Pot 4, decline of the Spanish empire


A cursory look at our fellow pot 4 Champions League teams shows the extent of the challenge.  Six of the eight teams lost: Steaua Bucharest (3-0), Austrian Vienna (0-1), Celtic (2-0), Real Sociedad (0-2), Plzen (0-3), Anderlecht (2-0).

Copenhagen got one of the better results of the night, a 1-1 draw at home to Italian champions, Juventus, while Napoli, who split Juve and Milan in the Italian league last season, but are still a pot 4 team, recorded the only bottom tier win, a 2-1 victory over last season’s finalists, Borussia Dortmund.

Napoli are in a different category than the rest but Celtic are in with a decent chance of out-performing others from pot 4.

Sociedad’s home reversal to Shakhter Donetsk, who are going through a rebuilding process was a shock, but Valencia’s 0-3 Europa League defeat to Swansea indicates a worrying scenario for Spanish football below the uber-indebted Barca and Real Madrid.  As a general rule, anything which undermines one of the economically powerful football nations should be welcomed by those disenfranchised by the size of their TV market (that’s us).

Shakhtar Karagandy put in a credible performance before going down 2-1 in Greece, a far better showing than Elfsborg’s 4-0 collapse in Salzburg.  Best of luck to the Kazaks.

I’ve been going to the football long enough to remember black players being booed whenever they touched the ball.  The phenomenon seemed to arrive here in the late 70s and faded around a decade later, although such is human nature I don’t think complacency is appropriate.  Homophobia is a different matter.

‘Out’ gay footballers are so rare I don’t know what the reaction would be at a match but the crowd-bullying phenomenon which can exist in the game makes any minority vulnerable.  The first step is to explain to the hard-of-thinking what they are doing, and the error of their ways.

Can rainbow coloured laces change the world?  Stonewall have distributed rainbow coloured laces to every player in the UK, asking them to wear them this weekend.  We’ll not see the WAGs acronym become WAGSABAH overnight but it feels like an appropriate, colourful, first step.

Keep reaching for that rainbow, Celtic.

1254125 at The Great Scottish Run.

On Sunday 6 October there is a 10k and Half Marathon.  If that is beyond you. There are family events taking place the day before. This is your club, remind the world of what really counts and get involved in 1254125.

The first thing you need to do is sign up for the Great Scottish Run, or here for one of the family events.

Once you’ve done that, you can register for the 1254125 campaign here.

Then you can create a donations page here.  Click Start Fundraising, search for Celtic Charity, setup your My Donate account).

Email me and let me know if you are having trouble signing up or need any more help, celticquicknews@gmail.com.

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  1. Turkeybhoy



    Can you tell which other club in Europe was prepared to pay £5M for AB?


    Surely one must have thought that was a bargain?



    No that’s right no club was prepared to lash out on a guy who this time last year cost only £500,000 and has only scored goals in a second rate league


    Or do you think we should have signed Higdon or McKay?



    At £2m he was was worth a punt – anything more would have been silly!




    On Lenny



    Have to agree that we made a mistake in not taking the point that was on offer


    It’s easy to say with hindsight but 0-0 would have been a fantastic result


    However it must be really tempting when it looks as though a team with the reputation of Milan look to be there for the taking


    I think that the management team got up a bit too in the game and when for the Hollywood result instead of taking it more cautiously and settling for a draw


    This is not meant as a big criticism of the management team as they have made huge strides since they got the job


    But if we want to keep progressing then we need to work on those small margins that can make huge differences at CL level




  2. a stor mo chroi



    16:43 on 20 September, 2013,



    I think our boards endgame is to get out of Scottish football. The more plaudits we get in our participation in the cl and the demise of the new huns the more the gap becomes.



    Down south is where the moneyis and if they think newco will implode into a position they are no longer competitive with us, a door maybe open.



    If not,we just keep them in the gutter by winning.HH

  3. I might be wrong, but re. the so-called “5-way agreement”, was it not a secret agreement, ergo, no-one else, especially Celtic, knew about it?



    …….and, with the release of the “confidential” letter, does that not breach the terms and conditions of said letter, ergo, “thems” should be kicked out of the SPFL/SFA?




  4. Have you ever had you heart break?



    Yeah I have, more than a few times and it hurts.



    But I’m strong, my Dad told me so.



    Hold a chord and lay a loved one down.



    Look around at your peers,



    Their tears,



    loves mist.



    My dad six feet below.



    How would you know if your heart was broken?



    Apathy to your hopes and prayers would be an indicator.



    Have you ever had your faith erased?

  5. Morrissey the 23rd on

    corkcelt @ 16:49


    I am aware of that but I can’t be on 24 hours a day and I feel rude to not reply to posts directed at me. Also I find it hard to resist not commenting to some posts, no matter how old. I could include the original post but I feel my Paulesque67 posts are already too big.



    Glad I intrigue you. If I made it easier for people to debate with me, I’d lose too many.


    You are correct. I am unique.

  6. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Good evenin’ ole Jobo.



    Will you be throwin’ any more electrical hand grenades onto the ole bhlog the night?

  7. bournesouprecipe



    15:24 on 20 September, 2013



    “Undercover agents don’t get the recognition they deserve”



    Personally, I blame the scapegooats

  8. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    The youngest in the family is always poor at math.



    My take on it is that Paul67 is passing on a message. I think to call him out personally is not very fair. He would lose a source. This is how journalism works. We need to accept that and take it from there. The platform he has graciously provided and the work that he puts in and the sacrifces that he and his family make for us and for free should never be forgotten. The man is a LEGEND.



    Celtic think differently to what we think now. Eric Riley is the finance director of the PLC …what do you think his instinctive remit is ? Was he not up for a cabinet ministers post recently ?




  9. Kojo – I think if Broony had a bit more composure in the final third, he would be worth a lot more than we paid for him. His chance on Wednesday, brilliantly set up by Commons, was a perfect example. Most multi-million footballers would have scored or at least tested the keeper. He seems to be coming into some form, so let’s hope for the best.



    I know you are not a Ledley fan but I disagree. He covers more ground than most, he is a team player, he can pass the ball accurately and he can score goals. Defensively he could do a bit better, but I think Lenny and the team have coached him to be more of a Champions League player than an SPFL player.



    Personally, both would be first choice on my team sheet.

  10. A stor



    Your reply was a bit oblique, but my point remains.



    If by SPL we mean every club that they are supposed to represent then yes Celtic are a part of it.



    If by SPL, we mean the officers of the SPL who are prepared to act arbitrarily in whatever way they see fit and to keep some of those actions/decisions from the member clubs then that would be equally as true. They are arrogant enough to actually believe that.



    If this document is genuine, then we only have two ways to look at it. It was done without the knowledge and approval of the member clubs or it was done with their approval.



    With their approval means that secret meeting(s) took place involving all the member clubs who signed off on this. If all clubs had signed off on it then the disclaimer at the end would not just mention Sevco, and besides, what would be the point if all the clubs knew. The letter could not possibly remain secret in those circumstances.



    Without their approval would mean that the meeting would have to remain secret which it was. It would need to have guarantees that confidentiality was paramount to protect those who were acting illegally. There is such a clause.



    If this is supposed to be something that Celtic signed off on, then why would Sevco allow Celtic to control them in such a way. It defies any logic that they would permit Celtic to have such a hold over them. Additionally, without this undertaking, the record books would likely have been rewritten in favour of Celtic and all the other clubs who were cheated. If supporters of the affected clubs found out that their clubs had conspired to keep trophies with Sevco and not with them, then all hell would follow.



    Isn’t far more likely that the SPL/SFA saw this agreement as a way to avoid any controversy over their ineptitude when the cheating was taking place/ when their own rules were not fit for purpose/when they failed to implement their own rules. In other words, the SFA/SPL officers (not the organisations per se) had a huge interest in this thing going away, just as much as Sevco did.



    Why would Celtic, who were THE most disadvantaged club by the Deidco/Sevco debacle wish to help out those who helped bring it about?



    In the face of Deidco financial doping and rule breaking on an industrial scale, why would Celtic who had chosen to operate legally and ethically to achieve success, then surrender their integrity to cover for the cheats?



    I do not want us to play “them” ever again, which means I would be happy if they disappeared. They are still in trouble so who knows what this season will bring, but we have shown that we as a club do not need them, financially or culturally. They need us culturally, so they can’t wait to get us in a cup game.



    Lastly, the media is either spinning for them or refusing to cover adequately almost anything that looks that it might impact negatively on them. The media want them back and continue to promote the brand name that I won’t mention.



    The league, the media and yon deid club want to be back playing us. Faced with that unholy trinity and their agenda, is it really any wonder that we are distracted at times.



    Off out now so later maybe.




  11. My dear,dear,dear,friend.. The Singing Detective



    Hiya, Palomine.



    Great tae Greet..




    If .. Jamesie his .. True Sciatica .and as Ah hiv writ ,elsewhere.. that remains tae be Found Oot..



    Then.. He wull Definitely by Unavailable for the Team .. fur a Long ,Long Period.



    Pity..Ah Luv the Kid.. and the Pizazz and the Oomph that he brings tae the team, when he is Fit for Purpose.



    Mebbe, Neil.. Has Brought in Boeriggter. as his Replacement..



    But wull The Flying Dutchman mak it oan the Right?



    Stay Tuned.



    Ah am Excited aboot this New Israeli Lad..



    As ye Know ..Ah am Very Partial tae .. Israeilis..



    So Ah wull Be Delighted if Nir. Manages tae Prove.



    Nutsy Right.. and



    Turns oot tae Be . as Great as Nutsy says he is..and that’s Nir, Ah am Talking aboot..no Nutsy!



    Nir is Big.. Boney..And He Kin Run Like a Linty..



    His Over average



    STRIDE, is whit makes him such a Tough Cookie tae Catch..



    Sammi, Is tough tae Catch tae.. but



    Sammi, Fa’s Doon Too Much..



    And.. Nir Disnae..or so Ah am told..



    So Wance Nir gets Going at the Opposing Defensive Set-Up..






    Katie Bar the Door. Time ..in oor Opponent’s Camp..



    Yep.. this Nir kin be the Very Dabs..as they say .



    Lookin Forward tae Seein Him get that Run Oot.. agin the Saint Johnnies.





    Still, Laughin’

  12. NL on being asked the value of Broonie replied £6-8M. Two major mistakes – First: he shouldn’t have responded. Second: when he did he should realize that mere back up midfieldfers in the EPL, as reported in the Daily Ranger today, would be going for £15M. That would make Broonie worth £20m anyway on the back of his recent international performances and the Milano game where he was top man.


    Ps: Mulgrew will be worth a few bob too

  13. sipsini:



    Mate, I don’t give a feck what Celtic want anymore because for me they are no longer the club, not even close to the club, I grew up adoring.



    I THINK my club, of late, got too commercial for me to bother my arse anymore.

  14. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    Cant debate with Morrisey23rd



    In the name of the wee man…if only that were true ….I wouldn’t be so grey heided



    The most inaccurate post in the history of CQN ….well done ;-) EVER








    And ever amen ;-(

  15. As I recall the ‘SPL side letter’ only mentioned Neil Doncaster, so as far as I’m concerned it could quite easily have been done without the clubs’ knowledge.



    As I said the 5-way agreement less so. I think at the very least the clubs would have been aware of the outline of the agreement vis a vis fast-tracking The Rangers into the league system in exchange for accepting punishment.

  16. Re Celtic knowing/not knowing – easiest way to find out is to ask the question at the next AGM. CFC lawyers will be in the background coaching the answers to questions and it would take a brave(stupid) CEO to misinform the shareholders and the city.



    Very much career threatening should he be anything other than candid

  17. Companies House is to contact Rangers’


    subsidiary Sevco Scotland Ltd after it filed an


    incomplete annual return.


    The document submitted on 12 September


    contained no details of shareholding during


    the return period from the company’s date of




    Annual returns usually provide details of the


    identities of shareholders.


    Sevco Scotland Ltd was the company that


    acquired the assets of Rangers Football Club


    PLC last summer after it formally entered


    liquidation proceedings.


    Sevco Scotland Ltd changed its name to the


    Rangers Football Club Limited in July 2012.


    Companies House told BBC Scotland that it


    would raise the issue with Sevco Scotland Ltd


    and confirm if a second annual return was to


    be filed by the company.

  18. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    So the choice was between Doncaster and Longmuir. Doncaster a new position and hefty pay rise. Longmuir shafted but with a bonus and a job at Sevco Paul67 keeps hinting at. Mmmmmmhhhhhhh…….;-)




  19. Mncelt







    You ,are the very Last Person,oan Here, whom Ah wid Want tae Cross Swords.



    Fur , Yer Knowledge of Awe Things Fitba’, is Legendary..



    Fur oan that Particular Subject..



    Ye know. Yer….Onions, Green or brown..Sibies… and Yer Leeks.. as weel!



    So..If Ye say that Ye favor those two Chaps.. tae be in oor Team, fur the Long Term



    then Ah must Defer tae yer superior Knowledge of the Subject..




    but.. Ah still demand the Right tae.. Retain Ma Doots. aboot those TWO.



    Nice chatting,palomine






  20. James Forrest is praying for The Unconquerable Oscar Knox on

    Tonight’s brand new revelation (which I didn’t even get into my article – it seems this lot can easily generate two or three stories a day) that Companies House wants clarification on “incomplete accounts” demonstrates clearly what a farce the 5 Way Agreement is and was.



    I said in an article earlier this year that I do not believe for one minute that Rangers Newco fulfilled their obligations under that document, and tonight that’s been borne out again.



    If they aren’t disclosing their full list of shareholders to the legal authorities, how the Hell can we believe they ever disclosed them to the SFA?



    There is one word for the game in Scotland; corrupt.



    Peter Lawwell’s position on the SFA main board puts him in a position where he can either change that, or become complicit in it, and with his own reputation risk that of football club. There’s no middle ground for him.



    It’s a transformational appointment either way. This cannot go on.

  21. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    A stor


    I have felt that way for several years now.


    I still love Celtic FC.. Not PLC..

  22. Corkcelt



    I did mention the game to her and said that since we’re getting married at 1.30 tomorrow then we could shoot along the gallowgate to the game. She told me to f off. Problem with her being part proddy.

  23. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    All Celtic players are flawed, that’s why they’re at Celtic.



    So we have to accept that.



    The ones with the fewest apparent flaws are spotlit in the shop window.



    The football [gridiron] income of the University of Texas Longhorns,a ll of whom are nominally undergraduate amateurs, generates $100+M per year [ at least that’s what they submit to the IRS].



    This is ~ £60M, much much more than our fulltime professionals make, even with a good run in the ECL, because college football in the US is a big deal in terms of TV rights.



    So in the current financial waters in which we swim the definition of who is, and isn’t , ‘Celtic class’ will have to take a stretch.



    Both Scott Brown and Joe Ledley have their flaws but they’re both well worth their place in the current team.

  24. Marrakesh Express on

    Just want to re post this from earlier today, hoping to catch some punters who discussed it last week.




    Further to a conversation last week:



    Total number of Scotland Caps-



    Lisbon Lions ….117


    Rangers 1972 ECWC winners… 180



    Some comparisons…


    Greig 44 Murdoch 12


    Johnston 21 Lennox 10


    Jardine 38 Gemmell 18


    D. Johnstone 21 Jimmy Johnstone 23


    Stein 21 Chalmers 5



    others..Simpson 5, Craig 1, McNeil 29, Clark 4, Wallace 7, Auld 3.



    McCloy 4, Mathieson 0, McKinnon 28, Smith 2, McLean 6, Conn 2,



    That Rangers side finished 16 points behind Celtic in the league, 3rd place 71-72, losing 11 games to Celtic’s 2. The season before they finished 4th.


    Around 2/3 of their total caps were won during Celtic’s 9 in a row period. Rangers won 3 domestic honours in those 9 seasons, Celtic won 19.



    I think we get the picture.

  25. I’m with Kojo – I think Billy McKay would do a job.



    He looks like a more mobile Scott MacDonald.

  26. Marrakesh Express



    Whit? Are you telling me that the great Wille Mathieson didn’t play for Scotland?



    Next, you’ll be telling me that neither did Billy Urquhart.

  27. RobinBhoy - Supporting Wee Oscar and Mackenzie on

    When did anyone follow the PLC, we have always been Celtic supporters and always will be.

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