear a Celtic scarf.


    The way they applied the OBA at football showed their rotten intent and it took a court system to stop their personal bias having innocent Celtic fans incarcerated and left with a criminal record.


    Their initial reaction to the incident with Canon Tom and convenient disappearance and look the other way at the time speaks volumes about their agenda.


    A bigoted institution not fit for purpose in a so called democracy.

  13. As many of you on here may know, I am very close to this; Canon Tom is not only my Parish Priest but I class him as a very good friend. So over the weekend I have been (along with others in the Parish Community of St Mary’s and St Alphonsus) been supporting out Parish Priest after the attack on him and our Faith. I have also been supporting the man who is Tom White – an extraordinary man who has been shaken by this despicable attack and has been left hurting as a human being after all that has happened to him. Alongside this, as Director of the Archdiocese Lourdes Pilgrimage, he is organising this annual pilgrimage which leaves Glasgow this Friday.



    I know he is humbled, but very heartened by the support he has been shown from not only those close to him, but the many thousands of messages of support from people who have never met him; Catholics, other Christians, those of other Faiths and those of no Faith.



    He is a man who has dedicated his adult life to the service of others and will continue to do so despite the trauma he has suffered over the past few days.



    We are working as a Parish Community to structure our response to this and will most likely be approaching elected representatives and Police Scotland not just on behalf of Canon Tom but also on behalf of the many, many Mass-goers who were subjected to this vile incident on Saturday.



    The fundamental issue is this (and I cannot stress it enough): on 7th July 2018 it was unsafe for Catholics in Glasgow to freely practice their Faith!



    This is intolerable and must be prevented from ever happening again.



    On a personal note, it is also fantastic to see CQN, amongst many others, supporting our Faith Community who feel under siege after Saturday. God Bless each and every one of you!





  14. The Battered Bunnet on

    “It is now recorded as a hate crime.”



    I’m afraid it’s not, Paul.



    Scottish Govt publishes Hate Crime stats each year, and has done since 2003 when Jack McConnell’s government introduced statutory Religious Aggravation to criminal law.



    These stats are what the Scottish government reports definitively as “Hate Crime in Scotland”. You can read the latest report for 2017/18 here: http://www.copfs.gov.uk/images/Documents/Statistics/Hate%20Crime%202017-18/Hate%20Crime%20in%20Scotland%202017-18.pdf



    In order for a hate crime to be so reported, charges have to be brought, as the data reports the number and classification of charges brought during the year.



    “The figures quoted in this publication relate to the number of charges reported rather than the number of individuals charged or the number of incidents that gave rise to such charges.”



    Accordingly, a suspect must be identified, arrested and charged with one of the statutory aggravations for the incident to be recorded as a hate crime.



    Police Scotland might very well be investigating this incident as a hate crime, but it will not be recorded as such unless charges are brought.



    This is different to the approach in England, where hate crime is recorded when the investigating officer considers an aggravated offence has occurred. It is a matter for the professional judgement of the Police as to whether a crime should be considered as motivated by prejudice or hate.



    We might reflect on the professional judgement of Police Scotland in such matters, but one of the consequences of the Scottish approach to reporting hate crime is that, by practical definition, the reported data does not reflect incidence, despite it being presented as such.



    This, for example, was not included in the data reported above because no suspect had been identified and charged: https://www.scotsman.com/regions/glasgow-strathclyde/woman-head-butted-in-racial-assault-on-glasgow-train-1-4709509



    There are myriad such cases.



    In the round, it means that we (the guid folk of Scotland) cannot compare hate crime and its incidence with that in England. Notwithstanding that,because our data under-reports, we are encouraged by politicians and media to think our problem is considerably lesser than that in England.

  15. NEGANON2 on 9TH JULY 2018 12:14 PM



    You and I have had some differences on your viewpoint on this; until Saturday evening I suspected you were over-reaching somewhat. However, I now know you were not! So accept my apologies for doubting you!





  16. 50 shades of green on

    Just read Phil’s story about the female witnesses and a question she was asked by the police after the incident,, it beggars belief…



    Wan country many Bigots right enough…




    Sad Sad Sad

  17. CALTONTONGUES on 9TH JULY 2018 8:49 AM



    That’s one of the issues I suspect will be tackled by myself and others over the next few days: in light of what happened, should the parades go ahed; and if they do can we ensure that they go no-where near Catholic Churches.



    The pendulum is swinging!





  18. !!Bada Bing!! on

    A PETITION launched to ban Orange Order walks after a vile attack on a Catholic priest has gathered over 11,000 signatures.



    Canon Tom White was targeted when an Orange Order marched passed by Saint Alphonsus church in Glasgow after a mass ended on Saturday.

  19. The Battered Bunnet on




    You make a number of valid points, but how on earth has this got anything whatsoever to do with Celtic?



    “horrific, cowardly silence”



    Sorry pal, that’s really quite absurd. What next? Celtic’s horrific, cowardly silence on Trump’s visit to Scotland betrays the plc’s tacit support for misogynism?



    It’s not as if the Celtic Foundation spends a million bucks each year supporting Equality programmes, after all…

  20. !!Bada Bing!! on

    50 SHADES OF GREEN on 9TH JULY 2018 1:22 PM


    Just read Phil’s story about the female witnesses and a question she was asked by the police after the incident,, it beggars belief…




    Wan country many Bigots right enough…



    Any links mate





    “what level of assault is required on a priest before Police Scotland are prepared, under their own measures, to consider a crime has been committed?”



    Good question,old bean. And how willingly blind were the officers?

  22. FAN-A-TIC



    Don’t think my post was a ringing endorsement of police Scotland, think I referred to them as so called neutrals





    A lovely tribute to Canon Tom.

  23. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on




    Any report on the ‘serious incident’ which occurred meaning the officers already at the church had to attend ?




    There was an incident at Kent St, which is the corner just down from St Alphonsus. A Police Officer pressed his/her emergency button and every other Police Officer abandoned their posts to assist. Nothing of not has appeared in the Press. I assume a seriously assaulted Police Officer would have been significant news.



    The cynic in me thinks it could have been a diversionary tactic from the hordes marching but I have no proof of that; however someone suggested to me that this would have been too elaborate and clever a plan for their mindset!





  25. weebobbycollins on

    VFR…I am a grey sheep in my Catholic family. However, I feel strongly about the events on Saturday…please give my support and best wishes to Father Tom…



    In 2005 the Scottish Government published a report by the late Sir John Orr on Marches and Parades in Scotland…here is an excerpt…



    15.6 A number of people suggested that there should be quotas of processions established, limiting the number of processions that take place in a community or that are organised by one organisation. I do not support the introduction of quotas, which would result in a first come first serve system. It is fair, however, in coming to decisions about notifications, for local authorities to consider the amount of disruption being experienced by a community and propose alternative routes or times to minimise that disruption. It is also fair that local authorities seek to avoid clashes between processions wherever possible.



    15.7 What remains clear is that people are irritated by the numbers of processions taking place. Organisers need to recognise the degree of irritation communities are feeling. While I do not want to recommend limits on the numbers that take place, it is important that organisers act responsibly and ensure that processions are being organised for appropriate reasons. Some organisations, such as the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland and the Apprentice Boys of Derry have their own internal guidance on what constitutes an appropriate reason for a procession. It is important that they continue to apply that guidance actively and I commend them for their commitment to doing this. It demonstrates that they are taking their responsibilities to their local communities seriously. Their commitment to ensuring processions take place for the right reasons needs to continue.



    15.8 Those responsible for organisations which arrange multiple parades on the same day, celebrating the same event, should look at the scope for combining processions to minimise the disruption caused in an area. In terms of spectacle alone, a larger procession makes more of a visual impact and allows the knock on effects of disruption across a local authority area to be minimised. There have been examples where the overarching organisations have done this and I encourage them to continue to look for these opportunities.



    No way did he want them abolished, fewer but larger was his preference…I met him a few times. I’m positive he was a mason. Orangeman? Not so sure…

  26. 50 shades of green on




    Linked above mate, by a faster typer, cheers NC Bhoy..




  27. North Cyprus (Baku no more) Bhoy on

    Me? One finger only! CTRL & C / CTRL & V is the way! :-)

  28. !!Bada Bing!! on

    NCB- 50 Shades- thanks, the typical hun mantra of blame the victim comes to mind…

  29. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Cheers CT


    Like VFR the cynical side of my thought process took over

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