Prevailing attitude of hunger


Judging by these quotes, John Guidetti may just be the most excited footballer on the planet right now:

“I’m just going to work my socks off…. do my absolute very best…. give 100%.

“The one thing I hate more than anything is losing. I can’t stand it.

“For 90 minutes I am always giving everything.

“You can always expect 100% from your players and I’m going to give that [note the repetition of this assertion].

“I promise I’ll do my very best to do even a little bit of what [Henrik] did.

“Football without fans is nothing, it’s not worth it for me.”

There is a common theme across a few players who joined this summer, they have something to prove.  Guidetti, Mubarak and Tonev each had a difficult time last season, for varying reasons.  They need to hit the mark, whether it’s through form (Tonev), fitness (Guidetti) or simply being able to play in an environment which is remotely normal (Mubarak).

Scepovic is different.  He arrives with the wind at his back, but the prevailing attitude at Lennoxtown should be one of hunger. I suspect this contrasts starkly with last year’s arrivals.

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  1. Its raining here .Looking out the window at small flying insects and wondering how they dont get wet or spattered. I mean a raindrop is as big as them. They ,the flying bugs, must be able to manouvre in and out and around the thousands of falling lumps of water.

  2. kitalba



    12:48 on



    5 September, 2014



    Nice summary



    Because I live here and because I have concerns over the unforeseen consequences of the instability a Yes will cause on my main income source (pensions) I hesitate to put forward my case for NO as it is portrayed as selfishness.



    So it is nice to hear someone who does not have the same motivations that could be attributed to me make the same points that when I have made them raise accusations of scaremongering or selfishness.



    The idea that we will just walk off with the resources and away from debt from which we have benefitted without life extracting some price is just naïve in the extreme.

  3. bamboo





    13:28 on



    5 September, 2014



    One of my lads metaphorically does that in life..

  4. Mea Culpa





    13:27 on



    5 September, 2014



    This is so true. There is another blog for TSFM in the pot that demonstrates their aversion to the truth.

  5. Given a straight choice between breaking the Union or the obliteration of any form of hun team, and demolition of the Govan doomdome.


    Preferred choice?


    The latter for me. :)

  6. Time for me to take my weekend leave and to partake in the joys of the Friday afternoon M25 muppet show. Be good to each other.



    Kilbowie Kelt, no promises but I’ll try to get back to Glasgow at least one more time before I go back to my family for Christmas. If I do manage, and I think that is all but a given, whether Scotland is – as Scotland is, or whether Scotland has ventured into the twilight zone, I’ll come out your way and take you for a beer and delight in telling you how much I think TSD is a sick dick.



    I’ve also got to sort out – The Bhoy From the Village – for being the Tim and Celtic Supporter he is, I owe him.

  7. bamboo



    13:28 on 5 September, 2014



    ‘Its raining here .Looking out the window at small flying insects and wondering how they dont get wet or spattered. I mean a raindrop is as big as them. They ,the flying bugs, must be able to manouvre in and out and around the thousands of falling lumps of water.’








    Maybe it’s just because they’re so wee that wherever they happen to be the chances of getting hit by a drop of rain are very small.

  8. Paul67etal.



    In part of your header there was a line that stuck out, spoken by Guidetti,you wrote,..“Football without fans is nothing, it’s not worth it for me.” I agree wholeheartedly with that sentiment but Celtic seem to have distanced themselves from the fan base. My main gripe with Celtic is the isolation of the team players, when was the last time you got to say hello to any player and get a picture taken with one of your heroes, since Lennoxtown came into existence for me anyway.



    Any time I visited Glasgow I used to head to Celtic Park and see who I could meet that day after they finished their training stint at Barrowfield, now you would be very lucky to meet any player, in any given month since Lennoxtown came into being, A great place to train but an anti social disaster for any supporter who wants to meet one of his heroes, a few years ago you could get a few hundred turning up at Celtic Park just to get a glimpse of a Celtic Player, and an off shoot to that was you would probably visit a burger stall and maybe a visit to the Super Store.



    I wish that the powers that be make the players attend Celtic Park at least once a week on a non footballing day to meet their fans, the fans are entitled to meet them and take pictures with them and get to know the players personally, it would boost the fans morale to meet their heroes at least once in their lifetime. not just watching them from a distance when watching a game.



    I know if they changed their way of thinking and made the players attend Celtic Park to meet their fan-base ,they would attract at least one visitor back to Celtic Park on non match days.

  9. Bawsman



    Please provide some more information than that please.



    you are asserting a claim without backup.



    Go figure?



    Please let me know when the BritNat’s are going to answer any questions asked of them by the Yes campaign. Such as Mr Darling. name 3 policies that you will offer Scotland if tehy vote No.



    Errrmmmmm. First time he managed 1. A cover all Tax raising poswers as if we won’t be getting them in an Independent Scotland



    then seconf time



    ermmmmmm. housing Benefit and tax raising powers. Woopppeeee doooo allied with bluster.



    As far as I’ve seen the very positve Yes campaign has answered all it has been asked to answer. give me an example?



    And no i don’t think we can manage to provide flights to the Dark side of the moon.



    MWD says AYE

  10. MWD. There where at least 5 hyping up the Clutha smear on this small site. I wonder how many more across Scotland. Who knows. This isn’t about Jim Murphy as a person or politician. I know nothing about him. But this smear has been typical of the aggressive tactics employed by some on the yes campaign to cow and scare no voters.



    Are you denying that?



    I see Ernie has ably answered the point on the yes campaigns fear tactics. Do you deny them?



    No one, absolutely no one is going to change anyone else’s mind. But we should at least be honest with one another.



    If we are not those tactics will continue post refer dim and we will find ourselves a very divided nation. It doesn’t feel like we will be in a healthy place regardless of the result.

  11. ernie lynch



    13:21 on



    5 September, 2014



    Re your final point on impact on our game of a No vote. Its not going to be beneficial as I see it….. (and yes fear has been a weapon of choice on both sides)






    11:48 on



    5 September, 2014



    lennon’s passion


    11:40 on


    5 September, 2014





    There are plenty in FIFA and UEFA who would eagerly interpret a NO VOTE of confirmation that there is no longer any reason for the four Home Nations to be treated as separate entities.



    A removal of this individual status would then remove one of the objections to Celtic playing in England. It is just another example of how, no matter how desirable, we cannot completely divorce sport and politics.




    Have you got that right?



    I thought that if ever there was an argument for Celtc playing in a UK league it is under the current UK system of governance. One passport, one overall government, no border.one currency. all the legal ducks in a row.



    In fact I think Better Together missed a trick in not promising to remove this particular anomaly whereby a UK business is restricted from trading in the UK which would allow all Scottish clubs to reach their level across the UK as a whole.



    My reading therefore is that a YES vote makes Scottish Football a game played in a country as separate from the UK as England is from Germany or any other country with its own government for that matter.



    I ‘ll go further. In the absence of this possible political escape route Celtic have as much chance of playing in England as Malmo or Tokyo Utd (made the last bit up for hyperbole purposes)



    Restricted to the small pot and small ST income customer base Celtic will only experience Europa League competition at best and never reach CL level.



    When I raise this point about how Scottish football would be better as part of a UK set up I’m told that independence is more important than football to apply that read across.



    I would not argue that point but I would argue that real examples of being restricted in ability to trade and its real negative consequences should be given as much consideration as Brigadoon arguments based on hope, not dismissed because they rain on Brigadoon.



    As a Celtic supporter who would love to see Celtic prosper if current constraints were removed, I shudder at the impact on Celtic of a Yes vote.



    Additionally if I am correct and you are wrong does that change your thinking about how you will vote? Not that I’m trying to change it. I just think (there I go again) we should think about what and how we think just in case we got it wrong.

  12. MWD no yes voter has yet answered this question. Given the claims that Scotland is more inclined to social welfare, equality etc, why did the SNP freeze the council tax (a regressive act to the poor) rather than raise income tax in Scotland ( which it already has the powers to do)?

  13. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on

    Frank Ryan’s Whiskey


    13:26 on


    5 September, 2014



    As was pointed out to me at the weekend, the figure for the last two years re oil barrels recovered from the North Sea don’t paint a fully accurate picture because there was a record development expenditure on North Sea installations last year with the result that a series of new rigs will come on stream this year delivering an additional 750 Million Barrels of oil starting 2015.



    However, of even greater significance is the reserves on the Atlantic shelf which could make the entire North Sea reserves from day one look like chickenfeed.



    The technology now exists to extract the oil and gas concerned as well.






  14. from last thread



    frank ryans whiskey


    “what happens if the result is 50 /50 – Civil war?”



    this is what may happen down the line anyway if its a yes…


    i mean what if the country next to yours has more resources


    than you, you could just invade or annex its now called.



    i mean its not as though england dont have previous!!!!




    rogueleader @ 12.16



    wae davidson, sturgeon and goldie all bikini clad ready to enter the frey….


    …i dont feel like my lunch anymore.






    last week i was disillusioned with our squad and our disasterous


    efforts in CL. i was also worried that RD was not the man, I still am on this one.



    wakaso, scepovic and guidetti signings have relieved my worries over squad ability for the season. not having seen either play they have good pedigree.



    big wavy


    Guidetti is indeed leading the line for sweden u21’s

  15. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan:



    See them estimates, take them with a pinch of salt. Look what happened to BG in Australia, a lot of people got burnt on that one and it ain’t over yet. Estimates are estimates, sometimes they come good, sometimes they don’t.

  16. Ernie



    1. If you vote no the nhs in Scotland will be destroyed.



    2. If you vote no we’ll be forced out of the eu against our will.



    3. If you vote no we’ll be ruled by a junta run by Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage.




    That is not fear.



    That is in all lieklihood what will happen excluding the boris part.



    1.NHS Scotland in time under a Scottish parliament being funded via the Barnett formula will suffer as the Barnett formula is cut back as pretty much promised by all major parties if we vote No. It cannot be protected with an ever dwindling budget as neither can education. You can bluster on this what you like but the parties in the UK will and have promised tehy will reduce the Barnett formaul budget if not change it completey. That is not fear. that is fact. If your are fearful of that fact then you are probably right to be.



    2. I believe no one has said we will be force out of teh EU. i believe they state factually there is a high degree of likelyhood that we will be in in an upcoming referendum on this matter.



    3. with the UKIP support increasing there is more and more chance that this crazy individual could be involved in government at some point in the not so distant future. I remember a day when I did not believe I’d see a lib Dem go into coalition with a Tory.



    Now show me were the yes campaign is spouting fear rather than possibilities.



    MWD says AYE

  17. glendalystonsils on

    If Guidetti is fit enough to start for Sweden, he may not be the huffin, puffin, wheezin, barrel of lard some have been suggesting. We may see him in the hoops sooner rather than later.

  18. ernie


    Ive just been out for a closer inspection . Its quite warm ,which will account for the amount of flying insects. I also noticed that there is plenty of space inbetween each rain-drop. The flies do seem to be able to easily anticipate each rain drops path and weave their way through them.

  19. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma



    13:39 on 5 September, 2014



    So, in essence, the nat answer is, as for everything else.



    No problem.



    Marvellous, isn’t it?



    It’s like political happy pills.

  20. re: the poor wee former hun team who play in the same stadium in


    the same strips and have the same bigoted inbred following and follow the


    same set of financial rules the dead team followed.




    a can of worms will be opened when admin hits.



    25 points or 15 points.


    what shall it be?



    25…new club, no history, nothing. they wont go for this.


    especially as it means another year of toiling not paying bills again.



    15…HMRC will be back, harder on them and they will


    die a horrible (nice) death. and means another year of toiling not


    paying bills again.




    whats not to like?



    Jings..!Crivvens..!Cuddly Koalas..!












    Hiz Gone ALL Patriotic….



    SInce He Set Foot Back Oan Auld Blighty…





    Let’s Petition Home Secretary,Theresa May…..



    Tae Pardon ALL His Crimes…..



    An’ Let Him Return From His Antipodean Exile…..!




    Skippy says AYE..!









  22. Neganon2



    How does freezing Council Tax not help every one?



    With regards increasing Income Tax. I cannot answer this with certainty as I have not looked into it and haven’t seen the Q asked previously but my understanding is that werer the Scottish Governement to raise income tax by any percentage they would only see a similar percentage cut in the money coming from the UK government nullifying any tax increase tehy take. Therefor it would be pointless. I will check that out though for clarification.



    MWd says AYE

  23. kitalba…


    You said:


    “I don’t know if you’ve been reading my posts on why I would vote no, I have nothing to lose or gain whichever way the vote goes, other than my hopes and worse, if my fears were to be made manifest. However, my main reason for coming down on the no side is because I just don’t think we can afford it and our future generations will pay the price, dearly, for our folly if we were to vote yes at this time.



    I believe this referendum is taking place only by proxy of mistakes made by other political parties and the consequential backlash of protest voters and abstainers apathy allowing the SNP to take the Scottish parliment. I don’t believe their opportunism is really the most stable platform that the majority of the population would like to build a nation on and I don’t believe they’ll get the mandate to persue it. If they don’t get the majority what harm have they done Scotland. A lot, a lot in oh! so many ways.



    What a rediculous notion to drop corporation tax below that of England and to boast about the intent. Does anybody in their right mind think Scotland would win an economic war with England. For the minister to boast the threat of defaulting on the national independent debt live on TV, what credence did that garner in the international financial world? That muppet made our country look like a harbour for theives.



    The world is a bad place right at this moment.



    How many years did it take Croatia to gain entry into the EU?”






    I am by instinct a no voter but the Better Together campaign has me wavering.



    Kit, your post is thought provoking. I wonder what you think of these:



    1. What makes you think we can’t afford it when there are many small independent countries…Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Finland, New Zealand, Ireland, Austria etc. etc.?


    2. The last labour government reduced corporate taxation significantly and the Tories are on record of having an aim to reduce the current rates. Did that or will it constitute economic war? The countries of the EU have differing levels of ct so in what way would Scotland be different from say Denmark.


    3. As I understand it the failure to accept Scotland’s share of debt only would apply if Scotland was deprived of its share of assets.


    4. The use of Croatia seems a very poor one. The country was granted EU candidate status in 2004 but Slovenia blocked them until 2009 due to historical boundary disputes with Croatia.


    Given the history of the break up of Yugoslavia there were issues with regard to war crimes and the independence and corruption of the judicial system. In addition the use of state subsidies and state owned businesses (eg shipbuilding) had to be dealt with.



    Given Scotland’s status as a long standing fully democratic country operating already under EU regulation etc I doubt your example is a good one!

  24. NegAnon2


    13:37 on


    5 September, 2014



    In all honesty I haven’t seen Jim Murphy Clutha smears anywhere but here, and that is maybe because Yes have tried in the main to steer the debate away from personalities.



    If I was going to smear Jim Murphy I’d be pointing out that he’s been fingered in another expenses scandal.

  25. bamboo



    13:47 on 5 September, 2014





    Ive just been out for a closer inspection . Its quite warm ,which will account for the amount of flying insects. I also noticed that there is plenty of space inbetween each rain-drop. The flies do seem to be able to easily anticipate each rain drops path and weave their way through them.’






    But are the flies not just flying like they would whether it was raining or not and it just looks like they’re dodging the rain?




    It’s one of those things that’s going to bug me (did you see what I did there?) til I get the answer.

  26. tonydonnelly67



    17:19 on 4 September, 2014


    Well as I did say yesterday when someone asked me if I had heard anything? And I told them that he would be a Celtic player but not in the Europa cup, so my source was correct, I also listened to Keevens on Clyde last night and some one asked him that too, and of course mr know fek all, said ………don’t be silly if he is a Celtic player he would available for the EC ….hope the same gay calls tonight IF the oracle of European football is on, nut sac.



    Sorry to break up the politics, but I’m curious as to how you knew the caller was Gay ? ;-)

  27. Yes fear mongering.



    I thought the campaign line regarding the NHS was that in an independent Scotland we’ll be better placed to protect the NHS from privatisation.



    That is a long, long way from the NHS will be destroyed if you vote No.

  28. St Patricks day 1956 on




    12:34 on 5 September, 2014


    Isn’t hind site a beautiful thing?



    We were disasterous in our recruitment last year, but it seems, without a game played and against a backdrop of disarray at celtic, we have got it right this time.



    We can but hope……



    It’s all we can do, support Ronny and his squad.





    SPD 1956

  29. glendalystonsils on

    Re those amazing flies dodging the raindrops…….


    Jimmy Johnstone was the only other one of gods creatures who could do that.

  30. Frank Ryan's Whiskey on

    Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma




    13:39 on 5 September, 2014




    Does that include the 80 fields and 360+ wells due to be decommissioned in the UK in the near future? The new fields coming on line will barely slow the decline in production


    I am fully aware of the technological advances within the oil industry. I am employed by one of the major operators as a completion design engineer, my remit is to evaluate new technology, reduce costs and improve production. Cost reduction being the primary motivator for the multinationals. The mantra being cost not production. Facts are even with new advancements exploration and exploiting reserves in deep water Atlantic blocks are prohibitively costly and at present make any development of these fields unlikely. Perhaps they may be so in the future if they prove to be viable. Also the US is being pushed to drop its 40 year embargo on exporting oil as it has so much surplus production. More oil available on the world market means less chance anyone will want to want to take exploring and developing high risk high cost Atlantic fields be that in Scottish or Irish waters.


    One point the politicos should make when taking about oil reserves – just because you know it is there doesn’t mean it is worth your while getting. As far as i recall UK operators have challanged the figure of recoverable reserves used by the SNP as being unrealistic.

  31. rt rev david hay:


    They will try to do the same divide and conquer routine:



    Say that the club is the same but it is a new company and it is the company that has gone into admin.



    They must spend a helluva lot of time coming up with the various schemes & stories they use to always get what they want.



    I just hope that they whole tangled web they have set up gets them so entangled that they will never be able to sort out who owns what, they will be encamped permanently in courtroom after courtrooom, appeal after appeal and the gates of the Ashley Arena stand locked and rusting forever.

  32. Moonbeams WD. Wee Oscar’s our Bhoy and Kano’s our mhan.




    13:04 on 5 September, 2014







    I believe you are seeking out the individuals from the Yes Campaign spreading fear.



    I just need to open my eyes in the morning and switch on the TV to see the BritNats camp persistent in FEAR tactics.



    tell me. What fear tactics are you referring to with regards the Yes Campaign?



    Or is this the new FEAR tactic of teh BritNats to pretend the fear is being pushed by the overly positive Yes campaign.



    forehead astounded of.



    MWD says AYE






    Well said MWD. I am utterly astounded by anyone on the NO side of the debate having the temerity to accuse the YES campaign of spreading fear. There have been any number of positive messages about opportunities from independence, and highlighting the impact of reducing busgets on the NHS. There have also been reminders of the futility of spending billions on Trident replacement while the poverty levels of our children are increasing under London rule.



    In all likelihood I would vote Labour in an independent Scotland. I don’t at the moment. I thought the smear campaign against Jim Murphy a poor show. If it were true evidence would have been provided. In terms of expenses he is no better and no worse than any other politician. My problem with Jim Murphy is that I just do not agree with his views on us being better lumped with an economy focussed almost primarily on the south east of England.



    And why wouldn’t the economy of the UK be focussed on an area with a population in excess of 4 times that of the whole of Scotland.



    To me the YES campaign could have been better, but it has been positive, uplifting and encouraging. Unlike the contstantly negative view of Better Together, or Project Fear as it has been very accurately named.



    I saw a great post on Facebook the other night. It reversed the question and posed how a referndum on an independent Scotland joining the UK would look. It showed all that we would have to give up. It mentioned that 79% of our MPs voted against the Iraq War to no avail. It mentioned 81% of our MPs voting against the Bedroom Tax to no avail. It mentioned all of our income from oil having to go into a pot to support 60m instead of 5.2m. There was lots more besides that.



    NegAnon, Bawsman and Ernie are aboslutely entitled to their views and I respect that. I also expect that in an independent Scotland they will be made welcome and will benefit greatly from all the advantages it brings. I look forward to a pint with the three of them and MWD in five years time to discuss what a great place an independent Scotland is to live in.



    Glassford (well me) says YES


    See the serial slanderer is back, regurgitating the same points.



    Suppose it’s a blessing that it’s not aimed at the Celtic the last day or so.

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