Pressure applied successfully by Celtic


Ryan Christie is back to his very best.  His movement, vision and assists are a significant reason Celtic have scored so freely in recent weeks.  Added to the form of Callum Mcgregor, Albian Ajeti, Jeremie Frimpong and Olivier Ntcham, and Celtic have the basis of a dangerous team.

I had no complaints about Livingston’s penalty, defenders tuck their arms in when blocking inside the box and Kris Ajer could have done likewise.  No complaints either about the penalty Christie claimed 40 seconds earlier; no player tucks their arms in after they are on the ground.  Responding to going behind by scoring twice in six minutes is the mark of champions.

The second Livingston goal and the surrender of territory in the closing moments of the game were more troubling.  There was a bit of movement on the ball but it did not get close to Vasilis Barkas’ post.  It was saveable.  Still, the keeper would be entitled to ask why Serrano was given so much time and space.

Having conceded an unfortunate goal that brought Livi to within another pot shot of taking a point, a team at the bottom of the league should never have got near our six yard box in the closing stages of the game.  Their chance in added time would have been a goal were it not for the fact that this was clearly substitute Pignatiello’s first time attempting to header a football.  So far, defensive fragilities have ‘only’ cost us Champions League qualification but the bill will grow if we continue to offer up so much space in the final third.

Friday’s article, Applying and Coping with Pressure, discussed what impact the potential of Celtic going top of the table on Saturday would have on Newco ahead of their visit to Easter Road on Sunday.  Having given themselves a chance to ‘go 11 points clear of Celtic’ last month, Newco are only a point ahead having played one game more after yesterday’s draw against Hibs.

Neil Lennon and the Celtic players have seen this movie before.  They know how to win leagues, uniquely so, in Scotland.  Coping with reversals and exploiting opportunities is the attribute of the aforementioned champions.

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  1. Saint Stivs



    Last season I voted for Broony in my top 3 virtually every week in Jobos POTY. So did many others as he led for about 5 months until Edouard finally overtook him.



    This season he hasn’t been in anyone’s top 3 for any game as he has not garnered a single point yet!



    This pretty much confirms that he has, along with Taylor IMO, been an empty shirt so far this season. It gives me no pleasure in saying that.



    On Saturday I felt as soon as we went 3-1 up (52 mins) Lenny should have hooked both and put Turnbull and Ellyanoussi on to freshen up – and improve our team. Given we have a big game in Latvia on Thursday to not make a change, given the quality on our bench, was absolutely criminal – and dreadful game management.



    Hopefully, Broony will rediscover his form of last season but given the importance of this season we can’t afford to wait too long.

  2. Also, I meant to add, watch the Livi penalty. Taylor, is totally marooned out of position marking nobody and it’s HIS man that runs on to the ball that leads to Ajer handling the cross.



    If he had been in a better position we don’t lose that goal.

  3. Airfield ,Seemingly he is another who has jumped the dyke,Supported I’m told from guys who know him from Livingston,I wonder what the huns on there sites are saying about him missing 2 Sitters against Hibernian

  4. Ex Cathedra



    cheers for your post on Scott Brown



    to many are quick to slate,bring down, and destroy any attempts by a player who is doing his best while in the hoops


    i dont mind it,criticism is a must to learn and move forward on, but this place gets a bit lazy and casual in its incessant negativity.


    your post bout Scott Browm to me kind of


    made me go -haud oan thats our 9iar captain getting nipped at.


    a wee bit more positivity and support for Celtic.hope your well mate



  5. Regards Frimpong,,what I posted earlier about him,in no way was I putting him down,love the guy,but he has a habit of hitting the ball too far in front at times.My worry is that one of these clogger’s will see the chance to try to half him in two.KT copped it regularly.Wee man needs to tighten up on that.

  6. Billybhoy 1967,


    FFS,where do you want him to be.Which end.He ain’t playing as a LB,but wing back.Its Ajers job to defend that,which he did.Unlucky,that’s all.Struggling to slag Taylor,if that’s all you can come up with.

  7. Hello again all you young rebels.



    And a top of the morning to you all.


    Amazing when you read back and see the different opinions about


    players amongst our support, Taylor’s not capable, Taylor’s a fine


    prospect, Broony’s finished, Broony just needs spared, Jamsie’s


    invisible, Jamsie’s got three men following him.


    Maybe the truth is somewhere in between.


    Tell you what though, I love how the passion flows through everyones


    posts, absolutely convinced they’re correct.


    Suppose that’s what makes us who we are.


    H.H. Mick

  8. Melbourne Mick….how many splinters hav u got in yer arse….get off that fence lol



    Don’t ye know that thurs posters we’re meant to hate….sheesh



    U n yours take care mate ;-))




  9. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    At the risk of forcing my tastes on others ….



    If you have an hour to spare you could do worse than listen to this.






    A very candid interview with an intelligent, principled bloke who has actually suffered much in life.



    Brian Moore strikes me as a genuine English patriot.



    And he is not slow to lambast the ignorance, parochialism and just beneath the surface racism of English “nationalism”



    Beautiful music too.

  10. He…he Lurkin, enjoy yir day mhate, hope you meet up


    with big Jimmy, that’s my type of company.


    H.H. Mick

  11. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Recall a couple of the main ‘Celtic-supporting’ websites (Phil I think, and I’m fairly sure here too) were trailing for a couple of days or more the imminent release of ‘evidence’ – not more supposition and rumour, but hard ‘evidence’ – about Calderwood’s Dunfermline’s throwing of that final game against Rangers.



    Don’t know what that evidence could have possibly comprised – difficult to see what could prove the game was deliberately thrown.



    In any case, my recollection is that all went immediately quiet on that front with the announcement within the next day or so that Calderwood was suffering from a truly dreadful disease.



    Often wondered what that potential ‘evidence’ was, if it existed at all, and where is it now? Am I the only one who remembers this sequence of events? Must look back – if that’s possible – to have a wee dig.






  12. *JF the blogger….think it wasn’t published due to libel issues….I’m probs wrong….unusual but true ;-))

  13. Sumbdy want to explain how Matt Damon in Elysium manages to change tops with that exoskeleton;-))




  14. BGFC


    My recollection was that the whole Dunfermline squad, including Calderwood, ‘jetted’ out to a very ritzy Mediterranean resort, shortly after the debacle. It seemed an incongruous, and inordinately expensive end to a lackluster season, and struck many observers as ‘a bit curious.’

  15. Midfield Shield Celt on

    Hi CQN. I managed to get an account yesterday evening, then I couldn’t pluck up the courage to post, having read the comments on this sight for years, but I never could see the day where I’d post a comment on CQN. So this is it. I went to bed before ten last night and I’ve wakened, so I had a pep talk with myself to give it another try. I know the question, and no, I’m not a h**. I’m 57 been a supporter all my life, but over the last decade I’ve been unable to attend because of ill health. My season ticket was in 139 section in front of Jock Stein Stand, my brother and young nephew used to go by car. I wouldn’t know my way around the outskirts of Celtic Park these days with all the changes, but the area is transformed when I see pictures online, what a show. My login name is about something I’ve always believed in, win the midfield, and usually win the game. I’ve heard Neil say it often enough, I remember Martin O’Neill would often say it, and he certainly knew how to assemble a midfield shield. I was worrying in case someone else had that name, hopefully not. I didn’t want to pick any of our amazing past or present player’s name’s it would’ve been impossible to make that choice. I feel I’ve went on long enough, I’ll probably be too shy next time again. What a wonderful phenomenon that Paul67 and all of amazing CQN folk have created. May God bless each and, everyone of you.






    Welcome to the blog, pal!



    And I know you have already denied it but just to make sure, are you a hun :-)

  17. Good morning cqn from a dark and sleepy Garngad, normally up at 5.30am..just up. Yawn.



    Midfield – Welcome to the nut house. 🍻 Get posting regular.



    Let’s see what this incompetent Government slap us with today, my wee break to Haggerston on Friday looks in doubt🤬☹🤬 and I’m gutted. Was looking forward to a wee break with Grandweans as well.💚☹💚



    Right bring on the Riga’s



    It was good to see a few peoples preferred line ups yesterday.



    All look good.🍀🍀🍀



    Hail Hail



    D :)

  18. Meant to ask what channel is the game on Thursday? Or which tv company get to fleece Celtic fans this week?



    Thanks in advance.



    D :)

  19. MELBOURNE MICK on 22ND SEPTEMBER 2020 12:25 AM


    He…he Lurkin, enjoy yir day mhate, hope you meet up





    with big Jimmy, that’s my type of company.





    H.H. Mick




    Cheers Mick for your generous kind words.


    Ive not been out since last Thursday…so no Beers since then. I think I will go out Today or Tomorrow for several Pints and I always enjoy being in a Pub and telling jokes and stories….and Lies LOL.


    Thats what us Bhoys do best…we’ll some of us ?



    RE Scott Brown…….I have to admit that Broony has me worried so far this season…he looks “off the pace” and at times the game has been passing him by.


    Just my opinion as I love the Skipper…but Neil should apply some ” Game time management” with him this season in my opinion.



    IF we had already won the 10 in a row, with Scott Brown playing a major part ( obviously)….ask yourself this question….


    ” IF we were going for 11 in a row this season….would Scott Brown be playing so much…given his “Form” so far this season” ?


    Somehow, I seriously doubt it….as I think that if Celtic and Scott had won the 10 by now…he would probably be happy to be a sub etc and/or move into a coaching role ?


    What do I know ?



  20. DAVID66…


    We NEED to have another Bevvy real soon…BEFORE any Lock Down again….although I do respect your concerns about Pubs and Covid etc…



    Bad news about your trip to Haggerston…I had planned for weeks to go down to England/Blackpool for a weeks holiday on my own…but Covid is on the rise in the North West of England…so Ive had to forget any notion of heading down there for now….that also meant that I havent bothered to go out and buy some new Togs for now…..NO Point in being all dressed up…and nowhere to go …LOL ?


    Ive got Tons of clothes anyway…I just felt like treating myself.


    I need the love of a good woman…or even a BAD Wummin LOL


    I hope that you and the family are all okay ?




    HH Mate.

  21. I love many old songs…and theres one by Mary Black called ” A Song for Ireland”….which is just superb and Ive loved that song and Marys voice for years…she is a Nightingale.


    Sorry I cant Post the Link…maybe someone would be kind enough ?


    HH to all the Good Guys on here…….NOT to any Chumps !

  22. Good morning, Celtic friends, from a grey and blustery East Kilbride.


    Midfield Shield Celt @ 3.52 – welcome to CQN and please continue to post. Oh, and to vote after each game for your top 3 players ;-)


    David66 – Thursday’s game is on Premier Sports with a 6pm kick off. No sign yet that any of the other 3 Scottish teams games are being covered.

  23. Thanks guys



    Big Jimmy – I am sorry about your planned trip..



    I am being a wee bit cautious just now and kinda staying in my own wee bubble with close family.


    But I am getting really pissed off with this whole feckin thing.



    Be in touch soon.



    D :)

  24. Midfield Shield.



    You say you’re not a hun. That’s exactly what a hun would say. 😂



    Welcome. And here’s to more of your posts. Especially the one after we complete the ten in a row.



    Cheers mate…what a song…what a voice !.





    Cheers again mate. I am also getting pissed off ( like most folk …I assume ?) with this Covid. I am not going out as much as I would like…or usually do due to ME trying to stick to the medical advice and restrictions…only to see others blatantly ignoring medical advice and/or restrictions…even in my local newsagents shop !


    This year has been horrible for most folk and I dont see it becoming any better before Christmas/New Year, and I say “most folk”, because there are so many selfish, ignorant folk out there who couldnt give a toss about Covid…and the safety of others…in my opinion.


    Ive seen it with my own eyes.


    I did a little bit of shopping in the Trongate last Thursday morning….and when I went into Marks and Spencers etc..it was the LONGEST that I have worn a mask…it was so uncomfortable, and the whole shopping experience was a nightmare…although I was never the best shopper anyway before Covid to be honest…I hate shopping.


    Thats another reason why I havent went out to buy new Togs etc, as I intended to buy a new pair of Denims in Marks & Spencers…only to be told that I wasnt allowed to try them on, as the whole fitting room would have to be cleaned etc.


    I put the Denims back on the rail, as I wasnt sure that they would fit me….and I certainly didnt want to buy them, get them home… and then need to go back to the shop to return them…I really couldnt be ersed…especially as I dont have a Car and struggle to walk too far.



    I intended in going to Slaters and a couple of other shops but if I cant try on clothes instore…at this time then any shopping will need to wait.


    Stay safe mate.






    Thanks for that. An excellent interview with an excellent player .

  27. RON BACARDI on 22ND SEPTEMBER 2020 9:05 AM









    You must be loaded if you can afford to shop at M&S 😷




    The cost of clothes at M & S isnt much ( if any ?) more than other stores, although their food etc is somewhat more expensive than Tesco etc. I get my food and household items delivered every 7/10 days or so from Tesco.




    I may be quite comfortable, but I wish I could afford to leave this Hun, Tory Scotland/UK and go and live in Ireland. I cant work anymore due to medical reasons and old age, but I have to assume that ireland wouldnt welcome someone like me…who would have to rely on Benefits etc…and only contributing my Glesga banter to Irish society…and nothing else ?