Postecoglou subs shut door on challenger hopes


Analysing Celtic performances has become more complicated recently.  The first half in Dingwall saw the visitors create enough chances to be four goals ahead; Kyogo, alone, scored, hit the crossbar and had the easiest chance of the game saved.  After the break, Malky Mackay tightened the middle of the park to such an extent that Celtic spent 20 minutes in a battle of attrition with Ross County until three substitutions sorted things out.  The outcome was never in any serious doubt, but it took a goal from Jota in the closing minutes to confirm the points were heading back to Glasgow.

As you well know, we are at the stage of the season when the value of a SWOT analysis is less important than immediate outcomes.  A week after their first domestic defeat since September, Celtic wanted to shut the door on whatever hopes their immediate challengers had on narrowing the gap at the top.

Ross County had not lost at home since Celtic travelled there last year, the game presented a credible threat to Ange Postecoglou’s plans, but the manager was able to drop a gear when required and motor ahead.  Any serious doubts on where the title is going this season were surely extinguished with Jota’s clincher.

The movement, ability to float in the air and finish Kyogo showed at his goal reminded a few of us of a player we used to watch.  Whatever his comparative merits, he is undoubtedly a talent to be cherished.

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  1. boondock saint on

    My first ever in nearly twenty years.


    Id just like to thank my students for working so that I can Post this:))))))

  2. Kyogo also had a goal incorrectly ruled out for offside, as confirmed on Sportscene last night.



    It looked like a real mauling on the highlights

  3. !!Bada Bing!! on

    BSR- the silence after the assault on our physio from us and the SFA is a disgrace, but not a surprise, they should have at least been banned from CP on Sunday.

  4. It was a real mauling.



    Had the game been at any other time in the season I would have been sitting back waiting for the inevitable second goal, however, it’s not, and the nerves were shredded to bits waiting for it! Thanks Jota! por cierto

  5. bigrailroadblues on

    Good evening all from the Laurieston Bar. Lovely Guinness in one of the greatest Glasgow pubs.

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  7. Falling into the category of things you notice when re-watching goals…..



    1 – Huge assist has to go to Anthony Ralston for out first goal, watch his run drag two County players (including the left sided centre half) away from Jota to help create the space for the wee man to sling in a beauty.



    2 – Just before Jota slings in the aforementioned beauty watch Kyogo takes a glance behind him to see where the covering right back is and then exploit the space between him and the other centre half.



    3 – Watch Jota’s movement from the moment Giakoumakis swings his boot…he’s on the move immediately and anticipating exactly where the ball is going to spin down off the bar. The County defender was a good yard closer to the goal and favourite to clear but the wee man’s talent, reflexes and desire ensured a bulging onion bag.



    The game intelligence (natural or coached) in our players is an absolute joy to watch…the day after when you know the result!



  8. BOONDOCK SAINT on 25TH APRIL 2022 4:08 PM



    Daizen Maeda typed the first post for me





    Well done you on podium👍


    Daizen Maeda is doing brilliant for us eh? closing down,workmate,stamina.contribution as an individual and team player.fair filled in the loss of kyogos goals.


    All good dilemmas for huns on Sunday.







    Celtic40me,fine informed posting earlier mate.hh




  9. Like all top, top players Kyogo’s head and his eyes are never still. He’s a treasure!

  10. Bada



    Would a Fergus McCann remain silent on all of the shit that comes down the pike onto Celtic?



    Had Celtic withdrawn the 750 tickets of shame, there’s no question the SFA would have fined Celtic, their inaction when Scott Brown was attacked at the same venue, Celtic players abused at the main door, the shards of glass scandal, and the coin throwing, prove that its a bent game in Scotland.



    How much do they get away with ? the latest being the blanking out of the League sponsor which is already a matter for the courts. Celtic have been backed into a corner over ticket allocation and IMO it was a mistake to accept 750 tickets when Sevco first decided they couldn’t handle Celtic supporters with a proper Broomloan stand allocation



    Rainjurz were a national scandal, Sevco are just copy cats.

  11. Macargo,shrewd observations,smiling here.


    Haha,at first goal,as jota advanced,me and mate let out a big och, as he took right touch Instead of as we were expected him to advance to area,next touch he crosses and we score.🤣 The diff in watching n playin🤣




  12. The result was never in any doubt — there speaks the optimist in the room.



    With 15 minutes to go and in the aftermath of the second half dip and the 45 and 60 minuters falling out of the game I fear that plenty had doubts if possibly they won’t admit to them now.



    We should have been out of sight after a promising fist half with some exceptional play when things clicked. However the goals didn’t go in and so the first 45 minutes was straight out of CFC Central Casting when we spurn all to many and offer the opposition a lifeline to cling on to.



    The second half was a tough watch given how we struggled to match their new ambitions and had to rely on their limited talent to keep the game under our control.



    TR made a difference once he came on and we got the ball to him.



    Huge spaces opened up on the right and LA / AR made efforts to make the most of it.


    Even then we still did not look that composed or fluid — the interplay was not as direct as it should have been plus LA took sometime to get up to the speed needed to give their LB nightmares.



    Interesting that JNPF made the most of his opportunity in front of goal after a half where his efforts at generating chances had fallen away — good players are always looking for something to turn up and then prove how good they are by delivering.



    Good evening all from the Laurieston Bar. Lovely Guinness in one of the greatest Glasgow pubs.




    For some unknown reason, I thought the Laurieston Bar was a haunt frequented mainly by supporters of yon deid club?


    Am I wrong?




  14. Tom McLaughlin on

    BADA BING!! on 25TH APRIL 2022 4:12 PM


    BSR- the silence after the assault on our physio from us and the SFA is a disgrace, but not a surprise, they should have at least been banned from CP on Sunday.


    Celtic did mention the incident where a member of staff was injured but only to confirm that it happened and that they had reported it to the police who were investigating. What else do you want Celtic to say?



    A man has since been arrested and will appear in court. Apart from wondering what else Celtic can say, it is sub judice, which means that with a court case pending, they’re not allowed to say anything.

  15. AN TEARMANN on 25TH APRIL 2022 4:42 PM


    Macargo,shrewd observations,smiling here.




    As was I when I was typing…Ange is building something very special here, forgot about the way we play or the players for a moment…the connection between the team and the crowd is everything and the big gallus Greek Aussie knows it!

  16. bigrailroadblues on

    Call me Gerry, no mate, the pub is owned by the Clancy family. Lovely people, no racist shite allowed. Closed during huns games and orange parades unless you ring the bell. If they don’t know you, Tim,hun or whatever, no entry. Most of the kids and grandchildren are sb holders at Paradise but they take no nonsense.

  17. Paul67 et al



    I suppose if you believe that winning up in Dingwall wins you the SPL then it is natural, logical even to believe that the job is done the league is won, the hun’s undone, we’ve just begun, day in the sun, we hit a home run that’s all son, no more fun, we won’t be outdone…….



    To be continued……

  18. CaddingtonCommon on

    Scullsbhoy @ 4.55pm


    What memories.


    What a player.


    And btw he could sing a bit as well!


    Hail Hail


    Stay Safe

  19. boondock saint on

    Hi Folks,


    I don’t normally do this but would love if you could say a wee prayer for my brother Gerry. He took a stroke last week. Gerry is a mad Celtic fan and a mad person in general.






  20. Tom McLaughlin on

    Thoughts are with Gerry for a good and speedy recovery.



    Hail Hail Gerry ☘️

  21. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Rumours flying about Old Firm FC’s latest ad hoc revenue raiser.



    Apparently, there could be a



    “Guess the Weight of the Fat Colombian” competition on cup final day.



    I’ve heard that entries can be submitted up to 5 days before the Hampdump showcase ..



    .. but competition entrants will be warned that weight increase that week is almost inevitable and they enter early at their own risk.



    It is understood the winner will receive the equivalent in pounds (£) that El Feo Gordo gains in pounds (lbs) between cup final day and the first day of preseason training.



    So, could be a pretty penny up for grabs.

  22. TOM MCLAUGHLIN 25TH APRIL 2022 5:01 PM



    No need for specifics. A general statement would suffice. Short and sweet.



    ” In the interest of safety there will be no away allocation of tickets on Sunday 01-05 2022.


    As always, safety is our number one priority.”




  23. Tom McLaughlin on

    With reference to the comments in the previous article, I have been told by someone in a position to know that at the end of the season, the SPFL will withhold a sizeable portion of Old Firm FC’s payment for their finishing league position as compensation to CINCH for the club’s breach of sponsorship contract.



    When I suggested that surely the Ibrox club won’t accept that, I was told – what can they do apart from withdraw from the league?

  24. Tom McLaughlin on




    Sorry but what has that got to do with the bottle incident at Ibrox?



    Also, why would Celtic make such a statement when it is not true?

  25. It will be so sweet if we bury them on Sunday. It goes without saying we will be massively up for it, if we play the way we can with the crowd behind the team it will be a frenzy. I don’t want them anywhere near Seville so really hope RBL take 2 or 3 off them without reply and kill the tie in the first leg. Like a real demoraliser for them. Then we finish the job.

  26. Tom McLaughlin on




    Ah but will Third Lanark retain their history as the same club? How about Fourth Lanark?

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