Principled resignations, ASA withdraw adjudication


I cannot fathom why someone would leak their intentions to quit as chairman of a football club.  Either Walter Smith is sufficiently alarmed by the conduct of his club to resign, or he should be busy working to resolve matters.  Leaking that he intends to resign will surely only add to the nonsense that surrounds the club.

Some will believe that Smith, who accepted the position as chairman of Rangers International when season tickets went on sale in May, can shuffle of the scene now 34,000 tickets have been sold.  Shareholder votes will determine the future of the club, in this instance, the identity of the chairman has little reach beyond parting fans with their cash.

Some investors may consider a more immediate problem is why the club are burning a hugely disproportionate amount of cash to secure promotion from the third tier of Scottish football, and why a management structure is not in place to deploy resources more effectively.

In light of Francisco Sandaza’s off-the-cuff comments to Tommy in Glasgow, and his subsequent dismissal by Rangers International, we urge Mr McCoist to be more cautious than he was after his team’s spirited, but ultimately fruitless, performance in Forfar on Saturday.  It would be unfortunate if McCoist transgressed a condition of employment and suffered accordingly.

Advertising Standards Authority ruling withdrawn

It doesn’t rain but it pours.  The Independent Review Process of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has looked into the ASA’s recent, and widely reported, ruling on Rangers International’s claim on football titles won by a liquidated club. The Review found that “it was a procedural flaw for the ASA to have relied on an extract only of a report sent to it by the advertiser”.

Further, the review process ruled that “there was also the risk of a substantial flaw of adjudication in the distinction that had been made between ‘club’ and ‘company’, especially in the light of previous ASA decisions about companies that change hands and the circumstances in which the new company could or could not trade off the reputation of the old company”.

The Chairman of the ASA, Lord Smith of Finsbury, as decided to reopen the ASA’s investigation into the case and to withdraw the published adjudication, which favoured the advertiser.  Withdrawing this adjudication does not infer that a different outcome will subsequently be reached.  To use a football analogy, it’s half time and they’re all square.

An interesting, and potentially critical part of the story, is that after the initial ASA decision was issued, the club’s web site noted that their submission to the process included information that a “panel of the London Stock Exchange” supported their claim.

The Stock Exchange subsequently appeared surprised at this assertion, so much so that the club promptly withdrew the claim from the web article.

“You’re history, that’s what you are, na na na na”.
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  1. WGS



    Glad never to have to play Rangers again.



    Delighted if we never have play any facsimile of them in the future.



    Never forget the cheating of the original club and the vile chanting of their fans. This new ckub have not earned the right to play us.




  2. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Marrakesh Express 13:20 on 5 August, 2013


    I think its safe to say that any and every hun out there would gladly give up their 9 iar, the Laudrup-Gazza years and all, just to reverse this almighty disaster. And to do so would be an admission of guilt.



    I’d say that’s exactly why they WOULDN’T!


    They don’t do guilt.

  3. cliftonville celt from belfast on




    Never want to play them again – they don’t deserve to be on the same pitch as us given their levels of cheating and all our supporters should understand this



    If we did draw them all our fans should refuse to attend the game – that would draw attention to their previous misdeeds



    They a total waste of space & an irrelevance to us going forward

  4. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    13:44 on 5 August, 2013



    Sorry, what does that mean…implications etc ….?

  5. Can Chuckles sell the new players who’s registrations begin on September 1st before the end of the transfer window?


    I suppose since its extended to 2nd September this year then its possible, but are there rules in place preventing this?


    I’m sure they could raise a few hundred thousand for Bell, Daly, Law etc

  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    If the CL guru is walking away, don’t they have to inform the Stock Exchange?

  7. All is calm and serene on the Dark Side (If grammatically questionable):



    “Are the fans being took for mugs”




    “I’ts sucking the love out of it for me tbh.”




    “Starve the b******s out !!” [Playing the long game there I think.]




    “I’m disgusted with the way things are turning out,and yes I’m starting to feel conned” [Not much gets past this one.]




    “Its like handing over the keys to the assylum to the lunatics”




    “… the thought of him not being there behind the scenes leaves me feeling slightly nervous.”




    “In the last year and a bit the only time it felt “natural” was at Sheffield tbh.” [Wrong forum…surely?]




    “there isn’t much more I can take before I’m in a straight jacket.”

  8. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    cliftonville celt from belfast



    13:52 on 5 August, 2013



    Hit the nail RIGHT on the head there, Bhoy ….!!!

  9. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Read Billionaire Jackson’s tripe on Myth – hysterically funny …



    ‘doting grandfather’ – staring at the weans while mulling over all those job offers from England.


    ‘selfless gesture’ – returning to Ibrox on a hefty salary to help shift season tickets – what a trooper.


    ‘Churchillian speech’ – his apparent address to the boardroom when Challs opted for a lower profile.



    There were so many contradictions I lost count, but the highlight was the claim that Myth ‘forced Green out, if he ever went’ … but no explanation as to why the Tank Top didn’t block his return…



    That Jackson’s a waxer right enough.

  10. StevieS


    13:36 on


    5 August, 2013



    Sorry, nipped out for lunch. I left at the start of 2003, and yes I forgot Norwich. Which would have been Bruno, if my memory is correct.

  11. leftclicktic.



    I had the instructions,but they fell out off the folder and went under my chair,I feel like a clown saying there are no instructions, when there were. Thanks for the advice,I’ll have to speak to my doctor about a few things before I go ahead.

  12. Afternoon Timland, hot and hun free as ever in the mountain valley.



    So troops, what’s the best scenario for them/us……..



    While I want them dead and gone forever, we all know that ain’t gonna happen.



    A 2nd admin is looking likely, a 2nd liquidation, possible.



    What will give us more months and years of hilarity, and pain for them ?





    Ten-year lunch-break?




  14. Oldtim



    Dbbia seen you an email.



    I’m having problems with my blantyretim account.

  15. See these trialists they are playing….



    They obviously don’t have insurance, so what if they were to crock another teams player ??



    If I were a player from their oppo, I would refuse to play unless there were cast iron guarantees re insurance……




  16. paul 67 ….sorry if this is pedanTIC but I think you missed a na oot at the end of the article splittinghairscsc

  17. John O Neil


    14:00 on


    5 August, 2013


    Monaghan you are a cruel, cruel man. That last extract had me chuckling.




    It’s an extract which could equally apply to me!

  18. yorkbhoy



    13:40 on 5 August, 2013



    Robert Tressel



    In my humble opinion I don’t think Celtic or Scottish Football will see any form of Rangers as a genuine force in my lifetime (I’m in my early 40′s)



    I hope you are correct.. I also hope you had a salad for lunch and had a bit of a jog… If they are not back in your lifetime make it a long one




    I’m trying Pal – tomato soup and a whole meal roll. Training for half marathon at the minute – and this green tea is slipping down a treat.



    I’ll take what the Big Man gives me but I’m hoping for another 50 years minimum…..



    Genuinely, unless they decide to eat huge portions of humble pie for the best part of a decade they will be done for a long long time. In fact their best hope is Celtic getting out of Scottish football – they might be able to challenge the rest of the also rans for the title eventually.



    If they go in to some kind of insolvency event again this season I don’t think they will be able to rely on the 30K plus Season books again, even them ones are not that stoopid – are they????????????

  19. If we were to draw them in the cup, I don’t know about fans refusing to go but we (and by that I mean the fans and the club) should refuse to treat them beyond what they are – a club from the 3rd tier of Scottish football.



    I’d give them the maximum allocation we are required to under competition rules, none of this 7500 guff, as I’m sure plenty other teams have demand that outstrips supply if they come to CP, and we the fans should show the same apathy as we do for other teams at that level – none of whom would generate a sell-out.



    I was heartened by the lack of response from our support to their defeat on Saturday. They’re an irrelevance now.

  20. Here, an I thought all Walter was there to do was infiltrate and crash the share price, to me this was obvious.


    Any hints for good grub in Barcelona. Staying on the rambla ?


    Also she’s looking for stuff to go see, would like to spend more time seeing than travelling, there till Thursday, itineraries welcome

  21. KAyal 33 – there are rules regarding how many clubs a player can be registered for in a given time frame, but they probably could flog them – they won’t be registered properly yet.

  22. I just got an interesting bit of historical (hysterical)inside info from a follower of the dark side .


    Apparently SDM gave Fergus McCann 2million £’s to help save Celtic.


    “What do you say to that? none of your lot would do the same for us”



  23. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    canalamar -must, must, must,must,must must see La Sagrada Familia.



    Even if you have no God in your life, one God in your life or a hundred Gods in your life- it is genuinely awe-inspiring.





    Awe,come on-that’s taking delusional to a new level.

  25. It should be noted at half time and full time on Saturday the score from Forfar was neither announced or put up on the big screens.



    They are irrelevant , I would prefer to not play them again and I am sure the hot / cold ball and Campbell’s sleek it hand will keep us apart in the cups, as the last thing they want is a pumping.




  26. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    14:04 on 5 August, 2013



    You obviously weren’t sitting near me…… I went loopy when I found out the Forfar score (at half-time in our game)……LOL

  27. celtic underground tweeting that green brigade saying section 111 to be closed. Very sad if this is the case.









  28. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    bamboo 14:08 on 5 August, 2013


    I just got an interesting bit of historical (hysterical)inside info from a follower of the dark side .


    Apparently SDM gave Fergus McCann 2million £’s to help save Celtic.


    “What do you say to that? none of your lot would do the same for us”



    And he managed to keep it quiet all these years!

  29. Auldheid


    13:30 on


    5 August, 2013



    Sorry if I’m slow to catch on, but are you saying that teh rules of registration are not being followed anyway, so continuing to flout these rules is no barrier to nomination by the SFA as a representative in European competition?

  30. Good afternoon all



    Sorry if been posted before, just read on twitter that CFC are closing section 111.



    Weefra HH

  31. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Playing the Zombies?



    No thanks. We have moved on.



    Saturday’s lack of reaction at Celtic Park to Sevco’s defeat by third-tier piers Forfar is proof no one considers them to be anything other than a two-bob outfit.



    Good for a laugh though.

  32. Bamboo



    But I did, well Cardinal Ratzinger and Adolph Schikelgruber did on my behalf.



    scavengers.com it was called HeHecsc

  33. bamboo


    14:08 on


    5 August, 2013


    I just got an interesting bit of historical (hysterical)inside info from a follower of the dark side .


    Apparently SDM gave Fergus McCann 2million £’s to help save Celtic.


    “What do you say to that? none of your lot would do the same for us”





    Eh I don’t think so. This clown has taken what Bayern done for Dortmund and made a story out of it. They really are delusional over on the darkside.







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