Precious celebrations


Celtic won the league four times in the 1890s and then completed six-in-a-row between 1905 and 1910.  The league continued during the First World War and we won five out of six titles between 1914 and 1919.

By then, Queens Park had well and truly been supplanted as Scotland’s top team, but there was a great decline in the air.  The 20s brought only two titles, as did the 30s.  The Second World War stopped competitive football for six years, but Celtic’s only league title between 1938 and Jock Stein’s first in 1966, was in 1954.  Three generations of Celtic fans survived on precious few moments of celebration.

Stein changed everything.

Nine-in-a-row!  How this happened is beyond our wisdom to explain but, with the notable exception of the 1990s, which brought a solitary, if beautiful, title, Celtic will this week solidify their position as dominant force for the past half century by winning their 25th title in 48 years.

If it happens tomorrow, the best part of two months before the end of the season, drink it in.  Appreciate it on behalf of the thousands who sustained the Movement during those hard decades.

Seville – The Celtic Movement, is out now:

“After asking us what the green and white uniforms were about and us carefully explaining where we were going and its significance, the girl turned to her partner and suggested that they would maybe take this event in. We left them in blissful ignorance but wondered afterwards what they made of Seville and how it fitted in with their vision of Spain.”

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  1. Tom Boyd putting the SSN monkey in his place re devalued league as no Sevco, a True Celt.

  2. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Happy birthday Simone



    make sure you stop yer old dad from going to the game tonight….B-))

  3. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Italics are all very good and well but where’s the pre match party in fun city at?




  4. Garngad To Croy/Livibhoy,



    yep I mind that game myself. it was Dundee Utd who lost – also the same day that the huns beat Aberdeen to win the title IIRC.



    I was driving that day, but my mates were not. We were all overjoyed at having made Europe, in fact we even stopped the traffic flowing out of the offeeshul car park up there because of an impromptu kickabout in the car park.



    One of the bhoys opened up the boot of my car to get other half of the cairry-oot and spotted the obligatory ball I used to always carry, and that was that. Such was the joy that day, that rather than the usual verbal abuse and collective horn-tooting that would be expected, several other bhoys got out of cars behind us and joined in!



    Took me about 10-15 mins to get the the ball back and all the eejits back into their respective cars, so that I could get back to ML1 and begin to hit the “celebratory” bevy myself!



    Tonight deserves to be celebrated accordingly as the TITLE Victory it is. Need to get the beers in now!



    Enjoy to the max each and every one of us.



    Those who are going, esp those who have bought tix for the PTFC ends, have fun!






  5. BMCUW



    It wisnae me bud!



    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!



    My lawyer has also instructed me – fee 2000 euros – to make no further comment!




  6. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on




    Amazing stuff. Thanks for that. I can’t remember where I got it it may have been from my auntie Kathy. It takes pride of place in his living room on the wall. I got it blown up and put in a frame.


    You may or may not know my dad was unfortunate to lose his own father in a fire at his home as a teenager. He also has very few photos from his life in Clydebank so that one is precious. He has 3 photos I believe from under the age of 21 and only one of him and his father who he misses dearly.


    That photo for anyone who read my post the other day ties up with the story of a Bhoy going to Milan. My auld fella is 2nd from the right.


    Does anyone know where I can get this photo coloured? Is it easy to do? I was thinking about it last night. I had seen that some old black and white photo’s of Celtic players have been coloured on various sites. Would love to get this coloured up for my dad.






    Thanks again for posting. A wonderful photo. It is the only time I have looked at my dad and thought he looks like me. I look more like my mums family. That photo of him is like looking in the mirror though.




  7. LiviBhoy – God bless wee Oscar



    12:38 on 26 March, 2014




    The whole game is doomed !



    Players on £300k per week ?



    Fans paying through the nose for seats – then standing ?



    Celtic digging out gems and selling them to relegation fodder EPL teams ?



    SKY TV and Rangers FC have put the lid on the coffin of the game of football.



    I hope yer well my mhan ?



  8. A Very Hoopy Birthday to Simone!



    Hope you have a great night……make sure your old man has only 1 eye on the game tonight and the other enjoying the celebrating with you









  9. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on

    Sannabhoy and 2000 kids say Hail Hail to Pablo’s family



    11:10 on


    26 March, 2014



    The Kano Foundation Annual Dance 2014



    Folks , as you know , our annual dance takes place on Saturday in Radisson Blu in town.



    This is not a last minute ticket drive as we are virtually sold out . What this is , is the chance to win 2 tickets to the evening , for free. We’ve got so much from CQN over the years that i’m offering a wee something back (oh , and someone from my table cancelled and i’m not gonna try and flog the tickets at this late notice).



    So . for your chance to win , simply predict the score for tonight .Entries will close at half-time .



    Predictions to sannabhoy@thekanofoundation.com .



    Can someone please try to put this near the top of each page throughout the day ? Thanks

  10. I understand that the italics are a special effect which has been introduced to indicate the speed with which Celtic have moved to sew up their third consecutive title as Champions of Scotland.



    Some say that there is no competition in the SPL.


    Some say that Celtic have only won the league because Rangers aren’t in it.



    All we know is that we also won the league when Rangers were in it.


    …and they are only not in it because they bankrupt themselves trying to keep up.

  11. My friends in Celtic,



    Have never been big on poetry, just not my sort of scene and to be honest have never read much of it. However the poem at the latter end of BRTH’s post on the previous article hit a nerve.



    It was and still is as quoted very appropriate.






    PS : I have not even had a celebratory drink prior to the game tonight, but I’m sure the font has changed.

  12. 15 minutes to go tonight and it’s 1-1………embdae think PL might send a wee message tae the dugoot?

  13. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on

    Hi-diddle-dee-dee(tis an actors life for me)



    I am well my friend. League champs. A copy on file of the photo of my dad in Milan in 1970 at the Euro Cup final.


    Today is a good day.




  14. Not pointing the finger at anybody in particular but, *cough*, the first italicised post to appear was sannabhoy’s.







  15. My neck is cricking to the right reading this text



    What other things work on here



    does this work?

  16. GCT/BRTH (FTLT),



    2 wonderfully touching poignant posts.



    have to admit that like Minx, there appeared to be something in my eye after reading both.



    There is no doubt that your respective Brother and Father will be proud of you both just now. Im sure the love that was so clearly written was reciprocated in all ways.



    Posts like your are what make CQN that wee bit special.






  17. Back to ‘normal’.



    However, I would like to point out that italic script first appeared in, eh, Italy of all places round about 1500.




  18. What about my list of things i dislike






    People who do lists


    People who complain about people who do lists






    Sent you a mail wi a suggestion for tonight,bud.

  20. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on

    Hi-diddle-dee-dee(tis an actors life for me)



    Enjoy this evening. It’s what we support the club for. Nights like tonight.




  21. LiviBhoy



    I remember now – I gave it to my brother and he passed it on to your dad.



    We had some great home and away days on the Guild Bus.



    More often than not Bowser got the singing started – amazing times, we were spoiled rotten in that era with the quality of football served up. The company we kept was first class too.

  22. Tallybhoy ,



    with friends like you ….. !



    I’ll take the blame if necessary (broad shoulders and all that – TTT , shut it!)



    Leftclicktic , HH. See you on Saturday . Maybe you’ll still get a title win on your birthday but what you will get is a game against RC , 450+ tims to celebrate with and , hopefully , a great night .




  23. The Exiled Tim



    Surely there must be


    Tim-Filtrators writing up some of the keech these clowns are salivating at ,



    I would’nt be at all surprised if it was one of our learned friends on here , sending them up lol


    2-1 for the hoops :)))

  24. Mountblow tim supporting wee oscar on

    Good after noon CQN



    God bless wee Oscar and family thoughts and prayers



    Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma



    I had planned to come over to the crematorium yesterday morning to pay


    My respects to you and your family



    But ended up at the Glasgow Western infirmary with the wife for 11 hours


    Her BP was sky high




    Hail Hail




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