Precious celebrations


Celtic won the league four times in the 1890s and then completed six-in-a-row between 1905 and 1910.  The league continued during the First World War and we won five out of six titles between 1914 and 1919.

By then, Queens Park had well and truly been supplanted as Scotland’s top team, but there was a great decline in the air.  The 20s brought only two titles, as did the 30s.  The Second World War stopped competitive football for six years, but Celtic’s only league title between 1938 and Jock Stein’s first in 1966, was in 1954.  Three generations of Celtic fans survived on precious few moments of celebration.

Stein changed everything.

Nine-in-a-row!  How this happened is beyond our wisdom to explain but, with the notable exception of the 1990s, which brought a solitary, if beautiful, title, Celtic will this week solidify their position as dominant force for the past half century by winning their 25th title in 48 years.

If it happens tomorrow, the best part of two months before the end of the season, drink it in.  Appreciate it on behalf of the thousands who sustained the Movement during those hard decades.

Seville – The Celtic Movement, is out now:

“After asking us what the green and white uniforms were about and us carefully explaining where we were going and its significance, the girl turned to her partner and suggested that they would maybe take this event in. We left them in blissful ignorance but wondered afterwards what they made of Seville and how it fitted in with their vision of Spain.”

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    Wee play on words. Life cool and looking forward to being even more cool in a Scottish Spring?

  2. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on



    of all the evenings to have a meeting I need to go to… Hey ho…



    MON the hoops..let’s win it tonight..




  3. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on



    Simone :))))


    Have a great day.



    I for one will relish every moment of the title win whenever it comes.


    I well remember the taunting from deadco fans as they cheated their way to titles in the 90s and I well remember telling one big fat smelly bun in a corner as I whispered into his ear “Enjoy it as it wont last forever”.



    Who would have thought then that they would have imploded and died,I also think Man U could easily spend 20years in the wilderness as Liverpool did, the same Liverpool who everyone thought would be on top for Generations.



    So enjoy every second of our victories and tell the buns how good it is to be looking down on their newclub, as we never know what lies ahead,My journey in life has learned me that the good times pass just as surley as the bad times that anyone is going through at the moment will.



    So at the risk of repeating myself drink in every second of every victory that the famous Glasgow celtic give us.



    Thoughts & prayers to all who need them at this time and may you be granted the strength yous need.



    Ps mate(whos house I watch games in) told me he may be working late tonight no problem said I just give me your spare key & I will let myself in:)))).


    Is it time yet,

  4. JimmyQuinnsBits on

    CQN in massive swing to the right shocker



    GCT/BRTH, condolences, and heartwarming stories on lives well lived.



    Thoughts to wee Oscar and his family, the wee man’s a fighter though



    HT, happy birthday to Simone – cherish them; they grow up in the blink if an eye.



    Cargo in fridge for a wee celebration tonight hopefully, all that food stuff was just takin up unnecessary space.




  5. Richie #TeamOscar on




    I remember Fr Cairns would come round to our house in Drumchapel to pick up my old man for a game one Saturday. Polo neck on and half bottle in the pocket.



    He was in St Benedicts at the time, before going away to a monastery (I think) to “dry out”

  6. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on




    You were there in spirit and that is what counts.



    My old man was sent off from every one of the mountblow pitches in his early years.



    He was always proud to have been from just outside Churchill in Donegal and always proud to be a Bankie.







  7. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on




    Many many thanks for that photo. I have a paper copy but to have it in file form I can do a few things with it. I’m sure I got it from my auntie it may have been passed via her. She still lives in Faifley.


    My dad loves a sing song. Great stuff. Having not many anyone he went to the fitba with your memories of him are new to me. I can have some fun with him now sending that photo to him on his birthday in May.


    Thanks again.




  8. Phew!!!



    Thought I’d knackered the blog with all that lateral movement / slanty text stuff there.



    Anyway………… last night’s Libertaodres results:-



    Zamora (Ven) 2 Nacional (Par) 0


    A classic game of two halves this.



    First half, Zamora appeared nervous in front of a big home crowd and did little to trouble Nacional. Nacional, on the other hand, grew in composure as the half progressed and were unlucky not to score on a few occasions.



    Second half was soo different. Reason? One man. “Inside right”, pocket midfielder Pedrito Ramirez (another name to remember) started spraying defence splitting passes all over the place (I counted at least six) for Zamora to take a two goal lead, which should have been more. First goal in particular was a well taken effort from Falcon. See for yourself…………….



    THIS is a defence splitting pass



    Zamora now in second place (7 pts) behind holders, Atletico-MG (8 pts) with Nacional on 5 pts and last year’s semi -finalist’s, Santa Fe on 4pts. So next week’s Santa Fe v Atletico game should be an interesting one for all involved in this group.



    Santos (Mex) 4 Penarol (Urg) 1


    This game was on too late for me, but I watched the first few minutes. Penarol were a goal up after a minute and I thought “Maybe Penarol have turned themselves around”. Then I thought “Naaaawww” and went to bed. I was right.



    Santos goals coming from Darwin Quintero ( 2 ), Javier Renteria and Andres Orozco. Papers saying today that Colombian’s, Renteria and Quintero stood out in this game. For me, Quintero has stood out in all Santo’s games (so far) and will be interesting to see if he features for Colombia during the World Cup.



    Santos looking one of the more impressive sides in this tournament. However, main question is how much does the travel to Mexico (Penarol had a 20hr journey) take out of visiting teams? This is obviously an issue that CONEMBOL have thought of too, as they have decreed that IF a Mexican side reaches the final, regardless of seeding, they MUST play their first leg at home (Libertadores is a home/away two leg final)



    Penarol now praying that Dep Anzo get a result against Arsenal tonight to maintain their hopes alive in this Group.



    Review of tonight’s games later….

  9. Seville



    On the day of the game we met a young lad who had come down on a bus from Gladgow, in the Irish Pub across from the cathedral. He was wearing trainers, Celtic shorts and a flag draped over his shoulders. He’d lost his entire party.



    We offered to call his mates, father, mother whoever to reunite him.



    He didn’t know any numbers and nobodies at home, all in Seville.



    Nae passport, money, ticket. All with his mother. Bought him a pint and gave him some cash. Advised him to walk to the stadium.



    Always wonder what happened to that young lad!




  10. the exiled tim



    12:26 on 26 March, 2014



    Haha the same bit jumped out at me, they’re mugs seen Dave King spouting the myth of losing £20m again.



    We’ve won the league AGAIN



    Fly the flag fly the flag

  11. BMCUW



    I know bud!



    On countdown at the moment – two n a half weeks to take-off. Is it hyphenated btw?



    It was Spring here a week ago. Today is back to autumn.




  12. Morrissey the 23rd Viva Resolution 12! on

    leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon @ 13:10


    I have that in mind but as my bank account is bear, I’ll need to wake until the love of my life recovers from night-shift and wakes up before I can ask her to use her card. ;)


    Panic has now set in.





    His Mum would have found him. Mums always do.



    To hasten proceedings,he should have committed a minor faux pas or misdemeanour.



    In my experience,that usually means yer Mum’s actually there,but ye didnae notice.

  14. Jeg er Neil Lennon-Greeninbingley on

    Richie #TeamOscar



    13:05 on 26 March, 2014



    Yes, I remember meeting Fr Cairns many times in the Jungle when I was 15 or so. Turned a blind eye to the bottle sticking out my pocket.



    I too remember him going away to a monastery. He said the funeral mass for my mum in St Benedict’s.



    He was a very good man.

  15. The Token Tim on




    big shoulders require a big…….



    nah I’ll leave it there









  16. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on

    Morrissey the 23rd Viva Resolution 12!


    Get into the room


    Tray of breakfast in hand while serenading her, then politely ask for her bank details :)))).



    Till later all

  17. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on

    How in God’s name am I going to get through the next few hours and then with the added joy of parent’s night until 8pm???????








    In the context you used it,yes.



    That was why I wrote ‘smiley thingy’ after my post to LIVIBHOY yesterday. In case anyone thought I was being pedantic-as if I ever would.

  19. winning captains



    That was – another – great CQN list.



    More of that sort of thing I say!







  20. Morrissey the 23rd Viva Resolution 12! on

    Lovely Saba would also like a spare ticket (if that helps lever my chances).

  21. just to stop ir being a duplicate



    The Kano Foundation Annual Dance 2014


    Folks , as you know , our annual dance takes place on Saturday in Radisson Blu in town.


    This is not a last minute ticket drive as we are virtually sold out . What this is , is the chance to win 2 tickets to the evening , for free. We’ve got so much from CQN over the years that i’m offering a wee something back (oh , and someone from my table cancelled and i’m not gonna try and flog the tickets at this late notice).


    So . for your chance to win , simply predict the score for tonight .Entries will close at half-time .


    Predictions to sannabhoy@thekanofoundation.com .


    Can someone please try to put this near the top of each page throughout the day ? Thanks



  22. !!Bada Bing!! on

    GM-I am being cynical,it would put 10,000 plus on Saturday’s gate if it was to win the title.HH

  23. Lets hear it for The Bhoys….Glasgow Celtic Champions, oh oh oh oh oh oh ooooooh


    Glasgow Celtic Champions oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! (repeat till hoarse).

  24. Billy Bhoy 05 on




    Smashing post and it makes you wonder again why he didn’t buy his first love for a penny: or later for a couple of millions

  25. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on

    Cheers for the birthday wishes for the wee barra, she’ll be as proud as punch when I show them to her!!!



    However, NEVER MIND that, how am I getting through the next few hours!!!!???


    morrissey the 23rd viva resolution 12!



    13:19 on 26 March, 2014


    Lovely Saba would also like a spare ticket (if that helps lever my chances).






    Not really,bud.



    But it totally scuppers yours!

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