Prevailing attitude of hunger


Judging by these quotes, John Guidetti may just be the most excited footballer on the planet right now:

“I’m just going to work my socks off…. do my absolute very best…. give 100%.

“The one thing I hate more than anything is losing. I can’t stand it.

“For 90 minutes I am always giving everything.

“You can always expect 100% from your players and I’m going to give that [note the repetition of this assertion].

“I promise I’ll do my very best to do even a little bit of what [Henrik] did.

“Football without fans is nothing, it’s not worth it for me.”

There is a common theme across a few players who joined this summer, they have something to prove.  Guidetti, Mubarak and Tonev each had a difficult time last season, for varying reasons.  They need to hit the mark, whether it’s through form (Tonev), fitness (Guidetti) or simply being able to play in an environment which is remotely normal (Mubarak).

Scepovic is different.  He arrives with the wind at his back, but the prevailing attitude at Lennoxtown should be one of hunger. I suspect this contrasts starkly with last year’s arrivals.

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  1. Isn’t hind site a beautiful thing?



    We were disasterous in our recruitment last year, but it seems, without a game played and against a backdrop of disarray at celtic, we have got it right this time.



    We can but hope……

  2. Ernie Lynch



    They would probably find they would be the most confused people around.



    140,000 people voted for them.



    I don’t think they have that much more support.



    Is that enough for a political party of any relevance?

  3. From previous:






    In this instance, I’m quite happy to concede and recognise the continuity. Should be a 25-pointer.






    End London rule. YES

  4. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    Great stuff John, echoing Jock Stein. Football without the fans is indeed nothing.

  5. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    RogueLeader – from previous thread



    Tim Malone Will Tell – Darling looks quite wirey though. Would be a good scrap I reckon. Even better would be Sturgeon vs Lamont. That would be epic. No holds barred. 2 wee bulldogs. You wouldn’t come home with an open pay packet to either of they two.



    Make it happen Sky






    If we are looking to engage the electorate with the political process, your suggestion is a stroke of genius. In fact, screw the election – lets go straight to the “tie break”.

  6. In the heat of Lisbon on

    Rd has to show who is boss very soon imo.


    With 4 players + Brownie to claim a jersey who gets the ‘ you’re a valued squad member’ chat?

  7. dr ramesh and the love potion on

    RogueLeader and Tim Malone Will Tell



    Better idea would be to have Ruth Davidson, Johann Lamont and Nicola Sturgeon fight it out naked in a remote highland bog free on BBC2. The winner decides if Scotland should be independent and the loser has to have a threesome with Annabel Goldie and Alex Salmond. This should be shown after 9pm.

  8. Players with something to prove sounds good. Just a pity that we need to wait to see them.



    Hopefully all of our players will come back fit from the international break. I’m sure a few have heavy travelling to do which is never ideal.

  9. Looking for a little advice.



    Is this a Celtic football blog or as previous – a pedantic clutter of yes/no posts?



    Anyone know if big VvD got a run-out last night?




  10. Kilbowie Kelt will vote YES on




    06:24 on 5 September, 2014





    Other than my rather churlish & admittedly offensive ‘ exScots’ jibe , for which I apologised last night & do so again, my opinion that Scots who have committed their productive lives to another country SHOULD NOT be allowed to a vote on Scotland’s future remains unchanged.


    You have every right to an opinion on that subject or any other, but the vote should be confined to residents who are the only ones affected by the result.



    I can only give you one person’s opinion & make no claim to infallibility.



    Good luck.

  11. Ernie I see the Nats are still attacking you. Last night was an all out assault. While of course not engaging in debates or answering questions.



    And while spreading fear while claiming no voters where spreading fear.



    No hint of irony.

  12. Alasdair MacLean on

    Should the assumption be that all those decrying “nationalism” support the notion of a federal Europe with a government based in say, Brussels?

  13. Things Lookin Up down Govan way It seems.




    BBCBMcLauchlin@BBCBMcLauchlin · 2m



    Loans were secured against Edmiston House and Albion Car Park. Alan Aummers QC claims Rangers will soon be “debt free” #bbcsportscot





    BBCBMcLauchlin@BBCBMcLauchlin · 3m



    Two recent loans totalling £1.5million owed to shareholders have not been repaid but should be within ” next few weeks” #bbcsportscot

  14. Jonny the Tim


    12:39 on


    5 September, 2014


    “Rangers will soon be debt-free”





    I thought they WERE debt free, they’ve spent £70 Million CASH in 18 months.

  15. livibhoy



    12:27 on 5 September, 2014





    It will be 25 points. The SFA have bought the same club nonsense and different clumpany.







    Ok that’s fine I’ll take that as I thought it would be that way and I wasent to sure.


    But my other point is will EUFA & FIFA look at it that way?

  16. praecepta @ 12:38



    Anyone know if big VvD got a run-out last night?



    They had a defender sent off after 9 mins in 2-0 defeat to Italy so VvD didn’t get a run out

  17. Great post Paul67,



    Great points. Players with a point to prove are a great asset. I guess we were told Derk had one too but I’m expecting him to be the second season wonder / Bobby Petta revival. I’m an eternal optimist :)



    Where is Guidetti in relation to fitness levels ? Is he playing this weekend at any international level ? Still in ‘pre-season’ mode ?

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