Premiership-Championship, financial fundamentals


We’re in the last week of November and one point separates Celtic, Inverness and Dundee United at the top of the table, with Hamilton a point behind.  Dundee, who put on a credible performance yesterday, sit alongside seventh placed Kilmarnock, nine points of the pace.  That’s more than half the league within nine points of the top.

Remember the day Accies relegated Hibs, and we were told how the Championship would be vastly more competitive than the Premiership this season?  There’s a nine point gap at the top of the Championship, which is the least competitive senior league in Britain.

If you were an investor in a Championship team located anywhere outside Gorgie, you might be running the numbers this morning on what another season of lower league football is going to cost to fund.  With ever-diminishing income I know one club who could need £30m investment to get them through another 18 months of Championship football.

The chances of than kind of money materialising are zero, no matter if they flog their properties.  There will also be a structural deficit, even with Premiership football, of having a massive infrastructure to support, without European revenue, of around £10m per season.

If you are a football club in Scotland with a large infrastructure to operate, maintain, police and insure, you need significant and regular European income.  The cost of funding the job to overcome domestic and European competition (all of the latter would be seeded), runs into many tens of millions.

No one has even pretended they have a viable plan to overcome such obstacles.  Hope you can find the fun in financial fundamentals.

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  1. It’s 21.55 and 29 degs C as I sitting in Queen St in Brisbane contemplating the great questions and imponderables in our existence.



    Scurrying across a small area to us but a veritable ponderosa to him/her is a wee cockroach doing a fair impersonation of a Jinkyesque insect as it dices with death with feet, roadsweepers and stomach projectiles.



    Anyway as I people and roach watch, I scribbled this wee bit of rubbish doggerel….



    There wis a wee cockroach


    Scurrying the street


    Trying take avoid


    A thousand big feet


    A dash tae the left


    A swerve tae the right


    He’d need some luck


    To see aff the night.



    But then he espied


    A gap in a slab


    Previously hid


    By a chundered kebab


    And so like a bullet


    He shot fur that hole


    Darkness his refuge


    Safety his goal



    At last he wis safe


    Or so you wid think


    When all of a sudden


    There rose a great stink


    He’d smelt it before


    In a place just as dark


    But even less clean


    ….well that’s Kinning park.



    He searched fur the exit


    But his way was barred


    By evil blue roaches


    All twisted and scarred


    Then with one mighty bound


    He scaled the puked meat


    His chances were better


    Wae yon muckle feet!



    Hail hail




  2. Podium could have been mine, but I was on the ‘phone to BMCUW and he distracted me!







  3. P67



    I forgot that Championship will be the bestest league and most competitive in Europe garbage. Hahahahahahaaha.








    Financial fundamentals?



    My fun will be watching them disappear up their own fundament.






    Apologies for making you miss the podium!





    Cockroaches in Kinning Park?



    That is taking poetic licence too darn far…

  6. A guy in my work put a tenner on Hibs to win the league today. 66/1.


    He is convinced that Sevco will face at least administration and Hearts will toil after January when they sell half their team. I have checked his coffee for spirits.


    66/1 is a decent punt tho if they do turn it around.




  7. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on




    something I meant to mention before.



    Over on the cqnbookstore.com there are loads of things for sale beyond Caesar & The Assassin but can I give a quick mention to the Celtic Anthology Book.



    This was a book that was put together a while back by a whole group of amateur writers and Celtic fans.



    The book contains individual stories, poems, articles and so on which were all sifted and edited and then compiled into the book.



    Some may remember a story I told about Joe Venglos going to sign Lubo Moravcik – well I updated it and added to it and inserted it into this book.



    Others wrote some truly amazing stuff and it is all in there.



    The book costs a tenner on the bookstore and there are only maybe about 10 or 15 left and there will never be another print run so this is a last chance to get one as we literally only have the remainder stock left.



    There were only ever 500 copies in the first place.



    It is well worth a read as you get to see what ordinary Celtic fans can do and think.







  8. Was away for the weekend therefore I missed the Dundee game so im really looking forward to the Salzburg game which promises to be a toughie.

  9. pedrocaravanachio67 on



    Folly folly


    Som mes que un club



    Thanks guys for the info, stuck it all on my notes on my phone..









    The missus says thanks very much also ;-)

  10. dr ramesh and the love potion on




    El Mercado San Miguel next to Plaza Mayor is a great place to sample different tapas and wines.


    Everything in the centre is walkable if you are fit.


    At this time of year the Plaza Mayor has the Xmas fair. It’s a bit tacky but there’s lots of life. Sol will be packed with Xmas shoppers.


    If you are into food Madrid now has several pricey Michelin star restaurants. The are also places with spectacular views like the new restaurant in El Corte Ingles in Callao.


    Right now the weather is great, 16-20 degrees and sunny but it can get very cold suddenly.


    If you are in Madrid this Thursday you can catch the game at Triskles in Calle San Vicente Ferrer, just off calle Fuencarral, 10 mins walk from Gran Via.


    Sunsets are great at Templo Debod, the palace and las Vistillas, just over the bridge from the palace.

  11. Good afternoon all.



    Just seen on twitter, Brendan Rogers has left the building. Not sure if it’s accurate.



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.

  12. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Indeed, Paul. For the first three months of the season I thought the Championship was sponsored by a company called “Competitive”, such was the frequency of the two words going together!

  13. Kiwidoug


    Jimmy Cruickshanks Gloves



    Paid Member_20



    3,293 posts


    Posted Today, 07:57


    Doubt if Celtic will try to kick us off the park. That was always the forte of the liquidated club and clearly nothing has changed.



    Honestly think that if it is close with 20 minutes to go we will win. Very much believe it could go either way.




    A very nice wee chap from Corstorphine there.

  14. @alidan51: BREAKING NEWS: Liverpool Football Club part company with there manager Brendan Rodgers. Thought I’d be first in with this news story.



    Nothing on the fishul site though.



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.





    Liverpool haven’t been cutting it this season,but Rodgers is as good as they are likely to get.



    Sacking him is a very poor decision.

  16. i fear the reason the league is pretty competitive is that we have been pretty rank for a lot of the season



    so yes, its good its close, but i would much prefer it wasnt because our standards were poor at the start, albeit we now seem to be getting back on track and if it continues then it wont look so competitive when the season draws to a close



    i still think we will win it by 20 points

  17. ABZMike




    12:22 on 24 November, 2014




    Davidopoulos – Thanks for posting the Lyon goal – A thing of great beauty





    No worries! What a player Miller looked back then, scored against Lyon and Anderlecht that season. Shame he left too early!



    Glad you enjoyed it.

  18. Boaby



    Very true, but there appears to be a big problem there at the mo.



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.

  19. LiviBhoy


    12:25 on


    24 November, 2014


    Killie 11/4 to beat Sevco this weekend in the cup.



    Very tasty price.






    They have been off form lately,but this is their biggest game of the season.


    Killie,I mean.


    How many assaults on Eremenko?.

  20. Liverpoolfcnewsnow states that manager heading for the exit to be rap laced by Jurgenn Klopp. A few months ago CQNers stated that his famous brother, Klippety, was in line for Fat Sally’job !


    Low scoring Villa at home to Soton and The Wall who have conceded least.


    Go for 0-1, 0-2.


    Looking ahead to Saturday, St Mirren at home to ICT. The Buddies are really mince


    and their manager should be exiting soon.



  21. foghorn leghorn



    Pressure is a funny thing. We seem to play better away from home because there is less pressure. Rocking up at Celtic Park and expecting 5, 6, 7 goals is all well and good but realistically we will have to grind a few results out.


    I actually think we may see Ronny’s vision towards the end of the season once the pressure is off and trophies have been won. He will be able to relax and play the players and systems he wants. Pressure is the main obstacle we have. We are handling it for the moment. I think Ronny took a decision mid September to play the system that suits the players we have rather than stick to his principles. Once we have a cup and the league sewn up I expect he will try and change the team to suit his philosophy.


    This was always going to be a transitional year but the treble is still on and we have a EL KO phase spot within our grasp and we have yet to play well. That will do for me for the moment. The good fitba will come.




  22. My real first look at the new golden child on Saturday.Methinks the hoped for millions in transfer fees,have dipped to the tens of thousands.


    Hearts CH has looked very capable any time I have watched him.

  23. The METRO (I know!), were saying on Twitter last night, that Jurgen Klopp has been lined up for the Liverpool job. That could be an excellent choice for both.




  24. Folly Folly



    Not seen a lot of Killie but the honest mistakes have dried up. The ref’s not been getting their EBT’s?


    Surely that price is pretty decent for Killie against a lower league club.




  25. Jonny the Tim



    I fail to see why Klopp would leave Dortmund for the Kop.


    I would imagine he has a bigger job than Liverpool in him. I know they are a big club but I have a lot of admiration for Brendan Rodgers and would expect him to stay for now.




  26. They still have a chance of going through via a play-off. I would give them a decent chance of beating the likes of Ross County, St Mirren or Thistle over 2 legs.

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