Principled resignations, ASA withdraw adjudication


I cannot fathom why someone would leak their intentions to quit as chairman of a football club.  Either Walter Smith is sufficiently alarmed by the conduct of his club to resign, or he should be busy working to resolve matters.  Leaking that he intends to resign will surely only add to the nonsense that surrounds the club.

Some will believe that Smith, who accepted the position as chairman of Rangers International when season tickets went on sale in May, can shuffle of the scene now 34,000 tickets have been sold.  Shareholder votes will determine the future of the club, in this instance, the identity of the chairman has little reach beyond parting fans with their cash.

Some investors may consider a more immediate problem is why the club are burning a hugely disproportionate amount of cash to secure promotion from the third tier of Scottish football, and why a management structure is not in place to deploy resources more effectively.

In light of Francisco Sandaza’s off-the-cuff comments to Tommy in Glasgow, and his subsequent dismissal by Rangers International, we urge Mr McCoist to be more cautious than he was after his team’s spirited, but ultimately fruitless, performance in Forfar on Saturday.  It would be unfortunate if McCoist transgressed a condition of employment and suffered accordingly.

Advertising Standards Authority ruling withdrawn

It doesn’t rain but it pours.  The Independent Review Process of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has looked into the ASA’s recent, and widely reported, ruling on Rangers International’s claim on football titles won by a liquidated club. The Review found that “it was a procedural flaw for the ASA to have relied on an extract only of a report sent to it by the advertiser”.

Further, the review process ruled that “there was also the risk of a substantial flaw of adjudication in the distinction that had been made between ‘club’ and ‘company’, especially in the light of previous ASA decisions about companies that change hands and the circumstances in which the new company could or could not trade off the reputation of the old company”.

The Chairman of the ASA, Lord Smith of Finsbury, as decided to reopen the ASA’s investigation into the case and to withdraw the published adjudication, which favoured the advertiser.  Withdrawing this adjudication does not infer that a different outcome will subsequently be reached.  To use a football analogy, it’s half time and they’re all square.

An interesting, and potentially critical part of the story, is that after the initial ASA decision was issued, the club’s web site noted that their submission to the process included information that a “panel of the London Stock Exchange” supported their claim.

The Stock Exchange subsequently appeared surprised at this assertion, so much so that the club promptly withdrew the claim from the web article.

“You’re history, that’s what you are, na na na na”.
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  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – they could only ever succeed as a new club if they had eaten some humble pie, acknowledged what had happened was wrong, that a brand new start had to be made, that Ibrox was going to have to be put in cold storage for 3-4 years, that the policy for the playing staff was ‘best of the lower divisions’ with management team to match, dramatic restructuring of finances and wages….



    that might have happened with anyone who genuinely wanted the new rangers to succeed.



    What we are watching is a bunch of investors who see a potential 30-40K mugs to part with £9-10 million a season for three or four years, a whole load of cheap property, a couple of share issues and some merchandise sales. As a result the new club is as structurally challenged as the old one.



    And they are still gash on the place it counts most – the field of play.



    Their ‘supporters’ could still do something but it goes along the lines of walking away from this newco sideshow and starting afresh as I suggest above. Ibrox will have to be a memory. Hampden could serve their needs for a while. They already have a lot of supporters working there anyway. They could do them a deal on the rent.



    But they won’t. They’ll flog the dead horse. I for one do not feel one iota of sympathy for them. AS George Bush once tried to say – ‘Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice….. three times, four times…….’



    Denial. It’s the new grief.

  2. Does anyone know what SFA punishment is for ‘New, but really old club’ going into administration for a second time.


    It cost Dundee 20 points second time round.

  3. WGS – re Murray and the embra bankers – I have been amazed how closely RFC’s demise mirrored that of the banks. Vanity, carelessness, playing with other people’s money, expecting others to bail them out when it went belly up, complete contempt for the ordinary person…….. It’s no coincidence Murrays banker pals were among some of the main culprits in the crash of the BoS.

  4. Thats going to be some book from Jabba on the Rangers when it comes out no doubt with some juicy book extracts appearing in the Record on a daily basis with his buddy Jingle Jangle.These newspaper boys are no stupid now after all they have there own wee game going on here.Wonder how Media House Jack feels about it being squeezed oot by Traynor’s poss book .Jack could still make a mint with his wee storys it would certainly kill his business or he could do a JK Rowling or just cut a deal with Traynor. Time will tell.

  5. If i was Celtic i’d be on the blower to McCann in Boston or wherever and tell him he was cheated in the 90’s and there was evidence to support this and get the old co stripped of their titles and their nine and make it public.



    Got to say belter of banner by the Green Brigade. More like it lads keep it simple and all things football, cracking display, done the club proud on that score.



    To the Green Brigade: Anybody though of getting a massive banner of McCann in his coat and Bunnet with a cigar from the mouth with the words:



    “We’ll David, it only took a fiver “

  6. The Boy Jinky


    12:40 on


    5 August, 2013


    And Sally along with him.


    This is what made Saturday’s West of Scotland tripe so risible.

  7. quonno



    12:52 on 5 August, 2013



    Does anyone know what SFA punishment is for ‘New, but really old club’ going into administration for a second time.


    It cost Dundee 20 points second time round.




    It will be an interesting case in point if and when it happens. If the SFA hammer them for it being a ‘second offence’ it will cause furore on all sides. If they give them the standard punishment for a first time as they should then they will be admitting to the world it’s a new club. You cannot after all deduct points earned playing football from a ‘holding company’ – only from a football club.

  8. quonno


    12:52 on


    5 August, 2013



    This is exactly waht I posted about on the first page. SFA will have to punish as a 1st administration event but unfortunately it goes bang against everything they’ve tried to say about them since it happened.



    They’re open to challenge from either side of the old club/new club debate regardless of what action they take.



    My heart bleeds for them, it really does.

  9. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    I remember wondering at the time why D&P were so keen to sell to green, as opposed to the blue knights etc…… some skullduggery there, which should surface in time….



    Now the silly bhuns are starting to understand greedgo’s ‘end game’ and the panic is on ….!!!



    …… but too late…..hahaaahahaha….!!!!

  10. No like wee Fergus either, pretty good in sussing people out as well.



    Traynor was friendly with Fergus at time regarding interviews etc… Any chance he was relaying message back to Murray and Smith with regards potential targets and that’s how they here getting wind of things back then?

  11. Can I Have Raspberry On That Champions League Ice Cream



    12:56 on 5 August, 2013






    12:50 on 5 August, 2013



    Hamdump out of bounds until after 2014




    It’s never gonna happen anyway. They are too vain. That has been a large part of their on going problems.



    In my humble opinion I don’t think Celtic or Scottish Football will see any form of Rangers as a genuine force in my lifetime (I’m in my early 40’s)

  12. Said it before.


    SDM’s time was up when the wee man in the bunnet blew into town.


    Also said it before.


    The wee man must have been squeaky when the worst MSM could say of him was that he was abrupt and a bit of a tightwad.

  13. The last few years have given me some of the best entertainment I have ever had watching a football club. And this comes from someone who had the privilege of watching the team of 67 for a full season before they won the big cup.



    No, I am not talking about entertainment through football excellence, but rather the side-splitting comedy from the clowns at circus Ibrox.



    If, in our darkest hour, when Murray was spending the bank’s money like there was no tomorrow, I had been asked to script a tragic-comedy ending to the Rangers I couldn’t come close to the pantomime that has unfolded at Govan these past years.



    The porn-star tax adviser, Mr Custard, Craig in his castle, Joanna Lumley and the Mint, etc, etc…



    And just when you think it can’t get any better it does.



    Send in the clowns? Don’t bother they’re here.

  14. Just reading the BBC in depth anaylsis of the finances for trfc – http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/23471292



    It is pointed out that it is unusual to use the IPO monies as working capitol instead this should be kept back for “return to the top flight and are able to tap into that prize money and money from a return to European football”.



    Surely they ought to have also pointed out that with no publication of audited accounts this team are as far from a return to European Football as they were a year ago. And by any analysis of the current behaviour (spending policy and boardroom in fighting) the sudden appearance of a set of audited accounts soon is quite unlikely.

  15. Kayal33


    13:00 on


    5 August, 2013


    SFA acknowledges retention of old club trophies.


    Doesn’t have too much to say on retention of old club debts

  16. RobertTressell


    12:54 on


    5 August, 2013


    WGS – re Murray and the embra bankers – I have been amazed how closely RFC’s demise mirrored that of the banks. Vanity, carelessness, playing with other people’s money, expecting others to bail them out when it went belly up, complete contempt for the ordinary person…….. It’s no coincidence Murrays banker pals were among some of the main culprits in the crash of the BoS.




    I would add Gordon Smith to your list as well.Strange is it not that he declares himself bankrupt.Must be a family thing.

  17. quonno ,



    Difference was he never fell for Murrays antics of upping the ante. He probably found out what he was up to.



    Murray knew he could get cash of the bank no problem to fund his club. not his money buy taxpayers money. McCann in the other hand while at the time we never knew, probably knew and let him become the busted flush.



    Was a game of poker ultimately which he lost. McCann never folded once he kept his hand close to his chest and knew what he was doing.



    Advocaat came in and Murray knew he was on borrowed time so he done a risdale and went mad in pursuuit of the cl before he was outed. never materialised, then DD busted him well and truly with the appointment of MON and helped burst him well and truly.

  18. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    12:49 on 5 August, 2013



    Good stuff …..!!!

  19. A win on Wednesday against Elfsborg then i reckon we’ll hog the back pages with a couple of big signings for final qualifier.



    That will really peeve them right off.

  20. Hi Paul67,



    Re: ASA



    I tried to offer Phil the inside line on this one a few weeks ago via twitter, but got no reply.



    There is more to this that people know. (Let’s just say Lenny is not the only one to get threats).



    I may not have many contacts in football but, without giving too much away, I DO have the inside track on this particular situation.



    Anyhoo…. Don’t be too surprised if the result is not good for Sevco. Which, incidentally, would not sit well with the currant (sic) ASA office manager.



    You know where I am if you want anything on this. :-)








    Morrisseythe23rd and TKF I reckon,if that’s ok.

  22. Wgs I’d love to get Sevco in the Scottish cup at ipox!


    Just to rub it right into them …


    Just imagine oor Neil at the end clapping our support …

  23. Marrakesh Express on

    Squire Danaher



    Its highly unlikely that Clarke was on 700 at Qos. I know for a fact that the average wage in the league above (sfl 1) is 400-500.


    Three clubs who finished top half of sfl 1 have a wage structure where 500 is the max. I reckon Clarke was on about 3 or 400 tops.

  24. pmarsh22



    12:22 on 5 August, 2013





    Perth WA CQNers.



    I am coming to Perth on Saturday, 14 day business trip, am staying in Northbridge,



    Be nice to meet for a drink with any of you guys living locally.








    Im based in perth but just flew out to work and unsure when im back.



    Northbridge has the celtic csc based in rosie o’gradys in james street. Nearly sure the liverpool friendly is on this week in there.



    Also dunno if its your cup of tea but theres hunger strike commemoration on saturday night with ray mccreesh sister speaking followed by music.



    I only get on internet 1 or 2hrs a night at moment due to signal but feel free to get my email of paul67 and i’ll help you with info as much as i can.








    See my post above to EKBHOY……



    Starting to hyperventilate now!

  26. Damn it I’m off to Prague tomorrow to see Roger Waters touring with The Wall and I’m gonna miss all the fun. Can someone keep everything till I get back, could use a good laugh to cure the certain hangover!!!



    Hail Hail

  27. jackie mac


    12:13 on


    5 August, 2013


    Monaghan 1990 – is that where the bombs were thrown at the school kids going to their primary school ?




    Seems it is.



    cliftonville celt from belfast


    12:40 on


    5 August, 2013



    So they don’t really need the biscuits and chocolate?

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