Pour some ‘Best wee country’ syrup down your throat


Whatever former Scotland manager Craig Levein tells the media about referees’ behaviour will not come as news to you.  As Dundee United boss in 2008 he faced Rangers and was so incensed by the behaviour of referee, Mike McCurry, his reaction cost him a £5k SFA fine.

This is Scotland, it is not news, it is not even noteworthy.  The reaction from sections of the media and referees since a Celtic goal on Thursday tells you all you need to know.  Let them pour some more ‘Best wee country’ syrup down your throat while they are at it.  My only flag is green and white.


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  1. Let the TFOD2.1 booster club speak.


    Let them shout long and loud about a very good goal.


    Let them howl at the moon and applaud when they finish.



    Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves.


    Get the stories out there — they have opened the door and we need to run through it.

  2. It’s not something I’ll say often but fair play to Levein. Many people have in the past and will continue to keep their heads down and say nothing to ensure their platform is not removed. Levein went on the BBC and called it straight.

  3. lets all do the huddle on

    “My only flag is green and white…”




    possibly with a union flag tucked up your jumper to produce at times you feel appropriate, eh Paul?



    Get the Brits in now…







    You want to see the East End right now it’s like 2 in the morning it’s so dark, wind & snow not far away methinks, por cierto

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  6. Swiss Ramble






    6 Dec


    #RangersFC board stated that the club will need additional debt or equity funding of £7.5m in 2021/22, but just £0.4m in 2022/23. Including £4.5m from the fans share issue in August 2021, the total received from investors since 2013 is a staggering £119m.






    £20+ millions in owners loans in the past 2 seasons. None of whom are in the billionaire category.

  7. CONEYBHOY on 7TH DECEMBER 2021 10:42 AM


    Big wavy


    Anyone see the Bain video? A wee apology required before i’d play him






    What’s the scoop here ? I know nothing.




  8. AN DUN



    When Levein said the referee was coming up to his last game before retirement, he asked for the Rangers game at home to United. Tom English said, “So what are you inferring Craig?”



    “The referee was a Rangers supporter and his performance that day was a disgrace,” said Levein.



    “Are you saying he was biased?” said Daryl Broadfoot.



    “I believe so.”



    “It wouldn’t stand up in court,” said English.



    So there it is. Regardless of the level of performance, you cannot accuse a referee of bias without incontrovertible proof that would stand up in a court of law.



    Except where a Celtic player can be banned for 6 games on the say-so of one embittered Aberdeen nomark.



    “Except where a Celtic player can be banned for 6 games on the say-so of one embittered Aberdeen no mark.”



    Sadly, how very, very, true, por cierto.

  10. Big Craig is no friend of Celtic – exhorted the huns to win the league last year so to put an end to 10IAR!!


    Straight-shooting from the lip and his unique breed of management got him to exactly where in Scotchland… ? Brechin City and the odd bit of sensationalist punditry.


    He’s sure right that the ref’s gemme’s a pochle – but like many non-Westies he hates both halves of the firm with equal passion.


    Hoggy was a better defender if a weaker boxer.


    Has the club made any statements about the Rooney Elbow, the Souttar LoveNip or the Butcher Studsup yet?

  11. Tom,


    if I may ask something.



    You mentioned at some time that was your first tripo to tannadice in 20+ years or so, and that your enjoying again gettting to go to away grounds now your home and retired.



    How does it feel ?


    away grounds just feel the same ? whats your experiences like ?



    Have to say its years since I have been to most places as well, but what I miss is the actual journeys, old school supporters busses I just loved the adventure of going all over scotland (well east and north) looking out the window, ticking off the landmarks as milestones on the routes.


    Its on my list as well, once work is done going back to being a full time attender.

  12. What was also interesting about Levein’s comments was the attempts by Kenny MacIntyre to close down this subject. Firstly, stating there was no evidence and then requiring that this line was dropped. Interesting from someone who claims to be seeking answers, but appears to be more interested in cover ups.

  13. I was going to cut and paste the full Levien/english/mcintrye transcript, but it doesnt half ramble on and on, with some amount of deflection from the media and broadfoot.

  14. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Looks like this has has struck a nerve Pablo?



    BTW – am with you on the only 1 flag bit.


    (and am happy to take you at face value on it too)



    Saltires or Union Flags ….



    …. assuming you possess one physically or in your heart in the first place? ….



    …should be left at the metaphorical door before entering Celtic Park / Celtic cyberspace



    IMHO of course.



    “My only flag is green and white”






    Mind if I use it forthwith?

  15. Still waiting for the Board to respond to Crawford Allan. I suppose they don’t want to harm their chances of a knighthood.

  16. Orcs allowed to go to France after French government overturn decision.



    Sky sports news.


    I see trouble ahead.



    If true I can see a bit of choas given the new travel rules regarding PCR testing before returning to the UK.

  18. glendalystonsils on

    The Festival of Light could be extinguished by malevolent darkness . I hope the French authorities know what they are doing .

  19. Whilst I don’t wish any harm to befall our French friends, this has all the look of the huns being given enough rope.


    Will those who agitated for their attendance take responsibility for the subsequent behaviour?

  20. I wonder who interceded on behalf of the huns?



    Perhaps a wee Scoddish politician had a wee word with a friend connected to the French establishment?




  21. Scottish football is a small pond and there are numerous former players and journos trying to get their voices heard, thinking we are particularly interested. Sutton and Boyd play the wind up card whilst just about all of us could write Keevins’ column a couple of days before it appears in the Sunday Mail. Always lazy and predicable from Shug. I prefer Ange’s take on things : it’s what happens on the green stuff, mate.



    After Thursday’s assault on Furuhashi by Devlin, and Sunday’s on Turnbull by Butcher, I would like to see our boys up the aggro in the refs face. As a team, we are a bit too nice at the moment.



    Dave King makes me chuckle. He fell out with Sir Minty years back, and now he doesn’t appear to be too chuffed with the current Ibrox board. Voted against someone or other recently, apparently. When it’s not Dave’s ball he just takes the huff.

  22. Croftcelt- MacIntyre is the head placeman at BBC Scotland, absolute rat.Watch Levein get fewer shifts on there.

  23. Tom McLaughlin on




    Interesting post.



    When I was a boy I was fascinated by world geography and would study maps, purely out of genuine interest as opposed to learning, which was a bonus.



    My dad helped run the Burns Tavern CSC in the 60s and took me to all home and most away games. Through Celtic, I got to see and know many Scottish places and like you, I was always aware of the geography and looked out for other towns and landmarks on the way to the likes of Aberdeen, Dundee, Greenock, Ayr, Kilmarnock etc.



    Between 1978 and 2014 I moved away from Scotland to London to New York to Seattle and finally Australia’s Gold Cost.



    Only this season have I resumed going to away games and each new journey brings back memories of my boyhood trips, as I compare the difference in the roads and the ability to bypass towns and villages.



    In the 60s we stayed in a hotel overnight in Aberdeen and till midnight in Dundee and Perth. You just can’t do that these days as the local cops would run you out of town.



    I also enjoy comparing the various stadiums today. Dens Park hasn’t changed apart from seats.



    So yes, I do enjoy the away trips both for the football and the wee bit of nostalgia. Also, we are allowed alcohol on the bus – unofficially – which adds to the enjoyment of the day.



    Looking forward to the next trip.



    “My only flag is green and white…”



    possibly with a union flag tucked up your jumper to produce at times you feel appropriate, eh Paul?



    Get the Brits in now…




    I very much doubt that Paul, or, anyone with Celtic in their heart, has any kind of covert flag “up their jumper”. However there are a number among us who recently in our history have astonishingly taken to adorning themselves with the Saltire – this flag can ‘pulled over’ the eyes and ‘stuffed’ in ears when opertune, or, necessary.



    There is however an important UK logo on the letterheads that instruct the Bank Of England to transfer billions of pounds every day, every week & every month of the year into the coffers at Holyrood in Edinburgh – the most powerful devolved administration in the world.



    This is fiscal transfer, sometimes called “The Barnett Formula” after Joel Barnett a former Labour minister, and is one of the many actions of a Labour Party that that won ALL the great socialist battles in the UK when in government. In the last year alone these “transfers” have amounted to some £36BILLION, protecting vital services, social benefits, hundreds of thousands of jobs and thousands of businesses in Scotland.



    The “best wee country” boast should actually be “the best wee de facto bankrupt country” with a large helping of BS added in. BS = bigotry & sectarianisn/blood & soil nationalism.

  25. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Fair play to Levein if he said that..



    I may be way off, but I have it in my head that his silence was bought back then with the offer of the Scotland job.



    One thing’s for sure; he won’t be getting many more media gigs with chat like that.

  26. Jude Bellingham is being investigated by German police after his comments about the referee of the Bayern Dortmund game at the weekend

  27. Tom,



    same as me then, glad your enjoying the return.



    I have never been to Dingwall or Inverness on football duty, thats on my list.

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