Premiership-Championship, financial fundamentals


We’re in the last week of November and one point separates Celtic, Inverness and Dundee United at the top of the table, with Hamilton a point behind.  Dundee, who put on a credible performance yesterday, sit alongside seventh placed Kilmarnock, nine points of the pace.  That’s more than half the league within nine points of the top.

Remember the day Accies relegated Hibs, and we were told how the Championship would be vastly more competitive than the Premiership this season?  There’s a nine point gap at the top of the Championship, which is the least competitive senior league in Britain.

If you were an investor in a Championship team located anywhere outside Gorgie, you might be running the numbers this morning on what another season of lower league football is going to cost to fund.  With ever-diminishing income I know one club who could need £30m investment to get them through another 18 months of Championship football.

The chances of than kind of money materialising are zero, no matter if they flog their properties.  There will also be a structural deficit, even with Premiership football, of having a massive infrastructure to support, without European revenue, of around £10m per season.

If you are a football club in Scotland with a large infrastructure to operate, maintain, police and insure, you need significant and regular European income.  The cost of funding the job to overcome domestic and European competition (all of the latter would be seeded), runs into many tens of millions.

No one has even pretended they have a viable plan to overcome such obstacles.  Hope you can find the fun in financial fundamentals.

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  1. barcabhoy- Pressley was nearest to JK incident, his reaction was zero,a guy i wish never played for us.

  2. livibhoy



    12:40 on 24 November, 2014


    Folly Folly



    Not seen a lot of Killie but the honest mistakes have dried up. The ref’s not been getting their EBT’s?






    Do you really think the honest mistakes have dried up . To my mind the Rangers should be taking the field at the next game without Smith , Miller , black. , and boyd . That dam mib on Saturday threw them a lifeline , if I was a hearts or hibs fan I would be kicking up a stink , without those four playing in the next game ,it could maybe have been a chance for the jam tarts to move even farther in front , or in hibs case maybe pull three points closer to thems . But they are more concerned with they’re game against celtic . And keeping quiet

  3. Turkeybhoy



    I think the point illustrates how truly awful they are. I have watched them 3 times this season. Full matches against Hearts at the start of the season, Hibs 3-1 home defeat and St Johnstone in the cup.


    All 3 times they were poor. Unable to pass. Lacking fitness and totally lacking any tactics or organisation.


    Only thing I can comment on during these matches was their tackling which from what I have seen would result in a red card in every game at the very least. When the Monster Munch king gets frustrated he gets angry and started smashing people.


    Apparently on Saturday they should have had at least 3 red carded. They are getting help keeping men on the pitch at the minute. They seem incapable of putting the ball in the net unless the opposition are tired.


    They are shelling out some wages for these duds.







  4. Greenwells Glory on

    Hi Ghuys, Salve salve;-



    I think everybody is underestimating ole Fat Boy Slime and his agricultural hussars, I think they are in with a right shout for the Camanachd Cup.




    Mors ultima linea rerum est.

  5. just heard that Ashley is thinking of offering the The Rangers players a bonus if they lose a few games to merit Fat Sally getting sacked as it would be cheaper than paying him off

  6. Greenwells Glory



    Just popped in to say



    ‘Fat Boy Slime’






    I’m stealing that




  7. barcabhoy



    The thug who ruined John Kennedy’s career, Ion Ganea, was with Wolves at the time.



    One of his then clubmates was Colin Cameron, an ex-diet hun who also played in that fateful match.



    I remember him at the time coming out and saying what a great guy Ganea was, and that he would never deliberately try to injure a fellow pro.







  8. Liviebhoy.


    I have just came on and read your earlier post regarding the price for Killie against Deidco for Saturday.I wayched them at Tannadice on Saturday they were atrocious.Cant see them beating deidco at the Orcdome.Too much at stake for deidco and Killie are not up to much.But i would love to be proved wrong.HH

  9. Miller should have been off


    -Red imo.


    Boyd should have been offf


    -red imo, look at way foot seeks




    Black should have went, 2nd yellow at penalty


    Smith rightly red carded for a challenge on par with miller,not as bad as boyds challenge.



    The refs bottled it


    The panel watching farmyard football bottled it.


    Will the sfa video watcher call them in?


    The panel on sportscene bottled it



    Football is a contact sport,rules are there to protect players ensuring they have a future career in the game.The referee failed in his duty.


    3 of the 4 were potential career threatening tackles


    Blacks was a tackle akin to a quarterback gettin sacked



    Route out this so called football.


    Its as dead disgraced Duped Murrays club.



  10. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    Why are people still talking about the hun game, there are procedures in place for anyone who thinks the ref made a mistake to write to the SFA and ask for a video review :oD)))))


    See what I did there

  11. turkeybhoy



    12:00 on 24 November, 2014


    Just for you Cultsbhoy



    The People’s Front of Edmiston


    Started by Big Al II , Today, 10:56 AM



    Please log in to reply


    No replies to this topic


    #1 Big Al II





    True Blue



    6,315 posts






    Posted Today, 10:56 AM


    I think almost all but the staunchest of McCoist fans now agree it’s time for him to go. I don’t like the name calling but I share the sheer frustration.



    I have faith that he would go if he knew the fans true feelings towards his tenure as manager.



    Surely now we need to arrange a protest of sorts to let him know our feelings. It has gone on for long enough, the board will not sack him so all we can do is let him know his time is up and hope he does the honourable thing. I do not believe for a minute he would hang on for a pay off.



    Alternatively we can continue to bitch on here instead.



    A protest after 9 minutes on Sunday!



    They dont half love their protests.Protestants eh.


    The Peoples Front Of Edmiston !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






    That’s funny enough in its own right.


    The more so with bobbio’s subsequent ‘how to’ guide for the bassas!



    ‘Staunchest’. Despite having a pretty accurate grasp of vocabulary, every time I see that word I just read ‘bigot’.



    HH jamesgang

  12. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    Talking to my pal here in Goa … He was at the Goa FC match at the weekend .



    Zico is their manager .. Robert pires playing for them . Talk of Thierry Henry playing for them next season .




    Nicholas anelka plays for Mumbai ( I think )



    All Goa FC matches are 18,000 sell outs with tickets at 200 or 300 rupees ( £3)

  13. winning captains



    15:04 on 24 November, 2014




    I think Celtic Women’s team had a decent team a couple of seasons back ( John Beattie’s daughter ?) but she and others have moved on since PL wouldnt pay the money £1000/week



    sack the board :))

  14. If I was in charge of the P45’s at rangers, I’d give McCoist his.



    Test his ‘legend’ status – would he take them to court and ruin his status – I doubt he would.



    & I’d sack the bus driver (what does he actually do?) and Durrant would go too.

  15. Thomson ‘dealt’with the hun thuggery as he seen fit…..no need for retrospective action.He knew what he was doing, by not giving more red cards.

  16. tonydonnelly67



    15:19 on 24 November, 2014


    There a lot of people follow the women’s football, but I’m afraid it’s not for me, I’m not even in agreement with women refs. Or lines person at SPFL games, they can’t keep up with the players, ergo most off side decisions are guessing rather than knowing, then again, linesman at celtic park did that on Sat. With the goal he flagged off side for Celtix in the late stages of the second half, was right in front of me, he wasent even close to being offside, IMO.









    You crack me up!


    Doesn’t the fact that a dud with a willy got the offside wrong not undermine your point about female officials?!?!






    As for your other posts today full of anger, suspicion, mistrust of MIBs and assorted hunnery. My own criticism would be that you’re not even angry, suspicious, mistrustful or critical enough of the dirty bassas.



    Hell whack it intae them as my Presbyterian highland granny never quite said of people but always looked like she was thinking’



    HH jamesgang

  17. -Tojo-



    In my opinion admin is a certainty befroe the season is out but almost certainly after they are allowed to kick lumps out of our Bhoys. They can clear the decks of the high earners and the ‘assets’ McLeodinho and Wallace will be sold in January to get them to the end of that month and to attempt to pay some cash back to Ashley.


    They may well go into admin before then but certainly it will come at some point IMHO. It’s the best way to get rid of Swally and the other coaches and players like Black who are earning crazy money for their ability. They will still make the play offs I reckon and still have a crack at winning the Petrofac and may still be in the Scottish if the can beat Killie. It’s the only sensible option left to them. In saying all that it is not often they follow the sensible option.




  18. ‘Fake’ Caniggia The Scotsman Former Rangers star Claudio Caniggia was down as playing in a ‘masters’ friendly between Argentina and Brazil at the weekend.



    However, the man wearing the headband was not the former Ibrox striker…it was Daniel Cordone, the former Newcastle player who was named in a Daily Mail list of one of the worst strikers to have ever played in the Premier League.




  19. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on




    St Francis Xavier’s remains lie in an elevated glass shrine in the basilica of bom Jesus in old Goa … I go there each time I visit Goa



    Every ten years the body is brought down and a procession takes it through the area to the cathedral on the other side of the holy square … That was on Saturday .



    I didn’t go as the streets are mayhem then with hundreds of thousands crushing in to watch



    The body lies in the cathedral for a month and i am driving south to view it on Wednesday



    No harm to papa Francis but if he was thinking of paying a visit I hope it’s not Wednesday

  20. Re Sevco game, much as I am delighted at the result and the very obvious losing the plot from them, one of my pet hates is penalties that are won when a player runs full pelt into the box and then stops dead.



    That’s what happened on Sat and to be fair, Black had no option but to bundle the guy over, quite spectacularly!!



    Re Boyd I thought the look on his fat face was one that knew it was a red card and he was ready for just walking off then he realized it was only going to be yellow.



    Miller, I thought was worse than Smith and should have been sent packing with a 3 match suspension for violent play.



    Of course, I am wrong in all this because that font of unbiased knowledge, Steven Thomson, reckons the ref got all the decisions correct and that Ally is doing really well under tough circumstances.

  21. I’ve got a spare ticket for the Salzburg match on Thursday for anyone interested. Very good seat in Section 202, can arrange to meet at the stadium – no cash required, just prefer it to be used rather than go to waste. Please post if desired.



  22. tojo-



    16:04 on 24 November, 2014


    If I was in charge of the P45′s at rangers, I’d give McCoist his.






    Sally must stay :))

  23. adi_dasler


    16:09 on 24 November, 2014


    Forget previous……


    Relics of St Francis Xavier to go on display but pope cant/wont visit ?.





    So what?

  24. Paul67



    The question of when TRFC might enjoy CL football if they went into administration again came up earlier on TSFM.



    This is what I posted. It was a pipedream that lined the pipers pockets.



    Tsfm post


    As TRFC 2012 their UEFA history in terms of uninterrupted membership of SFA began in August 2012.



    By August 2015 they will have served that probation period.



    If they enter and actually exit administration this season, as opposed to being liquidated as RFC were in 2012, then they will not have had their SFA membership interrupted.



    However they will have to be able to present a set of annual accounts ratified at an AGM for prior year to UEFA licence application with a clean bill of financial health to meet UEFA licensing requirements which would only be possible after they emerge as a going concern after administration.



    I’ve no idea how long that will take but you have also to factor in TRFC situation post an administration event ie having a team playing by FFP rules actually qualifying on sporting merit to be considered for a place in UEFA competition at any level.



    Europa League by 2017 at the earliest assuming promotion to Premiership this season.



    CL? The dreams and promises of an IPO that anyone who had any idea of the risks of achieving would have run a mile from.

  25. “We maybe have a bit of naivety in that we leave legs hanging in there, when a more experienced player might make sure it’s out of the way.”



    If these were his exact words, I cannot believe that the Hearts fans or the team will buy into the manager’s perception of what happened on Saturday. Certainly no one outside the Newco would understand this statement. Perhaps Neilston was just feeling sorry for his favourite team.

  26. Davidopoulos



    16:41 on 24 November, 2014






    How many years of annual accounts have Sevco produced? 1?






    Never mind, did the maths myself lol…

  27. bournesouprecipe on

    It’s Monday it’s five to five it’s………………………………………………….. GIRUY



    © tonydonnelly67

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