Portents poor for Ideguchi


The portents are not good for Yosuke Ideguchi, injured again and set to be a spectator for the start of the season.

Signings don’t all work, but Ange Postecoglou saw something in him and he did enough to impress Leeds United scouts four years ago. Work permit issues meant he was loaned out on arrival at Leeds, a move which didn’t work out.

The positivity towards our manager and Japanese players is such, I think we are all prepared to give ‘Guchi as much time as her needs to get fit and show his value. Still, football moves on, others are likely to press their case ahead of him.  It is likely to be a long and uneventful season ahead for our January signing.

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  1. Maggie’s favourite — she had quite a few …



    CP @ 1983


    JMo @ 1985


    JMa @ 1989



    It was never the politics it was the looks.


    She was quite a gal by all accounts — the back seat of a Jag was her natural habitat.


    Divorcees were a speaciality.



    From draft dodging to losing the Falklands — some record.

  2. P67 — our defensive MF set up is still a work in progress.


    We need to find improvement from somewhere.



    YI — his time will come.

  3. Madmitch



    Liz Truss will give Maggie a run for her money in that department I hear. Plenty of form as I understand.

  4. LT vs MT



    Mad Manc Liberal economic attitude — check.


    Throws it about like the Fijian eggchaers — check.


    Happy to fly flags for second rate / failed economists — check.


    Draft dodger — Maggie yes / LT no.


    Ruined ice cream / Mr Floppy — Maggie yes / LT no.


    Curdle milk / scare children — check.



    LT — huge opportunity for progressive politics or in normal times should be.


    Do we live in normal times — probably not. identity politics is the giveaway.


    Can the media can lead the electorate towards 30’s style authoritarianism / Fascism Lite.



    Knife edge at the moment — Rwanda is the bell weather issue.


    Too many are clapping at the political sadism of it all.

  5. Can we play Kyogo and GG in the same team?



    If not why not?



    I like the physicality the big man brings to the team, in attack and defence.

  6. Are we finished signing new players or are further incomings dependent on players leaving first?

  7. PB @ 12.42



    I would hope not.


    However our budgets are tighter than I was hoping for.

  8. SENTINEL CELTS is a very good read (again) today.



    SALTIRES EN SEVILLA, formerly of this parish, is the guest writer (again) today.



    Absolutely first class.

  9. Burnley78



    “Margaret’s favourite’ is the term used on that populist/murdoch aligned/tory policy aligned ex leader and middle east peace envoy.He done the Labour Party from the inside.He was in bed with Rupert and the bindippers.Thats why the upset at the new surge of the marketing wing of keef yesterday.People have memories.




  10. By Paul Cuddihy, Celtic View Editor






    It’s Flag Day at Paradise this Sunday as the Scottish champions kick off the defence of their cinch Premiership title with a home game against Aberdeen.



    And ahead of the kick-off, Callum McGregor will unfurl the league flag at a packed Celtic Park in recognition of last season’s incredible achievement in winning the league, his first as Celtic captain.



    The ceremony will take place 10 minutes before the 4.30pm kick-off, and supporters are urged to be in their seats early to enjoy the celebration.



    For the Celtic captain, it will be a proud moment for him and his family.



    “When you think about the people that have done it over the years, for the club to ask me to do it is a huge honour personally, and for my family to watch that,” he said.



    “It’s always a brilliant day when you get to unfurl the league flag at Celtic Park. There’s a real buzz and energy about the place with plenty of anticipation of the new season ahead.



    “I’m very grateful to get the opportunity to do it and once we get it out the way it’s down to business and making sure we perform and get the three points.



    “The excitement of a new season spurs you on and the challenge is to go and be champions again.”



    Sunday’s game against Aberdeen is the first competitive game of the 2022/23 season, and there are plenty of pre-match activities on the Celtic Way from 2pm for supporters to enjoy.





    Enjoy Calmac and those lucky to be attending




  11. PHILBHOY on 27TH JULY 2022 12:37 PM


    Does anyone know exactly what happened to Ideguchi?



    Injured in the back of a Jaguar with Liz Truss,apparently.

  12. It is likely to be a long and uneventful season ahead for our January signing.



    strange comment.

  13. PHILBHOY on 27TH JULY 2022 12:37 PM


    Does anyone know exactly what happened to Ideguchi?



    PHILBHOY, was thinking the exact same question. Pure speculation on my part, but I hope it is not related to the brutal assault on him in the Alloa game, an assault which the referee deemed to warrant nothing more than a foul. It was only the next week that the coward was cited and banned.



    (Still think the assault on CalMac was actually worse, yet nothing ever happened after that incident!)

  14. Is Queen Victoria still on the throne?It’s a problem getting any news here in The Ottoman Empire.

  15. With Ideguchi out for a while,I think we might see Mr Fanni rolling up to Celtic soon.

  16. RC on 27TH JULY 2022 1:48 PM



    It is likely to be a long and uneventful season ahead for our January signing.



    Strange comment



    Take it Paul’s said above👆 I don’t disagree with him.



    In comparison to Hatate,Maeda,kyogo previously,they all hit ground running.Feel sorry for Ideguchi,his contribution was thugged on wee Bashers orders,



    He comes back,contributes after recuperating and gets a pre season,I was looking forward to his contribution on Anges plans this season,until he got the injury the other day,you’ll see him in crutches/lower stroke as he is now post op.



    Would be strange if played while injured.




  17. Slightly ahead of the ridiculously purchased McCarthy, Guchi remains behind CalMac, Hatate, O’Riley, Turnbull & now Mooy for a slot in a 3 man berth.



    Regardless of his injury I’d expect us to pursue Edouard from PSG before the end of the window, pushing him backwards.



    Wish him well but feels a non-story for a punt that doesn’t look like it is paying off (injuries aside) and who wouldn’t see much competitive game time in the next few months.




  18. See Ross County,a club that most Celtic Fans have a soft spot for,have now jumped onto the”We don’t need your steenkin Weegie money”bandwagon,in a very strange Scottish version of Hari Kari.


    Claiming their ticket sellers were threatened by irate Celtic fans,wanting to give their club some badly needed cash.I can hear it now”Whit,nae ticket,in yeev goat thousands lying there.Am gettin oan a train noo an cummin right up there tae noak yir pan in”


    Seems logical to the Media.


    We now have Hearts,Dundee U,St Mirren,Kilmarnock,Ross County,Aberdeen,maybe other that I am unaware of,prepared to throw away cash,which they are all in desperate need of,and to top it off,let games be broadcast to half empty stadiums,making our league even more of a laughing stock.Not only our cash,but a double dunt,as the scum are getting the same deal.


    The utter madness of Scottish football.



    Go and read the forde report.


    Meantime we here will run a sweep


    To guess how many frowns!



    Sssssssssshhhhhhhhhh lie down

  20. balornock bhoy on

    Just back from holiday and now hurriedly trying to book dinner for tomorrow for son’s 16th birthday.


    Looked online and can’t see anything available at the stadium.


    Are there no dining facilities outwith match days?

  21. TB @ 2.21



    It is their gaff — they make the rules.


    We have no right of unlimited entry into other grounds.



    It is their call.


    Abusing them will not help our cause.

  22. AN TEARMANN on 27TH JULY 2022 1:09 PM



    God bless Charlie Tully









    Many thanks AT for this. As my moniker suggests I am a big fan of Charles Patrick.



    His book “Passed To You” was I think the first book published by a Celtic player (if you discount Willie Maley’s book that was written as a manager even though he played for the club as well) and I remember reading it as a bhoy.



    In it he told the fascinating story of a full blooded fight at training between himself and Bobby Evans a few days before the 7-1 game in the 1957 League Cup Final.



    He also paid his own way to see us win the Big Cup in Lisbon. Not sure, but he might have been the only former player to have been there.



    God Bless Charlie Tully indeed.

  23. bournesouprecipe on

    Got through to Clyde 1 today, to enter their mystery prize competition.




    The presenter answered and said,



    “Congratulations on being our first caller, all you need to do is answer the following question correctly, to win our Mystery Grand Star Prize”..


    “That’s Fantastic!” I called out in delight.


    “Feel Confident?” The presenter asked, “It’s a Geography Question.”


    “Well, I’ve got a degree in Geography from St Andrews University,” I proudly replied, “and I’ve taught Geography to A-level students for the last 20 years”



    “Ok then, to win our grand prize of 2 Hospitality tickets to a rangers game at ibrox and to meet the players after the game, what is the capital of France?



    “Bathgate “, I replied.

  24. If you ever needed some confidence that we can shift Ajeti for cash, then news that Legia will pay half a million for David Bates of Aberdeen should help you….



    wow csc




  25. MADMITCH on 27TH JULY 2022 2:18 PM


    From tiny political minds comes total crap.






    och dont be so hard on yourself.

  26. MADMITCH on 27TH JULY 2022 2:40 PM


    TB @ 2.21







    It is their gaff — they make the rules.





    We have no right of unlimited entry into other grounds.







    It is their call.





    Abusing them will not help our cause.




    Shut it ya Fud.Well,abusing you certainly cheered me up.




  27. TB @ 3.16 / the nineteenth century / I fear for the Armenians



    I hope your post is allowed to stay up.


    It certainly shows you in your true light.



    Smug / self indulgent erse wipe.


    Out playing the poundland aristocrat in Asia Minor.



    Not good.



    And please learn to cut and paste properly.