Prediction: Neil Doncaster – survives


Neil Doncaster was appointed chief executive of the Scottish Premier League in 2009.  After graduating he worked with a legal firm before joining Norwich City as solicitor and company secretary in 1997.

In 1999 he became operations head at Norwich before becoming chief executive in 2001, a position he held until he resigned following the club’s relegation to League One two months before taking up his position at the SPL.

An articulate and sharp mind saw Doncaster appointed director of both the Football Association and the Football League during his spell at Norwich.  He was an excellent candidate for the vacant SPL position in 2009.

After revelations of activities at Rangers, the SPL board initiated an inquiry into improper player registrations in March with a date of 6 April set for clubs to provide information.  Over six weeks later Doncaster still tells people he does not know if Rangers have a case to answer.

While this is going on, Doncaster has alarmed many football fans with his strong advocacy that if Rangers go into liquidation, a Newco-Rangers should become the first club in Scottish football history to parachute straight into the top division.

In failing to manage the inquiry into Rangers, or to give fans updates ahead of votes on rule changes, Mr Doncaster looks to have lost control of events.  By 9pm tonight he will know that tomorrow is the most important day in his professional life.  What he says and does tomorrow morning will determine the trajectory of his career.

The opportunity to deploy robust crisis management techniques exists but will be deploy them?

Prediction: Neil Doncaster is legally trained and smarter than he’s letting on.  He will act appropriately and will survive.


I urgently need a list of all teams, at all levels, who are resident in the territory of one national association but play in the territory of another, for example, Berwick Rangers, Derry City, San Marino Calcio.  Please email me if you can add to the list, celticquicknews@gmail.com.

I know there are examples in New Zealand-Australia and across many small nations.  If anyone has some time to spare to research it would be appreciated.  Time critical or I would do it myself.

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  1. Seems strange that in the insular world of the Scottish media the content for tonight’s show has not been leaked. Either to attempt to discredit it, reduce the impact of it or simply just to scoop it.


    Or is that what Paul is doing . . .

  2. Monaghan1900 on




    I think the sums currently due to HMRC amount to over twenty-five percent of the total debt, so that if HMRC don’t agree to it, there will be no CVA. Anyway, there will be no CVA, there will liquidation!




  3. just back in and more intrigue, especially the last bit!!!!!



    could it be that the rumours gathering strength within the 67 lounge at Celtic park this last few months have some substance????



    are we getting ready for a serious bid to move away from scotland????

  4. is it possible that a club with in the spl or possibly several can take legal action


    to stop any decision on a new club being allowed entry in to the spl especially


    if that new club is looking for licence of an old company,an injuction of sorts till


    all facts are known about old company and the proper punishment meted out


    for posible years of cheating ? the reason im asking is they might try this before the full extent of their crimes are exposed [or to put it another way their sitting on it


    and want it done before they have to publish their findings]





    While you are on the big SURVIVE/NOT SURVIVE case,I assume you will have a similar article re Minty’s knighthood?



    I think it will go the way of all flesh,and PDQ too.



    I have a sneaking suspicion that his membership to certain societies which you and I would never dream of joining will also be discreetly suspended indefinitely.

  6. Paul,



    There are several Basque teams (Bilbao, etc) that play in the Spanish League, and a few Catalonian…;-)



    Worth noting that Israel play in Europe under UEFA / FIFA directives, yet former Yugoslavian states are allowed to play each other.

  7. Dontbrattbakkinanger



    St Johnstone Chairman spoke of sporting integrity and then stated they should not be allowed back in without severe sanctions being applied.



    If it is a straight let them in vote, the Four clubs mentioned will vote against.



    I work with a Utd fan and ArabTrust have let them know in no uncertain terms they better not vote yes.

  8. Apologies, I’m sure this question has been raisedcountless times in the past few months, but it’s been bugging me (sorry also for moving off the topic of double contracts).



    Since we are a PLC, do our directors not, as part of their fiduciary duties, have to act in the best interests of the Company (essentially, the shareholders)? And can an argument thus not be made that our Board could find it difficult to vote ‘No’ to Newco (due to its financial implications)?



    Obviously, there’s the counterpoint that we could suffer financially even more due to the backlash from fans (no season ticket renewals, no attendance, no merchandise etc), but it’s still a possibility? I would hate for any club to be able to fall back on a “it’s not our fault, we had to vote yes due to the law” excuse, while the very club that ignored the law ‘phoenixes’ back in.

  9. Hoops_Neil_Lennon_diditagain on

    List of association football clubs playing in the league of another countryFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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    This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (July 2009)



    There are a number of football clubs around the world that are based in one country/territory but play in another’s football league. Conditions for competing in a “foreign” league, as well as in a continental/confederational competition, are set case-by-case by FIFA as well as the respective confederation and national football associations involved.



    Clubs which are located in defunct nations that merged with others, new nations separated from others, or which stopped competing in a nation’s league system because their locale was transferred to another nation, are not included in this article.



    Contents [hide]


    1 United Kingdom and Ireland


    1.1 England / Scotland


    1.2 England / Wales


    1.3 Republic of Ireland / Northern Ireland


    1.4 Guernsey / England


    2 Continental Europe


    3 North America


    4 Asia


    4.1 China / Hong Kong


    4.2 Singapore / Malaysia / Brunei


    5 Oceania


    6 Sources


    7 References



    [edit] United Kingdom and IrelandAs a result of the history of football in the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom has four FIFA member countries instead of one. Clubs that play outside what would be regarded as their ‘home country’ include:



    [edit] England / Scotland → : English in Scotland



    Berwick Rangers play in the Scottish football league system (Scottish Football League Third Division as of 2011–12), due to its proximity to the Scottish border.


    → : Scottish in England



    None at present.


    Gretna played in the English football league system until 2002 when they were elected to the Scottish Football League. They folded in 2008.


    [edit] England / Wales → : English in Wales



    The New Saints, one of only two fully professional clubs in the Welsh Premier League, represents both the Welsh village of Llansantffraid-ym-Mechain and the English town of Oswestry (the two places are 8 miles/13 km apart), since its merger in 2003 with financially troubled Oswestry Town, an English club which had always played in the Welsh football structure. Since the 2007–08 season, they play in Oswestry, while previously playing in Llansantffraid-ym-Mechain. As regular contenders to the Welsh Premier League title and Welsh Cup, The New Saints have represented Wales in European competitions.


    Trefonen play in the Welsh football league system (Montgomeryshire League).


    Newcastle play in the Welsh football league system (Mid Wales South League).


    Bucknell play in the Welsh football league system (Mid Wales South League).


    Bishop’s Castle did play in the Montgomeryshire League, but moved to the Shropshire County League (in the English football league system) in 2010.


    → : Welsh in England



    Swansea City play in the Premier League (as of 2011–12; this is the first season a Welsh club will play in the Premier League since its formation in 1992–93).


    Cardiff City play in the Football League Championship (as of 2011–12).


    Newport County and Wrexham play in the Conference National (as of 2011–12).


    Colwyn Bay play in the Conference North (as of 2011–12).


    Merthyr Town play in the Western Football League Premier Division (as of 2011–12).


    Although all the above clubs play in the English football league system and are allowed to compete in the FA Cup, Newport County, Wrexham, Colwyn Bay and Merthyr Town are under the jurisdiction of the Football Association of Wales. Cardiff City and Swansea City previously had a similar arrangement until the 2011-12 season.[1]



    Cardiff City (1921–29, 1952–57 and 1960–62) and Swansea City (1981–83) have played in the old Football League First Division, the top division of English football at that time. Cardiff City are also the only non-English side to have won the FA Cup, winning it in 1927; they again reached the final in 2008, prompting the English FA to change the rules to allow Welsh clubs to represent England in UEFA competitions should they qualify to do so.[2]



    The following Welsh clubs also played in the English football league system before the launch of the League of Wales, now the Welsh Premier League:



    This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it.


    Bangor City


    Barry Town


    Caernarfon Town








    The following defunct Welsh clubs also played in the English league system:



    This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it.


    Aberdare Athletic


    Abertillery Town[3]


    Lovells Athletic




    Merthyr Tydfil


    Ton Pentre[3]


    Until 1995, the above clubs were allowed to participate in the Welsh Cup, and represented Wales in the Cup Winners’ Cup if they won. Clubs playing in those parts of England close to the Welsh border could also play in the Welsh Cup, but could not represent Wales even if they won.



    On 20 April 2011, the Football Association of Wales invited the six Welsh clubs playing in England to rejoin the Welsh Cup for the 2011–12 season but only Newport County, Wrexham and Merthyr Town accepted.[4] However, the UEFA Executive Committee rejected the request of Welsh clubs playing in the English leagues to be able to qualify for the UEFA Europa League via the Welsh Cup.[5]



    In addition, Deva Stadium, home to Chester and previously to the defunct Chester City, straddles the England-Wales border, and its entire pitch is in Wales (though the club offices, which are part of the stadium complex, are in England).


    [edit] Republic of Ireland / Northern Ireland → : Northern Irish in the Republic of Ireland



    Two different clubs bearing the name Derry City have played in the Republic of Ireland football league system:


    The original club, founded in 1928, played in the Northern Ireland football league system until 1972, when it was expelled from the Irish Football League due to issues related to The Troubles. The club then spent 13 years without a league until being admitted to the second level of the League of Ireland in 1985. Two years later, they earned promotion to the League of Ireland’s first level, and continued there until their expulsion in 2009 for financial mismanagement. The club was dissolved shortly thereafter.


    A new Derry City club, which considers itself to be a continuation of the original, was founded in January 2010, and was admitted to the second level of the League of Ireland starting with that season. They returned to the top flight at the first opportunity by winning the First Division title.


    Derry City have won the league titles of both Northern Ireland (1964–65) and the Republic of Ireland (1988–89, 1996–97), and also the cup titles of both Northern Ireland (1948–49, 1953–54, 1963–64) and the Republic of Ireland (1988–89, 1994–95, 2002, 2006), and have represented both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland in European club competitions.



    [edit] Guernsey / England → : Guernsey in England



    Guernsey F.C. play in the Combined Counties League Division 1.


    The Guernsey Football Association has no international recognition; it has county status with the English Football Association.



    [edit] Continental Europe → : Andorran in Spain



    FC Andorra play in the Spanish football league system (Segona Catalana).


    → : German in Switzerland



    FC Büsingen play in the Swiss football league system, as Büsingen is a German exclave surrounded by Switzerland.


    → : Italian in Switzerland



    AP Campionese play in the Swiss football league system, as Campione d’Italia is an Italian exclave surrounded by Switzerland.


    → : Liechtensteiner in Switzerland



    FC Balzers


    USV Eschen/Mauren


    FC Ruggell


    FC Schaan


    FC Triesen


    FC Triesenberg


    FC Vaduz (played in the Swiss Super League for the 2008–09 season, the first Liechtenstein club to play in the top level of Swiss football; now in the second-level Challenge League)


    All clubs in Liechtenstein play in the Swiss football league system, as Liechtenstein has no properly recognized league of its own. These clubs also compete in the Liechtenstein Football Cup, which is effectively the championship of Liechtenstein, with the winner representing Liechtenstein in the UEFA Europa League. Liechtenstein clubs do not play in the Swiss Cup, and are not eligible for qualification to European competitions via the Swiss league system.



    → : Monegasque in France



    AS Monaco FC play in the French football league system (Ligue 2 as of 2011–12), as Monaco does not have a professional league. They are one of the most successful clubs in France having won seven Ligue 1, five Coupe de France and one Coupe de la Ligue titles, and have also represented France in European competitions, reaching the final of the now-defunct UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup in 1992 and of the UEFA Champions League in 2004.


    → : Sammarinese in Italy



    San Marino Calcio play in the Italian football league system (Lega Pro Seconda Divisione).


    A.C. Juvenes/Dogana played in both the Campionato Sammarinese di Calcio and the Italian amateur levels until the 2006-07 season. Now they play only in the Sammarinese league. Juvenes/Dogana was founded in 2000 after the merger of S.S. Juvenes and G.S. Dogana: both clubs played in Italy at the time of the merger.


    The home league of San Marino was established only in 1985. Before that year, other sammarinese teams have competed in the Italian system (i.e. A.C. Libertas and San Marino Calcio forerunners Libertas-Tre Penne), though only San Marino Calcio is allowed to take part to the system and also to Coppa Italia exclusively.



    → : Cypriot in Greece



    Olympiakos Nicosia played in Greece in 1967–68, 1969–70, and 1971–72.


    AEL Limassol played in Greece in 1968–69.


    EPA Larnaca FC played in Greece in 1970–71.


    AC Omonia played in Greece in 1972–73.


    APOEL F.C. played in Greece in 1973–74.


    From 1967 to 1974, the champion of the Cypriot First Division was promoted to the Greek First Division.



    → : Austrian in Germany



    SV Kleinwalsertal has played in Germany since the 1960s, playing in the tier twelve B-Klasse Allgäu 6 in 2011–12.[6]


    From 1938 to 1945, Austrian clubs participated in the German Gauliga system because Austria was annexed by Nazi Germany. Additionally, a number of clubs from France, Luxembourg, Czechoslovakia and Poland also played in the German league system during their occupation.


    [edit] North AmericaMany North American sports leagues are made up of teams from different countries—three of the four largest professional leagues in Anglophone North America have teams representing cities on both sides of the U.S.-Canada border. This phenomenon can also be seen in soccer leagues. Although foreign clubs can and do participate in leagues based in the United States, no such team is eligible to participate in the U.S. Open Cup, which is only open to teams affiliated with the United States Soccer Federation. They are also not eligible to represent the United States in the CONCACAF Champions League.



    → : Antiguan in the United States



    Antigua Barracuda FC have played in the third-level USL Pro since that league’s creation in 2011.


    → : Bermudian in the United States



    Bermuda Hogges play in the USL Premier Development League, having decided to self-relegate from the USL Second Division (the effective predecessor to USL Pro) after the 2009 season. Many of the players appear for the Bermuda national team.


    → : Canadian in the United States The top two levels of Canadian soccer pyramid, Major League Soccer and the North American Soccer League. are both leagues based in the United States.



    Toronto FC have played in Major League Soccer since 2007.


    Vancouver Whitecaps FC joined MLS in 2011. A member of the USL First Division through 2009, the Whitecaps broke away from the USL to join the new North American Soccer League for 2010. However, after neither the NASL nor USL-1 received official sanctioning, they played the 2010 season in the temporary USSF Division 2.


    The Montreal Impact joined MLS in 2012. Their predecessors of the same name had played the previous three seasons in three different leagues—the USL First Division in 2009, the temporary USSF Division 2 in 2010, and the new NASL in 2011.


    FC Edmonton started playing in the new NASL in 2011.


    Several Canadian clubs played in previous incarnations of the NASL, including:


    Calgary Boomers


    Edmonton Drillers


    Montreal Manic


    Montreal Olympique


    Toronto Blizzard (also known as Toronto Metros and Toronto Metros-Croatia)


    Toronto Falcons


    Vancouver Royals


    Vancouver Whitecaps


    Abbotsford Mariners, Forest City London, Hamilton Rage, Ottawa Fury, Thunder Bay Chill, Toronto Lynx (played in the USL A-League/First Division until 2006), Vancouver Whitecaps Residency, Victoria Highlanders and WSA Winnipeg play in the USL Premier Development League.


    The top four professional clubs in Canada (Toronto FC, Montreal Impact, Vancouver Whitecaps FC, and FC Edmonton) contest the Canadian Championship for the Voyageurs Cup to determine Canada’s entrant into the CONCACAF Champions League.



    → : Puerto Rican in the United States



    The Puerto Rico Islanders have played in the new NASL since it began play in 2011. They had played in the USL First Division in 2009 and USSF Division 2 in 2010. Even though Puerto Rico is a dependent territory of the United States, it has a separate football federation, the Puerto Rican Football Federation. The highest level of competition within Puerto Rico is the Puerto Rico Soccer League, which the team do not usually participate in (however, they played in the 2010 season when it was played in a shortened format). The Islanders have represented Puerto Rico at the CFU Club Championship and the CONCACAF Champions League.


    Sevilla FC Puerto Rico, Club Atlético River Plate Puerto Rico, and Puerto Rico United were initially going to play in USL Pro in the 2011 season, but were removed due to severe economic difficulties.


    [edit] Asia[edit] China / Hong Kong → : Mainland Chinese in Hong Kong



    Lanwa FC played in the Hong Kong First Division League for three seasons from 2005 to 2008. While Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China, it has its own football federation and professional league.


    Sheffield United and Xiangxue Eisiti were both reserve teams of clubs based in mainland China which played in the 2008–09 Hong Kong First Division League season. However, both teams actually played their home games in Hong Kong.


    [edit] Singapore / Malaysia / Brunei → : Singaporean in Malaysia



    The Football Association of Singapore used to enter a team in the Malaysian league, but pulled out after the 1994 season following a dispute with the Football Association of Malaysia over gate receipts, and launched its own S.League. From 2012, a new Singapore representative side, based around the Under-23 team will participate in both the Malaysia Super League and the Malaysia Cup.


    → : Malaysian in Singapore



    As part of a two-way arrangement with the Football Association of Singapore, the Football Association of Malaysia will enter a representative side based around the Under-23 national team in the S-League from 2012.


    → : Bruneian in Malaysia



    DPMM FC played in the Malaysia Premier League in 2006, and the Malaysia Super League in 2007 and 2008.


    The Football Association of Brunei Darussalam used to enter a team in the Malaysian league.


    → : Bruneian in Singapore



    DPMM FC play in the S.League, starting in 2009, after getting kicked out the Malaysian Super League for the 2009 season (see below). They were also invited to take part in the Singapore Cup in 2007. But since the FIFA ban on the Brunei FA in 2009, DPMM FC have stopped their participation.


    Besides DPMM FC, a number of “foreign” teams have also played in the S.League. These clubs, while playing their home games in Singapore, are either satellite teams of foreign clubs or are made up exclusively of foreign players:



    Albirex Niigata Singapore FC (a satellite team of Albirex Niigata, a top-level professional club in Japan’s J. League)


    Beijing Guoan Talent Singapore FC (a satellite team of Beijing Guoan F.C., a top-level professional club in China’s Super League)


    Dalian Shide Siwu FC (a satellite team of Dalian Haichang, a top-level professional club in China’s Super League)


    Etoile FC (made up of players of French origin)


    Liaoning Guangyuan FC (a satellite team of Liaoning FC, a top-level professional club in China’s Super League)


    Sinchi FC (a team made up of players from China)


    Sporting Afrique FC (made up of players of African origin)


    Yishun Super Reds FC (made up of players from South Korea)


    As of 2011, only Albirex Niigata Singapore FC and Etoile FC play in the S.League. The foreign teams are not allowed to represent Singapore in AFC club competitions such as the AFC Champions League and the AFC Cup. Moreover, due to the presence of foreign teams in the S.League, the AFC does not allow S.League teams to participate in the AFC Champions League since 2011.[7]



    In recent years, foreign clubs from other countries have also been invited to participate in the Singapore Cup.



    [edit] Oceania → : New Zealander in Australia



    Wellington Phoenix play in the A-League, starting from the 2007–08 season.


    New Zealand Knights played in the National Soccer League from 1999 to 2004 (as Football Kingz FC) and in the A-League from 2005 to 2007.


    As New Zealand is a member of OFC and Australia is a member of AFC since moving from OFC in 2006, Wellington Phoenix are playing in the league of a member of another football confederation. As per agreement with FIFA, AFC and OFC, Wellington Phoenix are not allowed to participate in the AFC Champions League.[8] They also do not participate in the OFC Champions League, as New Zealand is represented by clubs from its football league, the New Zealand Football Championship.



    Note that it is not uncommon for New Zealand teams to play in Australian professional sports leagues—the National Rugby League (rugby league) and National Basketball League both have one team from New Zealand, and the Women’s National Basketball League had a New Zealand team in the 2007–08 season. This phenomenon is most pronounced in rugby union, in which the Super Rugby competition, a joint enterprise between the governing bodies of Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, has five teams from each of the three countries as of the current 2012 season.



    [edit] SourcesWhere’s My Country? Article on cross-border movements of football clubs, at RSSSF.com


    [edit] References^ Scott, Matt (6 May 2011). “Football Association breaks Welsh jurisdiction over Cardiff and Swansea”. The Guardian. http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2011/may/06/fa-faw-cardiff-swansea. Retrieved 20 January 2012.


    ^ FA approves Cardiff for Uefa Cup


    ^ a b c d Twydell, Dave (5 November 2001). Denied F.C.: The Football League Election Struggles. Harefield: Yore Publications. p. 24. ISBN 1-85983-512-0.


    ^ Welsh cup exile over


    ^ Bidding process for UEFA EURO 2020 decided


    ^ BK Allgäu 6 BFV website, accessed: 29 July 2011


    ^ Singapore seek to pull out of ACL


    ^ Ad-hoc Committee for Professional Clubs


    Retrieved from “http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_association_football_clubs_playing_in_the_league_of_another_country&oldid=491697104”


    MONAGHAN 1900 1351



    Without the BTC and with Ticketus added to the total,but siding against them,it must be pretty damn close…..

  11. I actually cancelled Sky Sports and ESPN yesterday after Dungcaster’s wee interview.

  12. Goodness me have I missed a lot!!



    Paul are we going to have one of these for that horrible wee bigot of a kitman???

  13. Paul can’t say I share your optimism regarding Doncasters intelligence- I see little evidence to draw that conclusion- but then he maybe keeps it well hidden.



    Nevertheless I defer to your greater knowledge.



    I still think he will go- I really think he has played it far too cautiously & ended up losing his opportunity to extricate himself from the particular karmic web Scottish football finds itself in.

  14. Silver City Neil Lennon on

    Survives? What are we talking about? The night? The next 24 hours? I am prepaired to accept he is dragging his heels so he isn’t percieved as the man that killed Rangers. Still he won’t be left looking too good after it all comes out in the open

  15. Does anyone know of the record amount of CQN articles in one day?


    It does feel like waiting to find out what you got for Christmas.


    Not sure if I agree on Doncaster though, he has stated a case for a Newco, and must have some idea of the evidence stacked against the huns.


    We’ll just have to wait and see. Going to try to finish work early.

  16. bunburybhoy on 23 May, 2012 at 13:59 said:




    Don’t worry…be happy!






    Who are you tellin to be happy?

  17. Sitting in a garden of glorious sunshine. Flowers in bloom. Listening to the Waterboys- there are some damn cool beers in the fridge. Can I baptise the tongue with a premature celebratory libation? Catholic guilt inhibits me- oh the anguish of these moral conundrums- am I dangerously flirting with alkay status?



    Feck it- a man has to quench his thirst!

  18. Don’t think Doncaster will survive as I don’t think the SPL will survive. One more season at most whilst the whole league structure is reconstructed by the SFA.

  19. RalphWaldoEllison-is Neil Lennon Season 2011-12 on

    And lo, he who is last shall be first.



    (modest bow and imperious wave)




  20. Navanbhoy said -could it be that the rumours gathering strength within the 67 lounge at Celtic park this last few months have some substance????



    What Rumours? Spill the beans please. Although I think I can guess.

  21. South Of Tunis on

    Sheik Yerbouti



    Harmeet Singh .



    For what it’s worth Italian rumor mongers have spent months claiming he is signing for ——



    Hannover / Torino / Cagliari/ Siena.



    He can’t be very good – if he was – the relevant rumor mongers would have him at Man City / Chelski/ Juve or PSG

  22. thomthethim CQN (genuine) Badge Wearer on

    If the integrity of the game is not upheld by the SFA, then it becomes UEFA’s problem.



    With Celtic previously demanding and achieving integrity in Extensiongate, then why would they accept less in this case?



    Celtic’s interests are best served in protecting it’s reputation for sporting integrity.

  23. sparkleghirl on 23 May, 2012 at 14:12 said:


    Doncaster does not deserve to survive.




    Mind me ,not to get on the wrong side of you.

  24. Monaghan1900 on




    According to Duff & Duffer, total current debt is £55.4M with £14M of this owed to the Revenue which is 25.27%. Pretty damned close but this figure doesn’t include the wee tax case. Faith man!

  25. Jamesiebhoy @ 14:13



    A few of our supporters club members are in there every home game and the rumour has been for some time that the club are actively trying to relocate to another league (england)!!


    Only rumour of course

  26. San Marino Calcio is the only professional football team in the Republic of San Marino that is allowed to play exclusively in the Italian football league system.

  27. For me Doncaster has to go.



    He has been an idiot for his comments and just insinuates that the SPL is corrupt in the need to have the Orc’s in it.



    Neil, tell us really why do they need to be in the SPL?



    Because they are/ were (cause they’re skint) your paymaster and your just another lapdog.



    We don’t need them, the SPL doesn’t need them, Scotland doesn’t need them!



    I really hope we’re for the off if the funny handshake brigade get their way.

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