Pot 4, decline of the Spanish empire


A cursory look at our fellow pot 4 Champions League teams shows the extent of the challenge.  Six of the eight teams lost: Steaua Bucharest (3-0), Austrian Vienna (0-1), Celtic (2-0), Real Sociedad (0-2), Plzen (0-3), Anderlecht (2-0).

Copenhagen got one of the better results of the night, a 1-1 draw at home to Italian champions, Juventus, while Napoli, who split Juve and Milan in the Italian league last season, but are still a pot 4 team, recorded the only bottom tier win, a 2-1 victory over last season’s finalists, Borussia Dortmund.

Napoli are in a different category than the rest but Celtic are in with a decent chance of out-performing others from pot 4.

Sociedad’s home reversal to Shakhter Donetsk, who are going through a rebuilding process was a shock, but Valencia’s 0-3 Europa League defeat to Swansea indicates a worrying scenario for Spanish football below the uber-indebted Barca and Real Madrid.  As a general rule, anything which undermines one of the economically powerful football nations should be welcomed by those disenfranchised by the size of their TV market (that’s us).

Shakhtar Karagandy put in a credible performance before going down 2-1 in Greece, a far better showing than Elfsborg’s 4-0 collapse in Salzburg.  Best of luck to the Kazaks.

I’ve been going to the football long enough to remember black players being booed whenever they touched the ball.  The phenomenon seemed to arrive here in the late 70s and faded around a decade later, although such is human nature I don’t think complacency is appropriate.  Homophobia is a different matter.

‘Out’ gay footballers are so rare I don’t know what the reaction would be at a match but the crowd-bullying phenomenon which can exist in the game makes any minority vulnerable.  The first step is to explain to the hard-of-thinking what they are doing, and the error of their ways.

Can rainbow coloured laces change the world?  Stonewall have distributed rainbow coloured laces to every player in the UK, asking them to wear them this weekend.  We’ll not see the WAGs acronym become WAGSABAH overnight but it feels like an appropriate, colourful, first step.

Keep reaching for that rainbow, Celtic.

1254125 at The Great Scottish Run.

On Sunday 6 October there is a 10k and Half Marathon.  If that is beyond you. There are family events taking place the day before. This is your club, remind the world of what really counts and get involved in 1254125.

The first thing you need to do is sign up for the Great Scottish Run, or here for one of the family events.

Once you’ve done that, you can register for the 1254125 campaign here.

Then you can create a donations page here.  Click Start Fundraising, search for Celtic Charity, setup your My Donate account).

Email me and let me know if you are having trouble signing up or need any more help, celticquicknews@gmail.com.

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  1. tomtheleedstim



    13:07 on 20 September, 2013



    ‘Philvis was great value.


    He disappeared around the time Thatcher pegged it.’








    Was it not around the time that a tech savvy poster explained how he invariably managed to secure first place on the podium?



    Bit like the unmasking of the Wizard of Oz.

  2. Turkeybhoy



    13:51 on 20 September, 2013



    ‘Asked this on the last blog,but a bit late.


    Can anyone enlighten me?.Should the huns be referred to in every mention,”The Rangers International”.







    Air quotes is probably the best method in conversation.

  3. Paul,



    Don’t often disagree with your posts, but . “Good luck to the Kazaks?”



    I thought they were a bunch of dirty players, way over-physical and relying on a ref who seemed caught out with their level of barbarous tackles, pulling, tripping. The irony of them losing the tie in time addedd on, when they feigned injury, lay down writhing on the turf, their ‘keeper taking ages and ages over bye kicks? No, for me they got what they deserved and personally I hope they get stuffed and finish bottom of their mini league.

  4. .



    Oh BeeJeezus..I Hope Ole SydneyTim is in Bed..




    The Celtic boss says they do not posses a proven goalscorer like Lionel Messi or Robin van Persie.


    “We don’t have £20m or £30m to spend on a striker like that,” he said.




  5. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    There are lots of reasons why bhoys disappear off here; some flounce, some are scunnered by the overwhelming negativity/positivity, some find better things to do.



    Some unfortunately get ill.



    And some [ like Platowasatim or the Narrowboat Tim] return from exile

  6. Paul67 et al



    Red and yellow and pink and green



    Purple and orange and blue*



    I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow too






    * might need to rewrite that bit

  7. Turkeybhoy






    Pleased tae Meetya..



    Pukki,wull Dae.



    A Stokesy , Pukki , Pairing.. wid be Ma ideal .. Dual Striking Partnership.



    Wan that wid be..


    Made in Paradise.



    Stokesy,is a Great Inside Left..and He wull Feed Pukki.. and Pukki wull




    Eat it Up.. fur.. He disnae Miss Any..



    And ye know..



    Ah Am never the wan tae Complain. if



    A Striker’s Wan and Only Talent.. is



    “He disnae Miss Many.”



    Fur, a Striker who Takes his Chances.. is.. in Ma Opinion..



    Pure Gold.



    And.. Ah am Told.. and of course ,it is still tae be verified..






    “Pukki, Disnae Miss the Easy Wans..and Has a Good Average of Not Missin the Tough Wans.. Eethur”






    Stokesy and Pukki.. could be The best Double Act. Since..



    Bill n Ben… the Flower Pot .Men.



    We’ll See.



    Won’t We??



    Nice Chattin,pally..






  8. Summa:



    how many strikers are there are at Celtic, and bear in mind last season Tony Stokes, whom I always said was a better football player than Hopper, but not as much a headline grabber, was never promoted a striker?



    How many ‘real’ penalty box strikers play for Celtic today? Never forgetting we are a big, champions league, forward looking, club.



    Doesn’t that side letter in endorsement to the five way agreement stink to the high heavens of rotten fish and moral puke.

  9. Kojo



    13:51 on 20 September, 2013






    at 13.03.



    jist in fae the jiggin’






    Great tae Greet ye..



    Ye know..



    Ah Nevah Comment oan .. the Subject of Gays.. oan here.



    But, Ah wull mak an exception.. this time.



    Awe awe Ma Workin’ Life.. Ah hiv bin in the Company of.. Gays.



    In Ma Joab..as they say.. “It comes wi’ the Territory.”



    Hiving said that..



    Ah hiv found..



    That Gays are Always the Most Remarkably Talented Grouping, in whitevah field


    of Endeavour, in which they Ply thur Talents.



    And they are Needed.



    Yes, They Ur..



    Ah could gie ye a Whold Screed of Famous Gays.. who have added an enormous


    Contribution tae the World.



    and, yes..


    It wid be a far Greyer World.. Without their Remarkable Input.



    Godot, In His Wisdom.. Made sure that they wur thrown intae the Mix.. when he Created his Creatures.



    There is a Cliché.. which Ah wull repeat..



    Ah hiv a bunch of Friends who are Gay.. and They are the Most Stolid, True.. and Faithful Friends that Ah guy Could Hiv..



    Ah could go oan a loat mair ,oan this Subject..



    But, Ah wullnae..



    Suffice tae Say..



    Gays are Great!



    And Christ in his Teaching..Laid it oan the Line.



    Judge Ye not.. Lest that You Be Judged.



    This is the Last Time that Ah wull Broach this Particular Subject.



    Nice Chatting Pal, Always a Pleasure..





    Still Laughin’





    Thanks m8ty.



    The EL story teller likes a lot of drama in his Amazing story. The garden of Eden is the most transient place ever, or is it?

  10. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on

    lilys grandpa-me and lily backing oscar



    13:49 on 20 September, 2013


    BMCUW 13.36,



    Thats bad craic,Annie Millers telling you they were shut of a Saturday…:)









    Disnae matter,The Bristol is a goer anytime.



    Nae chance of a few hours with you?

  11. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    33/1 winnet at first at ayr


    Hppe one of the bhoys was on that one..

  12. Turkeybhoy-I thought Pukki’s jersey last week was a size too small !! Maybe he goes for the streamlined look :} I posted last night that Pukki,Derk,Biton and Rogic need real game time now if we are going to try and change,and hopefully improve the team.20 minutes here and there is not enough.

  13. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Most billy goats are gay.



    They are in denial about this [hence the beards] but they’d rather listen to Judy Garland than steal your washing.

  14. Tomorrow





    Lustig Ambrose Van Dijk Mulgrew


    Brown Biton Rogic Boerrigter


    Pukki Stokes



    Subs Zaluska Matthews Izaguirre Balde Samaras Commons Atajic

  15. Philbhoy - Bring it on!!!! on




    Horrible news mate!



    Prayers said for those he leaves behind.



    Rest in peace Conor.

  16. ernie lynch – you might be right mate. I prefer to think of him of a funny, right wing, capitalist sulker rather than an unmasked podium cheat.

  17. A big thank you for all on CQN who have signed up to support PE01491 on the registration of secret society membership by judges and jurors etc. There is another very important thing I would ask you to do and it just takes a minute?



    Please go to the site and click on the Twitter or Facebook link. By doing this you will send the Scottish Parliament’s logo and link to the petition to those who follow/share with you.



    The link for Twitter/Facebook, etc is under “Share this petition” shown here: http://www.saveourglen.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Doc350.jpg



    I confess that I missed this facility for weeks. It is handy as it lets the petition link, with or without your own personal message, to be shared.



    Parliament logo looks good too and remember the site doesn’t need your home address and only shows the name and country of the supporter.

  18. Doesn’t that side letter in endorsement to the five way agreement stink to the high heavens of rotten fish and moral puke.



    Oh! for the love of God man… I’m trying out the latest ‘cheese on toast’ recipe.



    Head in the sand, arse pointed to the sky, and violently violated and it was not your fault… it was never your fault. Never, after all, your head was in the sand.



    It is in BLACK AND WHITE, and it was on the SPL letter head.



    What does that mean?



    Who signed up to it?






    For me to keep my faith, somebody who knows, not somebody who wants to see their name, somebody who knows please tell me that Celtic were not party to this and please prove it.

  19. Petec



    Thanks fur the Nod.



    Yes.. The Gairden of Eden.. Tells the Story of Story of the Nature of Man.. n . Wumman..and Snakes and Trees ..




    And it all Boils doon tae this..



    “KNOWEDGE is The Most DANGEROUS Weapon that a Person could Hiv ,at his or Her Disposal..



    It is the Root of Awe Evil…But.. it can Can Flower into the Fruit of Goodness.”



    Godot, Created .. Good And Evil..



    He knew whit he wiz Daeing..



    Noo.. Ah dinnae .. but, Ah kin mak a Guess..



    And Ma Guess is..



    Ye Must Hiv Evil… It is Essential..



    in order fur Goodness tae Flourish.









    Still.. Laughin’

  20. What are your views on the side letter Paul67?



    What are Celtic’s views on the side letter?



    Maybe the side letter meant hee-haw.

  21. lilys grandpa-Me and Lily backing Oscar on

    BMCUW, 14.10,



    I would be a pleasure. I can assure you Ill give it my best shot, very much appreciated.






    Ps See you in the Bristol :)

  22. South of Tunis/TallyBhoy or any other Italian based Celts



    Myself and Mrs Sandino are going to Florence next Tuesday for 4 days. Any recommendations regarding good restaurants ?



    By coincidence I see the World Cycling Championships are being held in Florence whilst we are there. A nice surprise to be there at the centre of a big sporting occasion.




  23. You can break every rule in the book, we don’t care.



    You can cheat who you want, we don’t care.



    You can deceive who you want, whether they are part of our industry, or just a customer, we don’t care.



    I really do hope, in my heart of hearts, that the club that means so much to me, well I hope my club never endorsed the above. But I hope to win the lottery tomorrow too.

  24. Will somebody go on record and unequivocally state that Celtic were not aware of the ‘five way agreement’ and the SPL ‘side letter’?



    Do you know anything about this?

  25. Kojo,



    I mentioned earlier about knowledge and power. I fully subscribed to that old FACT for all of my Life. Now, Knowledge is dangerous, extremely dangerous unless the holder of it is grounded soundly by Biblical Fundamentals.



    Thanks for reinforcing my point of view.



    OOH aAh, up the Samaras!!

  26. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on




    Mail me at






    and I’ll let you know where we’ll be.



    Be great to meet you,mate-and you can be assured you’ll be far from the oldest.



    By the end of the night,loads of us will feel older than my Dad,who’ll also be there.



    Wish I knew how he did it….

  27. .



    Celtic Mac


    14:05 on


    20 September, 2013


    Paul67 et al



    Red and yellow and pink and green



    Purple and orange and blue*






    Red and Yellow and Black and White..



    All the Colours of the World..




  28. lilys grandpa-Me and Lily backing Oscar on




    HAHA…. Us old yins have the secret, email on its way in one min



    lilys grandpa

  29. .






    l don’t know what the Five Way agreement is..



    I Don’t read anything on here that Remotely sounds Legal..



    As lt makes me Start twitching Like Alex the Hurricane Higgins in Mid-Flight circa 1070’s..;=)







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