Populist instigators without a plan


Loved the statement issued by the ‘3 Bears’ last night.  They protest that their offer to Rangers International was superior to the offer from Sports Direct, which was accepted.  What the sharp-eyed PR wizard didn’t figure when delivering the statement, though, is:

The board need 75% shareholder permission to dis-apply shareholder pre-emptive rights and create sufficient shares to allow the 3 Bears to fund their proposed share issue.

Support of the Easdale proxy block is needed to pass this dis-application.

Knowing they needed Easdale support, when the board asked if they would drop the EGM resolution to remove James Easdale from the board in order to make their proposal viable, the 3 Bears declined.

Consider the conversation:

A. “We’ll fund a share issue.”

B. “That needs Jimmy’s agreement.  Will you drop your plans to sack him?”

A. “No.  We’re still going to sack him.”

B. “Can’t do, Jimmy’s not going to vote for that.”

A. “It’s all your fault for not accepting our perfectly well thought-out proposal.”

It’s astonishing how shoddy an operation these clowns have.  I know no one in the media will explain the reality to fans, nor will they believe anything they read here.  When populist instigators for change have no viable plan, a club is deader than Rangers (mark I).

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  1. nothing without fans on

    I see Brian Donohoe MP questioning Mike Ashley’s ‘fit and proper’ status.



    Has Jack Irvine’s man at Westminster fallen out with the Easdale’s family friend?



    Surely the Easdales aren’t moving against Ashley?

  2. nothing without fans on




    Paul tweeted that there is a problem with the ip address – basically the domain name isn’t pointing to the right server, and it takes time for this to get corrected across the internet.

  3. Alasdair MacLean on

    Definitely a problem since yesterday. Went for daily fix last night and couldn’t get on. Still problems….probably a cyber attack by ghosts…or zombies.

  4. HH from a reasonably mild Kentucky. They say 48 degrees in ‘Merican money this weekend!



    Quick question.



    I have the BBC iPlayer over here now, get good solid quality. Is the game against Sevco live on iPlayer this Sunday?



    Plan on streaming via Mac to Apple TV and inviting a few yank friends over. Don’t want to get caught out with not being able to stream live.



    Should I get Celtic TV instead? Always had it but BBC quality for streams is a’it.



    Answers on a postcard to Aipple on CQN.

  5. South Of Tunis on

    Delaneys Donkey.



    Saw your post but couldn’ t get access to reply . Many thanks for your kind assistance .Big thanks , too , to your family in Gdansk..



    Got what I wanted from a guy in Prague.

  6. Paul67:



    Deader than Rangers (Mark 1), I beg to differ…



    Deader than a Dodo I would suggest and as will be every other Mark 1, 2, 3…:)



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  7. In the vain hope of turning the conversation back to Celtic matters, I venture to suggest that if the report on Henriksen is true, then the Armstrong deal is probably stalled or dead. Henriksen looked a good player but he has had few appearances lately and has had a serious injury to his knee.


    On the other hand, Otigba looks interesting.


    Armstrong looks the real deal and is already tested in our league……shame if it ends badly for us.




  8. The Sunderland Echo has reported that Celtic are fighting to try and sign Charis Mavrias from Sunderland.



    Their report claims Celtic scouts were at the under-21 game against Manchester United earlier this week, with the Black Cats keen for him to leave on loan to gain more first team experience.





    It’s a gamble if Celtic go for the move because Chavrias hasn’t made an appearance for the Sunderland first team this season.



    Therefore, he’s likely to be extremely rusty though the Bhoys present the chance for him to play consistently in a top flight league as well as presenting the possibility of Europa League football.



    The Echo’s report claims three Championship sides are also interested in doing a deal for him, which would seemingly hand Celtic the advantage because of the exposure they could offer the youngster.




    The 20-year-old offers Ronny Deila something different in a wider position, which could tip the balance of the SPL title race towards the Bhoys over the second half of the campaign.



    A loan deal would also remove the time pressure on Celtic to do a deal





  9. PS. I am posting from an iPad and initially I get the domain page, but refresh gets me on to the site. Still if you are reading this, you are already “on”.




  10. South Of Tunis on




    Couldnt reply to your kind offer as I couldn’t get access to the blog.



    I have managed to source the things I wanted – a guy in Milan got me a phone number for a guy in Prague.The guy in Prague has the Lps I want.



    I really appreciate the help ( and the time ) you gave me.I shall keep an eye on the site you provided.



    Many thanks !

  11. rebus67 13:41 on 28 January, 2015



    Henriksen and Otigba , forgive me but just logged on who are the two players you refer to?



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  12. Turkeybhoy 13:47 on 28 January, 2015



    Change of server yesterday, escalated today, seems to be okay now. Affected some but not all…don’t worry you were not victimised…:)



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  13. FourGreenFields on

    Posted this on last article but worth posting again .


    These people are unbelievable ,


    what about the creditors Mr Donohoe




    Mike Ashley could be called to parliament to to be grilled on his dealings at Rangers.



    A Scots MP raised concerns and hit out at the Sports Direct tycoon’s involvement in the Ibrox club during a debate at Westmister.



    Calls have now been made for Ashley, who this week struck a £10m loan deal with Rangers, to be summoned to the House of Commons to be questioned by MPs.



    Brian Donohoe, MP for Central Ayrshire, used parliamentary privilege at the Scottish Affairs Committee to question whether Ashley is “a fit and proper” person to be involved in Rangers.

  14. Anyone else seeing this if you click on to CQN from your favourites:



    This “website holding” page is displayed when you visit celticquicknews.co.uk because the owner has registered the domain name (or set up a sub-domain), but has not yet created a website.



    Without this page, website visitors would see a “Page not found” error. The holding page confirms that the domain’s DNS has been set up correctly.

  15. Lennybhoy,


    Markus Henriksen of AZ…we were after him when he was with Roseberg;and Otigba, a CB from Herenveen(spelling?)



    Mentioned on KDS.




  16. rebus67 13:53 on 28 January, 2015:



    Thanks, think it will be a LB that comes in rather than a CB.



    Armstrong will be all about agreeing a fee, if we can, deal will be done.



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  17. Snake Plissken on

    Imagine if an MP from a different political party to Mr Donohoe had raised that topic in the Commons.




  18. pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON on




    Received my ‘Ceasar & the assassin’ signed book, CQN annual and 125year DVD, all for £18.99. Great value for money and looking forward to the read!



    Hail Hail!

  19. South Of Tunis on




    Have signed a centre half from Gremio – Rhodolfo .A loan with first option to buy.



    Hope to sign Lassana Diarra from Lokomotiv Moscow .



    Rumoured to be interested in signing crazy man – Antonio Cassano – who has terminated his contract with Parma .Parma couldnt pay his wages !.

  20. Paul you again highlight the sickness that surrounds the Ibrox occupants, with regard to the reporting of a sycophantic media.



    These people do ‘Rangers’ no good by their ‘mealy-mouthed’ writings and pronouncements, designed only to keep them onside with the Ibrox support and of course, as they are mostly supporters, they ‘whistle in the dark’



    The media fawned over Murray, talked-up Whyte and Green and now look for ‘sliver-linings’ in the Ashley power-grab – they have sold the gullible Ibrox legions ‘down the river’ so many times.



    We at Celtic must be grateful that our club is run in a professional and fit and proper manner – if there was any ‘chink in our armour’ these media hounds would look to hunt us down and destroy us – just to “even up the score”



    I say only one thing to all at Celtic Park as they prepare for Sunday’s match – remember Morton (bottom of the Championship) – let’s go out and beat them decisively on Sunday.

  21. Saw a belter on Hun Media this morning,the post was,


    “No matter the score,no one leaves”


    One poor trumpet posted,


    “I havent got a ticket for Sunday,but I will stay in the pub for as long as possible”



    They never fail to amuse.


    In saying that,they are cranking up the war footing.

  22. JJ,



    Seemingly Paul had a problem with his servants or something.



    I think he should find out where philvis gets his from. :)

  23. pabloh_AKA_NEIL LENNON on

    Not posted in a while, do we still post ‘team for….’ On here? If so…


    For Sunday….





    Lustig VanDijk Denayer Izzy


    Brown Bitton Johansen


    Commons Stokes



  24. bournesouprecipe on

    Well said Tom Boyd



    I expect his view to be widely ignored by MSM.



    They know



    We Know



    They know we know CSC

  25. would it not be great if it turned out big mike ashley was a devout roman catholic



    the hun hordes at castle greyskull would go into meltdown

  26. Lennybhoy,


    Henriksen would be about 1 million cheaper than Armstrong and will be known to RD. Tempting from an accounting perspective.


    Are you thinking the following for new LB?…. The guy from the Israeli league or Hendrie?




  27. Lennybhoy,



    Cheers mate.Paul got back to me.Victimized?.Who me?.Never.


    Well maybe by Mrs TB.

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