Policing as Celtic return to Lanarkshire


Celtic fans return to Lanarkshire on Saturday, just a few miles away from New Douglas Park, where Hamilton Accies and Celtic fans were both harassed while cooperating together to protest against the Offensive Behaviour’ Act.

The policing at Hamilton two weeks ago was politically motivated. It used recent legislation, ostensibly designed to protect society from sectarianism, to prohibit peaceful political protest. The concerted forces of the Scottish Government and Police Scotland has ensured that your freedom to stage peaceful political protest is been enormously curtailed in recent years – banners bearing the message “Accies against the Act” were confiscated.

If you were subject to any of the well documented police action at Hamilton, and intend travelling to Motherwell on Saturday, do not be surprised if you are singled out.

Fir Park Motherwell is a considerably more combustible venue than New Douglas Park. It has been the scene of vandalism, general hooliganism and a pitch invasion to taunt opposition fans in recent times. Police appear reluctant to get involved with fans for these activities at Motherwell. As a football fan, it is your political views you have to watch out for.

Before planning your trip to Motherwell it’s worth revisiting this comment by Brogan Rogan’ last week.

Also take a look at the Citizens Advice notice on police powers in Scotland. If police search you, even if no offence has been committed, they can seize whatever they want. Some pretty innocuous political dissent has been proscribed.  I’m appalled – and so are some officers I know.

Living on the streets in winter in Scotland has to be one of the most challenging aspects of humanity.  Next month, you can share what this means, by sleeping trackside at Celtic Park with dozens of others for the Foundation, as part of hte 2015 Christmas Appeal.  The Celtic Foundation provide nourishment and shelter to the many of the city’s homeless each winter.

This is social outreach at its hardest.  There is nothing easy about sleeping rough in Scotland.  You can find out more here.  Join in and aim to raise £125.  Well done to the dozens already signed up.

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  1. Butsybhoy


    That was after logging in and reading the article as well :-)



    Well done and




  2. Sure you will get a ticket no problem for this game.



    Spoke to my pal on Saturday and we are struggling to off load a few.




  3. It is if your team play in Green and White


    Or was that built by Green and White


    Now I’m confused :-)



    Hail Hail

  4. It’s a sad state of affairs that in Scotland fottball fans now have to appraise themselves of their legal rights prior to travelling to a football match in case Police Scotland want to harass them for objecting to legislation passed by a Scottish Government. Meanwhile, car crash victims are left in a field for 3 days until they die and Scottish MPs are ripping off the Scottish poor by taking their homes from them for less than market value in order they can profit from their financial distress.

  5. lennon's passion on

    CORKCELT on 13TH OCTOBER 2015 11:28 AM




    200 posts in 23 hours , an average of 1 post every six






    Compare that to site’s like Huddleboard/Kerrydale st and its very very low.

  6. lennon's passion on

    CORKCELT on 13TH OCTOBER 2015 11:28 AM




    200 posts in 23 hours , an average of 1 post every six






    Compare that to site’s like Huddleboard/Kerrydale st and its very very low. From previous article

  7. Also just read, that Glasgow firework display has been moved to Nov 4th, to avoid the Celtic v’s Molde game on Thurs 5th Nov


    On the way of Police Scotland


    Oh well there already decided there will be fireworks on display by the Celtic team that night – Nice





    Teuchter – thanks Bhud, looking at our planned adventures just now, already booked the Friday Fish night in Oistin



    Hail Hail

  8. BRISBANE 67...Sack Deila. More of Peter Lawwell # Serving up Tripe & Trialists since 2003 on

    “Pray for them, and resist them.”


    Fr. Dan Berrigan, S.J.

  9. I obviously agree with Paul on this act- but again the question is why arent Celtic highlighting these issues that their supporters are facing?

  10. Neganon,


    The police have moved the Glasgow firework display to Wed 4th Nov, so the Glasgow based Celtic fans can go,


    I think that’s very considerate of them :-)



    I am only joking Bhud, really sad what we are now witnessing in our society.


    All us problem Celtic fans



    Hail Hail

  11. Now just before I go for breakfast


    Is Motherwells ground, not one of those with adverts around the track for a political party ?


    You know that rule no politics in football


    Who does it apply too ?

  12. New article was like uncorking a bottle, there was an initial fizz of posts. Lets hope it keeps up.

  13. Some of the videos on Facebook of trouble in Palestine is truly heartbreaking. The zionists will not rest until they have finally crushed the Palestinian people. Again lots of children end up being the victims. Just finished a great book on the genocide that’s happening , the generals son. Written by son of famous IDF General , speaks out in support of the Palestinians as did his father before he did. Highly recommend it. –






    Sorry for political post, no time for debating anything , just came on to recommend the book but saw video of young Palestinian teenager being shot dead just before I logged on. Heartbreaking.

  14. lennon's passion on

    !!BADA BING!! on 13TH OCTOBER 2015 12:50 PM


    Carlton Cole apparently training with Sunderland



    Was mentioned last week on another site. Basically if big Sam got Sunderland job Carlton would end up there. Seems it was only a few thousand a week stopped him pulling on the Hoops.

  15. Paul67



    Good to see you mention the harassment.



    Do you not think the club could and should speak out more against ongoing harassment of our fans ?



    Scottish football can’t afford to lose fans and we have already seen few posters on here mention they are not keen on allowing their children heading to matches on their own because of the tactics the police use.



    Supporting your club is not a crime





    It might be he felt the club were scrimping on a few quid by not signing him till the international break was over.



    And that was always on the cards.

  17. Excellent article in World Soccer and how football (especially in Germany) is responding.



    Fantastic work being done by St Pauli and their fans.

  18. NegAnon2 on 13th October 2015 12:57 pm



    I obviously agree with Paul on this act- but again the question is why arent Celtic highlighting these issues that their supporters are facing?




    Don’t disagree, but asked you this before – since this affects all Scottish football fans, why should Celtic be singled out and tasked with this? Be much more effective and send a much more powerful message if ALL clubs stood in opposition. I don’t see this as an issue to be used to berate CFC.

  19. Reading that Citizens’ Advice page – under what power are police (and stewards) allowed to seach fans entering a football stadium? They can’t have “reasonable grounds for suspecting that they will find” any of the items listed on everybody.

  20. Bobby,



    Carlton Cole can’t play for a club before the next window opens.



    I’m not sure anyone will be giving him a wage before then.

  21. Teenage Celtic fans being harassed by Police Scotland officers, having their civil liberties abused and being treated like naughty schoolchildren.



    Their banner, and others, confiscated. Subsequently denied by the police. Liars.



    Any statement from Celtic yet?



    No, didnae think so.




  22. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    Proud bhoy



    I share video posts from a guy in Palestine – they are very difficult to watch – but I feel it’s our duty as human beings to highlight the war crimes Israel is committing

  23. Without excusing the actions of the police, and I’m not, because it’s nothing more than harassment. Can anybody remember a time when the youngsters didn’t get grief?



    TBH as far as I’m concerned there’s always been an element of the force that go out of their way to make youths lives unpleasant in general. In my day it was skateboarding that seemed to get us in trouble. Quite often the mere presence of a board was enough to lead to unnecessary questioning.





    That’s a point…………….but THE point is the specific targetting of Celtic (and other supporters) using a law which was declared as needed to criminalise Celtic supporters.

  25. Captain Beefheart on




    I wonder why the picture of stabbed Jews didn’t also merit your sympathy on a football blog. Heartbreaking conflict.

  26. hebcelt on 13th October 2015 1:01 pm



    Bawsman no you don’t



    Are you not watching?



    Armed polis on Inverness streets? Polis going to supermarkets for their dinner armed and lethal?


    Civil rights being ignored? Draconian laws and powers being abused?



    Sleepwalker CSC?

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