Premier League TV deal, Brexit


It is small compensation that the FA Premier League TV deal for 2019-2022, announced yesterday, wasn’t another 71% increase, like the last time. With two of the smaller packages still to be decided, this contract is roughly comparable with the current deal.

The encouraging sign, for those of us with our noses pressed against the window, is that Sky, who won four of the five packages awarded so far, reduced their price per game to £9.3m, down from £10.8m, committing a total of £3.579bn over three years.

BT, who paid less per game for the current deal than Sky, upped their price for their one successful package to £9.22m per game from £7.6m, committing a total of £885m.

The remaining two packages are to broadcast the entire league programme across two match days each, three of which will be midweek and one bank holiday fixture list. The Premier League hope to entice additional competition from Amazon and Facebook into this space, but it is far from certain these rights will attract significant value. Will 10 games broadcast simultaneously attract significantly more armchair fans than one major game? I’m not convinced.

My expectation is for the final domestic rights figure to slightly underperform the current deal. What the Premier League has in its favour is the value of the pound compared to the euro, dollar and pretty much any other currency of note.

Since the last international rights were agreed, the pound depreciated following the Brexit vote, so foreign TV companies get far more £s for their domestic currency. While this will support GBP denominated TV revenues, it could mask a softening of the underlying value.

It should be noted that Celtic also ‘win’ from the flag waving act of economic illiteracy that is Brexit, due to their Champions League euro denominated remits. One small ray of sunshine in a very overcast ‘sky’.

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  1. HRVATSKI JIM on 14TH FEBRUARY 2018 10:27 AM


    Celtic’s official ‘dig’ at Rangers over Euro cup defeat to Zenit St Petersburg – per The Herald






    I remember watching that match in London. The blackboard outside the pub billed it as “Celtic (sic) Rangers” v Zenit St. Petersburg.



    Glad we had nothing to do with the game nor the aftermath.




    Had to go after my post yesterday, but your link to Rangers FC Memorandum and Articles of Association from 1899, with that lovely Certificate of Incorporation, gratefully received. Love the top of page 8, the kicker, the dagger in the lying heart of “company deid, club not,” nonsense:



    “The words “Club” and “Company”……..throughout the said Memorandum and Articles of Association shall, where the context admits of it, be of SYNONYMOUS meaning”. ( My caps).



    Is it really 6 years ago today since my phone pinged and there were the words “Give me joy in my heart”, sent by a work colleague and mate, with whom I have passed through Parkhead’s gates so many times?



    So Happy Administration Day to you and everybody else on here!

  3. Hey Ho !!!



    ” One more — oh what an enigma ! -from Gonzalo Higuain . . 90 million euros worth of bi-polarism . A 1 goal in 2 career . Can look wonderful , can look like a man who has wandered onto the field in search of a takeaway pizza. I watched that great Peter Sellers film -Being There -recently . . If they ever make a remake -Gonzalo would be perfect in the Chance role ” .



    Fitba pundit / comic – Italian radio –14 2 18

  4. Gene


    “My concern with charities is the amount of admin costs they take and what’s left for the actual beneficiaries. Mary’s meals being a positive example”



    Mary’s meals donate ( according to their website) 93p in the pound of all monies received to the charities.


    Isn’t that a good outcome? Genuine question as I don’t know what the typical percentage would be?

  5. SCULLYBHOY on 14TH FEBRUARY 2018 8:51 AM


    m6bhoy on 14th February 2018 7:54 am







    Would it be fair to suggest that Celtic are simply pointing out that they are a well run business considering the environment they operate in?




    It’s entirely fair to point this out as long as we now all understand and accept that the team now exists to support the business and not the other way round.





    Absolutely correct. And it was originally set up the other way round.








    The whole of the UK is gonna get a Brexit lesson. And it won’t be pretty.

  8. Just watched Boris The Buffoon —



    Don’t you worry about a thing — people like him are seeking a deal which will still enable –



    ” cheapo flights to stag dos in historic cities “





    Boris in one of the great offices of state,and even worse,driving policy because of a pathetically weak PM.



    We might get the politicians we deserve,but why did I end up wi them?

  10. So as we approach territory where we will have to share potential CL income with our business partners at Ibrox the drive is on to keep the money rolling in.



    Income from our ‘Nursery Club’ approach and player trading is unreliable and also relies on the financial well being of the buying clubs.



    Being the middle man also creates uncertainty with player egos as they want to move on quicker than we might of hoped for…Jozo and Moussa.



    Attracting reasonably developed players to the backwater of Scottish Football isn’t easy and they often want paid over the odds.



    So as the product on the field becomes less attractive, we devise other ways to make money. The SPFL games might be turgid back passing affairs but we can look forward to leaving games early to watch Sydney Devine or the Krankies perform in the ‘Hotel.’



    Maybe we might even cough up to watch ‘An Evening with Peter Lawwell’. (A silent performance).



    The football might be poor. The backdrop might be sectarian, the administration might be non-existent but we will continue to support the Plc and their drive to make money in order to invest it in ‘projects’ to make more money.



    Good Luck to Sharon Brown and your apparent remit of replacing or supplementing CL and player trading (football I suppose) revenue with ‘Retail’.



    On a personal note it would be encouraging to see some kind of spending on a ‘Soup Kitchen’, to feed the poor, incorporated in the Hotel model. Surely given our heritage we could see a way to offering the poor of Glasgow a meal at our expense.



    If simply as a way of keeping in touch with Brother Walfrid’s vision, and highlight the horrific greed of modern day football.



    (Q Mark not working).



    N.B. I know that the turgid back passing is a carefully constructed plan to tire out the opposition :)







    93% direct use of income is excellent as per Mary’s Meals. I have worked in the development sector and now in the Disability charity sector and before anyone says that it should be 100% (may be nobody was!) you need to employ people who know what they’re doing and pay for it as well as having Accounts systems and IT systems, logistics etc. etc. I was fortunate to be able to volunteer at the time when I was overseas, receiving bed and board and some pocket money for my work but workers in this field like anywhere else have families to look after and bills to pay. Any development agency which can use 90%+ of fundraised or grant aided income for direct provision work is doing well.






    Absolutely correct. And it was originally set up the other way round.







    I used to think that as well but if you think back to the Lisbon Lion era, the Kelly/Whites must have been creaming a lot of money out of the club on the back of the team’s success and massive crowds. It’s just a lot more obvious now we are a plc.





    I think The Salvation Army do it the other way round,which is disgraceful.




    I think The Salvation Army do it the other way round,which is disgraceful.





    All goes on trumpets, mate. :-)





    Apologies,I should have been more expansive on the point.



    Fergus,I believe,set up two boards. The idea being that the PLC would drive the commercial income to support investment in the Football Operation.



    And that the Football Operation would be sufficiently successful to drive the commercial operation.



    Now,it seems everything goes into one pot. And not much comes out of it.





    The SA ran a hostel in Swindon before it got closed due to redevelopment. Then they had another one built for them.



    Homeless single men only. £450 a week currently.



    That’s not a charity. That’s a way to milk the system.

  17. Having Brexit as a headline on the eve of a crucial EuropaLeague tie is the most obvious squirrel I have ever seen :)



    Sky TV, BT Sport, the value of Sterling,the Euro, Brexit. All discussed…



    Did I miss the game…Is it cancelled




    Don’t fall for it lhads.




    (No Q Mark)



    HH & Duty Call

  18. Not everyone was pleased with the repeal of the OBFA –






    ALEX Salmond has castigated opponents of the Football Act at Holyrood for choosing political point-scoring over principles.



    As a long-time campaigner against sectarianism and bigotry, Salmond piloted the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act through the Scottish Parliament in 2011.



    MSPs voted 65-61 to repeal the Act in January, through a Member’s Bill challenging it.



    On the bid to scrap the anti-bigotry legislation, Salmond said: “It is totally shameful. It is perfectly legitimate to say such legislation could be improved, or changed in certain aspects – that is what happens as legislation beds down.



    “To know what’s going on all you have to do is listen to what is being sung during certain televised matches, so why on earth in Scotland in 2018 should we accept sectarian singing in our living rooms, and anybody who does anything which sustains that and allows it to continue should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.



    The former First Minister of Scotland argued that opposition parties were “running away” from tackling sectarianism.




    Comments –



    Peter A Bell :


    When Alex Salmond talks about the way the British parties at Holyrood are behaving in relation to the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act (OBFA) his anger is genuine, palpable and fully justified. He allows his emotions to show to an extent which is rare in politicians. I think that is very much to his credit.



    We should all be angry about this. Regardless of what interest we have in football; or our political or religious affiliation; or even any informed and considered opinion of the legislation, we should all be outraged by the way British Labour in Scotland (BLiS), in particular, has sought to exploit the issue solely to satisfy a base and vulgar urge to land some sort of blow on the SNP.


  19. Bobby


    The Salvation Army


    Before I used to head to the dancing on a Friday night,( late 70’s Early 80’s I reckon) I’d pop into the local for a few liveners first.


    The lass from the SA used to make a point of coming in to catch me for a donation. I’d make a generous donation every week.




    I don’t know if you saw it, or heard about a documentary that was on tv


    at the time. It showed the Sally Army in a very bad light. Along the lines you say, ie, the distribution of the money. It seemed most was going on “ wages” to the SA personnel. What really got to me though, was a story whereby the owner of a fish and chip shop had donated x amount of fish suppers for the homeless, which, the SA had sold to the homeless. Sold!


    Anyhow, on the Friday, in she comes, and I asked her if I could speak to her outside, in private. I asked her about the documentary, the wages, the fish and chip story.


    Her reply, “ there’s nothing I can say “


    Was my last donation ever to them.


    Whether things have changed I couldn’t say.


    I’m not decrying ever SA worker. I’m sure many of them, hopefully most, are not in it for what they can get out, but that documentary got to me.





    We will continue to donate to charities. Like everything else in life,if we don’t like where our money is going,we send it elsewhere.



    It’s a shame that charities should be subject to that. It destroys trust.

  21. BMCUW @ 11 57



    Heard an Academic from a University in Bologna on the radio last Sunday —



    ” Boris Johnson’s recent comments re a European superstate make no sense whatsoever . . Given the contentand the aims of a piece of UK legislation called The European Union Act of 2011 , he is either demonstrating his astonishing ignorance or he is deliberately trying to mislead and misinform the British people “




    Salvation Army. A wee story. In the earky to mis 60’s a mate and I went of to London to seek our fortune!!. We got there with about £3 between us but were smartly dressed. After sleeping the night in Victoria Bus station we managed to get a job in a travel agents but we could not get wages until the end of the week. So, back to the bus station where we got turfed out by London’s finest. So Victoria railway station it was, where we slept each night until pay day. We had NOTHING to eat and one night we thought we’d try the SA and found one near Victoria. The Major in charge would not let us in even though we emphasised we were struggling. When we questioned him he said, “We only cater for the working class” True.#


    No donations to them from that day on.


    For the record, we did not find our fortune!!




  23. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    One question which hasn’t been posed about our current approach to spending on the team and saving money for a rainy day is this:



    Should we fail to qualify for the Champions League this year and we utilise the £30m of reserves we have (significantly reducing that figure) to meet running costs, what happens when we attempt to qualify for the Champions League the year after?



    It stands to reason that we would have to improve the team (as if we couldn’t qualify one year, what would make us think we could qualify the next without improving the team?), most likely through player acquisition and, if so, where does that money come from: do we take out a loan or utilise the remaining cash reserves or sell players to finance purchases?



    None of these options seem as attractive as spending money that we currently have in the bank to improve our chances and probability of qualifying.





    Boris is clearly an ambitious and learned fellow. By which,I mean he has learned things by rote-The Road to Mandalay-and arselicking.



    He thoroughly intends to be PM. He will let nothing stand in his way. Friends,common-sense,his reputation in history,they mean nothing,as long as he can have his day in the sun.



    But that’s just Boris,innit? He’s such fun,lovely chap,don’t let him near your wife,of course.



    And yes,of course he’s the best leader we’ve yet to have,I’d vote for him in a heartbeat.



    You’re well out of it,bud. Me,I’m sticking to electric razors.

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