Pressure applied successfully by Celtic


Ryan Christie is back to his very best.  His movement, vision and assists are a significant reason Celtic have scored so freely in recent weeks.  Added to the form of Callum Mcgregor, Albian Ajeti, Jeremie Frimpong and Olivier Ntcham, and Celtic have the basis of a dangerous team.

I had no complaints about Livingston’s penalty, defenders tuck their arms in when blocking inside the box and Kris Ajer could have done likewise.  No complaints either about the penalty Christie claimed 40 seconds earlier; no player tucks their arms in after they are on the ground.  Responding to going behind by scoring twice in six minutes is the mark of champions.

The second Livingston goal and the surrender of territory in the closing moments of the game were more troubling.  There was a bit of movement on the ball but it did not get close to Vasilis Barkas’ post.  It was saveable.  Still, the keeper would be entitled to ask why Serrano was given so much time and space.

Having conceded an unfortunate goal that brought Livi to within another pot shot of taking a point, a team at the bottom of the league should never have got near our six yard box in the closing stages of the game.  Their chance in added time would have been a goal were it not for the fact that this was clearly substitute Pignatiello’s first time attempting to header a football.  So far, defensive fragilities have ‘only’ cost us Champions League qualification but the bill will grow if we continue to offer up so much space in the final third.

Friday’s article, Applying and Coping with Pressure, discussed what impact the potential of Celtic going top of the table on Saturday would have on Newco ahead of their visit to Easter Road on Sunday.  Having given themselves a chance to ‘go 11 points clear of Celtic’ last month, Newco are only a point ahead having played one game more after yesterday’s draw against Hibs.

Neil Lennon and the Celtic players have seen this movie before.  They know how to win leagues, uniquely so, in Scotland.  Coping with reversals and exploiting opportunities is the attribute of the aforementioned champions.

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  1. JJ…on reflection…this might be something to do with the broadcasting contract…otherwise we should tell them to gtf




  2. TLT


    Normally, I would be sure that what they are doing just SEEMS unfair but we are Celtic and we are in Scotland.




    St Stivs


    Keep that kind of inflamatory stuff off here! Who needs fact when opinions are much more reliable?

  3. When I read them first 7 games status, can anyone remember who we drew with, who beat us in any given season ?



    in 5 seasons the stats are remarkably similar. 6 wins 1 draw 19 points.



    these slow starts are a myth, playing style might not be decided, or players up to speed, or new ones learning the patterns of play, but to my untrained eyes the team, manager and coaching staff are doing what they do best, building for the next game. learning from the last one.



    6 wins 1 draw.



    31 games to go , god willing.



    onwards to 4 trebles

  4. Gene


    A good point. Even so,I would imagine seven games in is likely to have produced a similar set of fixtures

  5. When I say notoriously slow starters I allude to what I call the Celtic way. Euro results not great early doors , never intend to criticise the club or any player

  6. GENE on 21ST SEPTEMBER 2020 6:10 PM


    Saint stivs – it’s difficult to compare as it is dependant on fixtures.



    I kind of disagree Gene.



    7 fixture, usually 4 at home and 3 away, or 3 at home and 4 away, 1 or 2 will be on plastic, 1 might be something called the huns, but outcomes are remarkable consistent. It doesnt need a deep dive. just proof of the numbers pattern.



    When I say notoriously slow starters I allude to what I call the Celtic way. Euro results not great early doors , never intend to criticise the club or any player



    not going at you eldo, your right our euro starts are slow, usually categorised with a break away calamity goal against us, when if we sit on the score we have we would go through, i have seen that movie too many times.

  8. Saint Stivs,



    Funnily enough I couldn’t give a flying fcuk now re Europa league this season. Give me the 10. Nothing else matters to me now.

  9. Stivs…so you agree that our Euro game- management leaves something to be desired…this level of continuous failure would result in a massacre of staff (coaching) in any other industry….









    Stivs…so you agree that our Euro game- management leaves something to be desired…this level of continuous failure would result in a massacre of staff (coaching) in any other industry….













    No it wouldnt, and no it hasnt happened for Celtic.



    Which manager was let go after not progressing to the group stages of the Champions League ?



    Hold that thought also, …………….. in the big leagues which managers were let go for not getting to the group stages of the Champions League ?

  11. Stivs…by his own admission, Lenny is not a coach…so that’s not what I’m advocating…but our coaching staff, based on Euro performances, needs an overhaul






    Saint Stivs,



    Funnily enough I couldn’t give a flying fcuk now re Europa league this season. Give me the 10. Nothing else matters to me now.






    Have you been up the road anytime recently ?



    Only 2 of the high flats left, everything else replaced by cool social housing, and the saint stivs/ port high shared campus is a really good build on top of slaemuir primary and the old port high.



    old saint stivs is now finally flattened and another development started.



    I think you used to delivered this womans tele, up the cromdale flats, her new house is across the street from where the mckennas lived




  13. Thanks to those who responded to my earlier post about Scott Brown.


    Appreciate we all have views and of course I can see the basis of the concerns.



    Just watched the STV sports section,they had a video of Scott Brown saying it was up to the Manager if he chooses to drop him for games or not,I guess the campaign is in full swing.



    Makes me wonder, if SB is such a liability,why the sustained effort to get him out the team by those external to Celtic. !



    Stay safe.

  14. Saint Stivs,



    Aye been up a few times recently, couple of nights out in Greenock wae my remaining family on Clunebrae. Love visiting PG. Didn’t get an invite to the demolition of St Stivs mind, best pe kit in Scotland we had

  15. Saint Stivs,



    100 yards from your old front door that patch of grass, preferred the garages at yer back door

  16. HOT SMOKED on 21ST SEPTEMBER 2020 6:02 PM



    When he does that stupid salute thing does he not realise he looks like Corporal Jones saluting Captain Manwairing – permission to speak sir!



    Somebody should tell him 🤣

  17. Our defence would do a hell of a lot better if our midfielders were as dedicated at getting back as they are to get forward. All teams in the top 5 leagues work their asses off, they defend fast, hard and quickly fall into shape when the balls lost.



    We dont need hard tacklers we need players that are willing to get behind the ball regardless of their starting position so they can the press against opponents.



    The players need to be well drilled so it becomes second nature.




  18. ROCK TREE BHOY on 21ST SEPTEMBER 2020 5:46 PM



    Eddie is for the offski



    Taylor is rubbish



    Neil is clueless



    Brown is finished



    Ajer is a big tumshie



    the new keeper is suspect



    our entire midfield is rubbish



    Frimpong is clueless



    Duffy is a liability



    Welcome to CBN! Celtic Bad News🤣









  19. D…I know we’re all totie compared to you….but shouting down to us? 😂🙉 Am at a new low lol




  20. Adi…I googled it ’cause am 100% sure I heard him say it…but if it’s not on the 1st page….I could b wrong…but am sure am not ;-))



    You could b arguing with an idiot…in which case…am intransigent;-))




  21. Adi…in so many words…he did say he left the training to the coaches…sounds like a manager to me ;-))







  22. TLT



    Not a problem. I just think if he mentioned that it would be plastered everywhere. 😂



    I think he probably knows he is not the finished article but I will support him until such times as he departs.




  23. Re Port Glasgow:


    Stayed in the Port many times before the game(s),thes Hibs,Donnachies,St.Francis and the Celtic club etc.first game v man utd winning four one 1966…..time to collect grandson from boxing club.

  24. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Adi Dassler …..



    “Jimmy Calderwood on shortbiscuit remeniscing about Rangers”.



    How is that possible?



    Didn’t Calderwood claim a degenerative disorder had affected his memory when it was suggested he might be quizzed about the asterisk years?

  25. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    I’ve mooted this a few times re. the ability of Sevco to ‘buy’ players.






    I’ve no idea about the rules and if outside parties are allowed equity stakes in players, but this makes sense to me.



    King went back to the old Murray model of betting on the transfer market, helped by other people’s (peepul’s) money.



    Does Gerrard have a slice of Kent?



    If so, it suggests their finances could be even more precarious i.e. they sign Kent for £7m, Sevco put up £1m, they sell him for £21m and Sevco get £3m. SMSM spin it as a ‘great bit of business’.



    Win the 10 and this mob could fold ‘like a house of cards’, never to be seen again.

  26. B2B…didn’t the Guiness guy Saunders miraculously contract Alzheimers…then miraculously recover from it…post sentencing







  27. glendalystonsils on

    Interesting to read Paul’s implied criticism of Barkas at Livi’s second goal . Not wishing to compare him to FF , but i have a nagging feeling that might have been saved along with the second Ferencvaros goal.


    Some great saves at Ross C. right enough so it’s too early to tell but i just have a wee smidgin of doubt.