Premiership-Championship, financial fundamentals


We’re in the last week of November and one point separates Celtic, Inverness and Dundee United at the top of the table, with Hamilton a point behind.  Dundee, who put on a credible performance yesterday, sit alongside seventh placed Kilmarnock, nine points of the pace.  That’s more than half the league within nine points of the top.

Remember the day Accies relegated Hibs, and we were told how the Championship would be vastly more competitive than the Premiership this season?  There’s a nine point gap at the top of the Championship, which is the least competitive senior league in Britain.

If you were an investor in a Championship team located anywhere outside Gorgie, you might be running the numbers this morning on what another season of lower league football is going to cost to fund.  With ever-diminishing income I know one club who could need £30m investment to get them through another 18 months of Championship football.

The chances of than kind of money materialising are zero, no matter if they flog their properties.  There will also be a structural deficit, even with Premiership football, of having a massive infrastructure to support, without European revenue, of around £10m per season.

If you are a football club in Scotland with a large infrastructure to operate, maintain, police and insure, you need significant and regular European income.  The cost of funding the job to overcome domestic and European competition (all of the latter would be seeded), runs into many tens of millions.

No one has even pretended they have a viable plan to overcome such obstacles.  Hope you can find the fun in financial fundamentals.

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    I really doubt that will be allowed.



    Sure,it may pass wi the committees,but not with the fans.



    And not with the majority of the clubs.

  2. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    Miller’s “tackle” on McHattie was one of the worst challenges I have seen in a long time and would merit a straight red all day long in any league on any planet…

  3. glendalystonsils on

    Miller and Boyd should both have seen red for studs up, no attempt to play the ball.


    Black should have been second yellowed for the penalty and elbows yellow carded for the most pathetic dive of the season.


    In any other league, that’s what would have happened.

  4. tonydonnelly67


    Correct Tony, we all know whats going on.



    Did you ever get to give big Davie L…. in


    the Brazen my regards?



    H.H Mick

  5. BMCUW- Given WGS statement last week ,he was maybe doing his master’s bidding to prepare the way for re-construction if the huns fail ?





    Sadly,I think you are right. He seems to have been privilege to information on current events,at least.



    But in the best traditions of SFA SNAFUs it has only served to tip us all off.



    Or maybe that was his intention all along?

  7. Just saw the Miller ‘tackle’. If he had tried that in an amateur League, he would have been severely battered and would still be unconscious in an Intensive Care Unit right now. I played with players who would have made sure of that. Fitba’ has gone soft.

  8. pod 1



    Safety Beach Country Club down the Peninsula


    very swish for an old weegie like me.


    H.H Mick





    Disagree that football has gone soft in the way you suggest.



    The rules have changed to prevent injuries to players from tackles by nutjobs.



    Applying the rules to EVERY club seems to be the problem.

  10. Ive just seen the pics of Nicole Shirtswinger kissing Lewis Hamilton on the helmet that everyone has been going on about.



    I’m a little disappointed.

  11. BigYinMilan



    Hearts main focus at half time would have been insuring they kept 11 men on the field. Stubbs said as much before they went to Ibrokes to play Sevco.




  12. Well it’s obvious the refs. Are making it up as they are going along, if they stick to the same rules for everyone then there wouldent be a problem, but there is a problem and they the refs. Are the problem, there are rules for one team in Scotland and that rule is they must advance to the SPFL next season at ANY cost, that’s why all those in your face decisions on not handing cards was, Blatent and corrupt it’s totally Discusting and an embarrassment to our game, but they don’t care.

  13. BMCUW



    God bless Bobby Murdoch.



    Still my second all-time favourite Celtic player.




  14. tonydonnelly67



    In a perverse sort of way I’m ticked off the Daily Record took away the opportunity to comment on Sevco items, it was a great release valve for venting frustrations.

  15. Sevco will benefit from more honest mistakes when they are not live on the TV.


    I would say according to the people at the game I have spoken to on Saturday they were very lucky to finish the game with 10 men.




  16. Useless game facts.



    Hearts have only ever beaten Celtic once in the Scottish Cup at Tynecastle in their history.


    I was shocked at that to be fair although I was at the game they beat us! Typical




  17. the long wait is over on

    Not got time to scroll back so apologies if already pointed out but ,while P67’s analysis is accurate, the Premiership simply shouldn’t be as competitive as it is.



    That competitiveness reflects more on our poor start to the league than all of the other factors put together , IMO.

  18. LiviBhoy


    12:55 on


    24 November, 2014





    In fairness Swally should win the Petrofac Training Cup. They only really have Livi to beat and they are average at best and that is at a lower league level.


    That’s a good season for Swally.









    They have Alloa in the semi final away first.Been outplayed twice by them.Alloa wont fear them.

  19. 45,619 was the attendance at Wembley yesterday to watch England lose 3-0 to Germany. The match was also shown live on television.



    This of course was women’s football which is experiencing a huge boost in popularity.



    So where are we will the Celtic’s Women team and should it be a higher priority for the club?



    Well the good news is we do have a team but they are very much a low priority and haven’t exactly set the heather on fire this season. I think we finished fifth.



    But Celtic women don’t have a settled ground to play their home matches and have hardly engaged with the support as a result. If you look at the crowd pics from Wembley yesterday you will see a very different demographic from a usual football crowd.



    Champions League success for the women’s team should not be an impossibility and we could easily sign decent Champions League standard players. Season ticket holders could be given free admission – maybe passing these to the females in the family to use. There’s TV money, sponsorship revenue – and plenty of female focused brands are piling into women’s football.



    Just saying…

  20. bigyinmilan



    14:22 on 24 November, 2014


    Just saw the Miller ‘tackle’. If he had tried that in an amateur League, he would have been severely battered and would still be unconscious in an Intensive Care Unit right now. I played with players who would have made sure of that. Fitba’ has gone soft.






    When John Kennedy’s career was ruined by that Thug playing for Romania, nobody, not a single one of his teammates did anything . It was a shameful indictment that nobody stood up for a kid making his International debut. Mind you when you see the team you can understand why . Every one of them should be ashamed of themselves



    1 Paul Gallagher


    2 Graham Alexander


    3 John Kennedy (Crainey, ’17)


    4 Christian Dailly


    5 Steven Pressley


    6 Gary Caldwell


    7 Gavin Rae


    8 Colin Cameron


    9 Steven Thompson (Crawford, ’63)


    10 Kenny Miller (McFadden, ’51)


    11 Neil McCann

  21. winning captains



    Not for me. I would imagine anyone who does what to go along doesn’t have to pay much to get in.


    I can’t see there being much of an interest.


    I don’t know the standard is like up here but I have never really been interested in the womens game.




  22. All the help that the huns are getting,according to many on here,how is that working out for them?.


    Some other “Internet bampot”saying the leagues will be changed if they dont get promoted.


    Deary me.And I thought Hun Media was bad.

  23. There a lot of people follow the women’s football, but I’m afraid it’s not for me, I’m not even in agreement with women refs. Or lines person at SPFL games, they can’t keep up with the players, ergo most off side decisions are guessing rather than knowing, then again, linesman at celtic park did that on Sat. With the goal he flagged off side for Celtix in the late stages of the second half, was right in front of me, he wasent even close to being offside, IMO.

  24. BT&Captain Beefheart


    thanks for the heads up re Inverness…..Gellions was the place I remember from 10-15 years ago as being a good pub. Could not remember the name or where it was though, sign of a good night in my opinion.


    Hail! Hail!

  25. turkeybhoy


    Well they got plenty of help on Saturday that’s for sure, a shocking display of refereeing from the man in black, made at least 3 first team players available for Sat. Cup game against Killie I think that’s the point most are making, or I was any way.

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