Precious celebrations


Celtic won the league four times in the 1890s and then completed six-in-a-row between 1905 and 1910.  The league continued during the First World War and we won five out of six titles between 1914 and 1919.

By then, Queens Park had well and truly been supplanted as Scotland’s top team, but there was a great decline in the air.  The 20s brought only two titles, as did the 30s.  The Second World War stopped competitive football for six years, but Celtic’s only league title between 1938 and Jock Stein’s first in 1966, was in 1954.  Three generations of Celtic fans survived on precious few moments of celebration.

Stein changed everything.

Nine-in-a-row!  How this happened is beyond our wisdom to explain but, with the notable exception of the 1990s, which brought a solitary, if beautiful, title, Celtic will this week solidify their position as dominant force for the past half century by winning their 25th title in 48 years.

If it happens tomorrow, the best part of two months before the end of the season, drink it in.  Appreciate it on behalf of the thousands who sustained the Movement during those hard decades.

Seville – The Celtic Movement, is out now:

“After asking us what the green and white uniforms were about and us carefully explaining where we were going and its significance, the girl turned to her partner and suggested that they would maybe take this event in. We left them in blissful ignorance but wondered afterwards what they made of Seville and how it fitted in with their vision of Spain.”

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  1. !!Bada Bing!! on

    A pal looking to offload 2 tickets for Celts in Seville on Friday night £22.50 each.Any takers?

  2. Great stuff from Tom Boyd there.


    The auld Sky Sports definitely picked the wrong guy to interview, somebody slipped up there.


    Notts Forest, Sevco and the Lyin’ King all got shot down in flames.


    ha ha ha



    Tom’s match commentaries on Celtic are actually great to listen to – always fair and quick to praise any decent play from the opposition.



    I hope he’s one of the commentator’s behind the mike tonight.



    Hoping for a champion display against the Harry Wraggs



    Gardez la Foi

  3. Tom Boyd is the only Celtic player (ex or otherwise) of whom I can say : This man speaks for me.


    How do we put pressure on media outlets to use Tom much more often?


    CQN has made some fantastic contributions over the years. Can we not have a real go at promoting Tom Boyd as our official spokesman?




  4. PS


    By `our` I meant Celtic, not CQN. Paul does a fine enough job already in that area.

  5. MWD, he denied lurking, then as we chatted he seemed to know a fair bit of what had been said on here:-)


    He does not have a log in though. I believed him when he said that.


    Should have told him Tommy Gemmell does, might have got him moving.

  6. PompeyBhoy


    I am an ex-Lufbra student but seeing as Stirling play in green and white, I`ll accept that 0:-)



  7. Happy birthday to SImone,


    hope you got lots of presents today,and an extra wee present tonight

  8. I think wee Billy Davies will be a swingingly good media man on Radio Manchester….,oops sorry…..meant Radio Clyde.

  9. Like Tom Boyd I’m not planning a holiday in Nottingham either!






    HH jamesgang

  10. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on




    Unfortunately my wee Bhoy will be in his pit. He can only say two words clearly though. One is baw the other is goal.


    I’m hoping we have a player there. There may be a fight over which green side he plays for. My wife says if he makes it as a footballer he should win the Scottish Cup for


    Hibs and then move to Celtic and win trophies.


    I didn’t have the heart to tell her it’s not that easy!


    Enjoy the match this evening mate. This is what all the fuss is about every season. The league is No1 priority people need to remember how important that is.




  11. Well Said Tom Boyd,



    l think i will demote my hand into my pocket and relegate some money from my wallet









    lets start knocking the fantasy english on the head.



    hail hail Tom Boyd

  12. LB



    I have a genuine wee soft spot for Hibbees so he can start out with them and then join jamesgang jnr at CP.



    From reading your posts I reckon you’re as good a father as you seem to be a son.



    KTF pal. And tut to shout quietly tonight!



    HH jamesgang




  13. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on




    Worst game this season was Karagandy. I was jumping about silently celebrating.



    Enjoy your beers. Hopefully one of those special Celtic nights.




  14. Oh and LT



    A lot of kids first two words are ‘baw’ and ‘bag’!!!







  15. Hail Hail to the Celtic, 3 in a row my friend’s ,were tonight deep inside us all, our heart’s will burst with a burning pride at our famous clubs achievements against adversity we have had to face since our humble beginnings we will and we shall overcome, Champions once again.Enjoy the night bhoy”s & Ghirl”s

  16. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Great words from Tom Boyd. The slavering undead on hun media aint going to like that one bit.



    No siree, they aint!!!

  17. Not been on for a while,noticed that some have lost close family members,condolences to all.Remember the good times.


    Looking forward to tonight’s game,to watch Celtic winning the league is always special.


    Been off the drink,since New Years Day,is this the night to start again?HH

  18. Margaret McGill on

    I have only ever been to Firhill once before in my life.


    The fact that the league is depndandant on a game at Firhill tonight is probably more indicative of waiting for the godzilla to appear from the underworld more than the talents of Partick Thistle.


    Living in the past to all CQN’rs






    Once I used to join in


    Every boy and girl was my friend.


    Now there’s revolution, but they don’t know


    What they’re fighting.


    Let us close out eyes;


    Outside their lives go on much faster.


    Oh, we won’t give in,


    We’ll keep living in the past.




    just think this video was filmed before the beloved Leeds game

  19. Logical Optimist on

    Afternoon All,



    Go on Tommy Boyd ! Call it like it is !!



    Theydon’tlikeitup’emCSC !




  20. Marrakesh Express on

    Well said Tom Boyd. Its a long time since I’ve heard such good and honest PR from an ex-Celt. Very refreshing and put some others to shame.

  21. Zimmerman, from last post. Re graham Hancock, fingerprints of the gods is a fantastic read, history of antiquity, fascinating read, well worth the time. I believe he is doing a revised edition as it’s 20 years since he wrote it. I’m reading supernatural at the moment, again compelling reading. I’ll say this for him, he comes across as a clever guy and not a smart ass in any way. I think a lot of what is said should be at least debated by the scolars(ahem) sorry for not replying earlier work nights so I passed out :)

  22. Have not read back but comments on here seem to indicate that Wee Oscar is not too well at present. So I went on line and had a candle placed at the Grotto in Lourdes for him and his parents. My dad taught me always to trust in the Blessed Virgin, so I commend wee Oscar to her maternal intercession.

  23. Tom Boyd nearly run me over as he was coming in to the Celtic car park ( think it was the Karagandy game). I gave him some abuse about his driving being like his shooting I.e somewhat erratic. Shared a few words in which I said one of the best bits of business Celtic did was with Chelski the swap ,Cascarino for Him,but not because he was that good but because Cascarino was sooooo poooor. Great bit of craic. I went in to the superstore and left him having various phone pics/autographs taken with fans. Emerged some 20 mins later and he was still there and appeared genuinely delighted to be so.( probably waiting to have a 2nd crack at me with his car).


    A true Celtic man and genuine legend (when the word has lost some of its gloss through overuse but not in this instance).


    HH Tomas Boyd. A credit to the Tic.

  24. Go on Boydy……



    Go get the bassas son.



    Broomhouse’s favourite son…..we salute you.



    You should get the freedom of Uddingston for your services to Celtic.



    Jinky would be so proud of you.



    Take a bow mate!!

  25. bournesouprecipe on

    Good answers from Tom Boyd, and well put.



    The answers are not an issue, it’s the questions of course which we all know are fallacious,. In a Carl Lewis v Ben Johnson scenario, the question was never posed.



    Neither was it posed when the cheating pupil was expelled from the school.


    The notion of devaluation does not arise when one club and one club alone broke all the rules, the wrong questions posed to the wrong people, but straight batted, anyway.

  26. to all fans of the champions enjoy yourselves tonight


    hopefully another page will be written


    and added to our ongoing history.



    I raise a glass to all Celtic fans and players who played a part in our history til now,


    I raise a glass to all who will be celebrating our coming championship


    whereever they may be,


    I raise a glass to the future and the magic that is Celtic.



    great times to be a Celtic fan



    Always in Celtic



    An T

  27. Billy Davies’ new song…..



    Let the People Swing



    I’ll get my coat then

  28. The Under Written…. ur Ma Opinions:



    Celtic, ARE…. a faur Bettah Team..






    The Services o’….



    Victor W.



    Gary H.



    ? Wilson.









    Joe Ledley…n .. Soon tae be officially Gone.. Sammi.



    Don’t Believe me?



    Well.. Those ur Ma Opinions.. n… Ah Am unmoved by your… Disagreement…



    So There!



    Like Ah keep oan saying..



    We should Nevah be scared o’ Selling a Player..






    HIs Replacement wull Surely.. Turn oot tae be a Bettah Player..


    Nine Times oota Ten.. n..



    Those ur Great Odds!






    That is How it Works…








    It hiz ALWIZ Woiked like that..with Few exceptions. (Of Course ,some Players ur..well.. Irreplaceable.. but..


    thur ur so Few .. that …. The Loss of those Special Players.. should Not Discourage


    us from…



    Being Unafraid… tae Sell a Current Star..



    Yes, Folks…Nevah be afraid tae Let Wan o’ yer Favourites Go..




    Fur.. His Replacement… as Sure ,It wullnae Rain oan oan Fair Saturday..(In Las Vegas.. No.. In Glesca!) ..


    Wull soon Mak You Furget ,yer favourite..



    In a Hurry.