Pot 4, decline of the Spanish empire


A cursory look at our fellow pot 4 Champions League teams shows the extent of the challenge.  Six of the eight teams lost: Steaua Bucharest (3-0), Austrian Vienna (0-1), Celtic (2-0), Real Sociedad (0-2), Plzen (0-3), Anderlecht (2-0).

Copenhagen got one of the better results of the night, a 1-1 draw at home to Italian champions, Juventus, while Napoli, who split Juve and Milan in the Italian league last season, but are still a pot 4 team, recorded the only bottom tier win, a 2-1 victory over last season’s finalists, Borussia Dortmund.

Napoli are in a different category than the rest but Celtic are in with a decent chance of out-performing others from pot 4.

Sociedad’s home reversal to Shakhter Donetsk, who are going through a rebuilding process was a shock, but Valencia’s 0-3 Europa League defeat to Swansea indicates a worrying scenario for Spanish football below the uber-indebted Barca and Real Madrid.  As a general rule, anything which undermines one of the economically powerful football nations should be welcomed by those disenfranchised by the size of their TV market (that’s us).

Shakhtar Karagandy put in a credible performance before going down 2-1 in Greece, a far better showing than Elfsborg’s 4-0 collapse in Salzburg.  Best of luck to the Kazaks.

I’ve been going to the football long enough to remember black players being booed whenever they touched the ball.  The phenomenon seemed to arrive here in the late 70s and faded around a decade later, although such is human nature I don’t think complacency is appropriate.  Homophobia is a different matter.

‘Out’ gay footballers are so rare I don’t know what the reaction would be at a match but the crowd-bullying phenomenon which can exist in the game makes any minority vulnerable.  The first step is to explain to the hard-of-thinking what they are doing, and the error of their ways.

Can rainbow coloured laces change the world?  Stonewall have distributed rainbow coloured laces to every player in the UK, asking them to wear them this weekend.  We’ll not see the WAGs acronym become WAGSABAH overnight but it feels like an appropriate, colourful, first step.

Keep reaching for that rainbow, Celtic.

1254125 at The Great Scottish Run.

On Sunday 6 October there is a 10k and Half Marathon.  If that is beyond you. There are family events taking place the day before. This is your club, remind the world of what really counts and get involved in 1254125.

The first thing you need to do is sign up for the Great Scottish Run, or here for one of the family events.

Once you’ve done that, you can register for the 1254125 campaign here.

Then you can create a donations page here.  Click Start Fundraising, search for Celtic Charity, setup your My Donate account).

Email me and let me know if you are having trouble signing up or need any more help, celticquicknews@gmail.com.

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  1. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Tomatoes are fruit.



    That’s knowledge.



    Not puttin’ them in an ole fruit salad



    That’s wisdom.

  2. Zbyszek mówi, trzymaj się Oscar on

    As I mentioned few days back these football authorities from FIFA and UEFA are highest level hypocrites. In the same week FIFA urges Russia on new law discriminating gays and they sign contract with national company that is Gazprom.

  3. If philsivis comes back or anyone has a contact number for him



    Can they tell him I have misplaced the recipe for a sauce to serve with SWAN


    that he posted on here for me.



    I know its started with tears of Orphans but cant remember the rest



    : > )

  4. I used to think I knew nothing about football based purely on the fact that I was by my own perceptions not very good at playing the game however……..



    If you watch enough of something long enough with enough intelligence you can form reasonably accurate and valid opinions so on that basis……



    Virgil is the best footballing CH we have had since Paul Elliot (who was a top class footballer)



    Bitton will very soon become a midfield lynchpin…at whose expense I do not care.



    Derk may deliver on the big stage when playing on big pitches.



    Puuki on the evidence so far is already a better footballer than Hooper will ever be and will score as many goals as Hooper every season.



    People should look back at the Jock Stein interview sans eve of Lisbon interview…..reporter suggests that Bertie Auld was a failure at Birmingham (who the **** are they exactly?)



    One Henrik Larsson was on his way back to Sweden from Holland with his tail between his professional legs when Wim brought him to Celtic?



    The rest as they say is history………..



    Virgil, Puuki, Derk, Biton and Rogic eta al should be judged at the end of a season on their achievements not against players who have been moved on for whatever reason.



    A team has to constantly evolve or it will die…..its all about managing change better than your opponents.



    I’ve stood in the Jungle of yore, up to my ankles in piss and watched far superior players to what we have now but we progress and move on and now we have an amazing stadium, robust and transparent accounts, monies in reserve, a young manager who’s star is in the ascendancy (bonus ball- he is one of us).



    We are in a position where we are getting confident of making the group stages every year even though we need to play 3 qualifiers.


    We have the basic ingredients in the pot….we just need that extra “badda badda bing” to propel us to the magical places.



    Thats what was missing against Milan.



    Maybe we already have it but it is yet to show……we shall see.



    No one knew the Lions were great until they actually became great.




    “Theres never a great time to be a Tim……….its always great”

  5. Petec



    Sammi,is a Force of Nature.



    And.. As ye know..



    Nature,is a Fickle Force!



    It Blows Hoat..and it ..well.. Blows.. Cool.



    Yes.. that’s it.. Ah’ve Goat that Right,awe Right..




    Sammi, is a Force of Nature.



    Time fur Neil, tae Post Sammi.. Permanently.. oan the Left Wing.



    Noo..if Neil, Diz that.. then



    Boeriggter, Must be Made intae a Right Winger.



    And.. Kin That be done?









    That’s Anither Fine Mess Ye hiv Goat us intae… Ollie!



    But, Stanley.. Signing a Left Winger.. Seemed a Guid Idea.. At the Time!






  6. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Thank you to all who offered prayers and kind thoughts on the passing of young Conor Boyle.




    Another tragic road accident, claiming another young life.




  7. Summa:



    Thank God, the ‘five way agreement’ and the ‘SPL Side Letter’ were mere myth, and Celtic were just merely duped at best; after all, there is a nasty dose of duping going around.

  8. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    a stor mo chroi



    14:29 on20 September, 2013



    For the record Paul67 has said exactly that and not much since he has. Which not so much makes me doubt him but his source







  9. lilys grandpa-Me and Lily backing Oscar on



    Apologies for being such an ignoramous, condolences to your young friends family, and RIP,




  10. Got sent this in an e-mail, buggered if I can figure out what it means, if anything, buggered if I can tell if it is genuine… but who knows?





    Dear Sirs,











    With reference to the agreement executed by the SPL (defined below) on even date with this letteramong:(1)






    a company incorporated in Scotland(registered number






    ) whose registered office is at Hampden Park, Glasgow G429AY (the ”












    a company incorporated in Scotland (registerednumber






    ) whose registered office is at Hampden Park, Glasgow G42 9AY (the”












    an unincorporated association acting through its Boardhaving its principal place of business at





    Hampden Park, Glasgow G42 9EB (the ”












    a company incorporated inScotland (registered number






    ) whose registered office is at Ibrox Stadium, 150Edmiston Drive, Glasgow G51 2XD (”






    “), acting through the Joint Administrators (definedbelow); and(5)






    , a company incorporated in Scotland (registered numberSC425159) whose registered office is at Ibrox Stadium, 150 Edmiston Drive, Glasgow G512XD














    (“the Agreement”)



    and subject always to the Agreement being executed by all of the parties theretoand Completion (as defined in the Agreement) taking and have taken place, the SPL herebyundertakes solely and exclusively to Sevco and to no other Person (defined below), thatnotwithstanding clause 2.1 of the Agreement that the SPL shall not after Completion take orcommence disciplinary proceedings against Sevco under and in terms of the SPL Rules (as defined inthe Agreement) for an alleged breach of the SPL Articles (as defined in the Agreement) and/or theSPL Rules by RFC and/or Rangers FC (as defined in the Agreement) prior to Completion in respect of any EBT Payments and Arrangements (as defined below), except where any such EBT Payments andArrangements shall constitute a CW Enduring Act or Acts (as defined in the Agreement)






    .In this letter:



    “EBT Payments and Arrangements”



    means payments made by RFC into an employee benefit trustor trusts and/or payments made by RFC into sub trusts of such trust or trusts and/or payments bysuch trusts and/or sub trusts and any and all arrangements, agreements and/or undertakings relatingto or concerning such payments; and,






















    includes individuals, firms, partnerships, companies, corporations, associations,organisations, governments, states, foundations, clubs and trusts, in each case whether or not havingseparate legal personality.The Undertaking is for the benefit of and only for the benefit of Sevco and may not be relied upon for any purpose or purposes by any Person other Sevco and the benefit of all or part of this letter and/or the Undertaking may not be assigned.Sevco must keep and maintain the existence of this letter, the terms hereof and the Undertaking inthe strictest confidence and shall not disclose such existence, terms and/or the Undertaking to anyother Person except in circumstances where Sevco is required by law so to do or where suchdisclosure is made in circumstance of disciplinary or other proceedings to which the SPL is a partyand where Sevco seeks to rely on such terms and/or the Undertaking in such disciplinary or other proceedings. In the event that Sevco shall by itself, its officers, employees or agents, except incircumstances expressly permitted by this letter, fail to keep and maintain the existence of this letter,the terms hereof and/or the Undertaking in the strictest confidence or Sevco shall purport to assignthe benefit of all or part of this letter and/or the Undertaking the SPL shall be entitled by notice inwriting to Sevco to terminate the benefit of this letter and the Undertaking.



    Yours faithfullyNeil DoncasterChief ExecutiveFor and on behalf of the SPL………………………………………… (Witness Signature)………………………………………… (Name)………………………………………… (Date)We, Sevco acknowledge receipt of this letter and agree to the terms and conditions set out in thisletter, including as to confidentiality, on which the Undertaking is given……………………………………….. (Signature)………………………………………. (Name)DirectorFor and on behalf of Sevco……………………………………… (Date)………………………………………… (Witness Signature)

  11. Kojo 14:45



    And where does the Amazing James Forrest go when he is back to full fitness? ;))))



    Things are looking very good for Celtic, we are genuinely on the cusp of something really Special and everyone at the Club deserves praise for this.



    I’m still annoyed that Neil was not supported better this Summer, hopefully he is never put in that position again because it was just not right.



    This is just the Beginning.

  12. saint stivs



    Thanks for the link to Joseph McGroary.



    The brief bio info was tantalising.



    What made a qualified solicitor who helped form/organize Celtic decide 10 years later to move to Brooklyn in the USA and never return to Glasgow?



    Love, fortune, opportunity…




  13. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Perhaps calling Anthony Stokes a striker is repeating the misconception that labelled Sammi a striker.



    I think that AS is an attacking midfielder, or old fashioned inside left.



    He lacks pace, can’t tackle, but has good control and can see a pass.



    He reminds me a bit of Johnny Divers, of the early 60’s.



    I’m in a minority, but I think it was a mistake playing him up top on Wedneday, unless we were looking for a 0-0.



    Mexes and co never broke sweat.

  14. .



    Hyuri’s bright start heals wounds of Vitinho’s Botafogo exit



    I had to feel sorry for a Botafogo fan sitting near the press box in a match in the Maracana last week. He had splashed out on an official shirt – which would not have been cheap – and emblazoned on the back was ’31 Vitinho’.


    The object of his admiration was an excellent addition to the Botafogo first team – while he was there. Spearheaded by Clarence Seedorf, they continue to enjoy a splendid campaign. With the Brazilian Championship just past the halfway stage, the Rio club are second, and face an important game this Wednesday away to leaders Cruzeiro.


    Seedorf has proved a magnificent signing. When the former Netherlands international arrived little more than a year ago, even coach Oswaldo de Oliveira was unsure where he would fit in the wide open spaces of Brazilian midfields.


    In the event, Seedorf has stamped his talent and personality on the club to such an extent that the game takes place wherever he might be. He can drift all across the midfield line in the team’s loose 4-2-3-1 system. He can drop deep to organise. And he even spends some time in the centre-forward slot. But wherever he is, Seedorf is at the centre of the action.




    Of course, he needs to be housed in a suitable line-up. And with Botafogo, as with all clubs who play a 4-2-3-1 formation, things work much better with a speed merchant in the line of three. If not, there is a danger that all the play with take place in front of the opposing defence – with no one to crash through it.


    This was where Vitinho came in. Raw but strong and skilful, the 19-year-old from Rio supplied the speed to latch on to Seedorf’s defence-splitting passes. In his debut campaign, he was making a big impression. But before the championship reached halfway – and shortly after our friend in the stands invested in a shirt with his name on it – he was sold.


    CSKA Moscow came in with a bid. Their offer of 10 million Euros covered his buy-out clause. The Russian club offered a sizeable salary increase. And to Botafogo’s consternation (they only owned 60% of him, and accumulated debts make it unlikely they will see any of their share of the fee), Vitinho was off.


    Some of their supporters were outraged, and scrawled slogans of protest on the club walls. But just over two weeks later, no is protesting any more. It seems as if Botafogo have been able to clone their new star. Exit Vitinho, enter Hyuri.


    A few days ago, Hyuri was not even a household name in his own home. After four games and three wonderful goals, the 21-year-old is Botafogo’s new idol. In post-match interviews, he comes across as thoughtful and intelligent, attributes which will be a big help as he comes to terms with his new status. The club will have to mass produce shirts with his name and number 17 on the back, because there will be a demand for them.



    This story is a testament to Brazilian football’s unrivalled capacity to renew itself by continually throwing up new players. Part of this is due to the constant selling. After all, Vitinho grabbed his opportunity after Botafogo sold attacking midfielders Andrezinho and Fellype Gabriel. The sale of Vitinho opens up space for Hyuri.


    The positive side of this, for a young player, is that there is a good chance of first-team opportunities. The negative is that he can be treated like a commodity. Both Vitinho and Hyuri, for example, were groomed by a Rio club started a few years ago by a supermarket.


    Paulinho, now of Tottenham, began with the Sao Paulo version of the same project – and found himself quickly in Europe, with spells in Lithuania and Poland proving so unhappy that he considered giving up the game.


    The young South American can find himself under pressure from agents and investors, often his club and sometimes even close family members, to jump at the first money-making offer that comes along, regardless of the long-term consequences for his career.




    The promising young British player faces a different set of circumstances. This Thursday, for example, Tottenham begin their Europa League group campaign with a home game against Tromso of Norway. At the end of August, I was at White Hart Lane to see them guarantee their place with an 8-0 aggregate win over Dinamo Tbilisi. The second leg featured an eye-catching performance from slightly-built midfielder Tom Carroll, who passed the ball quickly and intelligently with his splendid left foot. His clever lay back set up a goal for Lewis Holtby.


    If he came from Rio rather than Watford, Carroll would probably be a first-team regular with a major local club, and wonderkid status would have been bestowed upon him – with all of the opportunities and problems this can bring.


    Instead, now that Tottenham’s Europa League bid starts in earnest, he is elsewhere. Expensive signings Erik Lamela and Christian Eriksen have been brought in and, lower down the pecking order, Carroll has been loaned out for the third time in his brief career, this time to Queen’s Park Rangers. Such moves can help give a player experience. But they can also stall a career, as his new team have no stake in his long-term development.


    Things may have happened too fast for Vitinho, or it could be that the chances have come at the right time. Tom Carroll may have been held back, or is perhaps he is being brought along at exactly the correct speed. Only time will tell. No one size approach fits all. But their starting point has a major effect on their journey.




  15. marti sandino supports wee oscar



    14:21 on 20 September, 2013



    Marti, don’t know where you’re staying, but you could try any restaurant along Borgo Ognissanti. For a special Florentine steak, try “Perseus” next to Piazza della Liberta.



  16. GreenDreamz



    Ah applaud yer Perspicacity!



    Yes.. Ah believe that this Current New Player Summer Intake,


    wull be a very Commendable wan.



    It wull prove the old Adage..



    “When it Rains … it Pours”..and That Includes… Good Fortune, Bad Fortune..and


    yer Mammy’s Silver Salt Cellar,as Weel!



    Yes,, Neil and Company hiv Really gone and Done a Beezer o’ a Jack Horner..



    by Pulling oot… this Succulent Bunch of New Plums!





    Stilll, Laughin

  17. greendreamz-with respect Elliott wasn’t the best on the deck,VVD is maybe best since Stubbs for me.HH

  18. greendreamz



    14:41 on 20 September, 2013,



    Like yourself I don’t profess to being a football tactician…your post was spot on.



    We have a lot of players, that if they are nurtured and guided in the celtic way, by Neil and his staff, we will have a formidable team.



    We’re halfway there and if need be, a cash injection from the board could put us into another level…a team to be feared.HH

  19. Summa,



    the ‘five way agreement’ is arse wipe compared to the above.



    Who signed up to the above?

  20. thomthethim,



    I missed the post about Conor, may he rest in peace and I Pray that all his family and friends get through this.



    I travel to collect my Son every weekend and he is 13 now, it is incredibly sad/amazing to see the same places with flowers placed regularly. Every Time I pass by those flowers, I say a little Prayer that the ones Grieving are OK.



    it is the small things

  21. A stor



    The famous letter from Lottie’s site.



    The one that guaranteed that no disciplinary action would be taken against Sevco for any EBT cheating. This Agreement was in place before LNS enquiry into said EBT cheating.



    As to its provenance – well who knows? But since Lottie is/has been shut down by legal means it does suggest that she was too close for the comfort of some of those implicated.




  22. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    It’s far, far too early to say which of our new players will make it.



    This time last year hoopslegend Tony Watt was beating Barcelona, where is he now?



    And even if the likes of Virgil are the real deal, once sufficient money comes in they’ll be off.



    So the challenge for the manager is not team building, it’s team re-building, over a very short time frame.

  23. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo :



    So either Celtic were complicit or they were ‘duped’, and Paul67 hasn’t got a clue what is going on, or we have a nice wee deceitful conspiracy ongoing and so many are spoilt they can’t possibly come clean or even go to confession.

  24. Another reason to celebrate the demise of that old chestnut, the ‘Old Firm’ game:



    http://sgo.sagepub.com/content/3/3/2158244013504207.full (A Scottish Funding Council / Scottish School of Public Health Research-funded study looking at the number of domestic (violence) incidents reported to Strathclyde Police between 2008 and 2011 in the 24 hours following these matches, and comparing it with the number reported during two appropriate comparator periods.)



    It would have been interesting to have a breakdown of the stats to show the levels of domestic abuse in relation to the result of each game …




  25. Anyone any idea on the best/cheapest way to get car insurance for a 22 year old who has only had a licence for 9 months

  26. Dontbrattbakkinanger



    15:01 on 20 September, 2013



    It’s far, far too early to say which of our new players will make it.



    This time last year hoopslegend Tony Watt was beating Barcelona, where is he now?



    And even if the likes of Virgil are the real deal, once sufficient money comes in they’ll be off.



    So the challenge for the manager is not team building, it’s team re-building, over a very short time frame.





    I hope this changes the more successful we become. It is imperative we boost up the Scottish game, I don’t have the answers to this, but I know Celtic will have good ideas about doing it.



    The turnaround of players is going to be a lot, but there will be a few who stay and really drive Celtic on further.



    Wednesday night was a Massive performance IMO, as it says Celtic are coaching players extremely well.




  27. DBBIA



    “And even if the likes of Virgil are the real deal, once sufficient money comes in they’ll be off.”



    Bah humbug! Wrong side of bed for you this morning was it, sir?




  28. Son to father…



    “to infinity and beyond”



    Father to son…



    “What the feck fer?”



    Son to father…



    “Maybe, just maybe, somewhere in the cosmos is a striker that Celtic can afford”.



    Father to son…



    “I don’t want flowers at my funeral, I’d rather the money went to Celtic in their galatic search for a striker”.



    Son to father…



    “Dad, yer gettin’ roses”

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