Pride and confidence the target for Celtic


Before Barcelona opened the scoring with a 27th minute penalty, Ferencvaros hit the crossbar and had a goal disallowed for offside; incidents that would make it into a season review DVD around these parts.  Messi & Co. eventually won 5-1, but that gap was half that until the final 8 minutes.

The Hungarians are remarkably organised, but that should not have been enough to remain in the Champions League after they left Celtic Park.

I suspect that both Celtic and Milan have bigger fish to fry this week than each other in tomorrow’s Europa League game.  Milan sit atop Serie A with maximum points from four games and face Roma on Monday.  Celtic’s most important game of the week is in Aberdeen on Sunday.  The domestic league, as always, remains paramount.

The biggest prize on offer to Celtic tomorrow is an opportunity to win some pride back.  Aberdeen will be flying after beating Hamilton last night, a result, or performance, against Milan, will go a considerable way to building confidence in a team that looked short on Saturday.

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  1. Another great piece Cornelius. Ironically walking out of the park last night with the dug my mind lingered on our youth policy which at one time was one of the great features of our club, Kelly Kids, Quality Street Gang etc and now no matter how much money we pour in it disnae seem tae be producing the quality or quantity required.



    Back in the day Celtic used tae insist young players had a trade or profession tae fall back on, Big Billy was in finance, Kenny was a joiner etc, now at least with the academy that is still relevant.



    Most large organizations have. 25 year plan that is updated every 5 years. The last one I was with, a not for profit company, also changed their board periodically depending what direction they were going, construction, customer service, business etc. The CEO also changed but invariably had a PhD and/or MBA, nae charlatans in the big office.



    They just changed leadership in January after a bit of head hunting then Covid hit, they are now in the process of reducing at least 25% full time staff which includes some long term experienced employees, directors, managers etc, staying relevant is so important tae them as is just staying in business.



    Do we have a long term plan, should we be cutting back on our youth policy or just updating it, are there too many at Parkheid/Lennoxtown sitting in a comfort level.



    You don’t become a billionaire being complacent or Mr Nice Ghuy. There must be some shoogly pegs right now and if not there should be.

  2. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    We’re not going to get out of this rut by doing nothing, as if by magic. Something has to change.



    All the evidence points to disunity in the camp.



    Needs a reboot. If this goes on much longer the 10 will be dead.



    I wonder if Damien Duff would be willing to come back for the season. I don’t think it’s a coincidence team spirit seems to have collapsed since that change.

  3. TurkeyBhoy



    From last blog:



    We’re not just talking about the two defeats from this season though and we’ll you know it. We’re talking about Cluj and Copenhagen from last season and his performances against Rangers in four out of the last five games.





    I’m stepping down from the debate with you on NFL. Everytime your questions are answered you introduce some new point raised by another poster which has little or no bearing on the matter. I’m tired of responding.



    The crux of the debate is: Do we need a new manager? I’ve outlined my position and my reasons for thinking so. I’m sure you will continue to debate the matter with other posters.

  4. There used tae be an old saying “your only as good as your last game”. When Jock, who I looked on at one time as the latter day a Christ, left I felt his shelf life was over.



    Same with MON, although not all of the managers that left, some were dumped by an inept board.



    One board member told me that Davie Hay was just too nice for the job, The Quiet Assassin too nice, he wanted tae take us out of Scottish fitba FFS.



    It was WGS that said a manager has a short shelf life, possibly 3 years, IMHO he stayed a year too long.



    We are more than a club, we are a way of life but unfortunately in the 21st Century we are also a business with a huge overhead.

  5. Paul, you’ve omitted that Barca played last 22 mins with 10 min.


    So Barca scored 2 late goals with 10 men.

  6. Celtic40me


    That’s reassuring. I can sleep easier at night now that I know we are financially well ahead of sevco.


    If this is the case why are we neck and neck with them.


    I fear that in a very short period of time the huge financial advantage that we built up over a number of years has evaporated.


    We opened the door and sevco are rushing through.





























  8. I think we should lay off Gavin Strachan,The pro Lennon and Lawell mob are in full swing laying into Strachan for all negativity that’s happening inside the Club,fine well know who the ones or one is that are the real culprits or Culprit,also seems Big Julien has a problem with his spine,could be out for a while,Surely then bring back Jozo or some other decent Central Half who is free to join a Club

  9. Our injuries and absentee list is truly unbelievable – Eddie, Forrest, MJ, Christie, ElHamed, Bitton, Jullien all out with Griff & Ajeti not fully fit.



    Imagine the huns had such losses prior to playing us.



    We’ll have Christie back for Aberdeen but that’s it. Make no mistake that Pittodrie will be a huge ask with these losses to contend with – we’ve a crucial few weeks ahead of us with a very depleted squad while having to go to Pittodrie and Fir Park.



    The next few weeks will define our season.

  10. The alleged unrest in the camp is hardly mischief-making this time around. The manager has kind of said himself.



    After Ferencvaros, he said there were players who didn’t want to be here and maybe it’s better if they go as he only wants committed players.



    We can speculate all day on who those players were but one thing we do know, those players are still here and they’re almost certainly first 11 picks still.

  11. AN DÚN on 21ST OCTOBER 2020 4:11 PM



    Why do we have unfit players at this stage of the season ?




  12. In fairness Neil has a hard act to follow for those supporters that are so, so entitled, since Rainjurz demise.



    2017 Invincibles , Treble, 6IAR, 2 x 5-1 humpings, 106 points in league ( 50 years after Lisbon )



    When Neil Lennon won the league first time he also beat the cheats of a financially doped Rainjurz. BR never faced them of course, and funnily enough got out of Dodge after a 2-0 defeat and the first signs of Sevco’s stabilised version of a football club.



    When Neil got us over the line for Eight picked up the Scottish Cup and then did the Nine it meant he’s won every winnable competition we’ve been in, since he got the gig.



    No club wins the league indefinitely, we were winning on empty, but to change the manager at this stage would be tantamount to surrender. There would need to be a lengthy recruitment process , caretaker, followed by massive disruption for players and staff. The new Pep would need to hit the ground running and get to know his squad overnight.



    Owen Coyle is managing Jamshedpur FC………… nope me neither.




  13. GREENPINATA on 21ST OCTOBER 2020 4:18 PM


    AN DÚN on 21ST OCTOBER 2020 4:11 PM







    Why do we have unfit players at this stage of the season ?







    Injuries and illness.

  14. An Dun,



    Neil looking to have Eddie back Sunday, Ajeti and Griff another week closer to fuller fitness. Diego with more games under his belt.



    There’s a team there normally to hammer the Dons.



    Half full csc




  15. BSR,



    That’s an opinion piece from you fella, presented as fact. Bayern changed manager in mid-course last season and did alright.



    Sadly, as the ostriches on here kept repeating that “the result is all that matters” when others waited for the car crash to arrive as no course correction came, we are now hopelessly late for making a change.



    Massive disruption to the players? Given how he’s thrown some under the bus and stopped others from leaving, some of the players will be booking the disco lights for an all week bender at Lennoxtown if he gets the tin tack.




  16. BIG WAVY on 21ST OCTOBER 2020 4:30 PM



    That’s an opinion piece from you fella, presented as fact. Bayern changed manager in mid-course last season and did alright.






    I’m sure there are plenty of examples as well of coaches who go through rough patches but come out alright in the end. Every coach has had them.



    It doesn’t really mean anything.



    What does is the fact that Neil Lennon has delivered 5 league titles as a coach. He knows a thing or two about winning in the long-run.

  17. AN DÚN on 21ST OCTOBER 2020 4:11 PM



    The next few weeks will define our season.




    Not necessarily. I remember a bad 3-0 defeat at Ibrox at the start of the season when Billy’s bhoys won the title 4-2 against them on the last day of the season. We had been well behind until the last weeks of that season.


    I can also remember a humiliating 4-0 defeat in the snow at Tannadice. But David Hay’s team put together a long sequence of wins to pip Hearts on the last day against St Mirren.


    There was also the more recent defeat to Motherwell at CP followed by demands for the head of WGS. But Celtic came roaring back beating the foe malign twice in 8 days and clinching the title on Helicopter Thursday.

  18. 25 points from 10 games isn’t a terrible start to the league season and shouldn’t be a sackable offence.

  19. WESTCRAIGS on 21ST OCTOBER 2020 1:05 PM


    I think it is likely that sevco would have disposed of both ferencvaros and monde.



    Sevco in the group stages. Now there’s a thought.



    you talk of them a lot.maybe try attending!!


    who gives a flying what rhey do say or think




  20. Midnight time for bed BUT:


    Is there a more ironic post today than Mad Mitch at 12:25



    “No big names out or being replaced by medium names” . Have you ever known MM (see what I did there) to use anybodies full name whether it is big or medium?


    Wonder what he’d do if we still had Ki ;-))))



    Good night and Hail Hail

  21. weebobbycollins on

    “When Neil got us over the line for Eight picked up the Scottish Cup and then did the Nine it meant he’s won every winnable competition we’ve been in, since he got the gig.”




    Aye, okay! But…….

  22. During that run of getting us over the line and Scottish cup, we had one decent 45mins at Pittodrie.


    But there was never any other candidates worth interviewing for the job




    Aye right

  23. Just watched Neil’s press conference from today (on You Tube if you want to watch). With reference to Saturday, he said he took responsibility for the poor performance, that it was his fault. So that, at least, is a wee change.



    On injuries, he said Julien has inflamation in the lower back and will be out for severa more weeks.

  24. absolute myth that NFLs teams have been playing poorly during his second tenure with lucky last minute wins and the collapse of “the rangers” handing us last years league, we have had long long unbeaten runs with big scoring victories.



    cutting the league short denied us a gap with the 2nd huns that would have matched anything previously



    his only mark down is he is not skelping the huns



    get over it will yeese, we regroup and mive on.



    yis are gonnny look daft when he delivers more trophies, a scottish cup and a treble by christmas.

  25. ST STIVS



    I admire (and love) your indefatigability!! (sp)



    More power to your keyboard.

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