Policing and Celtic


I spoke to Celtic today about various questions surrounding stewarding and policing in and around the stadium.

The club would not be specific on any particular incident but I got a run down on various instances (alleged assault, vandalism) when Celtic have responded to police requests for identifying information on fans.  Celtic said the police can only ask for identifying information if they allege a crime has been committed and Celtic’s safety certificate, allowing them to open the stadium, depends on the club complying with police requests if they allege a crime has been committed.

The club were clear that complying with police requests on such instances is not a matter of choice for Celtic, “It happens, it has always happened, and it happens at every other club in the UK”.

I asked if the club target fans and ask the police to arrest them.  I was told this is ludicrous to suggest the police do the bidding of the club (I was also laughed at for making the suggestion).  Celtic can revoke tickets and stadium access without recourse to the police.

My conversation happened before anyone at Celtic heard last night’s podcast from the HomeBhoys but I asked specific questions about the red haired fan discussed who was allegedly brandishing a seat and was told no police request had been received in connection to him and that his details had therefore not been passed to the police.

I understand the club have met with various supporters’ groups and clarified these issues, as well as more general stadium safety matters, and that they will issue a statement later today in response to questions asked by the Celtic Trust, who I believe put many of these points in writing.

After speaking to Celtic I spoke to a police officer who is a regular Match Commander at SPL games (not Celtic games) who confirmed clubs would lose their safety certificate if they failed to cooperate with the police.

Having had the chance to put questions to Celtic I asked them give others the same opportunity and to unconditionally meet with any fans’ group with concerns on any of these matters. They assured me they would.

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  1. Paul67



    I believe you have been lied to in your meeting!



    As I have alluded to over these last few months, and been criticised for suggesting, these meetings did take place. The club did attempt to turn fans against fans.



    I do not trust Peter Lawell one iota and never will do again.



    My season book will be determined by the clubs reaction to this information becoming public between now and the end of the season.



    Given your meeting the chances are that I will not be renewing!!!




  2. kikinthenakas on




    I think this is good news for us all particularly the issue of ongoing dialogue which will only result in better communication between fans and the board. Well done.



    Re the Wayside





    The Wayside Club in Glasgow has been serving the homeless and destitute for 80 years. It survives exclusively by charitable donations and is the only homeless resource in Glasgow which is open 365 days a year, offering food, non-alcoholic drink, showers, a hair-cut, shaving facility, first aid and a friendly face to those living on the very brink of existence. For its patrons, it is an oasis of normality in a harsh and cold world.



    To raise funds they are having an 80th Anniversary Gala Dinner at the Hilton in Glasgow on Saturday, 27th April. Individual tickets are available for £50 each, with tables of 10 also available. If you would like to attend message paul67 and he’ll put you in touch with inspirational volunteer, Tom Boyd senior. There are some great prizes including a four ball with Tom Boyd the former Celtic Captain who stopped 10 in a row and is a treble winning Celtic Captain.



    Any donations including money, prizes for auctions and raffles are gladly appreciated.








    I Think you have asked the right questions,but a few still remain.



    Such as why the club MUST co-operate with police requests without a warrant.

  4. The Honest Cover-up on

    Those dismissing the notion of Global Warming and climate change because it’s currently a bit nippy outside should bear in mind that it’s the cooling of the Gulf stream (by melting ice caps) which may lead to colder weather in Northern Europe.


    Climate is incresibly complex and “global warming” doesn’t just mean we can take our jumpers off and slap on the factor 50.


    The ice caps are melting at a terrifying rate, we have destroyed hald the world’s forests and the ozone is disappearing.


    I’m not sure there is much the man on the street can do about it but to dismiss it outright is crass and arrogant.




    Presumably its mentioned in the safety certificate that if the club don’t co-operate with Police requests, the safety certificate could be revoked.




  6. I’ve always regarded the stories of police and club collusion against fans, in particular the green brigade, as complete nonsense. Unfortunately, there is nothing, the club can do or say, that will change these opinions held by some fans.

  7. So do the Club just accept the word of PC plod ( cause we all know the police wouldn’t lie ) that a crime has been committed or is some form of evidence / proof supplied before information is handed over ?





    Iniquitous regulation which would be unlikely to survive a court challenge IMO

  9. In the heat of Lisbon on

    Re meeting with Lawwell – that will everything ok then…



    Scarf round the neck again


    skip cap left in the house


    hoodie neatly folded under the seat



    well at least until the door goes or i get challenged at my work or at the airport




  10. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    moonbeams wd. kano 1000 \o/ supporting neil lennon 100%. champions. c’mon wee oscar.



    13:19 on 26 March, 2013



    Very disappointing comments from you, I’m afraid….

  11. The whole thing is an abuse of process. Celtic must object on that basis.



    The police and politicians to close the stadium because of a refusal to comply with an illegal request? That’s just absolute rubbish. It’s an “out of our hand excuse” on the part of Celtic. One which we’ve heard before.


    Celtic and the police must be made to explain the “in your face” tactics used against certain fans.



    Has anyone complained to the police of vandalism at Celtic Park?


    Has anyone been charged? Convicted?


    If the answer to just one of these questions were yes the MSM would let us know.





    BTW I’ve read the Kraken Wakes. I therefore know exactly what’s happening to the climate.

  12. 67Heaven



    Why? Because they do not tow the party line!



    Sorry, but I am sick to the back teeth of hearing all the, working in the background rhetoric from the club re. Sevco/SPL/SFA (obviously not working!!!) and now, having been advised of the information re. the secret meeting with the Club affiliation/association my trust PL and the board has gone with regards the heart and sole of our club.



    They are a business model – they do that very well – magic!!!



    but were is the ethos my club was born into and has grown from over this last 125 years.



    Be disappointed!!




  13. Interesting piece Paul.


    Look forward to reading the Club statement later…



    Ludicrous seems to be word of the month… Interesting word ‘ludicrous’. It suggests that a particular perspective or position is self evident…



    Personally, I believe the word ludicrous would be more appropriately employed to describe (in no particular order), the decisions of bankers, editors, lords and knights, SFA & SPL administrators and politicians that have blighted The Game in Scotland, and made Sporting Integrity a joke… And now policing too it would seem.


    That is what I would call ludicrous.



    And what Pandoras Box did this Grand Ludicrousness originate from The one that all the main players keep their budget in!

  14. MWD,



    Good to see you back, did you see my posts on these subjects early last week?



    i know the individual concerned very well in the podcasts, everything he says is 100% true, i have seen and “heard” the evidence, i am afraid Pauls leader does nothing to move the debate on.



    Paul67 some questions, do you think the club has an agenda to break the Green Brigade?



    Do you think the dispicable policy of trying to use the Affilliation and the CSA against the GB is/was the right thing to do?



    Do you think the clubs actions after the Dundee game on Boxing day were warranted?



    Thanks in advance!




  15. Appreciate all your efforts Paul 67……



    Hope Celtic tak the time to speak with all the other concerned parties too.



    Go Bless This Dear Green Place.




  16. So if the polis “allege” an offence has been committed, Celtic MUST provide “identifying information” …………….at the request of the polis!!!



    Freeeki…………..So what do the polis provide to Celtic to support ANY Allegation…..or is it all unsubstantiated……



    Paddy T…………..

  17. The Honest Cover-up



    13:26 on 26 March, 2013



    ‘Those dismissing the notion of Global Warming and climate change because it’s currently a bit nippy outside’





    The point that is being made is that the proponents of MMGW claimed in 2000 that snow would become a rare event in the UK.



    That prediction was wrong.



    If predictions are wrong then questions need to be asked.



    That’s how science is supposed to work.

  18. Murdochbhoy, yermanfromMK on

    I’ve gotta say the least of the Green Brigade’s concern should be Celtic giving the police details of who has which seat at Celtic Park, more of a concern should be the question, are the police hacking their phones?

  19. Another thing,



    There maybe be more to come on this, and what i would say has it really taken the club 8 days to start the PR spin machine, i have said it before and will say it again, there are no winners in this only losers….



    The club have made a huge blunder with this, instead of spining stories tell the truth!




  20. next time could you ask if the police officer that smashed the toilet up was arrested and charged with any crime i know the answer the club are overstepping the mark here and it is a big mistake

  21. The Honest Cover-up on

    ernie lynch



    “…that is how science is so supposed to work”.



    Indeed, hence the newer theory about the gulf stream cooling leading to colder weather in Northern Europe. The exact patterns of weather change in different areas may remain to be seen but the ice caps ARE melting because the temperature is rising.

  22. The Honest Cover-up



    13:54 on 26 March, 2013



    ernie lynch



    “…that is how science is so supposed to work”.



    Indeed, hence the newer theory about the gulf stream cooling leading to colder weather in Northern Europe.’




    There’s nothing new about that theory. It was around when we were being told by the experts that snow would be a rare event.

  23. Afternoon bhoys from a hun free, cool mountain valley.






    So in effect you are saying that the police are using the threat of the cert withdrawal to garner info.???

  24. Doctor Whatfor on

    Well done, Paul, for asking the questions. People can take a view on the answers that you received one way or the other but at least you have got some answers.

  25. Celtic make a complaint of vandalism to the police.



    The police request information from Celtic.



    Celtic refuse.



    Police say “Wur gonnae shut the stadium.”



    Celtic comply.



    Fobbing us off with such absurdities insults our intelligence.

  26. Paul67



    The Police say an offence has been committed – Celtic must provide ID





    * we already knew that this was ‘the law’ *



    Celtic can revoke season tickets – for any reason they choose, and have


    done so.



    * we already knew that was within the terms of sale



    C) With the aid of the Offensive Behaviour Bill – the Police are ramping


    up the continued attack on Supporters, and thereby Celtic’s Safety Certificate.



    * we already knew that this was ‘the law’ *



    Dialogue continues between all formal groups, and these issues where foreseen when the OB was announced.



    The matters have been polarized at Celtic, because what wasn’t envisaged was demise of Rangers, and the resulting Police vervour to wield the OB and it’s well documented flaws, solely in Celtic’s direction.



    Celtic need to stiffen their legal team, and be seen to be doing the right thing towards Celtic fans who are being harassed, where clearly no crimes have been committed.



    I hope Celtic appreciate the severity of these matters and the affect on attendances, which is already evident.

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