Postecoglou only part of the solution


Memories of the “second worst thing to hit Hiroshima” attempt to undermine Wim Jansen on his arrival as Celtic manager from Japanese football in 1997 remain vivid.  With no internet, we knew little of Wim.  His short stints as assistant with the Saudi national team and as manager of Sanfrecce Hiroshima in the four years since leaving Feyenoord did nothing to enhance his reputation.

Ange Postecoglou is an easier man for the support to make their own minds up about.  He has a record of developing talent, improving teams and winning titles.  By any reasonable measure, his CV is spotless.  None of his success happened in Europe and there is nowhere as acutely intense in the football roster as Glasgow, so there are hurdles to overcome.

I like that he is an established winner and that he has not relied on the chequebook to become so.  I also hear great things about his strength of character, he has old school authority, as well as a technocrats brain.

Eddie Howe went to the top of the candidate list around two months ago.  The time since has been lost, although Postecoglou was not in serious contention that far back.  We are now three weeks from preseason training.  If Ange is to be appointed, he faces a two week isolation period before being able to visit Celtic Park or Lennoxtown.  He might just make it.

Before any of that, he needs to exit Japan and his contractual arrangements with City Football Group’s Yokohama F Marinos, pack his family and belongings up and fly to the opposite end of the globe.  There is a lot of work for him to just sit at the Celtic manager’s desk.

At Howe’s request, we were prepared to recruit his entire football infrastructure.  He would have endorsed the appointment of coaches, scouts and director of football.  Celtic signed up for this but when you let them bring their encourage with them, the successful ones inevitably take the same faces (and more) back out the door with them when they go.

With Ange it will be different, although he may be familiar with some of the faces from City Football Group.  This infrastructure is equally as important as the managerial appointment.  Celtic need to rebuild a team ahead of a season that offers automatic Champions League qualification for the Scottish Premiership winners.  Much of that burden will fall on the manager’s supporting cast.  Lots to do, not a lot of time to do it in……

A quick word on Newco’s £6.75m public share offering, announced this morning.  Newco have returned an operating loss every year of their existence and have been unable to trade players to meet the shortfall.  The burden has thus far fallen on directors.  Turning to the fans may indicate a possibility the directors’ largess has dried up.  It could also imply no fresh investor has been found.

Uefa’s Financial Fair Play rules mean any fresh equity investment cannot be spent on most operational costs, like football or support staff.  Competing against a team that runs a persistent eight figure annual deficit has its drawbacks, but we have seen this movie before.  We are back at the roulette table with all the chips on Champions League money.


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  1. I see Everton has released ancelotti without having a replacement.


    Eddie spotted at goodison?

  2. Paul saying on Twitter that Harkin was never in the frame and never qualified for such a job.



    So who is, why aren’t they in and who identified Ange?

  3. JHB


    Can you name just one other individual from Celtic’s history in the boardroom who batted for our main rivals at our expense?

  4. Please god do not let John Kennedy or Strachans bhoy anywhere near the first team.



    2 boring farts that had their chance.



    Big Angie, if its him then good luck to him and I will get behind him…but dear god what an absoloute shit show.



    D :)

  5. so will the board be making an announcement as to who will not be director of football as per the non manager statement , total shambles .

  6. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    SFTB @ 6:26pm – excellent post (IMHO).



    Most (not all) on here want Celtic success



    Most (not all) on here are hurting badly



    We can all see the mistakes made



    None of us has a track record of running a football club (and why would we have?)

  7. What does he do?



    Clubs in continental Europe tend to differ from those in England in terms of their structure. German clubs almost exclusively employ a sporting director and a head coach. English clubs usually have a manager that encompasses both roles.





    A list of contacts and negotiating skills are key for Salihamidzic and sporting directors. – 2018 Getty Images


    In Germany, it means duties are split: the coach is responsible for leading, training and picking the team, while the sporting director oversees the whole footballing side, including comings and goings within the squad. In terms of hierarchy within a club, the sporting director sits between the head coach and the chairman.



    So for the 2018/19 season, Niko Kovac reported to Salihamidzic, who reported to Rummenigge, who oversees the club as a whole, working in collaboration with president Hoeneß and reporting to the club’s owners – the members.



    “He’s responsible for the football side of things. He’s to be a link between the coach and the team, the coach and the club, to oversee the scouts and also the youth academy,” Rummenigge explained at Salihamidzic’s unveiling.



    “He’ll also be involved in all transfer and contract negotiations and squad planning, although he isn’t solely responsible there. That’s a group decision involving him, the coach, myself, Uli and [Executive Vice-Chairman in charge of finance] Jan-Christian Dreesen.”



  8. fergusslayedtheblues on

    My take on the last couple of yrs with our club


    First off I would be defined on CQN as a happy Clapper


    And the celtic board love us


    The thing with me is that I now know that the people running the club I love want something different to me



    I want to go and see a Celtic team that is the best team we can put on the field and play good entertaining football to hopefully win any game we compete in



    IMO the people running our club right now want an out from scottish football ,to which league , I do not know , an existing one or a new shinier set up ,only they could tell me .



    I am not averse to moving my club out of the Scottish game ,although my reason is corruption rather than financial .



    The trouble is that the people running my club seem to know or think that the only way they can do this ,is to have sevco 2012 as part of any deal .



    If I think of the pros and cons of this mindset .I believe any existing league or new shinie one that will only take my club if that racist ,bigoted entity is coming too ,is not one worth joining .



    My club should be looking to distance itself as far away from what has emerged from the grave of ragers 1872 and be making sure sevco 2012 are an irrelevance


    They bring nothing positive to Scottish football, European cities and the game of football in general.



    My club should have been fully focused on being a player on the European stage to facilitate a move from Scottish football , instead of trying to export religious bigotry masquerading as football rivalry.



    As it looks to me at this moment ,the people running my club have gone all in on the bigotry card to meet their ambitions and for that to happen their has to be a bigoted club in existence, and with that in mind the last couple of years must read like a job well done in the celtic boardroom

  9. glendalystonsils on




    Great post . That is exactly what has brought us so low . You could almost excuse it if the partnership was equal , but we are treated like scum by the very ones whose coat tails we are hanging on to . No pride , no integrity , no self respect .

  10. From the company website – sack the board, change of ownership, that is what is needed , not a root and branch clearout of all the coaches and backroom staff.









    The Board of Directors has legal and financial responsibility for the affairs of the Company. The Board delegates day-to day operational responsibility to the executive Directors, the Chief Executive, Peter Lawwell and Financial Director, Christopher McKay.



    The Board as a whole monitors Company performance against budgets and a rolling 5 year business plan as well as making specific decisions on key areas of the Company’s business, risk management and setting future strategy. The Board operates, through the Audit Committee, a comprehensive set of internal financial controls, which are reported on regularly by the internal auditor and reviewed each year by the external auditors.



    There are some matters which only the Board can decide upon including, for example, the appointment of directors and auditors, the payment of dividends and the approval of budgets and interim and annual results. Decisions on significant contracts and expenditure above certain levels, also require Board approval.









    Appointed to the Board: 3 June 2011


    Became Chairman: 14 October 2011


    Ian Bankier was appointed to the Board as an independent non-executive director on 3 June 2011 and became Chairman on 14 October 2011. Mr Bankier is Executive Chairman of Glenkeir Whiskies Limited, a company he substantially owns. Glenkeir operates The Whisky Shop chain, which is the UK’s largest specialist retailer of whiskies. He has been involved in the Scotch whisky industry for over 20 years having been Managing Director of Burn Stewart Distillers PLC and Chief Executive of CL World Brands Limited. Mr Bankier’s formative career was as a solicitor and he was a partner in McGrigors for 15 years, where he specialised in corporate law. Mr Bankier is a member of the Remuneration Committee and chairs the Nomination Committee.







    Appointed to the Board: September 2001


    Thomas Allison has been a non-executive Director since September 2001. He is Chairman of the Remuneration Committee and a member of the Nomination Committee. Mr Allison is the nominated Senior Independent Director. He is Chairman of Peel Ports Limited and a director of a number of other companies within the Peel Group. He is Chairman of Tulloch Homes Group Limited and an ambassador for The Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice in Glasgow.







    Appointed to the Board: December 2016


    Appointed Chair of the Audit Committee: July 2017


    Sharon has been a non-executive Director of the Company since December 2016 and is was appointed Chair of the Audit Committee with effect from 1 July 2017. Sharon is currently a non-executive director at McColl’s Retail Group plc, Fidelity Special Values Plc and F&C Capital & Income Investment Trust plc. Between 1998 and 2013, Sharon was Finance Director and Company Secretary of Dobbies Garden Centres Ltd and between 1991 and 1998, she held a senior financial position within the retail division of John Menzies plc.







    Apppointed to the Board: May 1995


    Dermot has been a non-executive Director of the Company since May 1995. He is the Chairman and founder of International Investment and Underwriting (UC), a private equity company based in Dublin. He has investments in a variety of start-up and established businesses worldwide, in the areas of financial services, technology, education, information systems, leisure, aviation, health and sport (including Celtic plc). He also promoted the establishment of a financial services centre in Dublin in 1986. Today more than 500 companies trade from the IFSC.







    Joined the Company: October 2003


    Peter Lawwell joined the Company in October 2003 from his position as commercial director with Clydeport plc. Previously he held senior positions with ICI, Hoffman-La-Roche and Scottish Coal. During the year Mr Lawwell served as a member of the Professional Game Board of the Scottish Football Association, the Board of the Scottish Football Association and the Board of the European Club Association.







    Apppointed to the Board: January 2016


    Chris McKay was appointed Financial Director and joined the Board in January 2016. Mr McKay spent 18 years in professional services, most recently in a senior position with global consultancy firm Deloitte which he left to join the company. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Deloitte in 2000 and has spent the last 15 years within the Financial Advisory area. He has extensive corporate financial advisory experience in many industries across the UK and International Markets.







    Apppointed to the Board: June 2005


    Brian Wilson was appointed as a non-executive Director in June 2005. Formerly a Member of Parliament, Mr Wilson also held several ministerial posts during his political career. He is an experienced journalist and writer and a director of several private companies including Harris Tweed Hebrides Limited and Havana Energy Limited. In 2011, he was named UK Global Director of the Year by the Institute of Directors and is a Trade Ambassador for the UK Government.










    Appointed: May 2013

  11. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Aguero gave out 60 watches to the staff at Man City, either Tag Heuer or Hublot, gave them all a raffle ticket and one person won his Range Rover and put 25k in their kitty for their Xmas whip round

  12. Paul’s tweet suggests Harkin has indeed knocked us back and we’re now using the “didn’t want him anyway” line.



    Just when you think things can’t get any worse! Since Friday we’ve managed to:



    – get a knock back from our first choice manager;


    – move to Plan B (if that) head coach and DoF option – only the head coach needs to wait and see if UEFA grants him a pass to allow him to coach; needs to try to get a work permit (probably through the appeal process), will need to self-isolate for 10 days, and his club won’t release him until they have a replacement. So he likely won’t be here until end June at the earliest. But it’s ok, our DoF will be in place doing the ground work;


    – oh….our DoF just knocked us back; and


    – rumours abound the Board are fighting like ferrets in a sack!



    If Lawell decided to exit on a full on scorched Earth campaign, he couldn’t do any more harm than he has done this year…Paul, if you truly have Lawell’s ear, maybe ask him what he wants his legacy to be – at the moment it’s not looking good at all and, unlike Fergus McCann, that won’t change with the benefit of passing time.




    Now that Bob Dylan has turned 80, will there be outrage and cries of betrayal when he swaps his acoustic Zimmer for an Electric Wheelchair?



    *I bought his first 6 albums and on going intae buy Blonde on Blonde in a wee record store on a lane between Dundas Street and Buchanan Street came out with the Beach Boys Summer Days and Summer Nights, driving around the Bonnie Banks in my lambretta with my wee blonde Mod lemon curd my music tastes were changing. Didnae stop me going tae see him up the toon though that summer.



    No much that I don’t know about him but came across a book called “The Double Side of Bob Dylan 1941-1966”.



    Very interesting and identifies one of his Minnesota girlfriends that most of us are aware of as he wrote the “Girl from the North Country” about her.

  14. LAMBERT14 on 1ST JUNE 2021 7:27 PM




    Can you name just one other individual from Celtic’s history in the boardroom who batted for our main rivals at our expense?





    Winning 29 trophies out of 51 – 57% success rate. Main rivals 11 – 22% success rate. If that’s someone who ‘batted for our main rivals – then let’s hope that Dom is similarly inclined.



    Standing firm when ‘our main rival’ was committing suicide by debt – if that’s ‘batting’ for them – then let’s hope that Dom can do likewise.



    I’m afraid there is a section of the Celtic support who have made their mind up, for their own ‘private’ reasons, to hate PL – others have jumped on the bandwagon – it’s actually a rite of passage for some – to me that is pathetic!

  15. Disappointed that some earlier posters were at the very least casting doubt on the ability of our soon to be new CEO before he’s in place.



    Give the man a chance




    Uncle Jimmy



    “No, he’ll always be a Zimmerman!”



    😀 👏👋



    🤣 belter uncle jimmy,🖒

  17. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    St Stivs – re board composition ….



    … don’t disagree.



    Governance model and structure is sound but Messrs Bankier, Allison and Wilson have been there too long.



    Maybe not immediately as we embed new CEO but new NEDs needed sooner rather than later (IMHO).

  18. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Gene- players get a bad rep for various reasons, nice to hear a good story.HH

  19. JHB – Lawell got the CEO job in 2003, and of the 18 years he was in charge, “they” were not in the League for 4 years. Of the 14 years they were in the league, we won 9 and lost 5 – a 64% win rate. Of course for 3 of our wins, they were nowhere – 2011-12 they had points docked and for at least 2 seasons upon their “return” they weren’t a threat (finishing third behind Aberdeen in 2016-17 and 2017-18). So Lawell’s “success” in a straight shoot-out is 6-5 which looks much less good (especially as we were still miles ahead in Slippy G’s first two seasons (9 and 13 points respectively).

  20. Go tell the Spartim on

    I imagine the boardroom looks like a primary school class at Christmas, PL playing monopoly on his own, DD playing his own custom Celtic manager guess who, banker playing a special one off Celtic supporter buckaroo though they all join in when it’s hungry hippos. It’s def not a place for competent adults

  21. How the hell did we get to this stage…..imminent return of players for pre-season and an alleged root and branch review of all football operations that was going to set us up not just for this season but for many to come has delivered a bloody nose with the Howe debacle and now Harkin not in frame. I will renew but not in support of this board but an emotional attachment instilled in me from my dad who followed Celtic from an early age, he was born in 1929 so witnessed everything from the very highs of Lisbon to the lows of many years without a trophy and at times, hope. If he were here today he would be one of the first up at Celtic Park to challenge these so called custodians for the debacle they have created

  22. fourstonecoppi on

    Just watched the gem wer big Tam got the winner again the sheep 2017 SCF………………


    aye them wer the days!

  23. Gene


    i agree there regards DMK


    that is a powered post.and planning hopefully to recaliberate the Celtic machine into what it is built to do.Win.


    It is disappointing EH not coming but maybe with Harkin not comin it is a distancing in our relationship with the citeh group,


    i hope we are working hard at it.




  24. JHB – in addition, over Lawell’s 18 year tenure, we qualified for the Champions League proper on only 8 occasions, being beaten at qualification stage on 9 occasions. A less than 50% success rate…not exactly inspiring given we were knocked out by:











    Legia Warsaw/Maribor (in the same season – forgot about that shambles);




    AEK Athens;


    Cluj; and



  25. Kelvinbhoy Your old man like your good self mate was an an absolute gent HH 🍀

  26. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Tired now of every Celtic blogger typing his( there are no female bloggers) history of our club.



    Those who follow the teams, we’ve a league to win back and a new side of teenagers to support in the Lowland league.



    Do what you think is right to win us two leagues by May 2022 or…shut it. My timeline is different from yours.

  27. CardboardCSC on

    Hot smoked 8.42pm. Brilliant, sad that a fair few posters on here have never seen such a wonderful site. Maybe some on tv, probably the odd one from the away end! Hail Hail.

  28. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Postecoglou – holy crap.



    How did the Celtic Board / Pedro run through all possible managerial candidates and arrive at Postecoglou as being number two on the list?



    On what basis?



    Where on a long patchwork of a CV is the sign of a secret managerial guru?






    Paul67 – love you for what you do but ‘…his CV is spotless…’?!?!? – that’s nonsense and you must have known that even as you typed it. Really poor.



    Somebody stop the Celtic bus and kick Pedro off for the sake of our club.



    He has lost the plot – any sign of good – even realistic half-sensible – judgement has been binned in favour of pathetically bad executive foresight – the club is in a complete mess under his stewardship.



    Postecoglou – for Heaven’s sake – HOW DO YOU ARRIVE AT THAT BLOODY CONCLUSION!!!!!!



    I’m usually fairly chilled – but bloody Hell – what in God’s name are we up to!?!?!?



    And I read Harkin’s slinging us the rubber ear too – sounds like utter chaos behind the scenes at Celtic plc.









  29. GORDON64 on 1ST JUNE 2021 9:02 PM


    Kelvinbhoy Your old man like your good self mate was an an absolute gent HH 🍀





    What big Gordon said 🍀🏆